Universal Energy and its Effect on Life

When anti matter and matter or anti particles and particle meet they annihilate each other and becomes raw energy and this energy transforms itself by altering the substance of its energy vibration in readiness for manifestation. Universal energy is the All That Is. Substances and formations dont' contain energy, they are energy everything in our world is created through energy. Energy is the universal dance that the universal mind creates, everything is manifested through energy whether it may be gross matter of what we can see and touch or the subtle invisible energy that we cant see or touch both exist within the creation of our world our galaxy and our universe, it is the play of illusion and that of reality. The invisible energy of motion and vibration constantly oscillates within its own structured form it is the vast forever changing mind of the universal source. This source is forever changing and shifting in their primordial dance creating the various plays and roles which we see as our past our present and what will be in the future. It is the universal show projected through the universal mind which bewitches those who can see it dance changing its pattern and formation, it is the movement of its dance that makes up the illusionary show of reality and its the vibration sound that creates every sub atomic particle that exists. To the mind of the physical brain it is energy and causation the cause and the effect of energy. It is the link to the universal mind that energy creates every thing we know as life, all emotions are created by the thought form of the physical mind, energy is just the component  it is up to the individual whether it is used for negative or positive purposes it is the basis for the duality of human emotions.

Energy within all its components and within all it's elements weaves itself intricately holding both the higher frequencies and lower frequencies of consciousness like a bridge waiting for one to cross over from the lower frequencies to the higher frequencies which is from the self/ego to the soul/spirit. Its patterns are like bubbles in the ocean waves, the froth of the tide and the movement of the seas, it is the constant movement of creation, it is the play writer and director playing out the various scenarios in the great universal play.
Energy creates the seasons the life span of all variations of life it holds the planets in their orbit, the galaxies in the universe everywhere is energy as it is the building blocks of life. Imagine your soul/spirit like dancing lights in unique colour formation which is just a fragment of a larger collective whole a bigger pattern of dancing lights which is known as the soul/spirits collective source. In science it says that energy is both a particle and a wave and cant be measured in time or motion, but in the universal mind they are both a wave and a particle at the same time until something observes them and that something is the universal mind consciousness an awareness of its own creation and once something has been observed then it can transform itself into substance of matter. The universal mind is aware of its own consciousness just as we are aware of who we are, it is also  aware of all it creates and all it's experiences. The soul/spirit when released from the illusions of the physical mind begins to communicate with it's higher mind of its collective pattern of energy,once this awakens to the role within the soul's invisible energy map and of the journey it came to experience then enlightenment comes to the individual holding that energy. Energy and it's causality is the intrinsic oneness within the many that the soul/spirit connects to, all energy is interwoven with the cosmic dance the cosmic play they are all joined together by the various patterns that energy creates, nothing is separated only the self/ego separates itself never the soul. Ask yourself why things are never random but are always connected even though we cant see this connectedness, all energies within the soul/spirit know there is only one source and there is no separation from this source no matter what species it is. . The universal mind is like a projector projecting many rays or waves of energy so it becomes a holographic picture that is within the universal mind, think of a kaleidoscope it is one instrument projecting various patterns from within it.

Causality or Karma
Causality or karma are the natural outcome of the creator's productions, it is an expression that the whole is the main benefactor of the many it is the relationship between the universals expression through all its energies which it transforms into the blueprints of universal creation. It is almost impossible for the human mind to see or visualise the wholeness of the universal production, as relationships of the humankind have emotional attachment to the many forms of matter that exists in the reality of our five sense world, thus we only scratch the surface and see the fragments of the whole. It is only when an individual becomes aware of its spiritual source and the higher consciousness that come with it that it can begin to understand the role of why we are here. This can only be seen through holistic thoughts. actions and knowledge all that is transpernal to the universal mind, once the individual becomes aware of its true role it then realises its true heritage and the role it has come to play.
It's like an actor remembering its lines for the play he is in the more he remembers the better actor he becomes he may even have a standing ovation, we are like that the more we remember the role we have come to play through the soul/spirit higher consciousness the better our life will be as we will not make the mistakes that we make when we cant remember what and why we are here. Causality and Karma have the same effect as both have a cause which leads to an effect so by remembering our role in the play we make less karma as we don't create a cause so we will not feel it's effect leading a much more balanced life.

Elements and Particles
It is said what is above so it is below both are transformed and transmitted through energy particles which are the prime octaves in all energy patterns. The planet earth  seen by the five senses is a solid piece of rock orbiting the sun. On earth we have five senses of what we see as reality and it is the five particles or elements that create them. Water is a liquid energy that sustains much upon the planet, Fire is a gaseous heat energy which creates heat from the sun and gives the light and warmth to help nature grow, Air or oxygen is what we need to breathe and Earth is the ground on which we plant the sources we rely on to feed us and the Ether is the plasmic source where all potential are manifested so they may become our reality. These elemental states are both in the ethereal and physical realms but the difference is that most people who are still within their own prison walls of ignorance from their true spiritual self cant see beyond the 5 sense of the material world. It is this density of which we perceive reality that prevents most people from seeing  beyond the true reality behind the illusion, but all is created in the ethereal realms and manifests in the physical. It is only in our higher states of consciousness that we can perceive glimpses of the higher manifestations some times these can come in the form of dreams and some times in the act of meditation, but all manifestations of life must be created in the ethereal before it can manifest into the physical. It is often told to me by the universal energies of consciousness that once the role has been played out in the ethereal it then manifests in the physical then there is no altering the destination of that role. It is like a play once the play has been written and the play goes out on the stage then it cant be altered.

