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On December 21st in 2012 there will be a rare alignment taking place in the heavens, this alignment happens at the end and beginning of a grand cycle of 26.000 years.  During this time the galactic equator cuts across the ecliptic at 0 degrees Capricorn which is where the sun is at this time of year. At the end of this grand cycle the sun is in the center of the Milky Way and rises behind the dark rift which is the ridge that sticks out in the center of the Milky Way, this ridge hides a massive black hole which sucks in and emits huge amounts of energy, this is known by many as the cosmic womb. It is within the cosmic womb that so many variety's of energy's get recycled and it is within these recycles that great energy forces are created. In most heavenly smaller cycles these energies that emit outwards into the universe would not affect planet earth as they disperse among all the debris within the Milky Way and out into space. But every 26 thousands years this grand cycle takes place and does have an affect on earth due to the exact alignment of the planets in the heavens at that time. Many researches and especially those who have studied Mayan traditions and culture have pointed out that the Mayans knew about this planetary alignment that was going to happen thousands of years in the future. This article is not about the Mayan prophecies or their culture I will leave that for the experts. This is about the planetary alignment that comes into being every 26 thousands years and the effect it has on planet earth.. The photo to the left is where the Sun will be on Dec 21st 2012.

Milky WayPluto and the Sun

In the picture above it shows that there are four planets either side of the sun, on the left is Pluto and below it is Mars and to the right is Mercury and Venus and it is within this alignment that the heavenly energies will come into play at dawn when the sun rises on 21/12/2012. So let us take a look at these planets and what there alignments mean to each other and what signals they send out.
First let us look at Pluto and what this planet represents in a symbolic way, Pluto in Greek Mythology represents Hades the god of the underworld, it is also the furthest planet of our solar system and signifies change and destruction. It has also been said that Pluto is similar to the Hindu god Shiva, the creator and the destroyer. Pluto in it's symbolised form begins by breaking down old structures then begins by building new ones in place of the old. This entire cycle of death, destruction and renovation is accompanied by tremendous powers for Pluto is not a mild or subtle planetary influence, one can always see it's effects very clearly in the manifestations of materiality and not just of heavenly energies. These destructions can be of stability of old ways coming to an end stuff that people are used to, it can mean changes of governments changes in the social welfare anything that affects the structure people are used to and do not want change in some areas of their lives. It's mantra is destroying the old and replace it with the new. It also symbolises transformation which can be either positive or negative which ever way you look at the changes that are occurring. It can also symbolises great changes in the regeneration of the self whereby people may want to seek a more spiritual aspect of themselves, it only symbolises death as a recycle of energies as the old ones disintegrates and new ones begin to get built. But one thing is certain that any Plutonian changes which is built into the very structure of things cannot be prevented by the change in this cycle as it is a necessary stage in the evolutionary cycle of life. So we can expect in this heavenly alignment some explosive changes, getting rid of the old structures in life and heralding in the new.

Now let us have a look at the planet just below Pluto which is Mars , this planet has traditionally been considered a malefic planet in astrology as it is more likely to produce evil than good, but this is not  correct as all aspects of energy has duality. Mars is often seen in Geek Mythology as Ares the God of War due to its strong aggressive energies. It also signifies the aggression that is part of the duality within the make up of universal consciousness, found in animals and in humans. It is part of the fundamental ego drive and the more ego which says (this is what I am and I can be no other way)  will fight to save it's reputation or it's position. Mars energies often signifies hard physical work as it dominates strength in many symbolic structures both in myth and in reality. Many people use this physical work such as gyms to rid themselves of  unwanted energies or to work off surplus energy. So Mars symbolises war, destruction, physicality and ego. But it can also be seen as pioneering energy where new areas of life are pioneered into something new. In the past people have pioneered new ideas and new places in which they have found, the only problem that can arise here is the opposition for those that go on ahead to pioneer the way for those to follow and to find the place is already occupied by others.

