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The Power of Healing

The Power of Healing/How to Heal Yourself


If you are a healer or have experienced being healed by someone you will know and understand that is the energy source of healing that un- ravels the balls of energy that is within you. The person who heals is just the vessel that this vast energy source uses to conduct the source of its energy power to healing the energies that are out of synchronisation to its energy pattern.


There are some healers that are more powerful than others, this does not relate to the persons credibility’s, but to the unselfish way that they have surrendered themselves to being a vessel so that the healing source may use their vessel as a conduit to heal and help others.


It is not the physical body that gets healed as in a direct contact with it. First the subtle body or ethereal fields that surround the body must be healed before it connects to the physical body or before any healing can be achieved. It does not matter whether you are a Reiki Master or any other kind of healer, the healing comes from the healing source of power that must flow through the vessel it is using. The more in tune the person is with its higher self the more healing energy can be released as there will be no barriers of self to get in the way


The subtle body is the one that was created in the higher realms before your physical birth body it is the blueprint of your being. This subtle body gets altered as the physical body goes through life as in emotions and mental thoughts both positive and negative create their weaving and it is through these energy weaving problems that your energies becomes tangled up. It is these energies that alter and create problems with the physical body. The subtle body can be altered by higher forces that create new cells and new commutation between cells creating a healthier physical body. This can be done whilst in deep meditative states as the spirit rises within its own vibration creating a new pattern of energy taking over the higher mind which is part of the blueprint of the subtle body and then alters the pattern of energy of the subtle body to a higher state of consciousness and in return mirrors this effect to the physical body.


The more you are connected to your higher being the better it is for you to heal yourself or be a vessel to heal others. A person can heal someone and they can feel a lot better for it, but if that person goes back to their old habits then the energy that was entangled becomes tangled again and so the process goes on. Once something has been changed, the person then must change with it or the healing does not remain effective.


The higher forces of the healing consciousness for a better word can change and alter the subtle body without a healer being present, I know because this has happened to me several times, if it hadn’t I assure you I would not be as healthy as I am now due to my lifestyle many years ago.

I know this is hard to believe but I have had a genome code of some of my DNA strands changed, how do I know this occurred, because of the symptoms that came with it, luckily I was told what they were and why they were occurring, this has happened to me twice and I have another one to come sometime in the near future and then by subtle body will be in alignment to the pattern of energy it began with before the birth of my physical body.


Many ancient seers knew about the changes of the subtle body and how to alter their physical bodies, perhaps that is the reason they could do what mystics did in those days having knowledge about the energies of their higher being. Healing energies are a wonderful tool when used correctly and can bring about miracles that even baffle medical professors we are all made of energy so why not use energy to filter out the toxins or create new energy cells once the old ones have died. It is old sluggish energy that creates ailments and disease so why not create new energy for ourselves to better our bodies both subtle and physical.


I am going to quote a passage from Greg Braden book The Divine Matrix where he talks about healing in a different way, although I can see where he is coming from I can’t see how this method can really work as there is not enough choice that he speaks about.


Greg Braden talks about a man in his 20s who had been diagnosed with a rare heart condition that his doctors told him it was fatal. Married with two children he was loved by all who knew him and wanted to enjoy a healthy life. There was a healer called Neville that had a unique way of thinking and he was asked to speak with this man, by now this man had lost a lot of weight and had shrunk to almost like a skeleton. He was so weak that even to talk was difficult for him, but Neville agreed to see him and share with him Neville’s power of belief. This belief comes from thinking of the possibility that in another higher sphere you have already been healed, so it will manifest in man’s reality that he is healed.


From the perspective of our participating in a dynamic and evolving universe, there can only be one solution to any problem, a change in attitude and consciousness. With this in mind Neville asked the man to experience himself as if his healing had already taken place, he told the man that there was a very fine line with this reality and a higher reality and a change can be exchanged from being ill to being healthy.


Neville explained how he provided the words that would help this man accomplish a new way of thinking. This thinking is about knowing there is a realm of many probabilities and by choosing another possibility thinking you are going to well and healthy again you are reaching out to that another possibility.


For example in Martial arts there are people who can concentrate their energy powers on feats like cutting a brick in half with the side of their hands which most people could not do, the principle that allows these displays is the same one that Neville the healer sees in his methods of healing. When someone places his attention before choosing to break the concrete block or bricks in their mind their focus has already been chosen that the bricks have already been broken, so when the hand touches the brick they automatically break as the consciousness of the higher realm in this man’s mind, the task of breaking the brick has already taken place in this higher realm so it will automatically manifest enabling the man to complete his task.


Now this I can completely understand, but healing in this way is too risky for me to take this theory on completely. With healing there are many possibilities out there, so perhaps if you imagine or projected the thought of getting better and being well in meditation would help. I have seen some powerful healing and saw the light coming out from the healer’s hands and the person who was very ill did appear to get better after a few treatments and was well for a few months then went down hill again and this time never got better.


When I asked about this to the universal source, they explained that the healing did help and took the pain away from this person and helped her regain some energy so she could feel better in herself and do more than she could before the healing took place. What the healer did not understand was, that it was the person’s time to go for her spirit to leave so no matter how much healing this person received or how many possibilities there was out there, or how much the thought program of Neville that you will get better by saying you have already been healed does not work if the time has come for the spirit to be re-called. It is through this form of healing saying you have already been healed that can give false hopes to the person, unless the healer is so gifted that it can see if the spirit is going to stay or whether it is going to be recalled and there are not that many healers that can do this.


Healing can be a wonderful tool to help people and can un- tangle energies from within the ethereal and physical body, healing can un-tangle the energies from the emotional and mental planes that surround our body and re align the energies of the subtle body back to their original source.


There are some very good healers out there, but let me tell you with conviction to be a good healer, you have to surrender your self to be the vessel that the healing source can work through. There can be no ego in front as that stops the energy flow and you do not need any qualifications. Word of mouth will be the best way for people to find you, not cards or leaflets. You only need certificates for the surface of this worlds fears that somebody may sue you. But to be a healer if you think within that you have this healing energy flowing through you then practice on friends and family and see what the results are.


People who teach Reiki and other healing methods are just making money, ask yourself who taught them and again who taught the ones before them right back to the original owner who formed the art of Reiki Mikao Usui. So how many has he taught and then how many have they taught and so it goes on as it is passed down through the ages like everything else it gets changed slightly from tutor to tutor, so learn the basic method, then allow the healing source to create it own type of healing that suits your energies better.


 Reiki is just one of  the many methods of healing and if you allow the healing powers to work through you then you can heal your own way, all methods will be good and helpful as long as the vessel surrenders itself to the healing energies that will flow through you.


Once you begin to think I am a great healer then your healing powers will diminish as the ego takes over and tries to take credit for something it does not have or own. To heal you must want to help others who are in need to improve their well being as well as their health. To do that you must allow the freedom of the healing source to enter into you and flow through you. Not only will you be helping others but you will be also healing your own subtle/physical body so that the healing energy can get stronger using a much healthier vessel. So for those who feel they would like to heal try it and see what it brings.


As this world gets torn and breaks into negative violence many will need healing, even the earth needs healing from the destruction that we in the past have created. So start healing those you know the more you do the better you become and while healing always keep the light of your spirit in your mind and allow that light to fly and heal the earth and all that inhabits it.


I wish you all a good summer or winter wherever you are and perhaps there will be more healers in the world by September 21st when the next courses will begin. For those who may want to get in touch with me for anything please do so just e mail me.


Best Wishes