birth of universe

The Multi Consciousness within the Human Species

Main Ingredients

A Body of Physical Matter
The Mind Mental/Intellect
The Self/ego
Duality/Free Will
Outer/Inner Consciousness
The Soul/Spirit

If you look at the picture which we will use as an analogy, it is full of energy and colour and was made from many elements of atoms, protons, electrons, neutrinos and chemicals like hydrogen, magnesium, silicone, and iron just to name a few. This picture is of a Nebula had all the ingredients of a star and each star is unique in their pattern of energy and colour. Universal consciousness has energy patterns like this in all various colours and shapes with unique tonal sound and it is within these energies that creates all types of life.

. Every species on the planet has a collective energy pattern which gives it its consciousness. I will use this pattern of a Nebula to demonstrate the enormity and vastness of the human consciousness and the diversity of its pattern and colours.  A pattern like this contains all the duality of universal consciousness in its rarity which formed the complex mind of the human form. Each colour creates a different form of intelligence, so by using this photo with such vibrant different colours you can see the diversity of the intelligence behind it.

If you look at the colours and their formation it is like a jigsaw all different pieces containing a whole. Within this consciousness are the past, present and the possibilities of the future of the human species. Let me explain how light knows its awareness. You have heard of the slit experiment where a beam of light a photon is projected onto a screen but first it has to travel through either one or two slits to determine whether a photon can be a wave or a particle. If it goes through one slit is called a particle but if it goes through both slits it is called a wave, but they can’t be both at the same time. The person who is doing this experiment does not know which one will take place as they can’t be measured, only observed and the observation is consciousness of the photon itself that is why it is the only thing that knows whether it will be a wave or a particle and why science cant measure it.

 In the sub atomic world of the universe of quantum particles there is almost a telepathic link whether that link happened in what we call the past or in what is known as the now or even the future. The connection between these quantum particles are instantaneous and their entanglement can occur billions of miles away or even light years away , even to being at opposite ends of the universe. This tells us that each of these particles is aware of each other no matter what the distance is and when they interact with each other it is known as entanglement, Something that happens over here can be entwined with something that happens over there. 


Nevertheless, these results, coming from both theoretical and experimental considerations, strongly support the conclusion that the universe admits interconnections that are not local. Something that happens over here can be entwined with something that happens over there even if nothing travels from here to there—and even if there isn’t enough time for anything, even light, to travel between the events.

This means that space cannot be thought of as it once was: Intervening space, regardless of how much there is, does not ensure that two objects are separate, since quantum mechanics allows an entanglement, a kind of connection, to exist between them. A particle, like one of the countless number that makes up you or me, can run but it can’t hide.

According to quantum theory and the many experiments that bear out its predictions, the quantum connection between two particles can persist even if they are on opposite sides of the universe. From the standpoint of their entanglement, not withstanding the many trillions of miles of space between them, it’s as if they are right on top of each other.

So all this is telling us that consciousness is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, just imagine the intelligence that a quantum particle can find a mate to entangle with million of light years away. So if this connected-ness happens between quantum particles, then everything is connected through this quantum spectral of light, so all humans are connected not through their physical bodies of the physical minds but through the light that is called spirit connects us all.

So imagine how our huge collective form of energy consciousness is shifting at present with all the negativity acts of destruction that is taking place all over the planet. As a jumbo collective form of consciousness that created the structural form of the human creation, it is now changing getting ready for the shift in its pattern of consciousness that is now occurring. It is through the negative energies that people are causing that this new pattern of consciousness shall now shift its pattern bringing in a new tonal sound to its energies which will resonate not only with the earth and nature but with those that are attuned to hear it. Also those who have awakened will feel these energies shifts and will act accordingly as they will be in balance to the change of energies which will be everywhere.

The gigantic consciousness is linked to every human being on the planet whether some people know it or whether they don’t believe in it, the conscious change will still take place and it will benefit some and not others due to how the individuals consciousness has raised itself, so those who are reading this will have risen their consciousness sufficiently to benefit. Universal consciousness can change what it has created when it has to.

