My Spiritual Journey


I would Like to introduce myself, my name is Ann, but many years ago I was given a cosmic name Co-a-Li which means consciousness and light. So I have put my physical name and my cosmic name together Coaliann which I use in my work and in my writings. I have always had an inner knowing or strong intuition since I was young which for me seemed natural and have had a great interest in all things connected to paranormal phenomena from an early age. To me everything that is outside the logic of the five senses have a true sense of reality and the reality which surrounds us is only a mirror image from what is created in the esoteric images of universal creation.

I lived in Greece for 18 years and it was there that I had my first kundulini experience of spiritual awakening which had a great physical and spiritual effect on me. I was given a book at this time  called "Living with Joy" by Sonaya Roman this was my first steps on the spiritual ladder and my true path that was created for me before birth. From that time onwards 20 years ago I have experienced so many transformations both spiritual and physically as the subtle body changes so does the transformation of the physical.

My communication with the higher cosmic mind or universal intelligence has gone from having a projection of personal guides to tapping into the raw consciousness of the universal source which is the light of universal creation. Most of my knowledge comes directly from this source in a form of clairaudience, where I hear every word like someone dictating to me or speaking to me over the phone and some clairvoyance where I see clearly some pictures or visions that appear within my mind and this over the years has taken me on some remarkable quantum leaps up the spiritual ladder and has given me so much more understanding and a much wider perception of what life is all about.

My main work is teaching and writing knowledge which I receive from universal consciousness which I cant get purely from research. Most of this knowledge comes as analogies to help the brain transmit it in a way that I can understand and pass it on to others so they may understand it. To back my knowledge up I got a degree in Metaphysics M.msc and a diploma in Spiritual Psychology in order to teach in the workshops and seminars that I do. I am beginning to write a book that I was told I would do a long time ago and it is only now that the knowledge I needed is being given to me. The book will be called "Universal Light/ Universal Consciousness" The Quantum Mechanics of Spirituality.

Since I wrote the above I created a metaphysical E Course called Wisdom & Knowledge which I emailed to many people this lasted for two years, I was then told that I had new work to concentrate on which is finishing my book and beginning an article called The never Ending Seminar which will go on in various stages during various time lapses explaining how to find Self Realisation.

I have also gone on to finish courses with the Open University

Galaxies, Stars & Planets

Introduction to Psychology

Fear & Sadness Psychology/Counseling

Death, Dying & Bereavement

 Living Psychology from the Everyday to the Extraordinary

My goal is to project new concepts that people can use to find their own spiritual light which will lead them to the path this light has created for them. It will be in this way that each person will be able to find their own Self Realisation and awaken to their true being.

Email or  for any questions you may have regarding any articles that appear of my site or for any spiritual guidance or astrology that you need.