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The Journey & Map of the Soul

The spirit is the energy of light and within this light there is a unique pattern called the soul, the soul carries within it an electromagnetic holographic images of past experiences or other incarnations, but also within this pattern of energy there is an electronic invisible energy map which shows the outline of the soul's/spirit journey, the possibilities and probabilities of its present incarnation in a particular vehicle. Through the soul's/spirits own collective energy consciousness or the connection to the higher universal source of the creator, it retains and send out energy signals a bit like radio waves or frequency links and it is these links that trigger off frequency waves at certain stages of physical growth of the human psyche. It is through these links of energy frequencies that causes cells to grow and renew themselves and can alter the sequence in its molecule substance, it can also alter the genetic sequence of the genome code through altering the proteins that the DNA needs to keep it active. Like all duality in life the life energy of this universal consciousness can also alter the cell communication system and bring about a new communication system when cells refuse to die and split and begin their own communication system bringing about disease what we know as Cancer.

This map is linked electronically and magnetically to the brain and all other organs especially to the DNA sequence, each of these areas have a coded pattern or matrix which was created at birth and it is within these coded sequences of energy that bodily changes can occur. Those who seek to attain their own enlightenment and spiritual awareness can do so with years of dedication in the techniques of meditation this process can also alter the pattern of the neurons of the brain allowing access to areas that lie dormant, and when activated or ignited through meditation it gives the person a higher intuitive mind as the higher mind of universal consciousness projects itself through the areas which was previously closed or unused. There is a passage of energy that is invisible to the naked eye which travels from the base of the neck or stem of the brain and travels between the right and left brain hemispheres and projects itself outward through the third eye or 6th chakra this passage is called the condovular. This energy that travels through the condovular passage carries within it knowledge of universal creation and when activated can bring tremendous enlightenment and can shed much light on how the source of the intelligent mind of the universe works through creation.

I hope in time to come this will be activated on a much bigger scale than the few who have developed it at present as mankind evolves its spiritual awareness it will understand more of universal creation and the intelligence of the universal mind. The map is designed in its ethereal energy sequence as a journey so that the soul/spirit may experience the creators existence, for this to happen it must have a vehicle of matter so it can project itself through it. The electronic map communicates itself from a higher source of intelligence consciousness and it is through this communication link that great changes can occur in the individuals life, as it is all part of the unique journey that was created for a particular soul/spirit energy consciousness. There is always a specific reason behind all journeys no matter what they contain and nothing is by chance unless the mind of the self/ego chooses to over shadow the real journey and create thrir own experiences through wants and desires. When this happens the individual will always experience what it has created whether in a negative or positive structure.

The journey and the map of the journey are always carefully constructed for the soul to carry, some of the journey can be from past karmic effects, but the soul always knows which other souls will be incorporated into its journey to share with it similar experiences, this is shown as family, friends and other people who play a large part in the journey. Many times the soul does not always experience what it needs to experience, this is due to the many layers of energy that the individual self puts between the soul and its ego, these can be thoughts, emotions, beliefs, cultural differences and habitual patterns passed down from generations all these put a barrier between the self and the soul/spirit. Mankind spends years adding these layers to itself, then when it wants enlightenment and spiritual awareness it takes years to break down the layers so it may reach the light of the soul/spirit. But once the connection of unity between soul/spirit and self is realized so much more can be obtained in knowledge and wisdom, then one can recognize the map and its journey and have the sense of purpose that you really are going somewhere and have the realization of your purpose in life. The electronic energy map that controls the various frequencies waves that pulses through the subtle body and into the physical body is what gives life and if everybody understood the creation of this journey and the creation of the map that accomplices it, so many mistakes would not be made and so much pain would not be felt and we could live more in harmony, but until people understand the creation of the human species and for the purpose of its evolution then so many will live in ignorance of the real essence of their being. Until people understand why they are in this world and what the role is they have come to play the reality will stay the illusion until their inner eyes have been opened to the true reality of universal consciousness and the soul/spirit that is within them and that is within all life, we are all but gossamer threads all joined up into one gigantic pattern or matrix within the source of universal creation.

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