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Consciousness of the Soul/Spirit

The Dualities of Consciousness

There is a dual aspect of energies in every human form, this is due to the inner subtle body and the outer physical body. The analogy to this scenario is that you have an object and you trace this object, once traced it becomes a subtle imprint of energy but an exact replica of itself. The subtle body divides its energies into the various components of the physical mind and body which focuses on thoughts, emotions, desires, attachments and logic, this gives the vehicle the outer consciousness in which people perceives themselves to be with the reality of the world around them through the five senses. The subtle body's existence is the invisible blueprint of the spirit's existence both subtle and physical are as one projecting to separating two energies but of the same consciousness, a higher one which is the witness and watches silently and the lower one which interacts with the persona and the world around us. One active, one passive.

There is also a dual aspect of minds, the outer mind of self that uses the brain to learn, to think, to act, to feel, to experience all emotions, it's the computer's hardware.The inner cosmic mind the higher mind of the soul/spirits consciousness is the software give to each individual soul/spirit before it's incarnation as it is within this software that lies all the possibilities and probabilities to the spirit's journey whilst inhabiting a physical vehicle. It is like a computer game there are plenty of ways to play it and it is how it gets played that is the important bit whether it gets played by the rules put into the software by universal source or by the rules that the brain makes up as the game is being played by the self.

The outer mind is what is known as the self or ego and the inner mind is known as the true being of universal consciousness. The soul/spirit is a pattern of energies which have colour within the soul's light the light of the spirit which holds this pattern. This pattern can become distorted due to mental and emotional thoughts hampered by desires and fears that create the human emotional state of their outer consciousness.It is in this way that we can distort our inner mental and emotional energies in the subtle body and when these are distorted in this way it creates an imbalance to the original pattern that the soul/spirit came in with. The subtle or invisible energies of the inner body always projects itself to the physical body they are each other's replica, so if the original pattern of our energies are distorted in someway then our physical body will also become distorted. 

Let's say that someone has a heart disease or a lung disease, the distortion within the ethereal body would be in these places and although the subtle body does not have any physical organs it is the exact replica of it's physical form it is within this subtle blueprint that energies begin to malfunction distorting the original pattern and the colours within that pattern as well as the tonal sound that the pattern is connected to by it's higher  collective consciousness.So if in the blueprint there is a web of tangled energies in the area of the heart or lungs and the colour of this pattern is faded or jaded in these areas then it will be the same in the physical as is projected from invisible energies to visible ones.So to have good health one must know that the undergarment is in correct order so that the outer garment can show its'replica

The outer mind knows life only through the five senses it knows it is born and that it will die, but the inner mind knows of its own infinity within the vast consciousness of its own creation this is why it is so important to have the correct balance between the two for a healthy life. The subtle energies of the inner consciousness provides the working energies of the physical body as it gives the five sense reality which human consciousness functions on while still retaining the 6th and other higher energies to keep the real reality of it's being in focus. The inner mind or soul/spirit mind is like tiny particles of light each generating specific patterns within its own light of consciousness and it is this consciousness that is connected to a much larger consciousness that of the universal source of intelligence the universal mind that creates all.It is this universal pattern of energy that must return to it's original source for the balance between self and spirit to unite and until this occurs there will always be a separation between the two. The self/ego will always be in charge as it is the one that is involved in the illusion of reality, it is the action player, it is the concepts and perceptions of the body/mind that keeps on putting layers and layers of false information, so it will always be in charge until these layers begin to be stripped of their illusions. So the pattern of the soul/spirit will not be corrected to it's original source until unity unites b the two consciousness as one whole to what is was before it split on entering the physical..

So in true reality each soul/spirit is a mini creator creating its own spiritual growth by using a vehicle of matter to experience all that the creator creates. Between the subtle body of the soul/spirit and the gross matter of the physical vehicle there is a space where energies lie holding the structures of the invisible and the visible of the two bodies and it is in this space that many layers of habitual patterns are formed this begins from childhood to adulthood. These layers are the creation from the thoughts of the individual the perceptions learn t from childhood to adulthood by all those who have had influence in their lives, from parents, siblings,school, collage, work, parenthood, wife, mother and so on all this help shape concepts, beliefs, habitual habits, and perceptions in their lives and it is these layers that begin to separate them from their true inner being. It is within these layers that the laws of cosmic nature of cause and effect begins to take place and when left to the devices of the self's outer thoughts, events and situations often becomes tangled and clumsy bringing chaos and pain to the individuals life due to the choices being made from the outer mind of the self and not from the inner mind of the spirit.

Once awareness within the outer self has been awakened and the individual realises that its true nature is the inner being the soul/spirit's consciousness,then begins to change. The inner subtle energies of light begin to see their own light and the distortion begins to change as the energies of the subtle body remembers it's true pattern and the wheel begins to turn slowly back to it's original source. This slowly breaks the layers down and once all the layers which the outer self has created breaks, all its habitual habits of thought and action begins to fade away and the beginning of unity begins to take place. The outer body and the inner body then emerge as one whole. From this point on there is no seperatedness and the soul/spirit becomes aware of itself and of its purpose, it remembers the map of its journey and can now begin to experience all it came for. The pattern within the light can now move within its own oscillation and like a kaleidoscope gradually moves towards its original form the pattern it began with whence it began its journey.  As the kaleidoscope turns the soul/spirit remembers more of its journey and is returning closer to where it all began and its long arduous journey of its own spiritual growth will have neared the completion of its cycle.

Before any awakening the light of all soul/spirits are separated by the self/ego by the layers of individuality. the spirit waits patiently and watches in the stillness of it's light the actions of the outer consciousness that is partaking in the illusion, knowing that if not in this incarnation it will experience the role that has been created for. This is why there are so many incarnations as the role of the spirit is not always experienced so has to re-incarnate in the hope it can experience it in another vehicle. There are many individuals who dont allow the spirit it's self awareness, or it's self realisation and when that happens the spirit does not experience the creation of the creator.The self makes life so much harder stumbling about in it's own darkness instead of allowing the light within to shine and for that light to lead and guide them to the path already waiting for them to walk. So know that you are not the Mind or the Body but a true light of universal creation and to find your true inner light start breaking down the layers of your habitual patterns and all the concepts that you hold so you may allow the light of your spirit to project itself through you. Every Individuals journey is to find their inner light and until you have found it you are only half alive.