The Learning Curve of Life

Life Learning Curve on Planet Earth

Most people living on earth or who have lived on earth see it as a place of enjoyment, pleasure, pain and sorrow. They want perfection in their lives, they complain when things go wrong and are difficult and often become angry when things are not going their way or they cannot have what they desire, this is because Earth is a planet of accelerated deep growth and learning moreover its lessons and the conditions in which people must confront are among the most demanding and testing time in the entire scheme of evolution. Acceptance of this fact reinforced by an understanding of the wholeness and purpose can make life much easier and it helps to ensure that we gain the most evolutionary benefit from Mother Earth’s lessons

Evolution in the first half of its cycle is a movement away from the creator’s unity, the farther we journey away from that unity the denser the levels of our energies go and it is within these levels that we have to function and live. It is this separation that we as human beings create as we enhance the sensation of the self/ego with its concentrations of wealth, power, influence and prestige and it is in this denser atmosphere of our energies that our actions become slower and heavier which the body creates within its own demands for an easy or not so easy life, or sometime the frustration of the self/ego creates various forms of sensation motivated excesses which have a detrimental effect in one's life.

It is well known on higher levels that Planet Earth represents one of the farthest points from the spiritual source centre and with some of the hardest and harshest lessons that can be learned, it is one of the greatest density related difficulties that duality can give out, but it also has some of the most beautiful experiences one can ever experience something that cannot be put into words or expressions but to get to that level a person must raise the density levels to a much higher lighter one

The extreme density surrounding this phase of our evolution on Planet Earth has over time created a veil of forgetfulness which has divided us from the higher dimensional worlds, constricting our inner vision and our awareness to the truth of reality, most people live within this dense fog like atmosphere, while others have forgotten how to communicate on a more telepathic wave of energy and many have lost the touch to interact with the thought forms of consciousness in animals and birds never mind the flowers and trees who share the planet on a physical level with us. All these are natures finest who share the planet with its last arrivals human beings, nature was here long before mankind came along.

This Veil of luminous fog which is denser at times than others not only separates us from other dimensional worlds but also from the knowledge that the soul carries from life time to life time, this knowledge you may find  in rare books or mistaken forms of history. The veil was established a very long time ago when violence became into being with Kings and Pharaohs armies trying to  take land that did not belong to them, a veil was created as a form of vital protection during these early times, this protection has lifted a long time ago and now we are learning the difficult and painful lessons of the dense physical world of what is known as reality.

It was in fact requested by our true being on a much higher level to see through the veil and experience the densisity of it

If incarnating spirits on Earth could carry with them even the faintest recollection of the joys and beautiful colours of the spirits sphere, it would make it impossible for them to remain in a tenancy of such a dense form of energy as the physical body. To drink deep from the cup of experience it is necessary to contact life in its lowest form of manifestation and in order to do this your spirit has to slow down its vibrations to a very slow rate and come under the cumbersome laws which govern that form of matter. To someone who could remember what life in its true capacity was like, the ache to return home would be hard to bear that no spirit could hold down it’s highly vibrational light in an earthly form of matter. But if we could just have a glimpse of our true self and unite with it in a balance of spirit and matter then we would remember some of the spirits joy and freedom and we could manifest it into our daily lives. The veil will always remain up to a minimum as the human mind could not take in the pure essence of its being as there are no words or expression to describe it. This veil of separation while essential to the people of Earth’s experience is in fact an earth born illusion and not a spiritual reality. We are forever linked to the spirit within it never leaves the mortal body until after death. We are linked to the past the present and to the future because we are part of the universal mind the creators creation, our every atom is part of every other atom in the multi universes.

Think of it as watching a drama on TV unfold we may well remain detached because we tell ourselves it is only a story, the inner spirit also watches a drama, the one its counterpart of consciousness the self/ego or identity is weaving along life’s pathway and it too must remain detached until it is asked to become involved in the drama and only then can the witness watching the TV intervene and make changes to the drama that it becomes a real story and not one of make believe.

The duality of contradiction between illusion and reality is paralleled by another contradiction often seen as creating heaven and hell on earth which brings in the unbalance representation of good and evil. In this sense it is all about learning, because all is evolution of life’s learning curve and it is through the experiencing of the alternatives that in time we can overcome them and create a balance that has equal equations within our energies. Some come to seek the highest wisdom through their own inner knowing so that they are not separate, but we all belong to the higher realms of our own creation, so by seeing through the eyes of the universal mind, there is no good v evil it is all experience its evolution until we all get the right equations of how to balance both polarities of energy and turn them into harmony, contentment, peace and an acceptance of universal love for all the creators creations.

We must learn to live and respect all life on the planet and not abuse it and not think that it exists purely for man’s personal exploitation and gratification. We are equal to all life neither placing ourselves above nor below others, but knowing we have the same creative form as them. The worm’s life may be unimportant to you, just as your life is incomprehensible to the worm, but the worm’s life is important to the worm just as your life is important to you. Bring balance into your life and see it restore its harmony both with nature and mankind.

Descent of the Soul/Spirit

The souls light that holds its pattern descends into physical matter firstly to give that matter life, secondly to experience the consciousness of itself that gives awareness, but as it descends into the actual body form at birth it fragments and it is within this fragmented light that projects the outside awareness of identity the duality of being born and knowing one day it will die. The other fragmented piece stays a silent witness until the outer consciousness is awakened to its counter part the inner consciousness, once these two unite they become as one like they were before the descent into a physical body of matter.

