The Shifting of Consciousness

We have come to the time line within the universal consciousness that a great shift is taking place this is not just a spiritual shift but one where Mother Nature will shift her own consciousness to a higher vibration in order to be in alignment with the rest of the universe. This will take several years to complete. The media is already informing us of changes that are occurring across the globe that has never taken place for many hundreds of years. People are striving for peace and freedom and those that have kept them chained to dogmatic beliefs and systematic control now have to release their hold. 

The universe is preparing for new leaders in certain countries that have already been chosen within the universal pattern of this great shift of consciousness. There are many articles on the Internet and in books how we are all going to ascend into a new world, this is not true as no one can ascend their physical vehicle as it stuck via gravity to the planet we live on. The only way we can ascend is by each person ascending in their own way according to the inner knowledge and light that is within them. It is ludicrous to say that all the people of the planet will ascend with this new wave of consciousness.

There is so much hype about 2012 this day will come and go and people will say nothing happened of course nothing happened because many people are creating an illusion that was created hundreds of years ago. There are many texts written about what the Mayans described as happening on this date but most of the Mayan’s knowledge was destroyed by the Inquisition. If the Mayan Elders the seers of that time had this premonition there would be no time scale for it as it would be created in the higher realms where time/space does not exist. They did see this would be at the end of their long cyclic calendar with a new consciousness a new beginning in the heavens and on Earth, but not as it is being portrayed at present.  Just think it is supposed to be on 21/12/2012 as the sun rises but that was in Mexico what about the rest of the world where different times zones occur, there is no synchronicity across the globe and this is why we will not see any drastic event happen on the single day.

Shifting the Consciousness through the Universal Source

Before I explain more of shifting or transforming consciousness I would like to explain from personal experience of how long it can take for the transforming of consciousness in the higher realms of the ether and then manifesting them on earth or in our lives. Over the past 20 years I have kept a record in over 90 exercise books of all that has been given to me as a form of predictions in my work, where I will visit, world predictions, every sort of information you can think about as well as the readings I give and 95% have come right, but there is no time limit of when they will manifest in what we can see in our physical reality, also there is no queue like first told first will happen. The earliest time that something was given to me then manifested was about two years, I very rarely have anything develop under two years, it is why I always tell my clients that whatever they have been told from the universal source not to expect it to become a reality for a couple of years or more. There is something I know that will happen in my life and I have seen this very clearly, but it was first told to me 16 years ago and it is still on its descent to manifest in this reality.

When I am shown something I see it in its manifesting stages in a higher realm, it is like writing a play while writing the play things can be altered, but once that play gets played on stage in Broadway then it can’t be altered. So from the time I see images that are being shown to me they are in the early stages, but once I hear that it has gone on stage then I know that in a few years I will see it occur. This has taken a lot of time and patience for me to understand how the  Universe works when showing you what is going to happen then waiting for it to occur.This is why people can't stop events from happening as they do not know when they will occur in this time shift of consciousness these changes takes place and it is in the space betweenthat the human mind can't understand. Gypsy fortunetellers and some psychics can narrow the margin of time as it has already been played out in the higher realms and is on its way down to manifesting its way to reality, so a true Gypsy or a very good psychic can see beyond the veil as it is nearing completion to solidity in the physical world, this is why some of these people can be more accurate in the linear time scale as they see it occurring it the last stages of its descent.

All in the Mind Some paragraphs taken from the book "Science and the Re-Enchantment of the Cosmos" by Ervin Laszlo

All our experiences our perceptions sensations dreams, thoughts and feelings are forms appearing in our outer consciousness. But we take reality as real because it is solid to touch we see it with out eyes and hear sound with out ears and we feel with the sensation of touch. If I look at a tree I see a tree it is solid I can touch it, see it and feel it, but science tells us something completely different is happening. Light entering the eye triggers chemical reactions in the retina these produce electro-chemical impulses which travel along the nerve fibers to the brain. The brain analysis the date it receives and then creates its own picture of what is out there. I then have the experience of see a tree, but what I am experiencing is not the tree itself only the image that appears in my mind. This is true of everything I experience, everything we know perceive and imagine, every colour, sound, sensation, every thought and feelings are a form that appears in the mind, it is all part of consciousness the outer consciousness that plays the part of transforming itself and shifting itself from one dimension to another.