Now let us have a look at the alignment of these two planets, they are in conjunction to each other by 2 to 3 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. This conjunction means a great striving in life where many obstacles need to be overcome and as there are many obstacles in our world today there would be a great striving to overcome them. This will be felt in many areas in life but hopefully with much dedication of minds they could eventually be overcome with patience and understanding. These two energies that symbolise the powerful pull of these two planets will create violence in some way as it will only be through the change that comes after violent episodes of natural eruptions of nature does one see calm come back into place, like a hurricane or storm it destroys but changes are seen when things gets rebuilt. Mars is an ego planet which separates individuals who live within their own living bubble and when that bubble bursts that energy must find another bubble to dominate. There can be people at the top like in governments that at this time will produce a ruthless drive so they may dominate and gain power, this is already going on in some countries but could expand to other countries where there will be many who want this power of domination and greed. So expect more domination of power, more forms of ruthlessness and opposition forces who will try to defeat each other in many ways to hold sway
to their own power and to take power from others in other countries. Mars you must remember represents energy in general and all pure raw energy can be created for good or for evil, but it can also be harnessed in a neutral and balanced way to create harmony and peace and can be used for the working good of others. It may need some hard physical work but the rewards can be great.
So all in all the dominance of the two powerful energies must create destruction, a breaking down of old systems, transforming old into new and a wave of violence from natural disasters to violence from wars, but these can be overcome when new structures are built and the earth calms down from her own disruptions of cleansing and the wars are stopped by those who will not fight in them, there is hope as we will see when we examine the other side of this heavenly alignment in the heavens, where the love, peace and beauty of Venus and the messenger Mercury opposes the aggression and destruction of Pluto and Mars.

Venus is the star that shines brightly in the sky, the energies of Venus is like a magnet or spontaneous power of attraction between two entities that differ in a way that they are like opposites and in this way they form a higher connection that leads more into a whole than two separate entities. In the heavenly scenario Venus is opposite Mars two opposing energy powers in opposition to each other, male and female. Venus represents the female while Mars represents the male energies, Venus symbolises love the emotion that brings people together without force or compulsion. The energies of Venus symbolise creativity which stems from the recognition that components in the outer world may be combined to create a beautiful whole when working properly. But the symbol of Venus is a very spiritual one a much higher one than we see in the physical manifest. It must also work with it's opposite the power of Mars, when these two are in the correct alignment in opposing each other the energies of these two planets can bring about a balance, but these energies are very delicate so can be easily upset. They are like scales a sudden movement of energies either way will upset the balance between the two. So in symbolic form we have the egotism and desires to control of Mars and the love and spiritual energies of Venus. Venus represents the goddess Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty which is needed in this world as it will  be a battle of wars and spiritual love.

We also have in the heavens Venus conjunct Mercury the messenger, when these two planets are in conjunction with each other it symbolises a new cycle or a new beginning, it also intensifies the arts,public relations, communication in all things that draw people together and get the best out of them.. New spiritual knowledge can be found knowledge that has been lost for many hundreds or thousands of years, there are a few people dotted around the globe w hose's soul has come for this particular time to bring this forgotten knowledge back into circulation so it may direct the people of this world to a new understanding, new concepts and beliefs systems of what universal creation and our place on planet earth is all about and show us our true being and the role we have all come to play in the great universal play of the heavens. So the Wars of the Gods in the heavens in 2012 will be trying to get a balance between the negative energies of what Pluto and Mars represents and the more positive energies of Venus and Mercury. It is very important that these energies come into balance because if they dont, like they didn't 52,000 years ago when the energies began to manifest upon the earth 26,00 years ago. When we look back upon the last 26,000 years in history and see the scales dipping on the side of destruction and wars, even though mankind has made progress in many other areas like transport, travel and technology but all that has been achieved in a positive way has been marred by destruction and wars going back over 10,000 years. So lets hope that the planetary energies of this next cycle of 26,000 years beginning on the 21/12/2012 will be more balanced.