There have been many changes of consciousness over the millions of years since mankind began its change from hunter gathers to Homo sapiens, and this change occurs from the huge collective universal consciousness that created the human body/mind. There have been many cycles where mankind has played out various scenes in order to make progress. One must remember to find enlightenment is to find out why and how both polarities exists side by side, ying and yang then you will get the answer of why violence has played such a part of the human evolution as well as some peaceful ones. Look back in history and there has been negative input from the mind since day one when tribes killed each other for food and survival. Then a more advanced civilisation came into being bringing with it sophistication of working with tools and harvestingthe earth. From that point on we ecelled quickly with kingdoms and palaces rich and poor and it came to a time when everything went into overdrive to opullence for some and nothing for others, so the mind of man has always had the duality, but the universal consciousness of dulaity never quite balanced itself to a smoother way of life for all. Balance is the key word in life whether it is poeple or nature, nature has its own balance but humans don't because of how the mind works through its many fears and desires. Let us look at the elliptical precision of the heavens each cycle represents changes in the ages or cycles and if you look at the graph below you can see how these changes have altered each cycle in life

Precession Equinox of the Heavens

The cycle of the star zodiac of 2,160 years in each sign

Around 300,000 BC Homo erectus gives way to Homo sapiens, where it all begun

      22,860- 20,700 BC    Aquarius   The Ice age had already begun

      20,700 – 18,540 BC    Capricorn    Plants were found indicating the use of barley 

      18,540 – 17,280 BC    Sagittarius   Cro Magnon’s replaced by later cultures

      17,280 – 15,120BC  Scorpio  Mesolithic Age

      15,120 – 12,960 BC    Libra     Mesolithic Age

      12,960- 10,800 BC    Virgo      Oldest Native Americans petroglys

      10,800 - 8640 BC    Leo     Noah’s flood , Neolithic age and the building of the walled town of Jericho

       8640 -6480 BC      Cancer     Early evidence of religious practices

       6480-4320 BC      Gemini    Early Egyptian civilisation       

       4320 - 2160 BC      Taurus   Sumerians in Mesopotamia City of Eridu

        2,160 BC to 0     Aries      Invention of writing by Sumerians and end of Pre-historic period

       0  - 2,160  AD  Pisces    Roman Empire and beginnings of Christianity

           2,,160 4320  AD Aquarius

No one really knows when the Aquarius age begins but this stage of its cycle should herald in a new waves of consciousness, one of spiritual refection upon ones self. It will be a time when the wheat separates from the chaff.       If you notice every cycle ends in the no 9 as this is the precession number for earth, and 9 is an end number that ends one cycle 

We are entering the Grand Slam of all cycles as each cycle is 2,160 years then one whole round is 25,920 years multiply that again by 12 and you get the whole Grand Cycle of 311,040 years which we are now entering, so its not just a change of notes in the Universal orchestra but a complete change of tune.              

So many changes took place within these cycles, but one thing you must keep an open mind about, where did this knowledge begin, there were no books to read, this knowledge came with the spirit/souls that descended into certain individuals at the time. Soul/spirits always brings in the tools of knowledge that not only an individual needs but knowledge to set the way forward for mans evolution. Look at Galileo everybody thought that the earth was the centre of the universe and the sun went round the earth and that it was flat, no one knew that it was round and went round the sun. The spirit of Galileo brought in this information so that the planet and the people on it could move forwards,

 Genius people are just a physical vehicle that has a very evolved and knowledgeable spirit that brings all knowledge and information needed to move the people forward. How do you think we have got this far. In ancient days there were only a few that the soul/spirit brought in knowledge like Alchemy, Healing, and knowledge of the heavens that the Sumerians had. There were seers sages and individuals that could project their bodies flying like the Tibetan monks, this is the way that Universal Intelligence uses itself to experience its own creation, but to do this it must have a physical vehicle of matter with a mind that can think so that the higher mind can use its energy information to transmit itself through the physical mind. This is how knowledge is being transmitted through the mind form of the human race.

