The Never Ending Journey


The Journey to Self- Realisation


This is called the never -ending seminar because there is no time/space continuum, it will be written spontaneously whenever knowledge is given to be written to help those who are interested in finding their own way to their own inner light, a connection of the universal source and universal consciousness. This will not be based on anybody’s teaching's or relate to any form of religion, it will have a purpose of its own created by universal consciousness. See it as invisible signposts or seeing concepts of life outside the box, because it will be outside of the box of reality that much of the knowledge will be given. 

Have an open mind and leave your habitual concepts behind, look beyond the horizon of earthly reality and see within your higher mind the cosmic mind and how it works, how it creates within an ethereal level before manifesting it on a lower earthly level. This is a step outside the boundaries what is termed as normal to most people, a step into the wonders of universal consciousness and universal creation.

This is a journey for those who want to attain Self Realisation the higher mind of the Universal Source/Creator. First thing you must remember is that you must want to find the true source of your own inner being, secondly it will be your personal journey to unite with your spiritual consciousness and thirdly the reason and the role you are playing and why you are here. This spiritual journey will explain many things, it will take you outside of yourself, it will show you how to see what is known as reality seen from a higher conscious mind, the Cosmic Mind of the Universal Source, it will be this that will highlight your true purpose of life.

So join me on this spiritual journey so you may find your own higher conscious mind and why each personal journey is unique to the host that houses the spirits consciousness who created this personal journey so it can experience it for itself. This will not be an easy quest, finding your true inner spirit one has to let go of many habitual things that control many aspects of your life, throw out many beliefs and concepts that outside influences have impeded on your life, this is all due to how the ego/self has separated itself from the higher inner self which is connected to the universal source. Separation from both consciousnesses higher and lower allows the individual to become enmeshed in the reality of the solid world around you that you think is all real, while it is only a projection of the true reality of the creator’s creation.

This journey is to detach and not be attached to materiality through instant gratification, through desires of the senses, or being attached to objects which can bring no lasting happiness, but do have a fundamental working aspect in our lives.


  We all need certain things in our lives whether it is in the form of communication such as I am using a computer to write this, there are many other utensils that are needed but we must not allow ourselves to get attached to them. I always say I exist in one world of reality and live in another, I have one foot in each reality then you experience the whole of how reality is created and how it manifests itself.

 This journey will start from the beginning way before the birth of the body, how the spirit chooses its host and the role created for its play, please keep in mind there are no coincidences in life good or bad there is always a reason for what happens in anybody’s life, but the self can very rarely understand the reason behind what happens in their lives. This journey will be in three stages, firstly it will contain knowledge from a higher source of the intelligence of the cosmic mind, secondly it will be up to you how you interpret this knowledge through your own spiritual concepts but keep an open mind and thirdly it will be the connection of both self and spirit that will lead the way to changing your life into a more balanced and harmonious way of living.

I must impose on stating that this has no link to any religious dogma or beliefs, it is meant for individuals to find their own unique pattern of energy that defines the soul within the light of its spirit. It is a new way or new concepts that will allow a person to connect with its own spirit, each spirit has a different role to play in life and this is a journey for all to connect personally with their own inner spiritual self. How you walk this spiritual journey is up to you, this on line seminar gives only the signposts and the interpretation of what they mean to help you find your own way to Self Realisation the true inner consciousness of your being, who you really are and why you are here.

