What Path is Best for You

There are three spiritual scripts written by three different writers and one from Universal Consciousness see which one you resonate with and which one is more helpful to your spiritual path.

The Illusion of Ownership

To own something what does it really mean, what does it mean to make something yours. You could stand on a street and point towards a building and say that is mine, I own it making you either a very wealthy person or someone who is not telling the truth, in any case you are telling a story in which the thought form of I and the thought form of buildings merge into one, that is how the mental concept of ownership works. It is important to recognise that the story and the thoughts forms that make up the story whether people agree with it or not have nothing to do with who you are it is still fiction. Many people do not realise until they are on their death bed and everything external falls away that no thing ever had anything to do with who they are. In the proximity of death the whole concept of ownership stands revealed as ultimately meaningless, because in the last moments of life people then also realise that while they were looking throughout their lives for a more complete sense of self what they were really looking for, their being had actually always been there, but had been largely obscured by their identification with things which means their identification with their minds.

The ego/self tends to equate having with Being, I have therefore I AM and the more I have the more I AM. The ego/self lives through comparison, how you are seen by others turns into how you see yourself, if everybody lived in a mansion or everybody was wealthy, then your mansion or your wealth would no longer serve to enhance your sense of self. You could then move to a simple abode give up your wealth and regain an identity by seeing yourself and being seen as more spiritual than others. How you are seen by others becomes the mirror that tells you what you are like and who you are.

The ego’s sense of self worth is in most cases bound up with the worth you have in the eyes of others. You need others to give you a sense of self and if you live in a culture that to a large extent equates self worth with how much and what you have and if you cannot look through this collective delusion, you will be condemned to chasing after things for the rest of your life in the vain hope of finding your worth and completion of your sense of self there.

How to Let Go of Attachments

How do you let go of attachments to things? Don’t even try it is impossible. Attachments to things drops away by themselves when you no longer seek to find yourself in them, but in the meantime just be aware of your attachments to things. Sometimes you may not know that you are attached to something, which is to say identified, until you lose it or there is a threat of loss, if you become upset or anxious it means you are attached. If you are aware that you are identified with a thing, then the identification is no longer total. The I AM of awareness is that it is aware that there is an attachment, that is the beginning of the transformation of consciousness.

Wanting the Need for More 

The ego identifies with having, but it’s satisfaction in having is relatively shallow and short lived one. Concealed within remains a deep seated sense of dissatisfaction of incompleteness of not enough “I don’t have enough yet by which the ego really means I am not enough yet. We have seen having is the concept of ownership which is a fiction created by the ego to give itself solidity and permanency and make itself stand out, make itself special. Since you cannot find yourself through having, however there is another more powerful drive underneath it that pertains to the structure of the ego which is the need for more which can also be called wanting. No ego can last for long without the need for more therefore wanting keeps the ego/self alive much more than having. The ego/self wants to want more than it wants to have and so the shallow satisfaction of having is always replaced by more wanting. This is the psychological need for more that is to say more things to identify with; it is an addictive need not an authentic one.

Wanting is structural so no amount of content can provide lasting fulfilment as long as that mental structure remains in place. Intense wanting that has no specific object can often be found in the still developing ego of teenagers some of whom are in a permanent state of negativity and dissatisfaction. The physical needs for food, shelter. clothing and basic comforts could be easily met for all humans on the planet were it not for the imbalance of resources created by the insane and rapacious need for more, the greed of the ego. It finds collective expression in the economic structures of this world such as the big corporations which are egoic entities that compete with each other for more. Their only blind aim is profit; they pursue that aim with absolute ruthlessness.

Nature, animals, people even their own employees are no more than digits on a balance sheet, lifeless objects to be used and then discarded. The thought forms of me and mine of more than of I want, I need, I must have and of not enough pertain not to content but to the structure of the ego/self. The content is interchangeable; as long as you don’t recognise those thought forms within yourself as long as they remain unconscious you will believe in what they say. You will be condemned to acting out those unconscious thoughts and condemned to seeking and not finding because when those thought forms operate no possession, place, person or condition will ever satisfy you.

No content will satisfy you as long as the ego structure remains in place, no matter what you have or get it will not make you happy. You will always be looking for something else that promises greater fulfilment that promises to make your incomplete sense of self complete and fill that sense of lack you feel within.


Whatever You can Forget Cannot be Eternal

The knowledge I Am is the same in all sentient creatures whether it be an insect, a worm or a human being.  Do not consider this basis consciousness in one form as being different in any way from the consciousness in another form, but in order to manifest itself, consciousness needs a base a particular construct in which it can appear. That base can be anything it may be in any form but the manifestation can last only so long as that particular form endures. Until that consciousness appears there cannot be knowledge of any kind, so in sum knowledge depends on consciousness and consciousness needs a physical matrix or form to experience itself.

