The Seven Stages of Consciousness

The Seven Subjective and the Seven Objective Stages of Creation


There are 7 subjective and 7 objective stages of consciousness which are the basis of the foundation of universal creation. It is these two which are structures of the laws of the universes, the cause and the effect. The subjective is the cause which occupies the lower energies or denser vibrations where the lower energies construct themselves into matter what we see as the five senses on earth, and the higher energies are the subtle energies you find in the ethereal realms of consciousness where creation takes place in their ethereal form. The number 7 is a universal number of spiritual values as it represents the symbolic symbol of the 7 principles of nature including those of mankind.

Within the 7 structure of universal consciousness there are three below in the subjective and three above in the objective, mankind being a part of septenary which is seen as in the middle. Put in another way the three higher energies are, Spirit ( light) Soul (pattern of energy) and Universal Intelligence, the lower three energies are Body (matter) Soul/Spirit and Human/Mind. There are many septenary stages of consciousness which has preceded other consciousness in other universes before the planetary system of planet Earth was created.

The meaning of subjective in this analogy means the inside relating to the subject derived from one’s own consciousness, it denotes the state of thought or feeling of which the mind is focused on the subject of thought. Objectivity relates to an object which is exterior to the mind, it is seen as outside the mind, it pertains only to that which is real within universal creation or exists within the energies of nature, it is within the creation of the anti matter or void and not in the structure of matter.

There are seven stages of consciousness from the creation in the ethereal realms to the manifestation of matter. First is the physical body which is composed wholly of matter in the denser gross tangible form.  Second is the vital which is the next stage after the physical, it is the vital principle which is a structure or force which is indestructible and is only disconnected from one set of atoms when it becomes attracted to other sets of  atoms as in attraction and repulsion the magnetic force of energy. The vital consciousness is a principle defining the configuration of the sub conscious mind where many sub consciousness desires and thoughts are hidden. The third is the subtle body which is composed of highly etherised matter, it is the duplicate of the physical body’s matter in its passive state, when active it depends on the vibration of its subtle energies and the oscillation within the energy pattern which gives it shape and form. The shape of the subtle body can alter or change according to its collective energy consciousness, the larger pattern of the soul/spirit.

 The forth stage is the intelligence of consciousness within the physical body the ego/self the individuality, which is the higher concept of nature due to its awareness of itself which brings action, memory and instinct. It is in this state of awareness the human-ness of its own consciousness is aware of its own mortality where nature does not have this awareness.

The higher spiritual intelligence is not on par with the intelligence learnt by rote or through the mind of the brain as in human intellect, the higher spiritual intelligence comes from the core of the spirit the light that holds it all. It has its own awareness of its own creation of its universal birth which holds great knowledge and wisdom of all creation from stars to planets to physical life. To make this higher intelligence tangible one must put aside the self/ego perceptions and allow the soul/spirit to project its higher mind through the physical mind and the only way to do this is to discipline the mind to focus on the nothingness and stillness of the spirit.

The fifth stage of consciousness is being aware of nature and its food chain, that all is dependant on each other. Nature has its own natural form of existence each having its own natural food chain to survive and the human consciousness makes people aware of their own survival from the laws of nature.

The six stage of consciousness is the uniting of duality from the lower consciousness of the human form to the higher consciousness of the spirit. Most keep these two energies separate living within the outer consciousness within the five elementary state of the five senses and forgetting or not knowing about the inner or higher consciousness of the spirit.

The seventh stage of consciousness is the spirit or light it is the emanation from the absolute the creator of All That Is it is a state rather than a being. These are the 7 stages of consciousness that a spark of light creates so it may experience its own light in some form of matter, imagine in your mind that you can create many things, some call it daydreaming others call it vivid imagination this is what happens in the ethereal reams the creation of light creates so many things within the universal mind and it is through these seven stages of consciousness that eventually it will manifest itself as matter and experience its own creation.

An atom is a simple extended point in a primary element a spark of energy which is one of the building blocks of life, one must study the outer form of nature, but always in relation to the inner life, everything in nature is the materialisation of the spirit and it is through this way that one can understand the balance and harmony that these energies create. The light of spirit is a begetting force which manifests as matter, matter and spirit are two aspects of the same essence; matter is nothing other than the crystallisation of spirit on the outer periphery of its emanative range, it is not nature itself that knowledge comes from, but from the intelligent mind the power behind the energies of all creation.