The Wheel of Life

The wheel or cycles are the wheel of life, the Tarot the Wheel of Fortune represents fate, chance fortune good/bad, whatever it is that wheel gives you, it always keeps on turning. This wheel represents the four elements and the four signs of the heavenly signs of Leo and Aquarius.Taurus and Scorpio again are the opposites of each other. You also have the snake on the left side of the wheel and Anubis on the right side of the wheel. The wheel of life keeps turning and it all depends at what point you get caught up in this wheel. Whether it is by chance or by fate it will always move you forward as the wheel carries you to its next point of its cycle.


Take the turning point from left to right moving constantly upwards and down to the right and back up to the left, passing through the four elements which it begins with the winged Lion representing Leo, Cancer and Virgo which were the years from 15,120 to 8,640 years ago, then we move on to the next quarter Taurus, Gemini and Aries taking us through the years 8,640 to 2,160 years, then we come to the quarter we are in now that of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn and onto the future quarter of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra, the wheel keeps on going round. It creates changes, opportunities, possibilities probabilities, fate or destiny, expansion, activity, events, developments, interpretations, synchronicity, coincidence, opportunity knocking and unpredictable events. All these are within each cycle and sometimes it is up to us to choose to be within the positive section of the cycle, although it can work on its own to bring about someone destiny or fate, but we must remember we do have a free choice. Life is created whether it is for mankind or nature it is all cycles created through the universal cycles of the heavens.

The Precession Cycle for Mankind to Achieve

The inner middle circle is symbols for man, Lion, Bull and Eagle, the above cycles of this circle shows the greater circle of 311,040 years and 144 signs. The colours Red is for the Physical, the vehicles of matter, the Purple is the Vital, this plane of consciousness are where desires are created in the duality form consciousness its where opposites attracts and when duality can be split into either negative or positive. Yellow is the Mental, it is the plane of consciousness where existence of the higher thought of intelligence works through the human mind The Gold is the spiritual this is the light that carries its own unique pattern the soul, it is the existence of the true purpose of our being why we are here and the role we came to play. It is in these higher realms of consciousness that these planes of existence that help create the human consciousness.

The beginnings of this wheel have three cycles of the physical which symbolises the beginning of the physical life as in bodies of matter. The next three cycles gives the vital energy of life. Then you have another three cycles of the mental energies and lastly the three spiritual energies. Each cycle of the zodiac is 2,160 years and there are three zodiac sign in one quarter making a total of 6480 years. We are at present in the last around 109 on the first rung of the gold line still in Pisces waiting to move into Aquarius. According to ancient teachings there are 12 manifestations in which the universal wheel turns, these not only consists of three zodiacle  signs in each quater but als represents the four elements. The 1st 5th and 9th manifestations has the signs of Piscies, Aquarius and Capricorn with the symbol of man. The 2nd, 6th and 10 manifestation have the signs Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra and these have the sign of the eagle. The 3rd, 7th and 11th manifestations have the signs Virgo Leo and Cancer and the symbol is of the lion. The 4th, 8th and 12th manifestation have the sign Aries, Taurus and Gemini and the symol is the Bull. You have these four signs representing the four quadrents or cycles in the Wheelof fortune in the Tarot.

The Eagle symbolises spirituality, peace as the Eagle flies above all the materialisms of life. The Bull symbolises strength and power and leadership, while the Lion symbolises communities, like the pride of Lions, it also has a mystical quality about it  and is associated with wiitches alsways having cats by their side.. Lastly you have Man in this cycle signifying duality of mankind the lower and upper energies of life, the positive and negative aspects of life. All these cycles represents, the Physical energies, the vital energies, the mental energies and the spiritual energys. The Red lines are the physical the cycle of mankind, next is  the Blue colour representing the vital energies the symbol of consciousness of manking, the next is the yellow lines which represents the mental energies of thought for mankind and the last is the Gold libe which represents the spirituality of mankind. All these are cycles in mankinds evolution and keeps on going from one cycle to the next. At present we are in Piscies on the last Gold Rung aft This tells us we are now reached the change within spirituality before within the next couple of hundred years when the cycle begins its journey through Aquarius and has to begin climbing the ladder in the years that aquarius reigns which is 2, 160 years

The manifestations of life .jpg