Where is the Wisdom we have Lost in Knowledge

The Transcending Minds

To transform from the outer mind to the inner, we have seen in part 1 and part 2 that many layers must come off to give the light of the spirit chance to project itself and merge with the outer personality of the individual. Let us look at the personality that the outer mind creates and the inner mind that is the watcher or the witness. The outer mind is the activator where all actions are taken through the ideas, thoughts and conceptions of what it would like to do in life, the witness or watcher is the silent inner mind watching and witnessing all that the outer mind is doing. It would like to take part but the outer mind is so busy with all the mass thoughts it has to deal with and filter through, it has forgotten its counterpart the silent witness that watches silently within us.

 Remember the human consciousness is one whole but projects itself into two parts one projecting and emphasising the individual the outer consciousness the lower end of the spectrum of light and the higher consciousness which relates to the higher mind and is at the high end of the light spectrum. There are many colours to be seen through light this helps create the diversity and the duality of life but it is the light itself that is the true identity of us all.

The Sense of the I AM, the Spirit. When one wakes up in the morning the world is suddenly there which we take for granted. But before anything can come into being there must be somebody to whom it comes to. All appearances and disappearances pre-suppose a change against some changeless background. The spirit or light is within from birth until the physical body reaches its demise, so when waking up from a deep sleep the first thing you think is, I am the body the person in the world, that is what you focus on, but at the same time the spirit its light also wakes up as it has never slept it has been with you in your dreams even travelling in the astral world when your body/mind is in deep sleep. When the body is in a deep sleep you don’t really exists as the mind is not awake and the body is not active, only the soul/spirit  is awake and alive within its own energy.

 Is it not important to you to know whether you are the mere body or something else, don’t you see that all the problems arise through the host body/mind it needs clothes, food, shelter, family, friends, a name, security and survival but once you realise that you are more than just the body/mind these things lose their meaning and another much deeper meaning takes its place. We all need the above things in life but we need to balance them with what is the most important thing we have and that is our true inner being that is using the host to experience the reality of the universal minds creation.

All physical hosts have a phyical body which has many organs to keep it alive and functioning which it needs to work correctly, but if you go deep into the sense of the inner light you will understand that it is the light that keeps the body functioning because it is your true existence. Ask yourself how do you find a thing you have mislaid or forgotten about, you keep thinking about it until you recall it ask yourself why you have forgotten this vital light that gives you life, ask yourself where does it come from and how do I contact it so I know it is with me permanently but you don’t have to ask this because it never leaves you, you just have to acknowledge its presence. You have attached all kinds of attachments and labels to the mind of the body that you have become obsessed with, feelings, thoughts, ideas and possessions and so the list goes on. All these self identifications are misleading because of them you take yourself to be what you are not and not who you really are.

Then What Am I

It is enough to know what you are not; you need to know what you are. For as long as knowledge means a description of some kind in terms of what is already known, perceptual or conceptual there can be no such thing as self knowledge for what you are cannot be described except as total negation, all you can say is that I am not this or I am not that. You cannot meaningfully say this is what I am as it makes no sense. You think that you are the body/mind as you can observe it, you know if there body is well or if there is something wrong with it because you have certain symtoms, you can hear, feel, see all the five senses enabling the mind to be connected to the brain which gives movement to the body. The very act of perceiving anything shows that you are not what you perceive. Can there be perception or experience without you your outer consciousness, remember an experience must belong to somebody someone must come and declare it as its own. Without an experiencer the experience is not real, it is the experiencer that imparts reality to the experience. Identity and continuity are not the same, just as a flower has its own colour and fragrance, but all colours are caused by the same light, so do many experiences appear in the undivided and indivisible awareness, each separate in their memory and identical in their essence. It is this essence which is the root, the foundation, the timeless and space-less possibility of all experiences this is how two minds transcend each other through the experience and the experiencer.

You need not to go and find it you are it, it will find you if you let it and give it a chance. Let go of your attachments to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly step into its own, stop imagining yourself being this and doing this or that and allow the realisation of what you need will come to you automatically without any real thought being behind it. Realise you are the source and the heart of all that will dawn on you naturally and with this great love and acceptance which is not choice or predilection, nor attachment but a power which makes all things worthy and loveable.