One must also consider the importance of the word, the thought arises from the vital breath and expresses itself in the word, without words there could not be any communication in the world, in fact there could not have been any activity any busy-ness at all. The world goes on because of the word and the name, people could not be identified without a name so the word and the name have importance in existence.  The principle of naming every possible thing has been carried forward to the extent that even the Creator had to be given a name (God) and that name when repeated has certain significance. At an early stage of one’s spiritual development there is no method more important or effective then repeating a mantra of which God or any other spiritual name like Creator is mentioned?

In this world it is common practice for human beings to ask others for knowledge in both worldly and spiritual matters and from that they try to live with knowledge gathered from others and not their own. People learn whatever they are taught, what they were prior to being taught nobody gives attention to. Whatever you can forget cannot be eternal, it cannot be the truth, this is why you cannot forget your true state and that is why you cannot remember it. Whatever you forget is not the truth always remember that.

We identify ourselves with the name given us by our parents and what is that name? It is whatever occurred to our parents at the time of birth, we are so much attached to that name we act with it constantly in our world. This name is an accident the word that occurred to their minds is your name and it is within this accidental thing that you are taking form. I am talking about the power which is in the body which is the root of the existence it is the existence and maintenance of the entire universe. What there is in my body is in everyone’s body, but everyone else is concerned more about this corpse that they are living with rather than that which lies within the corpse.

Whatever upheavals occur in the world they are movements in that power for it is that which makes the world go round and whatever events takes place are movements in the consciousness, because we associate ourselves with the events and there lies unhappiness. Whatever is happening is bound to happen, there is a series of events, and a scenario is written down so according to that scenario things happen. If we are identified with all sorts of things, we then have certain hopes and aspirations and if things turn out accordingly we are happy and if things that happen are not according to our wishes we are unhappy. So we will continue to be happy and unhappy in an endless cycle, so long as we persist in this attitude. However the moment we see things in proper perspective, that all we can do is to see that witnessing happens and whatever happens is independent of our thoughts then there is a different state of awareness. There is no violation as far as an individual is concerned things happen on their own, when that is seen there is already a certain peace of mind.

Whenever people complain about the five elements, the elements are not bothered, so why should the five elements bother the individual? If the five elements themselves are not bothered by what people think and what they do or not do, how is this source of those elements upon which they are depended on be concerned. Only the concept you have about yourself that is what decides, whether he be a big man, an important man or a small man, what he decides or thinks he decides it is purely just a concept. That is the individual as an object thinks he can decide but in fact no object can decide. If he does not understand then the whole thing is conceptual. It is to be understood that the body/mind complex is merely an object a phenomenon and no phenomenon can act, so the concept is very much involved in your body/mind complex. You will never be able to grasp your true nature for this; the centre of perception must change. If that centre of perception is a phenomenon then whichever way you look, that looking is still from the centre of the phenomenon. So unless that centre of perceiving itself is changed to the Noumenon  (is from Kant’s philosophy the thing as it is in itself, not perceived or interpreted, incapable of being known, but only inferred from the nature of experience or the object of a purely intellectual intuition) you will never get an idea of your true nature

 Who has decided that I am the body? purely a concept, this concept is of course on the level of the mind so it is only a concept that I am the body and it is equally a concept that whatever action takes place it is done by this body, that is there has been an objectivisation  a concept that I am this object, the body and from then on it is the concept that whatever the body does is my doing. But once this concept is understood that is, once the object is known as an object, the false as the false then you take the standpoint of the subject. Once you take the standpoint the object disappears and you view whatever takes place as a happening in the condition and you find you are not concerned with it as you are merely viewing it. That I am the body and an individual personality means I am time bound; there is a measure of time. That same concept which has taken to saying I am the body, will say I was born and I will die. Who says I will die? Only the concept, once you are away from the concept, the subject has no time in it. There is no space/time concept as far as the subject is concerned. One who knows that this is a concept and that the concept will disappear does not have the experience of the birth, the happiness or unhappiness or the death.


The Choices In Life

We all make choices in life but do we know whether they are right choices for us or for our family, how do we know how to make the correct choices to lead us on the path chosen for us. We make most of our choices through the mind, through our thoughts and through our wants and desires but these choices are usually short lived which creates more choices to make and so the cycle moves on. Many philosophers mathematicians and other researchers have all pointed out that the brain which can be seen as a computer cannot process meaning that we so covet. Our lives centre on meanings in most things in our lives, where does this meaning come from? Computers process symbols but the meaning of these symbols has to come from outside the mind to give meaning to the symbols that the brain generates.