The Astrology for 2012
Here is the chart for the 21/12/2012 and in the large chart you can see the diagram of the Yod the finger of god as it is called.
It is the green line going from the bottom of the chart where Jupiter points in the third house in the sign of Gemini then rises up either side one green line going to Saturn in Scorpio and the other green line going up to Pluto in Capricorn. There is also another notable configuration which is a T square. This includes Jupiter making 90 degree aspect to Neptune red thin line to the left in Pisces, then Neptune makes a square to Venus another red thin line in Sagittarius, then Venus opposes Jupiter which is the thin red line downwards, this is the central opposition that activates the yod the finger of god.

astrology chart 2012  astrology 2012
I will give an explanation of the astrological chart but this will not be a personalised one but a more global one, although the analysis may be based as if I was calculating a more personal one. I will try to combine the two. First of all let us look at the aspects of the yod and the houses it occupies. The yod in any astrological or heavenly cosmology patterns is a symbol of the potentialities depending on the planets that define the yod. The astrological chart for 2012 implies possibilities leading to probabilities, but these are held in sway within the duality mind of mankind and this is in a large arena of all global activities and the choices that are made gives the multi endless possibilities that lead to the right or wrong choice of those in higher places that have control over the world. The main player here is Jupiter  the gaseous giant whose keys words are expansion, culture, philosophy and changes of many cultural aspects of the global welfare of planet Earth. Higher education is another structural benefit as is awareness in a spiritual non religious way, all these key words are to expand the minds of people and bring more awareness of who they really are not who they think they are. It also points the way to old ways and knowledge taught by many of the indigenous people of years ago and being renewed to a higher awareness. so that all themes and stories that have been passed down through the centuries come together in the same theme so mankind can understand the whole story and not just different culture ones. Jupiter's energies symbolise with the god Marduke to whom the great planetary temple in Babylon was dedicated, to and in the rituals performed there each had an esoteric meaning, a spiritual meaning. Jupiter symbolises in ancient times all that was the temple of Marduk and all the rituals which had meaning it's associates with the highest order of things and considered to be fortious sign as it is still seen today. It's energies hails good fortune and peace it can project spiritual growth and expand cultural differences so that they are all brought together as one. But like all energies  there is always a light and it's shadow and this depends in what alignment or conjunction that Jupiter's energies conflict with other planetary energies. The positive symbolic words that are associated with Jupiter like optimistic, loyalty, freedom of spirit, forthrightness, intelligence and honesty are all symbols that can be expanded to all our higher consciousness which points us to the finger of god.

Now let us look at what is holding Jupiter so that it can point upward, the two legs as I will call them are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is seen as restrictive, manipulated, practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, structural and blinkered that can't see beyond it's boundaries or does not want to see beyond the structures it has created, all these are key words. Saturn energies can also be seen as pessimistic, over conventional and rigid not giving sway to movement. It is like seeing a glass ball where snow falls but has not much room to fall only within the confines of the glass. Now on a universal or world stage these two planets have a 30 degree alignment between them which can in the overall picture create havoc because if Saturn becomes too restrictive in it's energy movement then it will create a collapse of it's own source bringing down the neat rigid structures it has built, like political structures, religious structures, Eco structures, chemical structures, banking structures and house marketing all that has been structures in people's lives. On the earth's natural balance this can herald in floods, tusamis which will wash away food supplies especially in poorer countries as we have seen lately happen. All forms of structures will be linked in some way or another and will begin to fall in the domino affect, all over the world rich and poor, we are only seeing at present the tip of the iceberg, soon we will see a lot more of that ice that has been hidden. Remember change which will come with a grand new cycle of 26.000 years, but first it must break down the old in order to build the new.

