Why Are We So Different


The energy force that created the human consciousness has a lot of diversity within it so it can create millions of roles that this energy force can experience within a physical body. First you get created then born into various cultural differences which then create different habitual patterns in the way we live and in the surrounding and enviroments that we live in.

Secondly is the way we have been brought up, by our parents the siblings we have, the family experiences in our lives. All these things brings to us various ways of looking at life and various mind concepts that has been given to us from birth and that gives us a solid structure on how to base our lives.

Thirdly and most importantly is how most people have been separated from their spiritual consciousness, this has become more apparent in our modern day living as there are so many different attractions that keep our mind and days busy. Some people of who are of a religious nature can focus on their faith, but it is only a faith in a religious doctrine and not a belief in their own true spirit, their true being. The spirit is far greater than a faith no matter what religious doctrine it is. So these three things are the main basis for what the main ingredients are which makes us so different. Lately when I have been talking to people and there are some differences in whatever we were talking about, the other person always says, yes but we are all different like if that solves everything. After some time at hearing this from a lot of people I kept hearing a little voice in my head saying “but we should not be so different, it is only our concepts, our beliefs and our inability to see beyond the veil of the reality we create for ourselves.

I am not talking about differences of liking different kinds of food, or sports or entertainment, books and many other personalised likes and dislikes, those are part of the diversity of the consciousness we exist in. I am talking about this separation of spirit that binds us all. Although we exist in many different aspects of material reality our spirit and the energy consciousness of that spirit are joined to make one whole human consciousness. Just imagine a large group of people all sitting in meditation and raising their energy consciousness to a much higher state of their universal mind, we would all see our existence through the universal consciousness and would be within a whole energy existence where there would be no differences or separation, we would all see it how it really is.

It is losing this connection that we all have which has given us so many differences just look around you in the world today and you can see it clearly through the violence and mayhem that is ongoing. But if we were in that state of meditation of a higher state of consciousness in harmony and balance, no one would want to kill anybody as they are doing at present. It is this separation from peoples own spirit that makes so much difference to the state of the world we live in. The thread that weaves together the consciousness that created human beings is now broken in many places. So when people say yeah, but we are all different it is an excuse for them to live and exist in their own little reality, as they are afraid to go beyond that boundary and see beyond it to their own true existence.

 I live in a small community in a village in North Wales, there are several villages all close together and everybody knows everybody as most have grown up there and their parents and grand parents before them. Villages are sometimes noted for having blinkers on or being narrow minded, not really having an open mind to the bigger picture of the world. They are good people but they only see life as it is in their back yard so to speak. So the things I write about are either taboo or not understood at all, they just do not want to know. When I try to bring up a subtle conversation to some of my friends about spirituality or a conversation into a new direction of thinking the barriers come up straight away and then the words get repeated yeah but we are all different. It was this repetition that made me begin to think why so many people say it. So universal consciousness must have heard my frustration and gave me these words to write explaining why we are so different. 

Let us look at this difference in another way that maybe can help us all to understand when we have problems in our lives. If we look at any problem from a higher consciousness we will view it differently than we would as if you looked at it through the mental/brain mind. This is because everything is down to the way we look at things, how we think and how we feel and how we see ourselves within certain situations and then what we do about it. When we see things through the mind some problems can be over whelming and presses the panic button giving out emotional anxiety. But when we raise our awareness to a higher state blocking out the lower mind things will look a lot different. The problem will still be there but different solutions will be shown to you.

