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The Blueprint of Physiological Make Up

Astrology is the make up of an individual according to the birth date, time and place of its birth. It is a unique pattern of symbols that are in conjunction with the planets and stars at a particular time of an individual birth.

Its showing you the weakness and strengths that you have inherited not just by the genetics of parents but by the astrological influences from the ecliptic path of the universe where the planets play out their movements. The human psyche is a very complicated structure from the biological to the consciousness of an individual being. How many of you ask yourselves of who you really are in the search for universal knowledge. The universe is in constant motion and change and it is through the changes of various alignments with planets that an astrological chart is drawn. There are two fundamental laws in the universe underlying physical change, one is the law of polar universal, which are the seeds of all opposites, just as new life carries in its genetic code for the signal of its own decomposition, so does every human affair lie in the seeds of subtle change. The other law of change is periodicity, this law manifests in cycles like the cycles of human life in its various stages of growth, the wholeness of all that is changing according to these physical laws of the universe, it is from the life forms on earth to the stars above, what is known as the cosmic realms of cause and effect which define motion and change and it is through the cosmic changes that life on earth projects itself through the human psyche. It is in the cosmic realms where astrology begins when the map of the heavens structures a map at the exact time and place and date of birth of a child.

Astrology is the archetype of the ancient gods which gives the human psyche its make up with the complexities and potentialities of various components that make up the individualities of each individual. The ancient Mythology's had twelve gods just as the zodiac has twelve signs and these gods from the Sumerian  to the Babylonians, Romans, and Greeks have all had their roles to play on the big stage of the universe.

The beginning of the zodiac begins on the Spring equinox of March 21st with the sign of Aries representing the planet Mars and symbolising the qualities of leadership and warrior which is the archetype  of the gods being a fierce commander during times of battle embodying emotional force, merged together with the wisdom of the human mind which pretends to supersede him. The archetype of Mars is associated with the idea of going beyond the established society in search of new forces and means.
Next in the zodiac is Taurus the archetype of Venus the blossoming of life which demonstrates that mankind is firmly established on the firmament of earth and was in the creative process of understanding that humanity which is part of nature, this integration with nature is tied to the feminine forces that creates all natural resources. It is the worshiping of the star of Venus years ago that made her the goddess of love because the word aster in ancient times means star and in Greek times the word Eros means Love, the Star of Love.

Next is Gemini the archetype of Mercury messenger of the gods, this shows its archetype image of the stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation of Gemini and depicts the image of duality the human consciousness and the higher consciousness of the universe, it also represents the duality of life and death, mortal and immortal.

Cancer the archetype of the Lunar Moon the heredity of immortality, the gods knew the creation of life and death even though they were immortal and they saw the Moon the feminine to the male Sun a partnership like brother and sister or husband and wife, this is why it is very auspicious in a birth chart when one partner has its moon in the same sign as the others partners has its sun sign. Again this represents duality in all things of nature including all aspects of the human psyche. It is also the time of the Summer equinox June 21st when it becomes the longest day of the year and the wheel keeps on turning towards its next cycle.

Leo the archetype of the Sun the gift of life to all things. The Sun moves across the sky like a big wheel spreading its light and embracing all that comes into contact with it. The symbol here is that the solar god spends his days shinning upon the planet surveying his domain and dispensing his gift of light and warmth and its through the Sun god Ra that all life formed.

Virgo the archetype of the goddess Ceres symbolising order of the Earth, the time of growth where planting of foods and harvesting, the cycle of agriculture in the evolutionary growth upon the planet. The symbology here is that a seed must be buried in order for it to grow, but first it must die. So each year the goddess Ceres representing Mother Earth sacrifices her daughter Proserpine to the underworld where she stays until the first day of spring when the seed begins to grow again after its six months spell of Autumn and Winter.

Libra archetype of the planet Vulcun and Chiron, Vulcan symbolises the balance of the universe where nothing exists in the void, as an abstract creator he forms the universe as a whole not just focusing about the destiny of any individual being, but upon the creation of all things joined and linked to one massive creation. It symbolises night and day the wholeness of duality as the image of the scales represents the sign of Libra, balance is the keyword.

Scorpio the archetype of Pluto the power of interior, the gate to the underworld of Hades the Greek god of darkness, it is a representative of the darker side to the human psyche. A scorpion is said to be able to sting itself with its own tail when it shows its destructive side, the energy that it represents is strong and fearless but focused in the correct way can bring about self sacrifice, regeneration and resourcefulness.

Sagittarius archetype of Jupiter king of culture and philosophy this symbolises the transcending of time and the influencing of the fates of the world by repeating and fulfilling the cycles of evolutionary growth upon the planet, it represents the energies of transformation from culture to culture as it passes down the ages, key words are aspiration, freedom and exploration. It is also seen as the the god of prosperity and good fortune.

Capricorn the archetype of Saturn symbolising time and fate, in the free space of the universe with the unlimited source of energy's it has no aim so produces no direct results, but in a limited world it is possible to create something stable. The world of matter has a beginning and an end and the symbol of Saturn is a restriction to keep all things secure. These are laws of time and space symbolised in astrology by the planet Saturn. The limitation represented by Saturn is associated with the earth creating stability from the chaos of the universe and bringing into balance the forces of nature and the forces of universal energies. Key words are organisation, conservatism, ambition and stability.

Aquarius archetype of Uranus the light of the sky. Chaos gives birth to the upper regions of the universe and the lower regions of the earth, it is the gate to the unknown which is the between state of heaven and earth creating and fulfilling the main act of creation and it is through the means of universal thought that creation is fulfilled because without this intelligent thought form nothing would exist. The symbol of Uranus signifies humanitarianism, independence, originality and intellect being the keywords.

Pisces archetypes of Neptune symbolising the abyss of chaos, among the chaos of universal energies there is alway duality and the sign of Pisces the fish swimming in opposite direction gives these two polarities. Neptune is the god of the oceans where there is constant motion of the sea and it is within this motion of energies that lies the mysteries of the imagination needed to create in the ethereal world before it solidifies itself into matter to the world or reality as we know it. The gods saw this as an abyss filled with water, it is from the indeterment denseness of the void which has no shape or form that the word chaos comes from meaning gaping emptiness. It is from this emptiness that creation focused on the key words of compassion, renunciation  and imagination.

So all these different aspects of the ancient gods and the planets summarises the characteristics and complexity of the human psyche, this is why every alignment with the planets in an astrological chart is unique and personal to the individual and shows the weaknesses and strengths that can be brought to a balance to lead a more harmonious life.

To receive an Astrological Chart with both Personal and Professional analyses of about 30 pages with one or two year transists which gives you the high and low times of where you can either move forward or wait until the time is more favourable

All is needed is the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and the Place of Birth. See about me page for details.