Understanding the Structure of Human Consciousness

The consciousness of a human being is created within the duality of the universal mind, this consists of the outer consciousness of which humans see as the human mind via the brain the lower form of consciousness and a higher consciousness which is part of the universal mind via the soul/spirit they are both linked to each other. Most individuals work through what is known as the intelligence of the brain in which they see and percieve their own experiences which is often chosen by the free will of an individual. But many ask where do the experiences come from that they did not create through free will such as circumstances outside their free will of choice. The universal spectrum comes in lower and higher frequencies with the colours ranging from the lower spectrum of red to the higher spectrum of violet but all the colours are included in the spectrum of light the same as all the various aspects of universal consciousness both have duality high and low. The human species was created from the lower end of the spectrum into a dense field of matter that over time the brain could evolve to have access to the higher mind as the human form became more aware.
This is one of the reasons why the shape and contents of the brain has changed and evolved over thousands of years allowing the change of awareness to develop so that the inner universal mind could penatrate and open using certain aspects of the brain to allow the transmission and transformation of the higher mind to occur. These were developed since the human sapien structure begain as we became to know it. It began to change through the hypothalamus and the pineal gland when opened can reach up to the higher mind of the spirit. This allows a frequency of energy waves to transmit certain thoughts and transgress knowledge from the universal mind of universal consciousness via the brain to the physical mind, in other words it can transmit images and words that the individual would not normaly think or know. It is through the higher mind of consciousness that the human species can eventually evolve into a spiritual being in human form and not as it is at present a human form with spiritual aspects linked to it.

Going back 10,000 years some humans had this capability to reach to the higher mind and had great knowledge even more than we have today in spiritual aspects of the universal mind. Some of our ancestors had knowledge through the universal mind including people like Einstien, Gallieo, Plato and Aristotle and tribes that we dont know of, the Egyptions and Sumerians had great knowledge that we cant do with all our technology like building monolithic statues, preserving their dead and forms of alchemy that people of today redicule but they had all this knowledge and more without the technology we have today. They were far more richer in the sense of knowing about the universal mind and how the universe consciousness worked. This kind of knowledge is not learned through rote or out of books at that time as in many periods there were no books but came from the intuition that links the human mind to the universal mind and since the universal mind created all we see and cant see or all we know and all we dont know so ask yourself the question why is it not udes today many of it has all been forgotten or lost. But that can come back if only we as humans beings allowed ourselves to tap into the universal mind's consciousness. Look at Galileo he could not prove to the world an of his superiors that the earth orbited around the sun and nearly got killed for his words but he proved right when the human mind becmae more open to such things it's only fear of the unknown that keeps it closed.

The human beings of today are the foundations of the spiritual being in the future so if we dont lay the foundations correctly then all will fall and be lost again and the next stage of the evolution of the species will not be able to bring the manifestation of light of the universal source but remain in the confines of darkness that people create for themselves by wars, famine and a 1000 other negative actions. We must begin to evolve to the higher state of the universal mind and stay in the confines of the five senses which we perceive our world to be. The brain is the software for the computer that designed it these two are linked but until each individual connects it nothing will happen you cant have light until you press the switch. But to do that you must come away fro the illusion the five sense reality gives comfort zone of what we know the tried and true and not the fear of the unknown once the layers begin to fade away then the true reality of our being will start to show itself. Lose the main ingredient of the ego and you will see a big difference in your perception as more light will flood the mind and contenment will become a reality over chaos. All life has duality but more in the human species as it is the mental and emotional energies that seperate what is known as the good or the bad negaitive and positive, but once you lose the duality it becomes as one whole then there is no negative nor positive just the spiritual realisation of what you are.

There have been right through time people that have had extraordinary gifts of a high developed consciousness, a highly evolved soul/spirit that descended into an a human vehicle to bring the knowledge of the human mind some of these people had extraordinary wisom and knowledge but sadly it got through only a small propotion of people, they kept coming in different periods of time some listened and learnt but many didn't. A lot of this was suppressed in the ages by those in power fearing that these people had more power than they did which they had and it was through the fear and greed of those who ruled that a lot of universal knowledge was thwarted. But we dont have this suppresion in the present day all of us can connect to our universal mind and if we all came to do this there would be no war no economical struggle as our reality would be more in balance and in harmony with the energies of the laws of nature we would be at one with nature and not destroy it. All human beings can learn to become aware of their inner consciousness and become enlightened to the true values of the universal mind and to the role the soul/spirit has come to play and experience the universal mind through a form of manifested matter the human vehicle. They will understand the play in which they are in and accept wiith knowledge of why this role has been chosen for them. When this knowledge is known then many onstacles will be swepy away as they were not created through the desires and fears that the human mind creates for them. Much of thes patterns of behavior is from habitual habits passed down to them in structures that bind them to the five sense realty. Once new perspectives come into force the more they are attuned to the universal mind that tries to guide them. The inner energy that at present is blocked with in certain people create blockages within their physical vehicles and create fears of disease and ailments but once their old perceptions shift to a higher dimension of thought then these energies will be released and many ailments or disease will fade.

It is time now for the great change of universal consciousness it has come to the end of its grand slam of cycles and the universal orchestra will now change it's tune and those that are out of synchronisation with this new new tune new energies of consciousness will experience an out of alignment with the world around them as so much will change both geographically economically and materiality they will want to stay within their comfort zone where they know the tried and true but these change will collapse all that so that their energies will be out of sync with the new changes that take place that is out of man's control. The universe is set to begin its first cycle of the new tune with a different song and unless we learn that song we wont be able to sing to the correct tune of the universal mind and that will leave many out on a limb not knowing or understanding why so many concepts are changing and their role in the play as the old one will have closed.

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