Now let us look at the other leg that is holding the finger of god, which is the planet Pluto. We have so far the finger of hope and expansion Jupiter and one leg of rigid structure Saturn not wanting change, now Pluto comes into the picture which symbolises the underworld the dark world of Hades where the Greek god choose to live and according to Greek mythology no creature ever escaped transportation to his land of darkness in the boat driven my his faithful servant Charon over the river Styx.  The energies of Pluto are symbolised by the universal sub-conscious mind or buried emotions that our sub-conscious holds. Pluto is the transformer, it changes perceptions the way the sub-consciousness works, it can transform all old structures whether they be beliefs, cultural  or any old structures that have been in place a long time. This transformation of energies can be so strongly felt that man will not always be able to oppose it, so it is much better to let go and allow for the transformation to take place than to try to keep on rebuilding of what is left to resemble the old structure as it was. It is Hades way of popping up into the light on earth and transforming what he does not like or destroying what is wrong on the surface of earth before going back to the safety of his underworld darkness, it is at this point where heaven and hell meet or light and dark meet to make the twilight where creation can manifest itself. Pluto is like a giant recycling bin it breaks down the old and creates the new out of the old. So in a metaphor  it destroys the restrictions of Saturn and transforms it into the change of transformation that the new cycle needs to evolve into the next stage of universal creation. Now Jupiter can release it's energies of new foundations and expand into new territories which have been created with the many possibilities and probabilities that the universal source holds. Let us hope that the last unstable energies of the last 26.000 years are changed and transformed into new stable energies which holds balance, prosperity to bring about a safer world to live in.

The Astrological Houses the Yod is in and the Meaning of them.

The main figure Jupiter is in Gemini in the third house, this symbolises experiences to expanding consciousness and the perception of the outer world of reality which people perceive that they exist in. Awareness will become more prevalent in the everyday of some people's lives, they may become more communicative more open with one another in a spiritual way rather through a form of dogmatic religious way and this will give a better understanding about the world in which we exist in. The most important aspect of this placing or transit is that a change of perception will take place without the mind creating it, as this will come through a higher or inner consciousness that will be projected through many individuals. As the change in the earth's consciousness changes so will some people's perceptions change about the planet in which they live on. Old patterns, attitudes that many people have held over many generations in their outer consciousness and in the sub-consciousness will be broadened and expanded, it will be like the mind has expanded to a much clearer awareness and a better understanding and tolerance towards others and the world around them. People will realise how limited they have been, how restricted their mind has been and how much they have been tied to old structures and old beliefs systems that no longer work. The key words of Jupiter in this house will be communication, knowledge, wisdom these will be the key to understanding and being aware of the greater picture of the new play that is getting ready to go onto the Universal stage. Jupiter in Gemini in the third house emphasis communication, Mercury the ruler of Gemini displays Pluto in the 10 house which gives rise to power and to achieve goals or the insight to find what this knowledge and wisdom means. This can be seen as new goals are formed through new political parties, new structures being put into place and people looking for a new awareness of their lives. This will be a new cycle where some people may ask why am I here and what is my spiritual role at this time in my life, to stay in the old or to transform themselves into the new.

The next figure in the yod is Pluto which in the 10 house gives rise to power, the energies symbolised by the planet Pluto has tremendous force and strength, similar to the force of nature at it's most aggressive, it has no regard for human standards or structures, it brings change with a great force and many find their lives changing where they do not want them to change. Pluto energies in this house can make great altering structures that can often alter the destiny of mankind and Mother Earth. The 10th house reflects on parenthood, organizations in the world and how they can affect each other when changes and transitions are made. The energy of this alignment shows the higher aspect of creation and man may be made aware of it's own mortality and that mankind's power is nothing compared to what creates life. It is here that shows what is created above shall manifest below sometimes without the help of materialism, determination, ambition and greed. The 10th house is the house of identity the ego and it is within the fall of the ego that will allow the true spirituality of all life shine through.

