The Purpose In Life In Understanding the Inner & Outer Minds

    Let us have a look at what is known as the human mind, this mind experiences habits and conditioning from the past and in our beliefs and all the old dogma that has been fed to us through our society from generations to generations and it is through this that stops our access to new perspectives, new ideas, new theories and new beliefs. To make progress in our own enlightenment the old mind must come to a halt in order for our consciousness to grow, we must let go of all old habitual patterns in our life and break down these old patterns in order to create and see beyond to the new. It is in this way that we can grow beyond the mind and direct our experiences to the state of limitless consciousness. Alone the mind cannot give us such experience, but nevertheless we must not reject the old mind completely as each component of our being has its role and place in our lives. The old mind instead of dying can be transcended into an integrated higher perspective of higher consciousness in order to have a glimpse to what lies behind it
The old mind we must remember is full of knowledge and information that we have collected and accumulated over the years and because we firmly believe all this information is very useful or even vital, it can and does block us from another way of thinking and acquiring new knowledge. All the knowledge and information we have acquired is partly from the brain/ mind and not so much from the inner mind the intelligence of our spirit and it is this knowledge from the inner spirit that gets blocked out by the old minds concepts. The mind has the power to 
enchain us or liberate us we are the prisoners of our own conditioning, but when we connect with our inner mind it is only then that we receive new perspectives in which the mind becomes a mere instrument endowed with powerful tools for finding and liberating total spiritual freedom. The true beauty and power of the mind becomes obvious in its full splendour only when it is our servant and not when it is our master and this beauty can only be found through the inner minds heart or core. The heart is not the mushy sentimentalism most people associate with or mistake for emotional love, not is it the emotional energy that some people are afraid of due to making them feel vunerable, the heart of the spirit is a state of inner clarity, it is the true identity of the soul in which we can experience the love and freedom that the spirit of light represents and it is the active compassion that the spirit gives from within. The heart of the spirit gives a great inner power that the person can completely surrender to and feel safe in knowing their spirit looks after its host if it will listen

Among the most important attributes of the mind is the thought process the thinking memory and the visualisation that this thought process projects and in order to express an idea we need to select among the many words that are meaningful to what it is we are expressing, this process is so fast that we do not realise its stages. An idea comes to us and immediately we express it, the mind is a wonderful instrument and has the unbelievable capacity to instantaneously adapt to various situations in life. But imagine some greater mind that can influence the higher mind, which is connected to the higher source of universal consciousness of which we are all part of, just think of what knowledge and wisdom that can be imparted to you from within the higher mind of the spirit. With these two minds working in harmony and in balance together you could glimpse the holographic images of the whole as each part represents the whole not only of your true being but the whole of creation of where all our sparks of light comes from.  A primordial aspect in meditation is the attentive yet detached way our minds function, this observation gives us the key in which we can purify the mind from all the chaotic energies that fill up our mind with the everyday thoughts that we encounter. Look at how our minds fluctuate and react when it is stimulated in methods which comes from the outside of intellectual understanding, this mysterious aspect of the inner mind cannot be totally known from the outer mind because it is linked directly to a higher mind structure which differs from individual to individual this is due to the blueprint of the individual spirits light or the light pattern which holds the soul and its journey.

  Our outer mind is what we use to receive knowledge during our growth in life from education to life’s experiences, our interactions with others, all these things form a structure or a shape in your mind which creates a pattern which becomes habitual through the various influences of the thought form that creates them and it is this factor that makes us all unique. Although the functioning is alike for all minds there is a factor that makes each mind singular. This can be likened to various different shaped drinking glasses, their function is identical to drinking the water in them but the glasses are all different. So why this diversity who made it and to what purpose.  What are we searching for on the spiritual path of our inner growth, only you have the answers to your own spirits growth but all of us have some answers within the soul/spirit collective source, as it is the only one that knows where it is going, why it is here and what purpose it has come to play?

We cannot go beyond the mental mind to the higher mind if it is so full of blockages and tangled energies like a tangled ball of wool, first we must unravel this ball of wool and get rid some of the old habits, old thoughts, old ideas and old concepts that create the tangles of energies within our minds. We must stop all the worry and anxiety that we create through the mass of thoughts that incur in our everyday life. Meditation is difficult to some as they cannot still the mind enough for it to be empty, so why not change your ways even if they are only little things like going shopping at a different time on a different day, if you go out on a certain night change it, change your thoughts instead of worrying what the day might bring enjoy the moment and know whatever comes your way has for a purpose and not one that you have instigated. Think what your habits are and how without knowing it you have a kind of regime to how you do things and in what order, break some of the patterns that you know you have. Some people have colour coding to their clothes or shoes, break that colour coding. If you sit down to watch TV at a cetain time try to save it and watch it another time or day, change any habits you can if only for a short while just to break the modes of energy patterns that builds up through repetative habitual habits because this is the first step to begin lifting the lampshades or layers that hide the spirits light from projecting itself through you the host

It is so simple but our human mental minds with their emotional inputs of energy waves makes it difficult for us, we should be able to switch from our outer mind to our inner mind like switching on a light because that is how simple it is. The hard bit is getting rid of the layers, the habits and breaking the habitual patterns that has created a solid structure around us especially as we get older. Look at a child it can switch from one thing to another in record time as it takes moment to moment in its stride. We need to go back to the child within and see life through the inner child’s eyes the innocence of the spirit.  When we are growing up and we study many areas of knowledge for a considerable time, we begin to think that there is nothing new that we can learn, this is like looking at an object or considering a situation whereby we might say to ourselves this was the same as yesterday and will probably be the same tomorrow so why make the effort to re- evaluate it, so with this attitude the more we act the more limited we become, because acting in this way gives us the false sensation that we know it all and in this type of situation any effort to look deeper into things may look futile. If you ask a lot of people the questions of, Do they know why they are here, do they know what they have come for, what do they want from their lives other than material values and the answer from most people would be that is to deep for me I have enough problems getting by in everyday life never mind looking for answers that are to deep for me to understand. With this attitude the more we act or bury our heads in the sand the more limited we become because behaving in this way gives us a false sensation that we know enough to live our lives. So in a situation like this any effort to look deeper into things seems to a lot of people like hard work or futile, this illusion makes us blind and gives us tunnel vision. In order to get out of this illusion or vicious circle we must learn to stop and re-examine what we believe we know or see it as to much like hard work in finding out about our inner self’s knowledge and not rely on just what we see as our outer selves the personality that defines who we are. To find out the knowledge that your soul/spirit brought in with it at the birth is far more important than looking for teachings of others by reading or by rote as each person has knowledge that is unique to their soul/spirit and it is this knowledge that will show you your true self and help lead you through your life.

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