All things in the world that we live in are created in the ethereal realms of anti matter in which they congeal themselves and descend into the lower vibrations of matter. Everything in matter has its higher composite within its internal form, nature has its own antidote for its own poison, but man creates its own poison and has forgotten its antidote so much so that it spreads and destroys the natural form of nature that sustains man survival. Man must learn and understand the true form of nature in order to survive and keep nature in its natural balance. The creator through its universal consciousness creates life and that which has been created procreates into a form of matter, there is always a certain intensified will of force that shapes creation from the universal mind, which becomes subjected into a dense form of matter that we see as solid. Mankind can also bring this force or will to create and shape its own destiny and once man realises and connects with the soul/spirits higher force that it is connected too, only then can it lead to a higher force of intelligence and lead the individual to a higher path of existence.

The universal source directs the higher mind to make manifest the correct journey that the source has created for the soul/spirit to experience its own creation so that it can bring about balance and harmony in all things that the individual does in its life.

Magic is a form of life, it is the invisible force of great universal intelligence which creates what we see and what we can’t see and it is up to the individual to use this magical force to better their life and bring harmony and balance which will eradicate so much of the pain and sorrow that mankind creates.      It is through this ethereal force that the ancient seers and adepts used to transport their images across vast spaces of time, making it look as if their physical body was there when it was actually somewhere else. It is the force of this energy that can create form through the ethereal energies and make it look as solid matter, but in reality it is the ethereal body’s image imprinting the image of the thought force of this energy that lies behind all creation. All energies have their mirror image as it is the blueprint of life nothing is ever created as a singular form.

 Every insignificant atom is moved by the universal intelligence and it is the force behind every atom that creates a form that eventual shapes itself into some form of matter. They are the elemental substances of all universes that radiate their own form of creation through the ethereal realms or the void to a substance that descends into lower vibrations that become solidified into matter as we know it like objects and gross physical vehicles.

All ethereal substances is known as the Akashic field or A field which is the universal principle of all life, it is the main generator of cosmic energy. The soul’s memory is just a load of holographic pictures that contain all memories of events that have taken place in the incarnation of the soul. It is possible to tap into the Akashic field and recall some of these memories, like in regression. The past, present and future are all possibilities ready to transform into probabilities which all exist within these vast empty spaces of universal consciousness, they are the embryo’s that holds all destiny’s before the birthing of life. We can glimpse all that has taken place through history and we can also glimpse what is going to take place by the cycle of actions of mankind, the past is also an indication of the future.

There is a sea of energy that holds so many possibilities but not all come to fruition due to the consequences of free will. Mankind cannot understand that it is a true creator or a mini creator of its own destiny this is due to the mechanisms of the human brain the logic that rules the action of our lives. But behind the thought of logic there is a greater force which is far more powerful than the human brain and if mankind could except this force to guide them in life mankind could create its own destiny in alignment with that of which has been created for them, there would not be the sorrow and pain that we see in this world today or that has been in the years before.

Although our planet and all that is on it, is due to the powers of gravitation, it is not about the silence of gravitation that we should learn, but to try and understand the attractions and repulsions of such opposite energies that magnetise each other into holding a balance between both energies. It is within the universal space that these energies are used to bring structure out of chaos. The Akashic field is a universal field in which holds a universal energy library, a library of holographic images a collection of memories of which has been created through the higher echelons of life. It holds the universal graphic structure since the first universe came into creation and holds all structures and patterns throughout all universes or meta verses from their creation to their throes of annihilation.

The stars, planets and nebulas are all forms of magnets, but there is only one magnet in all universes, that which is the source of light intelligence, the universal consciousness of all creation, there would be no creation without this light intelligence as there would be no structural force behind the mass energies within the multi universes. All birthing of life whether it be a bird or a child has a significant effect throughout the universe, it is like a ripple sending out waves on a lake, this is because the sparks of creation have the same effects and impacts of all birthing, just like the birthing of a new star which send out new energies across the universe, they all have the same ripple effect on each other. All energies and all consciousness are bound together by the intelligence source which is a magnetic circular system that communicates through these vast realms of universes and it is the attractions and repulsions that hold all the equilibrium together.

With so much cosmic power man has so many wonders to behold, but unfortunately mankind ignores so many truths of reality and instead invests so much time and energy into creating its own personal illusion. The ancients years ago could make manifest statues to shed tears, they had gold lamps burning for hundred of years without ever going out or having to be re lit, but to be able to understand the power these ancients had and used one must free itself from the attachments of the illusions created and allow the freedom of the soul to see its own inner light through the vehicle or host that hold the soul/spirit and be at one with the true reality of their being.