All energy patterns have their role no matter whether it is the role for humans or the role for other species including flora and fauna, it is the various elements that create such diversity of species the evolution of species for example, plants need water to grow so water is the main active element in them which is associated with procreation and plants like everything else in nature are concerned with reproducing. Fire elements give certain species action or movement together with water is where you will find all sea creatures which have both water and movement. Insects need two active elements these can be fire and earth or fire and air, birds have three elements air fire and water while most other animals have four active elements air, fire, water and earth, but all nature has a fifth element and that is the ethereal energy which they need to survive its their natural instinct. Universal energy consciousness gives them the fifth element in order for them to use it in their role of survival. It is through the ethereal energy that birds know where to fly when migrating and how ants know how to build and so many other traits according to their particular species. Human kind have also all the five elements but most only use four as they have lost the ability to remember and instead focus their own consciousness on the five senses of material existence. The human mind is capable to higher its energies and allow the flow of the universal mind to flow through them which is the direct link to the soul/spirit's conscious mind, but due to the duality of the human mind via the brain the self/ego uses free will to create the desires of their own creation  which often sends out the wrong signals that can lead them to making the wrong choices thus bringing pain and regret to some of the choices made. If one could only listen to that inner sixth sense of the internal mind so many wrong choices would not be made, this is the evolution of the spiritual aspect of  the self in its never ending cycle's that one day it will unite with the higher consciousness of the universal mind which gave it its birth.

Universal consciousness or the universal cosmic mind is the blueprint for all forms of life
Every single particle is entwined with life all species have their unique collective energy pattern which is encoded with the elemental substances that gives the instinctual behavior pattern and its survival mode. Each group of collective consciousness on a subtle level gives manifestation to the various breeds and species on the planet. Although this collective pattern may be for birds each variety of bird will have some part of the whole patten for its particular breed and out of this smaller pattern there is another tiny pattern that applies to each individual bird. These collective unique patterns of universal energy consciousness has a different pattern to every species which is then reduced from the macro to the micro whereby each individual animal has a unique part of that pattern. Look at birds in their migration period it is within their collective pattern of consciousness that they all take flight, it is not the brain of the birds that tell them where to go as they fly thousands of miles, it is the inner built consciousness that is linked to the universal source pattern of their original blueprint. All animals in the wild have this inner instinct it is the link of their own energy pattern to the source of their original blueprint created by universal source of intelligence. The DNA of any species including humans is not the primary energy pattern for giving complex atoms a communication code in which to function in, DNA is only part of the mechanism that the physical body needs, but the inner workings of the subtle body is the true blueprint of the physical body as it is the light from the spirit/energy that gives the physical body life and a complex communication between all cells, molecules and DNA without this blueprint the physical body would not be able to function.

The soul/spirit's unique pattern of energy dance is what governs all gross matter as it represents the holographic image that transforms the cellular structure and that of the DNA, without the unique pattern of energy of a soul/spirit that has incarnated into a physical vehicle nothing could manifest as it holds the blueprint of the journey and map of the soul/spirit. It is the energy communication system between cells, molecules and the chromosomes of the DNA that define the pattern of your health from birth. These are created before the infant is in the womb and during the pregnancy it is one of the reasons that defects show after the birth of a child as the imprints come with it from before its birth. Some genetics do get passed on from the parents but it is the blueprint of the soul/spirit which carries the holographic map.
The more you learn about the workings of universal creation the more one understands the power of what is within us and how universal consciousness creates each individual unique energy pattern to take on a role so it may further learn from its own evolution. Once you understand this the more control you have over your own body both inner and outer. The blueprint is within the invisible energies of the subtle body no illness or disease can manifest without some form of malfunction of the subtle body. It is not the morphogenesis matrix out of which bio chemistry, anatomy and biology are formed but the pattern behavior of universal consciousness that  created the biology of a species. The more complex patterns of energy gives way to the more instinctual patterns of behavior although all have duality of energies.

