The Crystals Skulls & their Locations

In 1999 I received some channeled information about the whereabouts of the crystal skulls and some information as to their importance on earth. The four elements are connected to the skulls as they are a structure of all the elements  water, air, fire and buried into the earth for safe keeping until the time comes when all 12 and their activator the 13th come together for the next step in the evolution of mankind and planet earth. They also represent the 12 zodiac signs in the heavens and as the elliptical motions of the planets move above so does their vibration increase below, it is these two signatures that will unite in the harmonic energy vibrations that will synchronise the timings of events that will bring all the skulls together. There are 12 energy points on the planet that relate to the 12 zodiac signs in the heavens this is purely on an energy vibration that connects all twelve place below with above.

The element of Air on earth is represented by the country Israel and Egypt under the sign of Aquarius, these two countries are present are having some difficulties between their own nations. The element of Earth is represented by the countries, India, Tibet, Nepal, Siberia and Mongolia under the sign of Capricorn, these also have seen turbulent times in the past. The element of Fire is represented by South Americas and United States and Canada which America and the Americas are also seeing troubled times at present. The element Water is represented by Africa and the Middle East which has more problems than the others, so all in all these countries have great difficulties in the present time 0f 2011- 2012 than they did when this message was given to me 12 years ago.

The universe is laid out in universal mathematical terms relating to energy waves, particles, atoms and other building blocks of creation,creating and linking the many stars and planets in our galaxy and beyond, a plan was structured so that the universe could operate in a formula state of motion these included the four elements the 12 signs of the zodiac in the elliptical motion in the galaxy and an extra one called the Ether state. The ether of the A field is represented by the 13th skull which is the overseer and activator. Imagine a square and this square is 100 degrees in diameter, 25 degrees in each portion of the square, now cut through the square diagonally, making two triangles or pyramids which represents the three divine energy points. On the two squares of 50 degree you have four points representing four elements and within the pyramid you have the divine trinity put all those together and a structure gets formed outlining a pattern of energy formation. Within these structures are the bases for the fundamental existence between the two worlds of the higher realities of spirit and the lower realities of our solid manifestation. Add the four points of the square and the three pints of the triangle and you have the universal sacred number of seven.

Pyramids have always been a symbol of significance to universal structure of energies and all twelve skulls relate in some way to the energy points on planet earth and those in the heavens. Take the line of elliptic path where you will find all 12 zodiac signs in the sky, now take a symmetrical energy line from above to below and you will find an exact degree relating to each star sign to a place on earth and these invisible lines create isosceles and triangles from above to below, join these up and you will find that each sign that represents an element will have a form of a pyramid or isosceles joining these place together, this is the same formula in universal mathematical structure above in the heavens as it is below on earth. It is within this pattern on earth and above that the secret lies where all twelve skulls are hidden. The pattern will once again be in exact alignment as it was before the flood, but this time it will be in reversed order, it is the time when the Mayans predicted that it will be the ending of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth. We are now drawing near for some of these skulls to appear in their own manifestation here on earth and give us the guidance that is really needed for us to save the planet and ourselves from destruction.

There have been over the years many who say they have one of the original skulls, but I was told  through my communication with universal consciousness that there is only one that is known to exist at present and that is the Anna Mitchell Hedges skull, but there are a few others that have had caretakers down the ages who look after them but keep them hidden for safe keeping until the time is right for them to be exposed to the world. I am not saying that the other crystal skulls do not have some power but they are not one of the original 12 as they do not have the same knowledge within them.. The thirteenth is not manifested in the earthly world but resides in the ether and is an energy activator a transformer of energy which activates the holographic images in the 12. This skull is the vital component to each part of the twelve and brings together the whole hologram of the twelve various pieces together.

These 12 crystal skulls are found in twelve different regions on planet earth and when seen on a map of the globe and traced across in various directions you can see the isosceles and pyramids criss crossing each other.

1. Beginning with the Anna Mitchell Hedges skull that was found in Lubaantum in Southern Belize

2. Another one is buried deep in the Amazonian rain forest where thousands of years ago some tribal ancestors were given the charge of looking after it and hiding it until the time came when it will to be found. There has been a person chosen to find this when the time is right and unknown to him he will be looking for plants for medical research when he comes across it.

3. Another one lies deep within the Himalayans between Nepal and Tibet representing the element Earth, this one was found many hundreds of years ago by an old Tibet Monk who was at the given time a recluse living in solitude and isolation. This monk had the gift of insight and saw what was in the skull, he could see the prophecies within and knew that it could not be passed into the world until the time was right, so he put the skull to rest deep in the Himalayan mountain in a deep recess where many myths have been created calling the place Shamballa. Since this time it was found again by another seer who lived in the mountains as a recluse he also saw the prophesies that the skull contained and this has been passed down through the generation of such people who have been appointed caretakers to hide and preserve the skull and to this day there is one person living near this area who knows it existence.

4There is another one hidden in the vast region of the Gobi desert in Mongolia, this has not been found and nobody knows of its exact location.    

 5.North of Lake Titicaca in Peru near the border with Bolivia, there was once an ancient temples or towers in a place near Sillustani, these were built by the Incas to sustain the remains of Inca royalty thousands of years ago the skull was placed somewhere near these temples and as the temples are only ruins now the skull remains hidden, this skull has not yet been found.      

