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The Light and its Shadow

For People  seeking enlightenment

One must first try to find their inner light which is the main objective in finding and recognising the true purpose of their soul/spirit. The vehilce is  a holder for this light but like every light there is always a shadow behind it. Very few can understand the shadow which is always behind the light no matter how bright the light may be. A true seeker of spirituality must understand both the shadow and the light and accept they are both of the same coin that creates the whole you cannot have one without the other just as you must a have positron and an electron to make light or electricity. Look at nature in all its rawness of its complete state of raw energy, before it can be shaped or altered into any form of manifestation. Mother nature's energies can be so beautiful to behold but they can also be very cruel it's her own way for survival due to the two elements of polarity it creates duality which is behind all creation so by excepting natures beauty you must also except its cruelty as they are both part of the whole

Most people who walk their soul's path and want to learn from the light of which is their true being must also try to understand the shadow that is always lurking behind the light. This is due to the shadow being the self/ego's consciousness in which the human physical individual is part of. The phyiscality and the spirituality is both light and shadow until they unite and become one. Many think that to walk a spiritual path one must have rules or be taught by teachers or Gurus, but each individual has a unique path to walk as every soul/spirit has come to experience different experiences within the physical realm, the summit may be the same but every soul/spirit has a different map how to get to that summit. A true seeker of its own spirituality seeks it's own paths journey first to find the map hidden within oneself which shows the true role of which the soul/spirit has come to play but this role cannot be played with accurency until the self awakens to the existence of the soul/spirit and understands its true destiny.

All potenicial manifestation of light comes from the darkness of the void, the universes of creation evolve both from the darkness of the void and from the light both create a balance of both polarities so that each can exist, not seperately but united as one whole like a coin with two sides and it is within this form of unified balance that evolution of all creation is moving toward. When a human being can undertsand and sustain both of these polarities and accept them as one whole within their own balance and manifestaion of spirit/self then you can say that the individual has surrenered the self/ego and found the balance of unity of the soul/spirits consciousness. Only then will it allow the projection of the spirits consciousness to lead the way and achieve all it came to experience and once the individual has accepted the laws of nature and not just the laws of man the individual will understand much more clearly the laws of creation and the roles it has created for all of us to play.

Energy in its rawness is like a lump of clay waiting for something to be moulded from it so it may manifest itself through the form of its creation, but until you have created your creation with the lump of clay and put into the furnace nothing gets manifested into a object of solidity. The lump of clay is the potencial the shadow but it takes form when the shadow hits the light (fire or furnace) then it can be manifested into something solid and creative, this shows that when an idea is manifested through the light's intelligence of creation it manifests into something tangible something we can see. so once an object is manifested a role is then attached to it so it may experience the ideas created through the light whilst it then becomes the idea of universal creation. The understanding of the soul/spirit is to remember the role it has come to play but this can be so difficult as the self has created so many rules to which it abides to, so one must begin by breaking the rules of the self's mind and taking all the labels that have been concieved from birth and turned into concepts before the spirit/soul can begin to find the freedom of the universal mind whilst in a physical vehicle.This will show you the role the soul/spirit has come to play but this can only be known when the self strips itself of it's identity. True knowledge does not come from the brain but from the universal mind who creates the knowledge of all life so to find this knowledge leave your shadow behind and find your true light that is within and unite both self and spirit into one whole.