As we walk along this spiritual journey, please ask any questions you may have relating either to you understanding what has been written or how you want to seek your inner guidance of your spiritual path. Just e mail me with any questions you may have at

The Journey Begins

Let us begin from the beginning when the Earth was first created, when a singular cell microbe multiplied to multi- cellular expansion, this was the beginning of life upon planet earth. To have life it must be formed from energy as that is what everything consists of; a cell consists of energy and behind all energy is some form of creator or source pattern which energy creates. It is this intelligence source that I refer to as the intelligence of the Creator/Source, a creator of consciousness which is in all living things including Planet Earth herself. So all life began with a singular consciousness within a one cell microbe and it was from this tiny consciousness of energy that it multiplied and went on to multiply more which brought more cells, molecules, and DNA which in turn created larger patterns of energy.
Every species on planet earth before and after the birth of the human being was created by higher forms of consciousness which is part of the bigger design of consciousness which we shall call either the Creator or the Source. Each species from the one cell microbe to the multi-cell of many of today’s species has a unique pattern of energy that formed its cellular structure and all other cells that are needed to create such species.

Let us look at a simple algae organism where scientists have found a wide range of multicellular structures in the algae species and these are from billions of years ago. There are some species that form a structure of four simple sets of four identical cells stuck together, there are others that form balls of 32- 64 not quite identical cells which have some specialised functions within them and then there are the full blown multicellular organisms with 50,000 highly specialised cells including reproductive cells. So how do you think science in this way was created? within all these cells are pure energy and energy is everywhere in everything, so what is behind this energy that creates such diversity of cells which becomes part of a species or part of  plants, fungi, animals and lastly humans. All these forms of creation are formed by a higher consciousness not in awareness like people have but in a higher form of energy vibration of which creates creation. What scientists fail to observe is the energy that creates and structures all forms of matter, all they see is the biology of science that creates such species, but they do not go behind the scenes to see who created these structures of cells and bring forth a solid form of matter i.e. a body of matter.

So what is consciousness? a higher level of energy intelligence, an intelligence that creates not only universes, galaxies and planets and all that is in them, but also creates all that is within a planet whether it has life on it or just the many gases that planets in our solar system has in them. Let us use analogies to understand better, think of the main energy system that creates as a giant orb one that has no ending or beginning but a space of pure light and within this orb there are trillions of energy patterns filled with different formations and each formation structures a different part of creation. Now all these different energy patterns create different orbs of light that in turn create a multi cellular structure in which creation can be created in the ethereal energies of what some people call the Akashic field and others call the ethereal realms which is a non time/space dimension, in other words an empty space where universal consciousness creates some call it the void. In each orb of consciousness is a pattern a unique pattern entwined within the light, this pattern holds the structured role of a species and their habitual form. These orbs also hold all the memories of the universes, galaxies and planets and later on down the line human past lives. They are the blueprint of life, this is difficult to digest as our logic thinking gets in the way of such creation, so open your mind to your higher mind and visualise the concepts of the above.

Consciousness to human beings is about awareness, being aware of their birth and their demise which other species don't have, but all species have that spark of light that comes from the orb of their creation, it is what gives the body of matter life, no matter whatever form the body takes from a fish to a mammal. Look at various species and you will find they have certain aspect of there being that acts in certain ways, eats certain food needed for the body's nourishment, they all have what is needed for their survival. This is all structured in a cellular way to the design of that particular species. Take a look at the cat species wild and domesticated, they all have a similarity in their behaviour this is because the orb that has the structural cells and formation of energy to create the role and purpose for this kind of species and although the Panther, the Jaguar, the Cheetah and the Lion each have their own habits and uniqueness they are all formed from the same pattern of collective energy pattern that this particular orb holds within it. This goes for all species, the more diverse the species the more complex and diverse the pattern of energies is created within the orbs consciousness. It is the intelligence within the light pattern of energy that the orb holds that allows creation to take place, because it is the idea or thought form of this highly evolved consciousness that is behind all of creation. Look at the bird species and the variety of all the birds past and present, can you imagine the different patterns of consciousness that birds have, starlings for example would have the same pattern of energy consciousness, but the Eagle would have a different pattern of consciousness as their habitual habits and traits are different but one thing is the same they all fly.