Spirituality is the sense of a personal spiritual role, not does not come easy, as there are to many habits or layers that have blinded out the inner light, there are so many labels that have been put on us throughout the various stages of our lives that we cant always see the light shinning within. But having faith and knowing it is there helps us get through the layers if only slowly, the more you believe in the inner light the brighter it will become and more layers will begin to peel away. The faith in one’s true being can conquer many things in life and can overcome obstacles that are in the way, it can help cure illness and disease, because the more that light is allowed to be free and shine forth from within, the more the spirits energy can alter the pattern that has been distorted through the many layers that have hidden the light.  The spirits light is the mirror of the creators light but when separated through the layers the self has built around that light the more the light fades and distorts itself from its original source.

The Science of the Ancient Masters

There is no phenomenon in nature that is entirely connected with either magnetism or electricity, because where there is motion, heat friction and light there is also magnetism, these will always appear as cause and effect and in some instances both. All the phenomenon of the earth’s currents terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity are due to the fact that the earth is an electrical conductor whose potential is ever changing owing to its rotation within its orbit motion. This knowledge of science is the universal source of nature and is due to the Akashic magnetism incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbed equilibrium.

Mankind is also used as a barometer to this kind of natural phenomena as it is within the electromagnetic filed of the human aura that can be used to conduct such changes is used correctly with the natural sources of universal energies, this can only be done with those who have knowledge of such things like the Eastern Adepts did many years ago. But these energies could still manifest themselves today with the discipline of the mind that connects with the universal source, but it would take many years of practice.

A smaller example of this energy can be seen in someone who goes into deep trance or deep meditation where all the energy is cantered around the brain, this represents an aura which is often shown in pictures like a halo around the head, it is the outward energy radiating from so much energy that has gathered in the head from this deep state of meditation or trance that the individual creates through raising the power or force from the energy within the spirit. The stronger the rise in energy consciousness the more the energy connects to the right side of the brain bringing forth an electromagnetic sphere. It is the same with eclipses of the sun as the sun has its own magnetic pressure of energy especially when it is at its peak when many sun spots appear on its surface which is every 11 years, but as the energy pressure falls through its magnetism inertia the sun spots then begin to disappear.

The universal forces of energies which are attraction and repulsion are known as gravitation, the sun is simply the reflection of a huge store house of the universal system where energies of all suns or stars are being generated and preserved. The sun symbolises the being of the heart and brain of our small piece of our connected universe, this is due to all energies being transformed into simple magnetic matter in unusual states of activity. It is only the spots on its corona that has effects on the earth’s climate, as the sun is neither solid, liquid nor a gaseous globe, but a gigantic ball of electromagnetic force which is the store house of universal life from which motion and activity pulsates in every direction one can imagine, freeing the smallest atom as being the greatest genius in all universal creation. Pure universal energy is both passive and active, it is the pure source of energy within wholeness, it is the invisible energy of universal consciousness an intelligence that creates through and behind matter that moves through other forms of matter. Energy is seen as a force that has continual action which changes its form from one substance to another. The analogy of this is like a brick being thrown upwards to a builder on the roof, he catches it and cements it in the roof, then gravity over came the propelling energy which started its upward motion of the ascending brick until it ceased to ascend, the moment it was caught and cemented down onto the roof, no natural force could dislodge it, so therefore it no longer posses potential energy as the motion and dynamic energy of the ascending brick are now annihilated.

Another analogy is when you fire a gun upwards from the foot of a hill and the bullet lodges itself in a crevice or rock, no natural force of energy can move it as it is stuck, so the bullet like the brick loses its potential energy because all motion and energy which was taken from the ascending bullet by gravity is immediately annihilated. So energy can be destructed and the science that says energy is indestructible is not true.

It is the same with gravity a meteor can fall which will produce heat, gravity is  to be held to account for this, but the force of gravity upon the falling body is not diminished in any way. Chemical attraction draws and holds the particles of matter together their cohesion produces heat, so has the former passed onto the latter? No not in the least since the drawing of particles come again come together. Whenever these become separated it proves that the chemical affinity is not decreased as it will hold them as strong as ever. It is the conversion that is the key not the creation of matter or the force of energy behind the matter, but the consciousness through the source of intelligence that is behind all energy conversion and all creation of matter.

Spirit and matter are one being but are a differentiation of states, but not essences the cosmological symbol for these different ional states is seen as a triangle within a square bringing balance with the three divine divinity of spirit with the four elements of nature, earth, fire and water and when added up give a universal number of the sacred seven. The true universal symbol of creation is a circle with a dot in the middle signifying the one with all its cycles. One must attain this knowledge not from books or other people’s teachings but through their own experiences, this can be done only through stilling the mind in deep meditation. This is because when words are passed from one to another half their meaning is lost by the various concepts of each individual that passes them and the true context have been taken out.

One must remember it is not understanding the dark that keeps the light out as they are both part of each other and when the dark is accepted as the shadow of the light, there can be no more duality as one passes through each other bringing the full visulisation of the divine light.

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