The Light and its Shadow

Monatomic Conductivity

Consciousness of the Soul / Spirit

The Journey & Map of the Soul/Spirit

Corridors of Time

The Deceptions of the Ego when Searching for Spirituality.  

Questions & Answers of the Souls Journey 

Memory Banks of Consciousness 

Universal Energy and it's Effect on Life   

How Universal Consciousness Can Change the Physical Body   

My Central Message 

The Components of Human Consciousness  

Angel of Light

 The Duality of Consciousness 

 Astrology The Myths & Facts of 2012  

Creating the Roles of the Universal Play  

Understanding the Structure of Human



The Seven Stages of Consciousness 

Time Past, Present, Future 

The Two Minds New

The Crystal Skulls & Their Locations New

The Seven Stages Of Universal Consciousness  

The Consciousness of the Angelic Realm  

Cosmic DNA an Analogy of the Cosmic Patterns of Light 

The Multi consciousness of the Human Species New

Wisdom & Knowledge

The Purpose in Life (understanding the inner & outer minds

The Laziness of the un-Attentive Mind

 The Transcending Minds, Seeing the Reality & the Illusion
What is Consciousness   

The Shifting of Consciousness

The Intelligence of Nature

The Learning Curve of Life

The Word Love and its Meaning

 Lessons in Life

 How our Thoughts & Perceptions Creates our Life

The Image of the mind

The Myth of Silencing the mind

Accept Believe and Forgetfulness

Milky Way Galaxy
Disease Within the Foundations of Matter New 2014        

    What Path is best for you


 Alchemy Wheel of Time, Karma

 Multidimensional Selves part 1

 Multidemensional Selves part 2

 Multidimensional Selves Part 3

 Spiritual Self Empowerment

 Reflections, Words of Great Thinkers

Ageless Wisdom, A Sense of Wonder

 The Power of Healing

 Breath of Life 

Monad of the Mind

 Why Are We So Different

Round Peg in a Square Hole


The Early Birth of a Star in the Universe

How Do You Define Yourself

Genome Code Homology

Understanding the Simple Truths by Wanda Lawson

Verses by Bill Bowles

The Never Ending Journey Revised

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