The Laziness of the Un-Attentive Mind

Let us look in this second part of the course at old patterns of behaviour.    Old behaviour patterns are controlled by the mind, so let us look at analogy that one day you meet an old friend who you had not seen for quite a long time, you look at this friend in the light of old patterns of what you remember him/her being like or how he/she used to be. It is in this way that old patterns let us become the victim of mental conditioning and it is due to this way of thinking that you will not see the person that you have not seen for a while objectively. If you are able to have new thoughts that don’t impend on the old ones you will then be able to see this person with clarity and will have the opportunity to establish a new contact with this old friend one that will suit the both of you as you realise that you have both grown out of old habits you had when you knew each other before.

 So now you will see this person in a new light just as the person will see you in a different light.  So if you make an effort to put aside old habits, old behaviour and old ideas of looking at things in your life, things will begin to change as you change your thoughts and perspective of life. You need to look beyond your own boundaries and see the beginnings of new boundaries being built, you need to look to the horizon and not just what is in front of you and to do this you need to detach yourselves from the fixed and rigid ways of how each of you pertain how your life should be and not to how we are taught it to be from outside influences.

When one looks beyond the mind and looks within the heart of the inner mind we then begin to see the purpose and understand how life is meant to be and how you can improve it according to your own individuality and uniqueness of your soul/spirits energy. At the level of the mind the power of habit is so great that when we see something we instantaneously receive old information to our brain that is still stored in the mind because this information does not come directly from our present perceptions as all ideas are based on past experiences and desires it is these that are placed foremost in our mind. If what we perceive does not conform to past experiences or old patterns which have been taught to us by dogma and ritual then our reaction is to say this can’t be right it is not done this way or I cant imagine doing it this way as it is strange to me. This is what the old habitual patterns are telling us through the mind because the mind does not want to be discarded from its old cosy way of thinking for new thoughts and ways of doing things that is taking it out of its comfort zone, so it plays this kind of game with you through your thoughts within your mind.

So to change these old habitual patterns we must make the effort to believe in the new thoughts and new ideas that come into the mind by the higher mind and not through your old beliefs and dogmatic learning’s it is through the new information of the higher mind that you can grow both spiritually and personally knowing that your old ideas and habitual patterns need to change in order to allow new ones in. Fortunately your mind is not unchangeable this is the beauty of creation, the mind changes according to what you feed into it, a bit like a computer it all depends on what software you put into the computer to what you get out of it. It all depends on what you feed the mind with that is important, the mind would respond far greater when reading a book like one of Deepak Chopra than looking at a soap on TV or some reality show, because the input is more beneficial in reading the book than it is watching a soap. It is in aspects like these that we have a duty to feed the mind with new and enlightened subjects so that new perspectives can be gleamed from it which can create a whole new thought process that can change your old ways of thinking into new ways. of thinking, otherwise the mind will only give you old information that was processed a long time ago. 

A very useful tool in how to develop the mind is by changing its attention and focus, that is to focus your attention in where you are going in life and why you have chosen a particular road you must look within yourself and ask for the reason of that choice. Focus your attention during meditation and see what new ideas come flowing through your mind and then follow up those ideas and focus your attention on them.


In meditation when you attempt to observe your thoughts or clear your unwanted thoughts from your mind, you find that more and more thoughts enter your mind and it can seem impossible to slow them down or get rid of them. Instead of trying to shut the thoughts down allow them to flow freely through the mind without thinking upon them let them enter and let them go.

Meditation is not the easiest art to learn and it can take years of practice to shut down your thoughts and see nothing but a void, but it is sufficient to allow the mind to act as a filter and allow the thoughts to filter through. Let the thoughts flow like a stream flows quietly down to the river and remain a detached observer or think of being a witness and watching the thoughts flow like the stream and while you allow these thoughts to flow it will bring to your mind afterwards some incredible insights of new thoughts and ideas that you can act on in your life in many ways.

Remember the mind is always influenced in a specific way by the objects upon which it dwells, in the vortex of energy there are millions of thought formations and perceptions and it is within these formations that there are trillions of different varying thought processes all trying to take place at the same time. It is the mind that is trying to filter these thought formations out but occasionally the filter system lets more in than out that some people cant manage and it is this reason that many people are influenced through emotional and mental anxiety as these are the inner states of mental/emotional thoughts.  

 To contemplate these thought forms correctly without being influenced by them, you must try and detach yourself from the intensions of what the emotional mind plays on and allow these thoughts to flow out of the mind. The biggest problem is that many stop and think of these mental and emotional thoughts and the more focus there is on such subjects the more pain you bring to your mind. So allow them to come in and then detach and dismiss them.