The inner consciousness intelligence rests and remains hidden within the sub consciousness and deeper, this is due to the density of matter that the physical body/mind consists of, but no matter how deep it is buried there will always be a spark of light no matter how dim the light is. We have our true inner being but the layers that surround it are the heavy shades that we create as we go through life with our desires and fears. These layers hide the light of the spirit, but once the individual realises its inner light or seeks that inner light, only then do the layers slowly begin to peel away and project more light. People do need to seek and search for themselves as it is only them that will find it as it is within them and not outside of them.

Most people have not understood the different fragments of their true being, because their concepts of life are seen only through the mind. The mind is structured into various compartments and it is through this mentality of the mind that our perceptions and concepts rule the way in which we live through the thoughts that create the structure of how we want our lives to be. Everybody creates life as they see it or want it to be, because they don’t know how it is meant to be. It is this difference that creates so many obstacles in life and why we see life so difficult. If only we all had an easy access to how it is meant to be then we would not have so many disappointments in life. We don’t have a script to read but there is an invisible map which we can read if we know the signs to look for. The individual nature of the human mind is complex, but the inner mind is quite simple, it is the nature of man’s duality and the logic it presents that makes things complicated.

The human mind is of a great complexity where there are various forces that move directing and projecting consciousness outward, one must remember there is so much of the brain that science does not know about, never mind how it works but it can transmit its energy to communicate with the higher consciousness, unfortunately science has not yet come that far yet but when scientists understand that science and spirituality are both sides of the same coin. Let us look first at how the soul/spirit chooses the place of its birth, the day of its birth, its time of birth and the environment and culture of where the parents live, all these points are taken into consideration before a soul/spirit descends.

Let us use some analogies; a soul/spirit descends into a poor country like Ethiopia where it has agreed to stay for only a short while a just a few years perhaps, but these few years have a meaning to the soul/spirit but sadly it brings so much sadness for the individual and its family as they can't understand the wholeness of the picture behind why the soul chose and came to occupy this host for such a short period of time and exists in so much depravity and violence.

Behind this blueprint of the souls short stay is a deep meaning both for the soul/spirit and for the manifestation of the life it inhabited, know that when a soul has a short stay in a physical body there is always a reason far beyond the logic and emotions of the mind. The soul/spirit never incarnates without a reason no matter how the outcome seems to the logic of the human mind. The creator never sends its children into a low density of matter without a structure to its greater plan for the evolution of its creation.

Now another analogy is when the soul/spirit descends into a wealthy family with all the trappings of wealth and materialistic experiences this time the soul may stay a lot longer more than 80 years old this individual has a prosperous life, but not necessary a meaningful life according to the evolution of the soul/spirit in the greater whole, but what you must remember is it is the same soul/spirit with the same pattern of light that incarnated into both these human vehicles. The soul grew more in its short stay than it did in the longer stay as its light was stronger in the child and the suffering the child experienced made the light stronger. The soul maybe came for only for a short while to balance the karma it may have carried in another life.

Many years ago I worked with a lady who had a terrible time for many years and could not understand what she called all the bad luck she was experiencing when she herself had not done anything to bring this about. She went to see somebody to have a reading and this person told her that some karma was being paid unknown to her. The soul had chosen this person to pay a karmic debt off from another life. Although the person had not caused it she unknowingly was carrying it and this was the reason why so many events were happening that she called bad luck. Many years later I saw her again and I asked how things were and she told me that after three years all the bad luck had stopped and life was good again, the karma had been paid.  

The soul or its collective source chooses very carefully the person before birth that will pay out a karmic debt as they will always have the inner courage and inner strength to experience it. I created some karma in this life I knew what I had done and when it came time for me to pay the debt I knew exactly why I was paying it and how it was getting paid. I waited patiently and exceeded in trying to do all I could to balance things, then one morning I woke up and I knew that my karmic debt had been paid. I have never created a karmic debt since.


It is very difficult for people to know if they are carrying a karmic debt or if they are paying one or if they might have created certain events that are negative due to their own desires. If you are experiencing a lot of what is known as bad luck ask yourself what you have done that could have created it, if there is nothing and you can honestly say you have not created unwanted negativity then know you are paying a debt another person caused in another lifetime.

This may not seem fair but this is how the universal laws of the universe work, cause and effect and these causes and their effects are not attached in any personal way to the individual that is carrying them. Incarnations don’t follow a time line, so if you create a karmic debt in this life time and have not paid it off it does not mean it will be paid back in the next life time in another physical body, because incarnations do not keep records of time although they incarnate into a time scale but that is only here on earth. In the higher realms of the soul’s collective source they only create the scenario and not the phase of the time line even though the spirit descends into a body it is unaware of the time scale.

Another experience some people can pick up is collective soul energies, I was walking in a place I had never been before and all of a sudden I heard men’s footsteps marching along this path and singing quietly a song about going to war it was so clear to me that I could see details about the uniforms that they were wearing, I asked in the village if any men marched through there on their way to war the lady I asked did not know as she was not from that area, but sent me to the local church where I asked the Vicar and he looked in the records and yes men did pass through the area I described going to war, it was World War 1 so you see the energies of these collective souls still had the impact within the ether which can project its memory into the lower density where the manifestation took place. Anywhere there has been tragedy and where many souls left its earthly realm that memory will always linger even though all the soul/spirits have long gone home; it’s the imprint of that memory that sometime stays behind. I should imagine a huge memory of imprint of 9/11 still lingers in the area where the towers fell. Consciousness is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, so know that energy is life and consciousness is what holds life whether it was in the 1600s or in the last 20 years, know that all that has taken place in this world leaves an imprint in the realms of the ether.

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