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The Word Love & its Meaning

As there is no language within the universal consciousness there are no meanings behind the words that describe them. This is solely for the purpose of human consciousness so that the I or self can experience the duality of this consciousness through emotions that are hidden behind words that describe the meaning of them. A word is a label to describe something either an object or a subject anything external. Words always have their opposite in their meanings, you have love and its opposite is hate, you have light and you have darkness all words that describe something have their own duality.

Let us have a look at the word Love and its meanings and the way you feel and project this love, you love your parents in a different way to how you love your brothers or sisters, you love a partner or spouse differently to how you love your children, you love your pets or animals in a different way that you love another human being, all these ways of loving no matter what the relationship, is the various ways we experience emotion. But this word and the energy of emotion that lies behind the meaning of the word love can often be misused as its opposite is hate, vengeance, jealousy and resentment. How many times have you heard that someone is deeply in love getting married then something goes wrong and that love turns to hate. It is very important that this energy stays balanced at all times as when it goes out of balance then problems will always arise.

The word Love can also be used to hurt someone indirectly and sometimes directly so it is very important that we use this word with care, otherwise it can have a profound effect on people in their lives. For instance a mother leaves her child at an early age in life, because perhaps she was unhappy in her marriage or something else in her life and had no option but to leave, the devastation this can bring to a child that always thought her mum loved her then left her, not knowing or understanding the energy of that emotion of the word love. It is so important that this word is used with care, but used correctly from the heart of the light within, because it has deep profound effects that can either destroy or bring joy. Love can conquer all things in life and bring many rewards to people and everything it touches.

The word love is spoken in many languages and in many ways; it has a very powerful energy behind its true inner meaning and not just the outer meaning of how we say it. It has been used as a guile for many a man in his conquest for the affection from women, this sometimes is called lust, sex or just a feeling or sexual gratitude but this is often put down to the sexual hormones of a man, this has been known over the years as a lady’s man or a gigolo, someone who courts women for their sexual gratification and of their own ego.

A lot of human emotions over the years of history became unbalanced and is still unbalanced, look back in history all the cruelty man caused for his own kind, when compassion, mercy and empathy were no longer a part of some men or women’s consciousness it couldn’t be, otherwise they would not have done what history tells us. We know that in some cases it may have been forced upon them like in war and not every man was responsible for his actions as it was a case of survival. But there were those who were responsible and those people who still pay the price of this emotion that experienced the duality of this word called Love.

Love and hate are not separate they come from the same energy, but are used differently to the person who is creating them. There is a saying there is no heaven or hell it is just mankind using this pure raw energy to create either its own hell or heaven they are both part of the same coin. There is a hell but it is not a real place, those who enter the afterlife possessing negative energy reside in their own self imposed hell, judgement, blame, guilt can distort or destroy one’s own sense of self and unless we allow love to purify darkness of  our souls hell can be a very forbidding place. What one chooses to do in this life, one must take it with them into the next whether it is your heaven or your hell? You must remember energy is pure and it is raw you can use it to create a deep and profound meaning of the word love, but you can also use it to create a hatred of profound destruction. So like other words and their meanings, Love is a label but a very powerful one and when you see the joy, the happiness this emotion of love can give and the kindness and empathy one can feel with this tremendous force of energy which gives so much hope to many people a hope that is beyond all logic and reason.

So if we can understand better the energies behind this emotion or its label called Love then we would understand what it is and why we are all here to learn. Until the word and its underlying meaning is understood at a universal conscious level and not merely on a physical mental/emotional level then there is no chance of evolving into a spiritual being in conjunction to our physical being. We live in an illusion of reality each creating his or her own reality according to the desires and circumstances of the individuals life, but we can change our reality with the deeper meaning and understanding of this pure energy that we call love and use it in a more abundant way, not for self gratification but freely from the heart of the spirits light, only then will it begin to have a profound affect not only in your life but also for the planet that gives and sustains us with life.

Some people decided early in their lives not to go down the road of reproducing having a family in their lives, but decided to dedicate their lives to animals whether this was to have pets rather than want children or to work saving animals from distinction which is caused mainly by mankind. 

These soul/spirits came in for that purpose to help nature evolve and to protect it against those who abused it. All this is about balance, the creator created all species and wants to protect all it created so sends soul/spirits to play a role in which can bring about balance if only more people would listen. Imagine a balance between mankind and nature one that gave respect and compassion to all species, it would be like the Lion lying down with the lamb that would be true paradise what people call ascending, it is ascending with your own spirit to the realms of this pure energy that gives out so much more than we will ever understand, but at least we can give what we do understand and that is the variety of meanings behind the word love, compassion, empathy, respect and a willingness to put others and nature before one’s self.