Most human intelligence is learning by rote or through text books but there are some people who have been given a gift in some way and are seen as geniuses this is due to the tools that the soul/spirit brings in with it. The gift is within the blueprint of the soul's journey but it is up to the individual's free will if he/she uses it. There is a  finely tuned network of universal consciousness in the inter cellular structure of the brain which communicates to the subtle body's imprints, this occurs through the electric magnetic emissions that are an inter-stellar connection throughout the subtle energies which project themselves into the physical. Have you ever wondered why some people are brainy and others aren't where there is no genetic link to higher intelligence within the family? this is because the individual blueprint of a higher energy consciousness has already been implanted into the pattern or matrix of the soul/spirits energy formation. The soul's pattern of energy's is a complex structure that dances to it's own oscillation and vibration, it has a unique movement in its frequencies and it is within this pattern of energy consciousness that holds all past memories that the soul/spirit has encountered but also the traits or tools in which the individual can use, for someone who was a natural scientist like Einstein  the soul/spirit would not bring in tools for the role of Florance Nightingale the tools within the pattern of the spirits light are created according to the role of the soul's spirits journey. If the soul/spirit was given a free reign to project itself through the human vehicle it can mirror itself through its collective source of universal intelligence thus imposing the role and its traits for its unique journey, but most dont allow this projection as to many layers have been built upon it dividing the space between the soul and the ego. But when the physical vehicle or individual allows this projection through the experiences of enlightenment can then enhance the strength of the energies of the spirits light to renew and revitalise the communication system from the subtle body to the physical body bringing them both in alignment with each other. When these higher energies surge through the subtle energy patterns of the subtle body it can alter the sequence or code matrix and if there is malfunction in this pattern it can help shift the pattern towards its original source just as a kaliedascope turns to different patterns as you slowly turn it. This is what happens when someone has healing the healing energies re-arrange the coded pattern back nearer its original source the one it began with in its first incarnation, this is how miracles occur by shifting certain energies and re activating cells, molecules and renewing the genome code within the DNA. But on the physical level scientists and doctors can only see the defects of cells and organs by observing the inner layer of the physical body they cannot see the energy matrix on an ethereal level so do not really understand the core of the body's energies or the true reason why the body is not functioning properly. It's like cancer they dont really know what causes it and they dont how to get rid of it in a natural way, there is a malfunction of energies at the core level when disease strikes and only when this malfunction is treated at energy levels can it be eradicated

When the soul's/spirits pattern does not oscillate or vibrate to its original pattern the dance losses its natural rhythm of vibration and becomes distorted this mirrors itself through to the subtle body then projects itself through to the physical which is seen by the medical profession as illness or disease. But what some people are not aware of is that the soul may be carrying some form of karma from another incarnation and it is this energy that can distort the soul's pattern. It is the ghost in a machine which permits the mind of the soul's consciousness to function in a world of its dreams and play out the role it was given so it could evolve within its own spirituality. If you imagine a hologram which means storing of images, each image is part of a whole picture or part of a story, the pattern of the soul's light retains these pictures which make up an infinite story but we are only aware of the present story of our own lives while the soul's remembers them all and keeps all its knowledge within its pattern of energies and for those who can tap into these energies can learn from the knowledge within. All that gets created through the universal mind must have an outlet so it may be experienced otherwise it would be like dreaming and never actually experiencing the dream in which you dream. This is what creation is all about universal intelligence creates various plays and scenarios then projecting these plays and scenarios so they manifest themselves into solidity in both the soul/spirit and the physical individual who experiences the roles of the universal play. It is why all physical vehicles are created and how the breath of life enters the body at birth because without it no physical vehicle no matter what species they are would experience life. The universal source needs these vehicles to experience its own creation, the soul/spirits light is part of the universal source so that all parts of it experiences all forms of duality before it unifies itself back into the fold at the end of its cyclic journey.

In main stream medicine there is no theoretical theories science and medicine knows only small bits of the jigsaw puzzle, The human mind  no matter how clever it may be does not have the full perception of the whole puzzle of life. The human mind has only parts of the jigsaw puzzle so will never understand how all the pieces fit together, so by working on the inner pattern of energies by either healing, meditation or even some forms of visualisation and raising your inner soul/spirits energy you can change the inner form which eventually changes the physical so both bodies reflect each other in a well being of harmony and balance, but remember everybody's subtle energy pattern is different it is unique to the role its playing although we all have the same physical body what works on some does not always work on others so bear that in mind. All levels of energy patterns no matter whether they are the inner or outer bodies they must be in total synchronisation with each other they must dance the same dance, there cant be a dance movement for the subtle body and another rhythm for the physical body they must be in unison with each other to the unique vibration and oscillation and frequency of the soul's light. It's like a band no one instrument can be out of tune to all the other instruments, a wrong note or key puts the whole band out of synchronisation to the tune they are playing. The universal orchestra knows every energy and all their patterns and they all are in harmony with each other. It is when they are out of tune with each other that things begin to go wrong and that is when defects of the body begins their own tune and not  the one in which was created for them. It's when the self takes over the orchestra as the conductor that that the music goes out of tune, the spirit within must at all time be the conductor as only the spirit knows the correct keys in which to play the tune. Nature knows how to keep it's energy balanced and knows by instinct the correct vibrations in which the tune is composed. The reason why the planet is not in synchronisation with its original tune is because mankind has been the wrong conductors creating the planetary epidemic of disease, it is the backlash of exploiting natures natural form of energy synchronisation and one must remember that mankind is a microcosm within the mass form of the universal macrocosm and when this pattern gets distorted all balance of life becomes a sea of energy chaos. So until mankind knows and understands its own vibrational energies the planet has no chance of stabilising itself so it may retain its original pattern of consciousness. When mankind remembers the tune of creation and it's role within the universal play only then can the planet and all that live off her find balance and harmony and restore itself to its original structure of vibration.

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