Take your mind back to the beginning of some of the animals that first roved upon planet earth, I am not trying to educate you in biology or anything else, I am using this as an antidote to explain as best as I can how universal source/consciousness works and not just in human consciousness but in universal creation. These orbs of consciousness are pure energy which creates atoms, cells and molecules, energy is the building blocks of life and these orbs of light are the structured blueprint of energy which creates from pure energy of light. Think back and ask yourself how 510 millions of years ago when nothing lived on the land of earth and the only forms of life were in the seas and oceans. 10 million years ago insects and plants began to form and reptiles began their great transformation and became different from the amphibians, the diversity was born. Around this time various species came into being and began evolving out of the early reptiles including crocodiles, dinosaurs and even birds. So how do you think all this arose? Scientists call it the Darwin theory using mutations of cells, but now open minded scientists seems to think that a higher form of intelligent source created all this using pure energy to build the building blocks each species needed to manifest itself into matter. Visualise if you can all the different species that have existed on earth, this cannot be credited to man or to man destroying those that took early retirement from the planet, what has left was meant to be. However as the plant evolved and the human species joined all other species, the consciousness of existence began to seperate, nature and the human species instead of connecting to each other began the long road to seperation and destruction.

What I want to point out is that these orbs of pure light energy are the mini creators of the giant Never-Ending Light that is the source of the huge universal plays, the script writer, the director and the editor of all that has been, all that is here now and all that will come in the future. It is these higher states of consciousness that creates every role for every species including the human species, it is a spark from these orbs of light that reside within us all and it is only the human species that can become aware of this light and connect with it and remember the role that was written for them. Nature does not need to become aware of this light as it is still connected to it as it has never been separated from it, like human beings have. So please in any way you want to take on these concepts know that all living things have this pure energy of light within them that creates the species they represents and that all life comes from a spark of light within this giant orb called CONSCIOUSNESS the intelligence behind creation.

Let us look at why the human species were created to have an awareness of themselves. Firstly consciousness enters its spark of light at the moment of birth, it enters through the crown chakra at the top of the head, and this is the reason why the top of the baby head is so fragile. The blue print this spark of light creates is the role within a play for a human being to play within its life span here on earth. This spark of energy has all the ingredients for the life of each individual, it is their personal map and it stays with the host until it leaves when the body dies. Consciousness in a human body stays relatively whole until the baby begins to have an awareness of itself, knowing it's name knowing other people’s names knowing and accepting its surroundings and environment, it is at this point that the early separation of consciousness begins. As the child grows older and begins to in-cooperate itself into material life and the reality this brings, then more of the consciousness it was born with transforms itself to play the role of the ego, the I begins to take a stronger role, while the rest of this consciousness begins to take a back seat as the watcher, while the ego grows into the doer. This is the beginning of the separation of consciousness where we forget who we really are and the role we have come to play. Every single human being was given 6 senses to its consciousness, the five senses by which we use to live and create our reality and a sixth sense giving us a connection to the higher consciousness of which we were born with the spark of life, but sadly it is very rarely used due to the physical mind using the logic pattern of the brain and seeing reality as solid within a fixed structure of reality. We should pay attention to nature and its animals they use their sixth sense to live for survival from predators, even our ancestors used their sixth sense in the era of hunter gathers they like nature needed to be aware of predators, but today human beings have mostly forget how to use the highest attribute of them all.

So let us look at how we can get back that which we have lost and why we were created with a brain that has not been fully understood by science and is not in full working order. There is only a small amount of the brains mass that has been explored in relation to the human mind and how the human mind/body works, let us have a look to how it can be used to connect to our higher form of consciousness the true state of our being.  Let us explore ways of uniting mind, brain and higher awareness of our own consciousness that transmits energy waves to both brain and mind which then connects all three. It is only when all three are connected that we can use the force of strong intuition, creativeness. and self awareness which leads to enlightenment and self realisation. It is in every human being it has just been switched off and lies dormant due to the life we see as reality through our five senses. These higher states of awareness are mostly ignored or feared by those who do not understand them, most fear the unknown, they fear things that are not familiar to them, anything outside the normal habitual forms of existence  that people fear. I hope in this journey of the Never -Ending Journey more people will not only become aware, enlightened and Self Realised, but will want to share it with others and break down the fear and misunderstandings of their own abilities and their true heritage.

