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Driving the Car in Life

Most people in life drive the car thinking they know where they are going, what they don't know is that a universal map has already been created and that there are certain check points or experiences that one must encounter in life. Most people have not seen this map and most do not know of its existence as they drive their car through their own wants and its desires. The self/ego drives where it wants to go and not always where it needs to go. This of course gets them frequently lost and often encounters problems finding their way back to where they are supposed to be. Those who do become aware sometimes allow the soul/spirit to travel in the passenger seat beside them as co driver to help guide them on life's journey, but in most people due to their not knowing of their soul/spirit existence do not know it is in the car at all.

Very few people have totally surrendered and have allowed the soul to drive the car and put all their trust in that it knows where it is going. The soul/spirit is the only one that knows where it is going on this journey so it can experience all that it will encounter to evolve in its spiritual growth. Once the self allows the spirit within to project itself outwardly only then does the soul remember its map and its journey, because until a person is aware of its soul/spirit it lies and sleeps in darkness. Once awakened it can then project itself through the individual and point to the signposts that will guide you on your way. So learn to trust in your inner map and walk with it to your journey of enlightenment. This makes life so much easier to understand and rids you of the fears that so many things in life brings. The soul is the watcher, the observer, when we create our own destiny through fears and desires, but by allowing the soul/spirit to be active within its own being and show the outer self what it has come to achieve this will change your life forever. Let it guide you to the role it has come to play only this will bring you freedom and knowledge that will fill your life with contentment and joy.

So learn how to locate your map and walk the path of your own individual journey that is destined for you, so you may find the enlightenment within your soul/spirit. But remember the map of the soul contains many of the soul's needs and is not always in affiliation with the self's desires or the wants we often crave for, this is what is know as free will, the self verses the needs of the spirit. The self/ego makes many mistakes and gets lost, but the spirit knows where it is going and will only take you where you are supposed to be.

Lets look at another similar analogy

Every soul has a map which is impeded within the soul's pattern of light, this map is for the soul to help it remember what it has come to achieve and experience. Every soul's map is unique to the person or vehicle it has incarnated into. The map is the soul's journey and within it there are special events and experiences the soul needs to experience in order for it to evolve and grow. It also carries karma which the vehicle that it has at some point in its incarnations inhabited and this karma must be paid at some point to help alleviate the effect through its cause. What one must understand is that you as the present vehicle may have done nothing to cause that karma in this life time, but due to the soul carrying the holographic memory of whatever deed caused the karma it must at some point be repaid as it is the universal law of cause and effect.

Lets look at the soul's journey like travelling in a car, the self's ego of the individual is always in charge of driving the car as it is through the desires of the self that the car goes where the self drives it. The soul is attached to the self although many people are not aware of this and in driving the car the soul is usually hidden away in the boot or left in the back seat like an invisible passenger. But when the soul begins to awaken with the help of the self realising the existance of the soul, only then is it allowed to become a front seat passenger. Think of a car rally you have two drivers one who drives the car and one who navigates, let us say the self drives and the soul navigates and that there is a strating point and a finish line. They have a map that shows the route of the rally and there are certain check points that they must go through along the way. The driver or the self is in charge of the driving and only asks the soul or navigator when it has taken a wrong turning or has strayed from the main route.

Life is like this the self always being in charge and only consulting the soul for guidance when things go wrong in ones life or tuning into your intuition when you need to find another way. Now in the rally the car with its drivers must pass through certain check points, again this is true in life because the soul map leads to certain events that need to be experienced no matter what road you take to get there or how many wrong turnings you may have taken by allowing the free will and desires of the self. But if you allow the soul into the driver seat and drive the car there will be less wrong turns or straying from the main route as the soul will remember the route as it is only the soul that has the true map and can take a direct path to all the check points needed to be passed and experienced. But if the self who has now become the navigator begins to interfere with the route the soul is taking arguments will arise and this will cause confusion between the soul and the self or the driver and the navigator which ends up with chaos being brought into your life.

The self always wants a short cut which in the long term is a much longer route due to the desires of the self that it disillusions itself that it is going in the right direction. But the soul knows otherwise that no path can be seen as a short cut to the true spirituality of the spirit and does not delusion itself that this can be so.It knows that any path or route in the true sense of universal spirituality is not easy and needs a lot of dedication to follow the soul's path regardless of the self's desires and wants. It is the free will of the self and the numerous choices it gives itself to choose from that leads the self away from the one choice of the soul, the choice it made before its incarnation when it chose the map that would lead it to experience all it needed to evolve and grow. When the self continues to drive the car or read the map incorrectly the soul then needs to keep coming back into other incarnations to carry on to experience all that was denied to it by the self choices of free will.