As human beings we need to be able to act truly differently according to the circumstances we find ourselves in, we should consider this aspect very carefully and with our unified attention, because in truth we do not always act differently as we may think we do, we still act from our sub conscious to old behaviour patterns. So we must remember to switch our thoughts and our behaviour to new patterns of energy then our life would be much more easily understood and be unified within our energies in our daily lives. It is said that what is beautiful is almost hidden, this means that we have a tendency to look and listen only to what we see as obvious in the light of our habitual patterns and because of this we over look many beautiful things that our inner light can show us, superficial thoughts brings us only superficial information.

A solution to this problem is meditation if correctly understood and practised, meditation can be defined as an exercise of consciously deepening a unified focus in order to bring about new aspects which are hidden in the shadows of our sub consciousness. This skill once developed can lead to beautiful discoveries about ourselves and about the knowledge that the soul's patternn of energy has brought in with it so that we can play the role designed for each of us. Most at present are only able to find contentment through the normal lines of life in its material reality and not through the natural forces of your true identity.


Meditation is a way of connecting to the inner energies of your spirits consciousness it can eliminate negative and unwanted thoughts from our daily lives so we may enrich our own conscious thoughts to the present and not the past. It is best to concentrate on an object like a flower or a candle or hold a crystal in each hand or even a picture that is calming and pleasing to the eye, focusing on one of these helps to empower and elevate your own conscious energies.

By elevating your conscious energy you are connecting to your higher spirit’s energies, the higher conscious mind and as spiritual seekers you must always look for the ascending energies of your soul/spirit and not the descending of it, as it has already descended into a heavy vibration of matter the physical body so it needs you the self to higher your energy vibrations in accordance to the spirits vibration it came in with at your birth, The collective un consciousness is the link to the universal mind, the true intelligence of all creation, knowledge you can find by reading books learning by rote, but true knowledge can only be found through the intelligence behind the light of your spirits consciousness.

 The subconscious is a re-set of the conscious mind, where the outer mind of the brain creates activity, the sub-consciousness mind creates stillness Its where emotions and fears are hidden perhaps to painful to remember, it is also a place where past lives are stored and where karma has been passed into this life because there is still something to be learned from it. It is the symbol of Hades Underworld where one must pass before enlightenment can be achieved in the upper world. The sub consciousness is the basement or underground consciousness of the self/ego and both need to be understood and unite before one can achieve enlightenment.

On the bottom page is a diagram containing the different layers of outer consciousness,

First you have the physical energy of the body which contains the nutrition that the body needs through food and drink to nourish it and keep the vital  organs in good health

 Then you have the vital energy the vital force that the mind orchestrates with the body that gives the breath of life. It allows the invisible of the inner self to animate in the external world at the same time. It allows the silent witness to witness the outer consciousness exists in a physical world through the being of its physical host the human being.

 The mental energy is the human mind that helps process thoughts and emotions. It takes its instructions from the computer of the body the brain and how it controls the workings of the body via the brain. The mind also creates its own reality and illusions but it can be like a filter filtering out the truths and the illusions it creates, this is done by the higher mind when connected as it uses the physical mind to transmit energy signals so it can create inputs of the truth to the self.

The Soul energy relates to the higher mind of the spirits light where it watches silently until awakened to its true purpose of why it incarnated into the physicality of the hosts body. This relates to wisdom and the intelligence of creation

The spirit energy is the state where one can go beyond the mental brain/mind and transcend to the higher states of the spirit, this is where light ascends beyond duality and finds its own purity of light.

These different states of consciousness have colours within its spirit’s light and depending on how the self relates to life depends on how the colours react to the situations of the minds thoughts. For example, the physical body is represented by the colour red depending on how healthy the body is due to the shade or hue of the colour red. The same can be said of the mind represented by the colour blue to how the thoughts of an individual are created if they are balanced of unbalanced, if they are are a pale shade of blue then the mind is weak and sometimes timid in what it wants to project and if the blue is dark then there can be some negativity projecting outwardly so it is important how you think and how you perceive life to be whether it is in a balanced way or is split into duality where both negativity and positivity reign.

In the manifest world what we call matter is not the lowest rung in the great spectrum of existence, but the exterior form of every rung in the great spectrum of life, matter is not lower with consciousness higher, but matter and consciousness are the exterior and interior of every occasion.


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