The third and last part of the yod is Saturn in the 8th house, this symbolises regeneration, the cycles of life and death the four elements of the seasons the five elements that make up the solidity of our world. It also symbolises conception and birth not necessary the birth of a child but a rebirth of a new cycle which has it's meaning in the profound philosophy of metaphysics, as it projects the universal laws of cause and effect, reincarnation and psychological correlation which can bring about profound changes how we see our role in the world. This 8th house also denotes money but this is seen where money rules other peoples money like banks investment firms all those who play with other people's money this is where deception hides itself as we have seen lately in banks and other investment agencies. This outcome relies truly on man's free will how they invest and play the stock market shares, we have already seen the demise of some economics but apparently there's more to come. This house also represents mystery and intrigue as more spiritual aspects will be brought to the fore, more people will become interested in what is called the paranormal and those who have always had some interest will not be so shy of saying so as many dont want others to think they are weired or strange when they talk about such subjects
  So Saturn being in this house in this alignment at this particular time will highlight interest in the occult and other topics related to such things, bringing more balance with the materialism and science of rigid fact that holds sway at the present moment.
So we have seen the position of the three planets and in the houses they occupy, now let us look at the alignment and houses of the igniter the alignment that ignites the yod.

The three planets which I call the igniter are Jupiter, Venus and Neptune, but to me Venus is the fire that ignites the three. Jupiter makes a square to Neptune, Neptune makes a square to Venus and Venus opposes Jupiter. This phase of the alignment could see the interest of spiritual knowledge and paranormal activity being brought to the fore as more and more people become interested in something other than material interests which at present are not giving people much joy or meaning to their lives. This phase will heighten an interest in meaning to people's lives as more search for a more spiritual one than a material one. There was a very similar yod in May 1989 with Saturn and Pluto in reversed positions and where they were in 13 degrees in their perspective houses in 1989 they will be 8 degrees in 2012, but otherwise the yod is the same. It is only twice this will have happened in 400 years,which brought about many changes. During this phase the spiritual aspect will have to prove more fact than fiction as it will be at this time when the wheat and the chaff will be separated, the charlatans from those who genially seek the path of truth. Some areas of science will open up to spiritual aspects of universal open science where energy consciousness will seem tangible rather than impossible. When this phase comes into being people must be aware of those who try to delusion people that they have all the knowledge and and answers and beware of criticism from church leaders trying to get back their flock. Those who really want to find their own inner light and their true path will be guided by the spirit that holds them and not by some self spiritual leader or charlatan.

Jupiter a planet of horizons, higher knowledge cultures and philosophy is square to Neptune the planet of mystics and illusions but it is also a learning period especially with other cultures especially when it is in third house of Gemini. This transit of Jupiter square or challenging Neptune will bring about a greater sense of compassion to the world and what understanding really means in the way our lives unfold. This is the period of time when all major issues whether in governments or personally will be put under the magnifying glass and great honesty and discrimination has to exercised in order that things or events may be avoided to stop chaos coming into our lives or our country.
Neptune challenging Venus this gives the illusion of the netherworld verses the harmony of Venus, it's like an under water romance where nothing seems real. If you go deep down into the ocean where another world is full of various creatures it seems surreal from the one you have just left, but it is the same illusion. When these two planets meet at 90 degrees it is like coming up from deep sea level of this wonderful magical world to the real world of material solidity it will be the same as when you left it. It is a mirror like effect people only see in the mirror what they want to see rather than what is real and what is the illusion. This is the time to be aware of falling into the trap of seeking your own illusion by seeing only what you want to see or seeing the world as you want to see it rather than what it really is, this goes in the political world as well as in a personal one. Remember this illusion is like a mirror you will only see what you desire. This phase is an important influence for it appears to bring the illusion of the desire for love and happiness or the word unconditional love being used without having a greater understanding of it's meaning but this illusion of unconditional love can only be found in the deepest recesses of your own being.  Due to society's current confusion regarding love, sex and relationships which stems from the lack of inner spiritual awareness many will probably try to escape and find it in a spiritual leader or cult who are not what they say they are in order to escape the mundane life as they it. The best way of giving expression to this influence is through the finding of your own spirit, or something creative that comes from deep inside or discovering some spiritual aspect of yourselves. With Neptune being in it's own house the 12th house of Pisces only enhances the influence and with Venus being in the 9th house of Sagittarius, Jupiter own house also enhances it's influences. Both planets in their own houses has much more powerful energies to expand.

