The Intelligence of Nature

The Intelligence of Nature

The understanding of consciousness and its relation to the rest of the universe is the beginning of understanding the difference between human intelligence from the human mind and the intelligence of the universal source.

Consciousness is a natural energy of the universal source it is a consciousness of a higher mind that is within all brains from birds, animals and humans. Thoughts which only occur within the human mind are not universal and should be valued least. The most significant thing that separates people are their different thoughts and beliefs which lead to different behaviour and tastes in life. The human brain is a natural organ that has the potential to allow intellect to flow through the neurons and cells of the brain, some people find it easy to learn difficult things while others find it harder this is due to the components of how the brain energy works which is part of the whole energy structure. It is part of the diversity of learning, not all of us can be Einstein.

There is a higher intelligence within nature that is different to human intelligence because it does not have or need mental properties or thoughts, so once natures natural organism comes into existence it takes on a life of its own which adapts mutates and evolves in its natural form. Everything in the universe is constantly changing ever fluctuating and all is dynamically interrelated and according to what physicists have discovered there is no such thing as nothing-ness because even in the void there is the potentiality of  creating everything and for things to be spontaneously, but they can also disappear as the possibilities do not get to the probability stage. It is within the void of the darkness of the universe that all things come into being and also where things go. For instance an event must be created but there are several ways for this event to be manifested and there are several possibilities leading to manifestation of this event but not all will be needed. Once it has been observed by the intelligence of the universal source then all other five possibilities remain in the void and can be used later is the first one does not have the effects that it was chosen for.

There is also a void between one thought and another thought where there is potential for a different type of intelligence to come into being. The new paradigm for future intelligence will be the ability to perceive concepts that can be defined as telepathy where a spiritual consciousness can transmit itself via energy waves from one to another. The higher mind through the mental mind has the potential to experience new dimensions which many can access at this present time, but more will be able to access this mode of thought transmission in the future once they learn how not to over value things and don’t get too attached to things. These new different states of consciousness will result in experiencing different thoughts different feelings, different concepts of the outside world in which we live in.

For example those who have some psychic experience or near death experience will view life more from the right brain which emphasises feelings or senses of their higher mind they will become more focused on their higher mind than their mental brain mind. Most people use their left brain more than their right which is why many people are very logical, but some are lucky enough to have both sides of the brain balanced. Altered states of consciousness cause some people to have different values as they become less materialistc they become more involved and interested in spiritual thoughts and more in touch with enlightenment than they are with material objects and the existence and importance of their ego. The object of enlightenment is to understand the nature of the higher mind and the mind of nature with its universal laws the natural order of things, all living cells within any form of life know how to function because of the natural universal intelligence within them.

The Human species evolved over thousands of years and there was a time when their thinking was limited as was their speech eventually they acquired the ability to communicate through forms of various languages which can’t be proven as no one left any clues. Like today’s different languages if you have not learnt the language then there will be difficulty in understanding each other, this was often the case with our ancestors. When language became important the ability of our natural skills were lost, the natural instincts of our ancestors especially the natural instinct to sense the environment and its predators were becoming weaker the more language took the lead. So by over valuing acquired knowledge and beliefs the mind tends to suppress this sensual and natural ability of intuition.  The mind has evolved to present day by using logic and reason as its definition of what is termed as knowledge.

The human mind accumulates more and more knowledge as technology becomes more integrated within our lives and this strengthens the learning of the left side of the brain that we forget to use the importance of the right side as well. The problem here is that often false knowledge is given and becomes more important than the true inner knowledge of universal creation. The false knowledge and belief system makes it difficult to live and think with a universal mind. Knowledge is to know and this inner knowing is what is universal knowledge and not knowledge learnt by books or by rote. No matter how one is formally educated if only a small portion of what is known is relative to false information then it is difficult to make an intelligent conclusion and the more that knowledge becomes over valued then the less likelihood that the mind can become enlightened. Human intelligence should not be confused with natural universal intelligence because the former would never have eventuated without some primary and natural entity of the creator’s intelligence. It is the spirits consciousness that existed even before life came into existence here on earth or anywhere else in the universe.

The Universal Consciousness of the Mind

Universal consciousness of the mind can be conscious of thoughts or experiences but it can never be conscious of consciousness because this entity can never be directly seen or known.

All forms of life which survive over many generations are intelligent, but intelligence would not survive without consciousness, yet consciousness can exist without thought therefore the mind tends to over value thoughts instead of value the pure consciousness of their being that creates the thoughts they experience. All metal properties are physical but the spirit of universal consciousness can not be experienced through the physicality of the body because it is of a non physical nature it is not matter but is within matter. Once matter dies there is no spirit consciousness.

