Angel Of Light

I am the angel of light
I bring you light from the universal mind at all times.
I comfort you in your days of darkness
I rejoice with you in your times of joy
I give you compassion when friends & family depart from you
I guide you in your dreams to a better understanding of life
I am with you at all times
I give you Warmth, Love, and Strength in all things
I hold you in my light when things gets tough
I reach out and take your hand in mine
I help you as you stumble along life's pathway
I help ease your pain and the burdens that you carry
Until the day comes that you see my light

Shine above you in all it's glory
Then you will know, you have seen the light within
The time will have come when you will need me no more
As your own light will be shinning brightly for all to see
But until that day comes, bask and bathe each day in my light.

These are some words that were given to me by the angel consciousness of light some years ago and recently I found them and would like to share them with you so that the words may bring you comfort and understanding in some way in your journey through life.