The Brain and the Mind

Lets look at how the brain allows access to the mind, there are two sources of information that the brain can filter, one is the normal channel of chaotic inputs of energy waves from the stimulus and outside influences that influence brain activity, the energy waves that can affect the neurons of the brain, our new world of technology which we use in everyday life, e.g. mobile phones, masts for signals for broadband and mobile phones all these energy waves exist in the environment in which we live. The second channel is through our energy inputs which are our thoughts, our emotions and our fears all which exist in our manifested world in what we call reality. There is a third channel of energy waves which are outside the perimeter of the five senses these are on a quantum level and it is through these quantum packages of energy that decodes the various networks of energy waves which are outside the perimeter of the five senses and cannot be heard, felt, or seen. These quantum energy waves are always there, there are millions of particles that bombard our planet every second but we can’t feel them or see them, we are not aware of them. When a person decides to be more interested in becoming more self aware of their own energy consciousness and finds ways of connecting to it, like learning techniques of meditation, it can then ignite this self awareness to a higher state of consciousness. These may be through dreams or delving into the sub-consciousness mind where everything is stored or reaching a higher awareness that sharpens the intuitive within you. The greatest barrier is to be able to break through a busy line of network channels that come through the five senses of our daily thoughts and fears that affect our whole outlook in life, break through these and you have begun the journey of a life time finding your true existence in the role you have come to play.

   Let us look at how the brain functions in simple terms and how it can be used as a transmitter of energy waves to enlighten the mind to its higher state that we were born with our own higher state of consciousness. The brain is often seen as a separate entity to the mind and some people see the brain as the mind, but it is neither. The mind is outside of the body it’s a resonance of energy that transmits thoughts, ideas and creativity to the brain where they become activated by the free choice of the individual. The brain has two hemispheres left and right which controls different types of thinking, for example a person who is left brained is said to be logical, analytical and objective, while a person who is right brained is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. Recent research has shown that abilities in subjects such as maths and science are actually strongest when both half of the brain works together, neuroscientists know that the two sides of the brain work together to perform a wide variety of tasks and that the two hemispheres communicate through the corpus collosum. The left hemisphere specializes in picking out sounds that form words and working out the syntax of the words, but it does not have a monopoly on language processing. The right hemisphere is actually more sensitive to the emotional features of language, tuning in to the slow rhythms of speech that carry intonations and stress, but this does not say that one hemisphere is at work more than the other hemisphere both can in-cooperate in a balanced manner. There are many parts of the brain that coordinates various functions of both body and mind which I will not go into as it will not help understand the connection between brain, mind and higher state of consciousness. Our world view is taken from our sensory information which is processed by neurons connected by synapses in the brain's neuron axonal network, it is in this way we see the world as it appears to be. There are many network channels in the hierarchy of universal consciousness and sometimes once a connection has been made to one it can lead to other connections all giving various information about the higher realms of consciousness and their dimensions. Example there are six enlightened people in a room in deep meditation connecting to their higher source, although the theme of the information received from these energy networks on a quantum level may have similar information each one will vary due to the individual higher state of consciousness and how high it has evolved to.

