The Corridors of Time

Corridors of time are great vortexes of universal energies which express themselves throughout time and space. Corridors of time are an analogy to how universal knowledge is stored with the vast measures of the mulit-universes known as the meta- verse creation of life. Corridors of time are rope like energies that travel throughout the multi-universes holding knowledge within the many vortexes in space. Corridors of time not only store knowledge but carry the imprints of creation in its various stages of evolution from the beginning of the big bang to the present and the future, they are everything and nothing a pure energy force the flows the creation of space and time. They are the membranes of all that has existed and all that may come as they carry within them the universal blue prints of creation. It is within the universal light source of consciousness that all knowledge is born and it is within this light consciousness that all past events can be recalled within its evolutionary cycle. Every cycle that universal creation passes through leaves an imprint of that cycle of evolution within the membranes of the corridors of time which is known as the Alice in Wonderland effect because each vortex carries the cyclic story of universal evolution not just for planet earth but for all planets where there is life.

It is within these cycles that the universal consciousness stores all records of what has been created through the universal powers of thought, these are from galaxies to stars and stars to planets and from planets to life. There are certain keys or elements which are a factor of contribution to universal knowledge, it is the evolution of the multi-universes which are unlocked by the corridors of time through the energies of consciousness that travail through the rope like structures that these vortexes emit. The universal consciousness that emit through the corridors of time are similar to the energies that create the spectacular performance of the Northern Lights, they can change and shift their energy consciousness through the muli-verses affecting the cyclic pattern of elements within a particular universe.

There are continuous shifts of energy within all universal consciousness, as it fluctuates within its own vibration which brings changes throughout space and time, this is seen on earth through the changes of natural phenomena that takes place within the planets structure. These changes occur within a cyclic pattern a formation of universal energy structure and although many people cannot observe this they can feel it when a disturbance is created. Corridors of time are huge vortexes of energy that interacts with the various frequencies of energies that run through the meridians and ley lines of planet earth, this can be known as the universal web of creation due to the massive web like structure throughout the planet. This web like structure has a replica a universal mirror image projecting the energies in the same pattern of its creation, what is above so is below. These two identical web structures act like rope vortexes winding and twisting their energy formation bringing with it a shift in consciousness, these always happen within each cycle of the heavens, the smaller cycles are not felt or seen but the larger ones are definitely felt through the infrastructure of the earths tutonic plates where many eruptions are caused by these changes in energy.

The corridors of time are open only when certain cycles change within the energy transformation of universal creation, to transmit new energy formations creates a new cycle of universal consciousness which can affect all aspects of nature but cannot be altered by man. These vortexes are like large holograms holding images of all events since the beginning of time before man was created when structures began to form and mutate, these are locked and can only be opened through universal consciousness when a major cycle is ready to transform itself into a new cycle bringing with it the next step of the evolutionary cycle ( we are about to witness the next evolutionary cycle). The more people that become aware of this consciousness and its various energy patterns the more stable the earth will become as more people will try to raise their own higher consciousness to an alignment with that of the higher consciousness of universal source. When the corridors of time open and are activated the energy formation is projected onto the planet, people will then see certain places form new geography patterns where shifts of energies in the ley lines and meridians begin to change, this will effect nature in a great way.

As the earth goes through this next transition of its evolutionary cycle more and more vortexes or corridors of time will open, this will bring many changes to the planet some for the better others can have a dire effect due to the shifting of plates in the earths crust which can trigger off volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes and other natural phenomena which will add to the changing structure of the planet.  This happens every time a major cycle comes round and the transformation of consciousness arises. The earth's consciousness is a huge pattern of energy consciousness designed by universal source and the star that gave birth to it, the planet earth has changed greatly over time and will change once again as the new cycle of 25,920 begins. The grand slam of this new cycle is slowly changing the energy formation or pattern within the consciousness of the earths structure activating ley lines and meridians that may have lay dormant for a few hundred years or from the last smaller cycle of 2,160 years . It is in the changing of all universal energies that the earth takes her rightful place to keep in harmony with all other cosmic phenomena in the galaxy and in the  multi- universe.

Within the next cycle of 25,960 years land marks will move as tidal waves wash over land and disappear making way for new progress in a new era. The web like structure of the earths consciousness has changed considerably over time and has been broken many times only to repair itself as the planet shifts in its various stages of consciousness within its own growth of evolution. The growth of the earth has been vilified by the products of man and now must cleanse herself through the energy vortexes that the corridors of time can do by opening and creating a new cycle. It is within her fragmented structure that a new web structure will be woven into a new web creating new energies, new patterns that bring new concepts of life, new and old vortexes will open the corridors of time to allow new structures of light taking the planet into a new shift of awareness, but first the earth must rid herself from the damage that has been done to her over a long period of time and it is the breaking down of the old before the new can be built is where one will see various forms of destruction.

Mankind thinks it is ever so powerful with its intellect and technology, but it is like an ant on a hill compared to the power of nature. Many will be able to unravel the secrets and knowledge of universal energies and have knowledge on how the universal consciousness works, it is only in this knowledge that the corridors of time can be assessed which could bring a new awareness to new scientific discoveries and new medical awareness in energy consciousness an energy not seen by the naked eye. It is through these main vortexes that other dimensions of parallel worlds can be known, no one can conquer universal energies or the consciousness that lies behind them because it travails within the consciousness it creates and it is only when mankind understands the power of universal consciousness can a better world be seen to live in, until then the world will continue to see more chaos caused by the greed of power.

Corridors of Time are huge fennels of energies which intersperse with each other crossing the vast space of all universes, within these tunnels lies a consciousness that holds all the imprints and memories that each universe creates within itself. There is a constant movement of energies expanding itself throughout the multi-universe of infinite space, it records all forms of memory consciousness and all the possibilities and probabilities that the universal source creates. It is through these various consciousnesses s that all life sentient and otherwise are created. Look at the corridors of time like underground tunnels a network structure over a vast area of the universes which connects to each and every planet changing and fluctuating it's energies in constant motion. These energy consciousness can spread from one universe to another creating various holograms that relate to each universe and the life that is within them. The corridors of time are the influx of energies that hold the past to the future, whatever holds the past influences the future, it projects from the past into the future until the cycle is broken and gets destroyed and it is not until this happens can a new future be changed. The corridors of time hold events in etheric holographic images that have been imprinted by the behavior of man and until mankind breaks its habitual habits of destruction then the past will always influence and project remnants into the future. The corridors of time are just holographic images held in the multi-dimensional space of the A field or zero energy which is a vast universal consciousness and it is through the corridors of time that all events are stored. It is like an egg it has a membrane around the center of the egg holding all events past and present together everything is stored within side of the egg which the membrane protects, but there is also the shell around the outside of the egg, which symbolises the hard structure of mankinds demise against not only it's own kind in the past but also where it is going in the future and until that shell is broken the membrane cant allow to change the structure of what is inside the egg. The Corridors of Time is like the egg it holds all the past, the present and the possibilities of the future, but until the shell is broken symbolised by mankind changing it's ways then the corridors of time cannot change the holographic images it holds for the next cycle. The old structure must be broken before a new one can take it's place.
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