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Images of our Soul - Universal Consciousness

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Created Through the Universal Mind

Spiritual Guidance with a Difference.

This spiritual guidance is to help you find the signposts that will show you the way on your spiritual journey.

Within the pattern of light there is a unique pattern called the soul which carries within it an invisible electromagnetic energy map which holds the holographic images from past lives, also within this map is a journey that was created before the birth of every individual which gives the possibilities and probabilities that the individual needs to experience during its life time. Through the soul/spirits own collective energy consciousness there is a connection to the higher universal mind which is like radio waves that create signals and it is through these signals that triggers off events at certain stages of the physical growth of the human psyche. The map is designed as a journey so the soul/spirit may experience the creator's existence and for this to happen it must have a vehicle of matter so it can project itself through. The electronic map communicates itself from a higher source of intelligence consciousness and it is through this communication link that changes occur in an individuals life. There is a specific reason behind every journey and the map that creates it and it is the information that the map can give which allows me to help guide you so that you may see the signposts to help you show you the way.

This insight comes from the universal consciousness of the Akashic records or zero point energy where all maps and journeys are stored among the ethereal realms. The soul's journey is for the spirit to experience the creators creation and it is only when you have spiritual guidance can you understand where this experience is leading you to. But until you understand your soul/spirits journey and the map it holds you cant really understand your life and the role that you came here to play.

There are no coincidences in life all is part of the pattern of creation, but there is free will and when used from the desires of the self/ego you often create many mistakes and obstacles in life, like being in a situation that you are not supposed to be in. So having guidance of your unique journey and the map within it, you will walk much more freely and confident to where you are meant to be and not just where you want to be, there is a big difference between the two. The freedom of knowing your true path gives you confidence and contentment knowing you are being guided by those who are looking after you and protecting you. You are in the play of creation know your role and how to play it and see the freedom of spirit that it will give you.

For an astrological chart that gives you your characteristics and your professional career and 2 years transits and consists of about 30 to 32 pages all I need is your Birth Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth and Time of Birth. There is a small charge for this to cover paper and ink costs and also time and p/p. E mail me for more details

The spiritual guidance is free, but only with three questions that are important to you on your spiritual journey. I do not answer questions like who am I going to marry, or will I be rich. The guidance is to help  give light to people who may find themselves in dark corners so they can find a way out and have the guidance to show them the way forward. 

Sound & Colour of Crystals

There will soon be a powerpoint workshop on this site, how to use and understand working with crystals, this will not be taken from any books, but knowledge I have been given from the universal source. Crystals do not need to be named or have certain properties written about them in order to heal certain parts of the body. Man has written all the names and their healing functions to write books and then so people will buy them,everything in life is given a label and it is all these labels that confuse us. My information will show you how to use crystals through colour and sound, the energies of crystals in the earth is linked to the energies of the planet but once they have parted from their place in the earth they become a transformer to the energies of whoever uses them. A person thinks they chose crystals, but crystals chooses you. The power point workshop will give a lot of information to those who want to learn the true vocation of so many beautiful crystals and how to use them so that they will enhance their own energies as the user inputs the energy into the crystal which then transforms it into a higher sphere of vibrational energy. I have worked with crystals for 20 years for my own self development and they have all been stepping stone to climb my own spiritual ladder. They are transformers of energy that transforms the individual energy of that person when used correctly. I have been told by the higher communication I work with when a crystal is on its way to me and what it is like, this can take up to two years if it is a special one. I have just received one that was told to me two years ago and the energy input in beautiful, I have not stopped holding it as the more you handle a crystal the more of your in put of energy gets stronger.

So watch out for the crystal powerpoint workshop coming soon

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