When giving or sending out this beautiful and wonderful energy, do so from the light within not because it gives out a feel good factor. Love is energy from the creator’s light not a superficial meaning attached to a word that has multiple meanings. When sending out this energy send it out with your breath, breathe deeply and on exhaling without any thoughts in your mind send this pure energy out onto the planet. Try not to think or allow words to come into your mind, just sit quiet and concentrate on your breathing, it is this deep energy that signifies the energy of universal consciousness the light of the creator in which is the pure energy that we label and call Love.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. From Book of Genesis

Universal Source or Universal Creator does not and cannot have any definition of any labels or words as there aren’t any in which to describe the true meaning of what this energy portrays. No one can give it to you, it is not a beautiful scene that uplifts you as you watch the sunset that gives the feeling of tranquillity and although these beautiful scenes of nature are part of the universal source  it is not in the same sense of calibre as what you sense from your own spiritual light.

The nearest description and this is nowhere near it, is to breathe deeply and just inhale the energy from within, there is a feeling or sensing of a deep inner peace a place where you know you are safe, a feeling that you are being looked after by nothing or nobody but you just are. It is this simple exercise of  breathing deeply and slowly that you can experience the true source of the universal consciousness that not only encompasses your inner light, but emcompasses all of life. 

You become at one with nothing just pure energy which is what we truly are, it is from this raw energy that creation arises it is a state of being that cannot be described, it can only be sensed and it is from this inner sense that we realise who and what we are. The creator gave mankind its pure raw energy to create its own reality this is known as free will or free choice, the problem has been over thousands of years of how to use that ability in a balance with everything else in life. It has been projected in many ways over the years, some positive and much negativity but very rare did it have balance and it still does not have it in this present age. Mankind has created all the reality we read about in our history some have been great leaps of pioneering which has brought us to where we are today and some have had great intuition and creativity and great leaps of faith not so much in a religious sense but a leap of faith in themselves in what they were trying to achieve to help mankind on their way up the spiritual and evolutionary ladder.

There have been great teachers over the years Seers, Sages, Guru’s all having an inner knowledge from their connection to their spirit and the universal consciousness, but even from these great teachers have we all learned some thing? Not that much otherwise our world would not be in the mess that it is in. We have not progressed spiritually as a race over the thousands of years of our spiritual evolution no wonder a soul/spirit has to keep making its journeys into physicality time and time again because we keep repeating the same pattern over and over again. That is why all teachings say that one must change their concepts and changes their habits because if we don’t the same cycle will just keep on going round and round not changing much at all. The one ingredient that could change us and how the world could become, is to fully understand the raw energies behind the meaning of the word we call love, it is a bit like sowing a seed if you don't plant or throw enough seed onto the land, not much will take root and grow, the more seed you scatter the more chance it will take root and grow. It is the same with this energy called Love, project more of this energy in as many ways as you can and see it take root and grow not in one way but in a multiple of ways unknown to you who scatter the seeds of love. Love is just a word it has meanings but look deep into the energies that created this emotion and once you understand the true concept of its creation, only then can  wonders and miracles begin to happen.

Quote’s from “Freedom from the Known by Krishnamurti”

Love.  What is love? The word is so loaded and corrupted that I hardly like to use it; everybody talks of love, every magazine every newspaper and every religion talks of everlastingly love. I love my country, I love my wife, I love some book, I love that mountain, I love pleasure, I love God, I love an idea. If it  can be cultivated, nourished, cherished, pushed around, twisted in any way you like, it means you love a projection of your own imagination, a projection of yourself clothed in certain forms of respectability according to what you may think as noble or holy, so to say I love God/Creator is nonsense, when you worship God/Creator you are worshipping yourself and that is not love.

 Because we cannot solve the human thing called love we run away into abstractions. Love may be the ultimate solution to all mankind’s difficulties, problems and travails so how are we going to find out what love is? By merely defining it. Adoring someone sleeping with someone, the emotional exchange, the companionship is that what we mean by love, this has been the norm the pattern and it has become so tremendously personal, sensuous and limited that religions have declared that love is something much more than this.

In what they call human love they see there is pleasure, competition, jealousy, the desire to possess to hold, to control and to interfere with another’s thinking and knowing the complexity of all this, they say there must be another kind of love, divine beautiful, untouched and uncorrupted.

So how am I going to find out what we call love. So to go into the question of what love is, we must first free it from the encrustation of centuries, put away all ideals and ideologies of what it should or should not be, to divide anything into what should be and what is, is the most deceptive way of dealing with life. Now how am I going to find out what this flame in which we call love and how to express it to another but what it means in itself? I will first reject what the church says, what society says what my parents and friends say what every person and every book has said about it because I want to find out for myself what it is. 

Here is the enormous problem that includes the whole of mankind there have been thousands ways of defining it and I myself am caught in some pattern or other according to what I like or enjoy at the moment, so shouldn’t I in order to understand it, first free myself from my own inclinations and prejudices, I am confused torn by my own desires so I say to myself, first clear up your confusion, perhaps you may be able to discover what love is through, what it is not.

Love is not the product of thought which is the past, thought cannot possibly cultivate love. Love is not hedged about and caught in jealousy, for jealousy is of the past. Love is always active in the present, it is not I will love or I have loved. If you know love you will not follow anybody, love does not obey. When you love there is neither respect nor disrespect.


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