6.Another has been hidden somewhere deep in Turtle Mountain in North Dakota near to the border with Canada where many years ago the Sioux tribe lived followed by the Chippewa's, this also has not been found, but the great ancestors of these tribes did know of its existence and hidden it before the West invaded America.    

7. This skull is buried deep with the Sphinx in Egypt, when the time comes this will be discovered along with many other artifacts that have been kept hidden away from the world until the time is right, it lies hidden under the left back paw of the Lion when this is found many other valuable knowledge will be found with it.

8. Another is hidden in the Altai mountains south of the Siberian border with Mongolia, thousands of years ago the Shamanic tribe knew and had possession of the crystal skull but saw what destruction it could cause if it fell into other hands that did not understand the message that was given to them, so this skull has also been passed down from generation of shamans until the last two hundred years when it was put to safety where it still rests, no one now knows of its existence or its where abouts at present.

9. There is one very important skull with a distinct hologram to be shown to the right person when it is found, this was hidden in around 4000 BC in Ur Mesopotania now known as Iraq. There was an energy portal in the old Sumerian country of Ur which is now known as Nasiriya south of Baghdad. The capital of Mesopotamia was Ur and a temple called a ziggurat was built about 4,000 years ago the skull was buried under this temple and although many archaeologists have dug there it has yet to be found, maybe it is protected by the energy vortex that use to be used in these times but has been closed for a long time waiting for peace to be returned to this country.

10. This skull was located in the region of South West Africa in the mining sources of what is today known as Namibia's although that was not the name at the time of finding this skull several thousands years ago. This skull has changed hands frequently in the past as an artefacts or ornament of decoration, until it came into the hands of one who had the gift of insight and could see the terrible times ahead for this country so it was removed from Africa and hidden in a nearby Island where it remains safe.

11. There is one hidden in Ethiopia near the Blue Nile river this is close to the Sudanese border, this is yet to be found

12 This one is buried within Mount Sinai somewhere in the caves in the Egyptian region bordering with Arabia in the old ancient map of bibilic times, which is yet to be found

All 12 skulls came from three regions in which they were created and those places are Brazil, Africa and Mesopotamia, these skulls as I am told did not come from any alien life or from another planet but were sculptured and crafted by hand by those that were chosen  to create them and who had the higher vision of seership that was imprinted into the crystalline structure by those who had the knowledge. These individuals had the higher knowledge and wisdom that their soul/spirits brought in with them at their birth and knew from an early age what they had come for.   

When all the 12 skulls come together no one knows what they will portray in the reality of our existence, as there is no time in the universal mind, but we do know is that when they all do come together, the planet will be in a desperate state to be saved and they will give us the means how to do it. Certain people in the future have been chosen to find each of these skulls which could be several years into the future, but as they all come together one by one know at this time we of planet earth will need their guidance greatly.

In the book The Crystal Skulls where Carole Wilson channells the information of the Anna Mitchell Hedges skull she tells that the receptacle contains the minds of many and the minds of one, the thoughts and knowledge are crystallised into this receptacle, this receptacle is a thought process thus the information was crystallised into this receptacle via the universal mind. All of the world was created through the universal mind and as the universal mind creates matter the crystal energy is a living substance that you can infuse mind with matter. It tells us through the channelling of Carole Wilson that the searation has already begun

We have come to warn you because the separation has already begun, the destruction is already beginning to take place. The mind of separation has taken hold and some serious things have already taken place. You with your primitive knowledge have already started  something which now cannot be reversed. It started with your scientists playing with and bending sound and light waves that what you call particles into your atmosphere. There will be more destruction to come brought about by atmosphere intervention, unusual weather patterns rapid climate change and a movement of your land masses. Your civilisation has grossly misunderstood the use of light, sound and matter.
Your scientists and your governments play with toys that they do not understand. Your human minds seek separation you have a desire to separate that will lead only to your destruction. There will be many changes on your planet with that which you know as atmosphere, there will be a disaster that is of great consequence but in essence your disaster has already begun.  You will see destruction through radiation and much pestilence in that which flies upon your planet. There will be many eruptions and disruptions of weather patterns. Your livestock will die in great numbers, your waters will rise where they should not rise and parts of your land will sink under the waves, land masses will disappear and seas and oceans will rise.. There will be a great shifting of the earth, from within the earths core and  the earths  and the magnetic fields will shift it is already shifting. This is why these receptacles have been left for you to find when it was realised that so many had forgotten their original purpose of their incarnations into this physical dimension. It was realised that the mind of separation would take hold and that great catastrophe's would wreck havoc on planet earth.
It was known that those who sought knowledge and spiritual progression would turn to this path and would be needed to call upon their re-incarnation memories to heal, to counsel and to love a world gone mad, a world without knowledge, a world without hope where the fires of destruction would reign.
These exerts from the book are not word perfect from what is written, you can find her exact words on page 68.

So since the locations of the skulls were given to me in 1999 much of this disaster has already begun, let us hope that it is not to late to change it a little as nothing is set in stone only great possibilities, but mankind has free will so if we use our free will for the good perhaps we can still save the planet from much of the destruction that has been foretold.

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