 Think of this spark of light that descended into its physical form having a home, a collective source where many sparks of light are held in a collective state of higher consciousness, so when you connect via a network of energy waves to your higher consciousness you are also connecting to the source where all sparks of light are formed the home where your journey began.. So all that you are doing is connecting to where your spirit holds its true source of being, your true home on a universal scale of energy, after all energy is in everything and is everywhere, energy creates, it transfoms and it fluctuates within its oscillation of vibration. Each energy source vibrates to a certain tonal sound like a key on a pianno, so as energies vibrates in momentumn to each other, it like playing notes on a pianno and creating a tune, this tune is part of the universal orchestra, the sound of light. This is one of the ways past lives can be traced through the energy of your spirit within its collective source, other life times that the spark of light inhabitated in another physical body. This connection of the various networks of energy on a quantum level can be transmitted via the neuron receptors in the brain which selects the signals outside the five senses but due to early conditioning in life how to think and how to perceive things, each receptor becomes conditioned to respond only to certain frequency signals, so it is very important to change these signals and frequencies and to do that one must learn the techniques of stilling the mind using some form of meditation, it is only through the powers of silencing the mind that meditation gives, can one alter the frequencies of thought in the brain and release the fears, emotions and stress from the mind. A clear picture on a TV must have the correct signals and frequencies in the airwaves, if you don't have this then the picture is weak and hazy, that is how the mind becomes. 

 The Building Blocks of Universal Source

Consciousness is the building blocks of life, it is an unseen energy which prevails everything, it is like a seed which grows and creates always shifting and changing with the tidal wave of energy consciousness. This is not the consciousness that we perceive as reality in our everyday life, that our brain conditions us what to believe is real. This is a highly intelligent form of consciousness which is everywhere and nowhere at the same moment of time, it is non local outside time and space, it is all around us and those who have become enlightened can tap into it.  Our ego will always remain part of our human psyche, but this is only a form of transhuman consciousness, it is not the real deal. This super intelligent consciousness which I call universal source, has many dimensions whether its past, present or future it is the designer of all life. This super or universal consciousness is designed to guide humanity to various areas of life and to develop achievements for the future.  This highly intelligent source of energy controls forces that are beyond all human intelligence, our intelligence is only a tiny drop in the ocean at this stage of spiritual evolution, we could not comprehend the vastness of this intelligent source. The building blocks of creation is what many people call electromagnetic energy, everything is energy from the atoms, of stars and galaxies and forming universes, to the atoms, molecules and DNA in the species of our planet including human beings. If only people could become aware of this untapped energy force, the world would become a better place as decisions would be made from the influence of the universal source and not from the greed and hate of the human mind. If only all could believe that a great intelligence influences our very being, one that created the human mind so it could connect to the vital source of universal creation and become enlightened to the true state of their being and not just believe that we as a human being can control everything on the planet. To believe we are in control of our environment and in control of the world is a fallacy, a fantasy, because nature has more power than any human being, it is the force of nature that is the building blocks of this planet that is in control through the universal source, nature taps into this universal source constantly changing like the seasons change from summer to winter, it is a natural flow of evolution.

 Mankind may be bringing the planet to its destruction, at the present moment it is inevitable that things will not get better, but if mankind changes their perceptions the planet may be saved. It is the actions of human beings of whether they change and become the caretakers of the planet or the destroyers through greed. There is no other way because nature will take over through its own force of energy which will bring drastic measures that will change the direction of human life.  It will be the universal source rescue mission to save not only planet earth but also the correction of the human mind. Since people will not change overnight, this gradual decline will keep on going until all is destroyed, nature has given us so many warning all has gone unheeded when will those supposedly in charge of various country's leave behind their ego's and do the best to save so much from distinction. Mother earth is ill, she has a fever, there is poison in her veins and that poison is  the thoughts of man that there is no supreme power over our universe, our planet and that man can do what it likes, that only man can achieve great power and achieve great wealth which is not in our evolutionary stage of spiritual enlightenment. There are means to an end, but if those who care give up, then nature will use her methods of survival to put us onto the right path again, where many souls will return home due to the catastrophe and natural disasters that nature brings in her wake. So this is a Wake Up Call, we will not get many more chances, the more people become enlightened the more chances we have of turning this planet into the beautiful Garden of Eden it was at the beginning. 

All We have is Memories

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