The idea that we never experience the physical world directly has intrigued many past philosophers and these philosophers have sometimes said that outer model of reality is an illusion, but that may be misleading to some. It may be an appearance in the mind but it is none the less real to our existence and it is the only reality most of us know.The illusion comes when we confuse the reality we experience with the physical reality, the thing in itself. Let us look at the tree again, the tree itself is a physical object constructed from physical matter, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, but from what is the image in the mind constructed of? Clearly it is not constructed from physical matter, a perceptual image is composed of the same stuff as our dreams, thoughts and feelings and we would not say that these are created from physical atoms or molecules. So what is the mental substance from which all our experiences are formed.

n Sanskrit the word Chitta often is translated as consciousness which carries the meaning of a mental substance or mind-stuff. It is that which takes on the mental images, sounds, sensations thoughts and feelings they are all made up of this energy of mind-stuff rather that matter-stuff. Mind-stuff or chitta has the potential to take on the form of every possible experience of every being on this planet or any other sentient being anywhere in the cosmos. In the words of Maharishi Mahesh “Consciousness is the field of all possibilities”

This aspect of consciousness can be likened to the light from a film projector, the projector shines light onto a screen modifying the light so as to produce one of the infinity of possible images. These images are like the perceptions, sensations, dreams, memories, thoughts and feelings we experience in the forms of consciousness that arises within us. The light itself without which no images would be possible corresponds to this ability of consciousness to take on a variety of form. We know all images on a movie screen are composed of light but we are not usually aware of the light itself, our attention is caught up in the images that appear and the stories they tell. In much the same way we know we are conscious, but we are usually aware only of the many different perceptions, thoughts and feelings that appear in the mind, we are seldom aware of consciousness itself.

The World Out There

Although we may not know the external world directly we can draw some conclusions from our experiences as it what it may be like. To the surprise of many the world out there has turned out to be quite unlike our experience of it. Consider the experience of the colour green, in the physical world there is a light of a certain frequency but the light itself is not green, nor are the electrical impulses that are transmitted from the eye to the brain. No colour exists there, the green we see is a quality appearing in the mind in response to this frequency of light, and it exists only as a subjective experience in the mind. The same is also true of sound you hear sound music being played from an instrument but the sound you hear is a quality appearing in the mind. There is no sound as such in the external world, just vibrating air molecules. The smell of a flower does not exist without an experiencing mind, just molecules vibrating in a certain shape. This is also true about the solidness of matter that we experience, the world we experience as one solid matter of a variety of objects, so we assume that the thing itself must be equally solid. For thousands of years it was believed that atoms were tiny solid balls a model clearly drawn from everyday experiences. Then physicists discovered that atoms were composed of more elementary subatomic particles, electrons, protons and neutrons, this model shifted to one of a central nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons again a model based on experiences. Our notion of matter as a solid substance is like the sea of green a quality appearing in consciousness, it is a model of what lies out there but as with almost other models it is quite unlike what is actually out there.

Words of Enlightenment from the Ashtavakra Gita

This highly venerated Indian text says “The Universe produced phenomenally in me, is pervaded by me. From me the world is born, in me it exists, in me it dissolves. Hardly comprehensible until we consider it from the point of view of consciousness it is also said that in the beginning was Logos meaning the word but Logos also means thought or essence, so in the beginning was the mental essence of consciousness. The evolutionary process occurs within the Creator’ consciousness, it leads from an initially unruffled divine consciousness informed by pure potentials through the spatial-temporal excitation of this consciousness, to a finally unruffled consciousness in-formed with the full record of the realisation of those potentials. Above paragraph was taken from Connectivity-Hypothesis by Ervin Laszlo

  So just think of the enormously but simplicity of the Universal Mind to create a re-inaction and enchantment of the consciousness of the cosmos. It is it like those who are enlightened in the past and in the present that our own essence of consciousness is part of the divinity of the Universal Mind which is to be found in everything and everywhere at the same time, what it is called does not matter because we are all part of that great essence of consciousness that creates All Life So when you consider that despite all the appearances to the contrary of this world is, the final analysis is the same essence of the whole world is the same essence that we are part of.

If everyone shared the same concept as this we would all try to ascend our own consciousness to a higher level of understanding so that we could see the true enlightenment that is in us all. We are not going to ascend en-mass anywhere unless we all have to leave the planet, so do not believe other from out in space somewhere are going to come and save us, we are on our own. We don’t need anyone to save us, from what ourselves, we have the light so each of us must use it for the better for oneself and to help and understand others. If we are all joined within the Universal Light, let join together and vibrate our light to shine brighter in the dark world we live in.

The shifting in consciousness has already begun it is already transforming itself into a new phase of consciousness to take planet earth, human beings and all of nature to a higher level of energy vibration. The planet earth will transform naturally although its shift in its consciousness will bring about some destruction as it brings down the old to prepare for the new. Nature is part of the earth natural defense mechanism so will go or stay accordingly, but human beings has a choice to either awaken or stay blind to what is taking place on a global scale as well as a spiritual one. So Choose Wisely.

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