The feels behind the vital functions of a living organism comes from the vital body of consciousness, consciousness maps the vital functions in the form of various functional organs in the physical body. Since only consciousness can inject meaning in the physical world it would then appear that consciousness writes the software that the computer (brain) generates. But we also have our personal software which we create with our thoughts coming directly from the mind/brain as we make a mental idea of what we want to do, but unknown to us most of the time we also have another software programmed  but this one does not really come from the brain/mind but  from  a software designed and projected from a higher sphere which uses the mind as a transmitter that the electromagnetic waves of energy carries these outer thoughts and then gets transmitted via the brain/mind. So consciousness uses the mental body to create the mental software which represents the meanings that the mind processes in the brain, as well injecting more subtle thoughts that come from outside the brain.

A birds brain is very small compared to a human, yet it knows in which direction to fly thousands of miles either to migrate or to return back to where it started, it has not read a map and does not have satnav so how does it know in which direction to fly so many thousands of miles, it knows because the software of the higher mind is built in like a radio transmitter and it goes on its senses like most nature does, but we have lost our way and forgot how to use this kind of software so we rely on the software that is built in the hardware of the computer the brain and learn from rote and act upon it throughout our lives. Watch other people and see how they are so immersed at what they have got to do, they are rushing here and there concentrating on all the practical chores and getting to work or looking after their children it is no wonder that the subtle software is very little used. But once you can observe this happening around you, then stop and observe your own actions and thoughts in your everyday life and you will realise how much you rely on the programmed software than you do with the subtle software

This consciousness is divided into duality so whereby the consciousness that projects meaning to the software programming within the brain there is also its counter part the witness that watches itself through the ideas and thoughts that the wholeness of consciousness creates. First we look at the outer consciousness the ego and it is this ego/self identity that consciousness uses via the brain to bring about meaning to the words that are created within our own personal software. So it is this software that we use to identify with the world around us. As you know that when the brain gets damage our ability to speak or form words disappears because the software is damaged, but the ability to understand without speech is still there but now it is within the inner mind that creates the thoughts.

There is a counter part to this called the Vital body/mind where  a vital force of energy works the vital elements of the physical body it controls the cells and molecules it is this energy that creates the invisible body/mind which then mirrors itself into a density of manifestation called the physical. It is this vital energy that is programmed into the software that the physical body inherits at birth, and then as the individual grows it begins to create its own software through the thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs in its physical life. So there appears to be two software’s within the programming of the mind, one that using the brain from its own thoughts, actions, desires and ideas and the other one which is already built into the hardware of the computer that gives us the traits of our individualised selves, but also there is another software programme that is not within the computer but outside the physicality of our being that is the energy vitality the main source of our life the energies of the soul/spirit.

Many people wonder or ask if the spirit is the orientation of a person’s life and if it is directed solely through the higher conscious mind of the creator. It has the undercurrent of design but it also needs the outer conscious and the vital energy to unite all three to make it workable. There is a unity of consciousness which is the outer and inner and the spiritual energy called vital energy one that sustains it. Think of a train it has to have a carriage to carry the physicality, it has to have the vital energy to stoke the fuel for the train to be in constant movement and it needs the spiritual to create the journey as each soul travels upon its own train. So if you can recognise each in turn as being vital for the life of an individual and observe closely the movement, actions and habits that get created in the everyday life then you become aware, enlightened and become the watcher of not who you are but the true being of which you are.

Desire Ends in Tears

Because desire means desire for more, how can you quench it? By the time you have arrived it asks for more. You wanted ten thousand in money by the time you have the ten thousand the desire has moved ahead of you, it always moves ahead of you the distance between you and your desire always remain the same.

The distance between a beggar and his desires and the distance between Alexander the Great and his desires is the same both are poor in the same way. Alexander may have much that does not make much difference he is still not satisfied with what he has.  It is said that Diogenes once said to Alexander the Great “Have you ever thought about one thing? Meditate over it, you want to conquer the whole world but are you aware that once you have conquered the whole world then what? There is no other world, and then what will you do.

Diogenes and Alexander

And it is said just by Diogenes saying it, that Alexander became very sad and he said, please don’t mention such sad things to me it makes me feel very sad. He had not conquered the whole world yet, but the very idea that if you conquer the whole world then what is you going to do? There is no other world and you will feel stuck, the mind will ask for more. The mind lives through more and the more cannot be filled, that is impossible. Every desire ends in frustration because every expectation is the beginning of frustration. Why does every desire end in frustration? There are only two alternatives, either you achieve your object of desire or you don’t achieve it, but in both cases it will end in tears. If you achieve it you will see the utter futility of it all.

The rich man sees the futility of his riches, how much her has laboured and how much he has worked for it and now whatsoever he has attained is absolutely useless, it fulfils nothing. You can have several houses, but you are the same person as empty as before. You can live in a palace but how can you change your inner meaninglessness?