In this final piece of the triangle Venus opposes Jupiter in it's own house the 9th, these energies emphasis pleasure, joy and satisfaction in life but there is a tendency to desire more than is necessary so over indulgement can be a problem, the key is to find a balance. But also there is a higher energy which will bring in spiritual understanding of what love really is and not just the emotions that make love so unpredictable and what people perceive it to be, cultural difference will be put aside as more spiritual aspects from various cultures will seen through the same thread weaving understanding knowledge and spiritual awareness from various angles and not just
 the traditional ones. It is in this phase that Venus will be the key the flame that ignites the fire as it will be from this seeking of what love and it's unconditional side is what it will be all about. The truth of Universal Love will be shown to those who seek it which is different from the emotional love that so many seek. So when Venus ignites Jupiter's energies of expansion try to understand how these patterns of energy work that they all come into force at this time criss crossing their energy waves from planet to planet to create a new play on the universal Stage
Remember stars and planets have their own pattern of energy which you can see when a star bursts at the end of it's days or in the birth of a new star they all have an individual energy pattern of their own universal consciousness.

Venus will be the igniter the fire which will set a flame to Neptune and Jupiter, because both Neptune and Jupiter are in their own houses. Venus in the placement of Sagittarius in the 9th with it's ruler being Jupiter is actually igniting the finger of god which brings into expansion the dualities of both Neptune and Jupiter which are in opposition or square to each other. So this powerful bright star energies of Venus in this three planet alignment will bring out and enhance the energies of the other two both positive and negative it is up to the people to bring about a balance of these energies in their own lives. It is like the two hemispheres of the brain coming together as one with no difference between the left logic side and the right creative side once they unite both sides will have a little bit of each other so bringing into balance both energies of duality and becoming one whole.
Key words, Philosophy, Greater Understanding of Cultures, Spiritual Concepts, Awareness of One's True Spiritual Being, Higher Consciousness, Communication, Seeing the Higher Aspect of Human Consciousness and not just the Physical one. Knowing and understanding that we are all Spiritual Beings in Human form.

Look in Wikipedia for some of the transformation of the yod in 1989, The cold war ended, the Iron curtain gets dismantled with a barbed wire fence 150 miles on the Austrian border being dismantled. Tiananmen Square Beijing declares martial law and later the great Tiananmen massacre takes place, Ayatollah Khomeini dies in Iran, solidarity takes place in Poland bringing victory to it's people. Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi gets placed under house arrest (and now near to the next yod of 2012 gets released) Two million indiginious people of Estonia Latvia and Lithuania which was occupied by the Soviet Union join up to demand freedom and independence. There is so much more that happened in this time of the yod in 1989 but remember Saturn and Pluto were in reverse places which changes the outcome of events through the different patterns of energies that take place between them.

Look back to the last 25, 960 years of the Great Grand Slam of a Master Cycle and see what has been experienced on this planet created mostly by the human consciousness and you will see the scales being weighed down unevenly with more on the negative as seen in various wars being played out from the beginning of this cycle, you only have to read  history to find out how unbalanced it has been. So let us hope that this next cycle of the Great Grand Slam of Evolution is much more balanced on the scale of human evolution of a spiritual consciousness, perhaps then and only then can we experience the heavenly balance of Universal Creation.
Read the Universal Play of the Heavens when it is ready and completed and up on my site.

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