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What is explored in these online talks/workshops is the soul/spirit's journey and the map within it. All souls have a pattern within  the light of its spirit and it is within this pattern that the map and journey of the soul are held. Every atom of the soul/spirit consciousness is unique to the pattern of its collective memory, it is the macro consciousness in which the soul is the micro. It is within these patterns or prisms of light that holds all the keys to your life and destiny. It is through learning about the various patterns that the soul/spirits derive from that allows you to access and recognise the tools that the soul brings in with it to help you the person attain enlightenment and to follow the map and the journey that was already created before your birth. In every individual the soul/spirit has a unique map even twins do not have exactly the same sequence of their map no matter how similar they may be. Most people cant read their map as they have not been able to unify the soul's mind with that of the self/ego's mind into one whole consciousness.

 True reality comes from the source of the soul/spirit universal intelligence, but the reality we see with the five senses is the reality we create from our desires and fears and how people want it to be rather than how it was meant to be. There is a huge difference between these two paths and one must find the balance to walk the one that is the soul/spirits journey with its own map. So by understanding Universal Consciousness in its many disguises and the intelligence of its mind you will begin to understand the role in which has been chosen for you to play. There are many universal plays within universal consciousness and we all have our individual roles to play within the smaller play that engulfs our lives. How well we play these roles is how well we remember our lines and who we really are and not who we pretend to be. There are many people who come and go in the play some stay with us to the end of the play while others may only have a bit part to play. So by understanding your particular role that has been chosen for you and allowing the spirit of the soul's mind to show you its true role, you will then begin to remember the role in which you are meant to play.

From this point on in your life your fears, anxieties and your desires will begin to fade as you remember what you have come to experience the true role of your existence. Many people lose their way in life because they create the path of their desires and through this fears come into their lives because they fear they will lose all they have desired and accumulated in their life. We all try to fill our mind with thoughts whether they be from TV, radio or computers and this causes chaos in the electromagnetic signals in the brain, but by quieting the mind we allow the role which we are meant to play give us insight to the journey that was created for us all to take. So by learning about universal consciousness and the part you play in it, you liberate yourself to the freedom of the spirit, the light that gives you life.

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