It is difficult for many people to accept with the conceptual mind that there is intelligence out there in nature that has a universal consciousness within all life forms and with all active forms of matter. This intelligence is not inferior to the consciousness within the human mind/brain but it is the contents within the human mind that are inferior to the universal intelligence. Knowledge and Intelligence can be compared and measured, but there is no comparison or measure for universal natural intelligence, this spiritual energy of consciousness is universal because it is part of the universal consciousness of the creator.

The Nature of Beliefs within the Mind

The conceptual mind cannot perceive a natural universal consciousness that is too intelligent for the need to think, no belief is true unless it is proven to be true. The truly spiritual mind is one that is connected to everyone and to everything through this silent creator’s consciousness. If the mind does not understand new concepts or new theories it simply shuts them out because the mind tends to reject that which cannot be experienced without thought. To examine proven facts but retain beliefs then the new information is ignored or becomes distorted, to cling to old beliefs then it becomes difficult to accept new ones. That which is deemed to be true must always be questioned by the mind because there is no common element to truth and because as soon as something is accepted as being true, the next moment in time it may be no longer true. This is why there is no absolute truth in science because new or improved theories will always continue to be found.

Altered States of Consciousness

We don’t need to take chemical substances like Ayahuasca or magic mushrooms or any chemical induced states to experience the true spiritual states of higher consciousness. Think of a child playing on its own with a magical friend this comes from the child’s imagination, a child has no barriers in their imagination to any child it is a magic realm where anything can be created from within the child’s mind. All Disney films are created for a child’s mind because they are based on pure fantasy, but what is fantasy? Fantasy is how you look at things it can be real to you but not to others, it is all within the mind of the persona.

Some people have great imagination while others struggle to visualise any other concepts other than what they think of in their reality of solidity. The more you allow your mind to be free of all constraints of everyday life the more your spirit is set free. If you sit quietly and focus say on an Eagle flying over a mountain covered in snow or visualise you are walking along a beautiful beach to a cave where it is filled with different colours of crystals, you can actually feel as if you are there. This is called altered states of awareness just as you can see visions in meditation this is also an altered state of awareness by shifting your energy to a higher frequency that alters the contours of the mind.

In the book When the Impossible Happens by Stanislav Grof he writes about so many different plays of consciousness, this man spent many years researching transpersonal psychology a self transcendent spiritual aspect of the mind to its highest potential. Our mind allows the higher mind to filter through and show us the true nature of creation without any needs of chemical substances if only more people would accept the spiritual transformation as real then many lives would be saved as so many would not need to dabble in drugs to get similar experiences.

A saying from Lao Tzu Every mind commences with limited knowledge and what is accumulated over time determines modes of thinking, which in turn determines the way we live. Only when a mind is free from all conditioned thoughts, beliefs and illusions can it then attain a desired state of consciousness. When ordinary thoughts commence then the mind is transferred from a relatively timeless dimension into the dimension of time.

The Concepts of Time

The mind cannot think about time without including space, but space and time are also constructs of the mind. What is experienced in space is an illusion as is evident when the mind experiences stars that may not be there, this is because it takes time for light to travel from the observer to the observed even though they are light years away. The mind may endeavour to live in the present, but because it takes time to interpret an experience then the conceptual mind cannot really comprehend the dimension of now.

The moment time becomes a concept is the moment the mind becomes a slave to time because all knowledge is relative to time, to the past. To experience flow and change from moment to moment then the mind does not function from past dimensions, this transformation of the mind does not happen in psychological time, it is virtually an instantaneous insight, but as the mind normally is in the line of time, then everything is merely an individual interpretation.

Everyone is a separate observer and each observer believe they are separate from others, however it is only conditioned minds which separates themselves from other minds and from the environment and from that which is real. All is part memory, part of the past and in this context the past does not exist and if the future does not exist then there is only this present moment, but even this present moment is not of time. This dimension can be sensed but can never be known.  The greatest paradoxical problem occurs when the human observer examines matter because the outcome is never certain, this is due to wave, particles syndrome. The activity within the matter functions almost instantaneously, but when the mind observes something it takes time to interpret the observation.

The meditative mind is one that does not over value what it knows, to do so would make it difficult for the mind to be quiet and still, it is the constant activity that prevents it from experiencing reality. Once the meditative mind is liberated from time then it may sense the timeless dimension of the now. Between one thought and another there is always a silent moment where time does not exist. The amazing feature of universal existence is this timeless consciousness  it is the unknown consciousness that is the essential catalyst for thought, but is itself devoid of thought itself. When conceptual thoughts begin then time begins because all aquired knowledge is relative to a past dimension. The Big Bang occured in the past this caused matter and space and time to come into being, however universal consciousness is not time and does not act alone because it requires some other entity before it can manifest itself and that which exists in all life and in all matter there is energy.

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