The mind manifests various processes, perceptions, imagination, memory’s etc all these are susceptible to becoming sources of distraction. Let’s take sitting reading a book for example, we very often get distracted if some walks passed us or if we have an itch there are numerous things that can distract us from what we are trying to focus on   This shows us that there is an dialogue going on within the mind that we are not always aware of, this does not have to be verbally spoken but there is a definite inner dialogue there somewhere.

  So to have total attention or focus there must be a unity between the mind and the inner consciousness, the inner and outer energies of the inner and outer minds. So if we try and focus without disturbances focus so that the mind is not distracted no matter what little disturbances occur then we are half way in structuring the mind in allowing its energies more freedom which gives room for the higher mind to connect with the lower mind. The higher mind just wants its freedom of its spirit in quietness and solitude while the lower mind wants to control with chaos and noise.

To put conscious attention into our daily activities is not an easy thing to do since this is not the habitual state of the mind. The mind is at home with scattered thoughts all different energies crossing each other like with the input of noise around you, such as traffic, TV, radio and people talking all this chaos is what the mind feels as natural because it very rarely knows silence.

All past habits come with great power and takes us away from the state of focus and attention, old habits and conceptual ideas have a hard shell in which to penetrate them so there is only once course of action that really does help break into this hard shell and that is meditation it is only through the stilling of the mind that the desired results can be achieved.

Easy Ways to Meditate

First sit quietly somewhere you know you will not be disturbed, some people prefer early morning to do this, I know I do as by night time my head is to full of the events and thoughts of the day, but if this is not possible perhaps you can find 10 or 15 minutes at lunch time anywhere where it is quiet.

You can close your eyes or have them half shut while focusing on something a flower or statue, tree anything that you can just focus on. For those who shut their eyes focus on your breathing, intake from the middle of your stomach hold for a few seconds and breathe out slowly and try to keep your back as straight as possible. Whenever thoughts come into your mind go back to focusing on your breathing. Allow all thoughts to wander in but allow them to wander out, DO NOT focus on any one particular thought just let it go.

You may not notice any difference for quite a few sessions but with determination and practice you will begin to see results. Some people like to have soothing music in the background but I find that more distracting. I think personally that sitting in absolute quietness is the most important. If you live near a town or city there may be meditation classes you can attend, this is by far the easiest way of doing it with a qualified teacher to help you. There are books on the subject but I think trying to read the book and then acting out their methods is again disturbing the thought process. Although meditation is the same for everyone in that it can help still the mind, what you have to take into consideration is that the higher mind is unique to the individual as it is the pattern within the spirits light that is unique which the soul is.

So to some it may be easier than for others but all are capable of stilling the mind it just takes determination and most of all focus and when you have mastered that, then you will really take off and find the true purpose and true role of your spirits being. When thoughts flow into your mind when trying to meditate you will find new thoughts flowing in, again let them flow freely then move on when new ones appear in this way you will be in unity with the motion of energy and its constant flowing and changing just like the motions of a river. Do not try and slow the motion of these energies or try to create them to go faster as these energies know their own vibration and oscillation of their own energy pattern .  

Once this has been achieved it will deeply enhance your life, you will begin to notice the way you breathe as most people breathe only from their chest and not from where the third solar chakra is the gut feeling area, breathing correctly is the main thing to learn in meditation. Once this is learnt on a daily basis you will be surprised how more easily life becomes as you will think more naturally focus more easily and the energies of your body will flow on their own accord as they will be creating a new pattern of communication between cells in the body which in turn makes you healthier.

You can be the master of your own body’s health because the more you allow the natural energies to flow on their own accord the more those energies change in their pattern as you raise you own higher consciousness through meditation. Over the past 20 years my energy pattern has changed many times and is now closer to its original form, the pattern of its collective source the bigger pattern where the soul/spirits derives from.

This bigger pattern is known as the collective pattern of your soul/spirit, think of it like a jigsaw each piece of the jigsaw is the soul/spirit, but it belongs to the whole jigsaw so it is called a collective source. There are many jigsaws all with their own collective source within their multi dimensional patterns each being unique to its own source.  So the more the individual loses its habitual habits, its old ways of thought and conceptions the more that person will achieve a higher vibration in consciousness which will unite the lower consciousness of the self to the higher consciousness of the spirit. Meditation helps bridge the gap or unites both minds.

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