For example let’s say you are feeling down and you may have lost some of your self esteem through something that has happened to you and your life in general is not going as you would like it to go and you may feel stuck not able to move forward as you would like to. So when a problem hits you chances are it will bring out many negative responses within your emotional energy about how you are feeling at this time and these feelings will only make you feel worse. Your mind is telling you that you will not get out of this rut or perhaps you will never solve the situation, but this is not really the problem, the problem is how YOU react to it. When you can reach a higher state of thought by raising your energy consciousness you begin to have a greater confidence because your higher mind is giving you this and will also give you various concepts or ideas to help you solve your problem. Once back in your normal mind state you can put these concepts or ideas into action so they can manifest and bring you the positive results you desire. So the reality of any given state of any problems in your life is not what your problem is, but what your consciousness is and how you can raise your awareness to a higher consciousness and deal with it. You will always find a different way of dealing with any problem if you higher your state of awareness by raising it to a higher state of consciousness so new concepts can be had.Life’s unpredictable reality is changing constantly and things are always going to happen both positive, mundane, and negative, so unless we develop some inner strength from our spiritual selves when the negative happens we will always be overwhelmed by its arrival

.Problems are just facts it is our attitude to them that makes us suffer and that depends on the state of our higher or lower consciousness. If a person feels bigger than the problem we can cope, but if we feel smaller than the problem then we suffer as it over whelms the mind. A lot of the time problems just point out our weaknesses and it is that we can’t handle. But by looking at things through a higher perspective we can overcome our minds weakness and rise above it, only then are we shown a new way of dealing with it.We all have to focus on life everyday whether it is with work, family or just everyday things which we have to attend to. It is when we lose focus on these things that life becomes unbalanced. So it is important to focus on the higher mind as well as the lower mind to keep them in balance with each other only then does contentment come into our lives.

Let us look at an example of someone who focuses on the body by being fit, this person run’s trains in a gym and focuses religiously on keeping his body fit. Then one day while he was running he has a heart attack and dies. No one can understand how this happened as he was so fit and healthy he looked after his body, but what some people can’t understand it is not just the body alone that keep all the mechanical working of the physical body, but also the energies that flow through it that gives it life.

If these energies are not working properly or are tangled up no one not even a doctor can tell, as the energy in this way can’t be seen nor the state of our consciousness be understood. So it is important to keep a certain kind of balance between keeping the physical fairly fit but also the energies of our chakras, meridians and allowing the flow of our life energies to flow through unobstructed by emotional and mental thoughts created from stress and anxiety. So by allowing this higher flow of energy through the body or by meditating or sitting quiet and reflecting your inner deep thoughts you will create a far better functioning of cells, atoms and molecules that will keep the body, mind and spirit in a healthy state.Now let us look at people who have not yet become enlightened, the majority of these people are kind, compassionate and helpful to others, the only difference between them and enlightened people is that they do not recognise their own spirit which projects their compassion, their kindness and caring nature. These people are allowing their spirit to project through them without knowing it. They would have a far greater impact on their own lives and on other lives if they were awakened to their own inner light and understood the true meaning of it.  

But this is where fear of the unknown comes in, they are frightened of going down any path of which they are not familiar to them, that is why they either do not want to know or ridicule it or simply are afraid of a reality or concept that they think is not normal to them. Many people who have become enlightened have problems with their parents or friends who don’t or want to understand their way of thinking. I can’t even get to level one with most of my friends as they are so grounded by their own reality. They think there is nothing more to life only that in which they create, unfortunately they block out everything that does not affect them which is so sad Now the one thing I have not mentioned are the ones who will rarely seek or want to seek any kind of enlightenment, these are the ones that battle greatly with life and see life through negative emotions and create negative actions which hurt and damage others. Maybe these people have incarnated with dark souls from previous lives and are still paying some form of karmic debt. Can you imagine the karma that people like Hitler or Pol Pot or any other despot created in their life time, their souls were damaged by their actions so much that karma must be paid before the light within the soul can shine again. But this is another story and very complicated. So we have to accept that there is and always will be some form of duality within people and the world.

So before the world can change much more people must find enlightenment so they can connect to their true essence of being and not separate themselves and become one of those who keep saying “yeah well we are all different. Yes we are all different in that our spirit has incarnated to experience different aspects of life, but that is all. We are all joined by that thread that weaves the light between us all. Remember we can still live in different ways but just knowing that the true essence of our being is woven into the thread that connects us all. I think that what the universal source was trying to explain to me to get across that we are all living different lives but when we higher our consciousness we see life as one.

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