Time  Past Present and Future


You only see what you can observe; the past, present and future are illusions within the mind.

Imagine you are flying in an aircraft flying low over a desert and you can see a caravan of camels with their drivers moving across the plain. The tracks in the sand show you where the train has been, so this shows you the past as you can see it has already happened. Now the driver of the camel train has come to a fork in the desert so which way will he go, this depends on the choice of which route the driver chooses? This determines his future, but the route he did not choose is also just as important as the one he did choose because it is all part of the possibilities which are all valid. The possibilities that did not manifest itself because of the driver’s choice have not erased themselves into infinity, but continue to exist within their own realm of existence as they represent other choices in the future. They may not be about which road the driver takes but they symbolises the possibilities of other choices that may come to the driver in another way.


This is why quantum physics plays such a great part in understanding the working of the universe and in science of today. They are tiny particles of energy, which are known as electromagnetic waves, but they can also be visualised as a stream of tiny particles called photons. Its velocity or its position of either an electron or a wave cannot be measured at the same time; it is only when observed that it collapses onto itself, which then manifests into something. This means that consciousness as seen as energy is not an observer in the dynamic workings of the universe, but an active participant. Consciousness literally and factually creates reality by summoning forth-material particles bringing into being definable certainties from the elusive quantum wave. Mind and Matter are not separate; they interact and inter lock with each other.


Physicist John Gribbon said that all things are possible and by our own actions that we choose our own paths. These paths can be seen through the many possibilities created through the quantum wave, but it is up to the free choice of an individual which path it takes. There are seen within these many possibilities there are short paths and longer paths some are chosen from the mind of the individual and some from the higher consciousness which chooses the right path which is much shorter.

Another physicist Fred Alan Wolf says that things gone by and those yet to come are simple reference points based of our sense of now. They are simultaneous with us in the parallel worlds, which are all around us, which view time. The photon or quantum wave is a timeless entity, it knows neither birth or death, neither past or future, it just exists in the now it is just an aspect of light, it is an axiom of relativity and this fact alone should tell us humans that from a higher perceptive of reality our curious perception of time is really being fractured into a past, a present and a future because the brains of humans can not have this wide aspect of there being no time in these past present and future references that we see time as in our reality. This sense of reality time is greatly flawed; unreal as consciousness operates within special space-time by the means of its ability to create and by creating can foresee more of what is coming, which we see as the future.


All scenarios or all aspects of life do not fade away into oblivion; they keep the memory within the membrane of their existence in which they were created. Perhaps your old home has been pulled down and a new building has been built, but the memory of what once existed is carried within its own hologram and held with the spatial dimensions of creation within its own membrane of being. Many people wonder when consciousness moves on after the mortal body dies, does it keep its memory of the role in which the individual played forever or does it in spatial space time fade before it takes on another identity. Well the answer is both because whatever has existed will still be within its own memory of its existence, but that membrane of memory that the soul’s consciousness holds does fade and takes its place with other memories which are collectively woven together. For example you want to remember someone who was dear to you, you find their picture to look at so you can feel their closeness again a closeness that you remember and by looking at their picture memories are revived. But once you take that photo to a photo copier to capture a larger image by having it blown up or having a bigger photo around you so that the picture can make more of its presence. The first copy is fine just like the original but the more copies you make the more the picture fades it becomes less defined, it becomes smudged taking out the real essence of what captured the photo in the first place.


Consciousness of the soul is very similar it fades as the thoughts of those they have left behind fade as new mental images are brought through the vast form of the soul’s consciousness, it begins to see the bigger picture and not only those of a certain existence. It now prepares itself for a new existence with new thought programs, but the old memory of what it was and those dear to them do not disappear but are held in a holographic membrane that holds all eternity of all existences. Just as the past does not disappear because it has already taken place people who were part of our lives don’t disappear all aspects of creation remain within the pictures and realms within universal creation and its quantum realities, which the astral realms are made of.


Consciousness of a soul’s energy pattern that has incarnated into a human vehicle from perhaps the beginning of biblical times has not been erased because what we see as time span within a life, because the experiences of that time period is still etched within the membrane of its memory and its creation. It still exists in what we call the present just as we exist in what is called the now. Quantum physics has shown to the satisfaction of most scientists that are open to the reality of what we observe is strongly altered by the act of observation. Consciousness does not observe but is a participant in the working of quantum reality within the energies of universal creation. Mind and matter subject and object are no longer separate they interact on subtle levels called consciousness, the truth of universal consciousness is somehow separate from the brain mind that sees the concept of its reality.


Entropy is the chaos of disorganisation, it is the second law of thermodynamics and this law encodes a fatalistic and implacable feature of the real world as we see it, which dominates all physical processes. It is the order of decaying into disorder that this second law operates. It is like information decaying from its existence it loses its structure, for example unattended gardens run wild. Cars rust human cells decay mind loses their sharpness of memory. Entropy is seen as the destroyer as Krishna said; “Now I Become death a destroyer of worlds, for death in its turn is a product of time. It is the negative energies in the cosmic equations of the shadow and the light it becomes its own positive of the universal laws, its own balance of equation. People only see what is in front of them a small fragment of a bigger picture, which the whole contains. If you are on an aeroplane at the end of a runway all you see is the lights of the runway as the aeroplane gathers up speed on take off, but once the plane has taken off into the sky, you can then see all the lights as you are at a higher point to see the whole runway. It is about having a much larger perception to see more from above than you can see at ground level which is the reality of which most humans see life and its reality.

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