Make Life Meaningful

In fact you will be more meaningless in a palace because while you are in a hut you can still hope that one day when you have managed to get into a palace everything will be okay. You can hope but the man who is in the palace has no hope he feels utterly hopeless and he cannot say it to others either because that would be stupid of him.

Just think of Alexander the Great he devoted his whole life to conquering the world and when he had conquered it if he had said to the world, “it was useless” I wasted my time and my life people would have laughed at him. Could he not see it before? You go on following others although you see them living in misery. You go on following the powerful, the rich the wealthy although you see their faces are sad and their eyes are dull. They don’t seem to be intelligent either they don’t have any grace, any joy or any inner beauty.

If you succeed, you will be in pain because your success will bring the truth home, that your whole life has been sacrificed  for nothing. If you fail you will be frustrated because you will see that you have failed, you will become self condemnatory. No desire simply ends before it ends it gives birth to other desires, so it remains a continuum one goes on from one desire to another desire life after life. Either you will be consumed by your desires or you have to consume your desires and consuming means witness and watch. The intelligent person lives joyfully, contentedly whatever the situation he is in and whatsoever he has got.

The Ego is part of the software that is inbuilt into the hardware

1.       Whenever you are now and here there is no ego to be found. You are a pure silence.

2.      Mind is desire and when there is no mind how can there be an ego? Ego is the centre of the false mind.

3.      Your ego is your hell, your ego is your misery, and your ego is the cancer of your soul. The only way out of it is to become a witness of your mind processes.

4.      To be separate as an ego, is the base of all misery; to be one, to be flowing, with whatsoever life brings to you, to be in it so intensely, so totally, that you are no more, you are lost, and then everything is blissful.

5.      The ego is goal-oriented. The ego is hankering for the future. It can hanker even for the other life, it can hanker for heaven, and it can hanker for nirvana. It doesn’t matter what it hankers for — hankering is what it is, desiring is what it is, projecting into the future is what it is.

6.      When desiring ceases, the other world opens. The other world is hidden in this world. But because your eyes are full of desire, full of the ego, you cannot see it.

7.      On the moon, we have left behind flags. Man is busy desiring to find something which only he can do so that his ego acquires importance. But if you were born on Everest then you would be in great difficulty as to where to hoist the flag.

8.     The ego stands for all your conditioning and heritage. But the ego cannot give you any nourishment and the ego cannot give you those tears of joy and gratitude; the ego can give you only misery, anguish, tension.

9.      In the death of the ego love is born, God is born, light is born. In the death of the ego you are transformed; all misery disappears as if it had never existed. Your life right now is a nightmare. When the ego dies nightmares disappear and a great sweetness arises in your being, and a subtle joy, for no reason at all. You cannot explain it to anybody; you cannot explain it to yourself either. It is unexplainable, mysterious. But who cares for the explanation? When you are bathed, when you are in rejoicing, when the being is in a dance, who cares?

10.  The ego only gives you goals, but whenever those goals arrive, it does not allow you to celebrate. One becomes more and more miserable! As life passes, we go on gathering misery; we go on piling up misery. And it is very difficult to realize this — that you are causing your own misery; that is against the ego. So you throw the responsibility on others.

11.   Start looking for the ego, not in others, that is not your business, but in yourself. Whenever you feel miserable, immediately close your eyes and try to find out from where the misery is coming from and you will always find it is the false centre which has clashed with someone. You expected something, and it didn’t happen. You expected something, and just the contrary happened — your ego is shaken, you are in misery. Just look, whenever you are miserable, try to find out why.

12.  The goal is part of the desiring mind and bliss is a state of no-mind. Desiring is a barrier: non-desiring is the bridge. And all goals are egoistic because they are ambitions. Ambitions are shadows of the ego, and wherever ego is bliss is not. When the ego completely disappears, when not even a trace is left behind, bliss is found. Even to say that it is found is not exactly right, because it is our nature; we don’t find it because we have never lost it in the first place. We have only become oblivious to it; we have become unconscious about it. We have gone into a deep sleep and we are dreaming all kinds of things. Because of our dreaming and sleep and unconsciousness, the bliss remains unexperienced. Otherwise it surrounds you.

13.  The ego exists between the mind and the body. It is a false creation. The self exists not between body and mind, but beyond mind. And to reach to the self you have to learn the ways how the mind can be silenced, so its constant chattering is not there. Because the real self is absolute silence.

14.  Stop your mind and the circle of thought disappears. Suddenly only your being is there and the circle is no more there. That circle is the ego.

15.   Mind is such a thing; it turns everything into a possession, because the ego can exist only if it possesses. And ego is the barrier. Ego is the water in which only reflections can be caught, the real can never be known.


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