The Consciousness of the Angelic Realm

Angels are beams of an ethereal light energy consciousness and within these beams of light are shards of energy that transforms themselves into light beings; these are known as transcendent ethereal beings which can transform themselves into a reality that can connect with each individual soul/spirits energy. These ethereal beings can be seen in a cosmic consciousness of light which resemble dancing lights all dancing on waves of different energy frequencies of vibrations. The angelic realm consists of one mass consciousness and not as individual spiritual beings, within this consciousness of energy are various vibrations and frequencies all operating and resonating on different levels, but within a unified whole. It’s like the various notes or octaves on a piano playing various sounds each note contributing to the sound but all coming from the one instrument the piano. This is why they are seen as dancing lights as they dance in sequence to each other within their own energy vibration but are not separate to each other.

Angels are ethereal beings that have been created as a consciousness of protection; this mass consciousness of light energy guides and protects all soul/spirits wherever they may be. Angels do not evolve as souls do, as they do not need to have a learning process or a need to experience certain experiences to evolve, they have been created as a mass of spiritual light and have no need to descend or ascend the spiral spiritual ladder. They have no shape or form but can transcend the energy of which they consist of through the thought form of others and can appear to an individual as that person would want to see them within their own mental image. In this way the mental brain capacity closes down the mind and the soul’s consciousness opens up and allows an image to transcend to the individual in a way that a person can accept and know that this form is its guardian angel. This form is not always seen as an angel with wings but can be seen in many shapes and forms according to the mental concept of the consciousness mind of the individual.

The conscious energy of these shards  of light beings not only gives a form of transfiguration or image, but also relates a name to the individual when both energy consciousnesses connects, this is how names were given many thousands of years ago to man when angels appeared to those who figure in the ancient scriptures. Angels have no names as such but give out names as a symbol or an analogy to those who they are communicating to or to those who are receiving guidance and protection and to those who can hear them. This consciousness of energy that is seen as angels has been in creation with that of the creator since before the beginning of time, it was created unlike any other consciousness of energy as its role was to protect and give guidance at all times. The consciousness of angels was created to look after all the other forms of consciousness that needed to descend the spiral ladder and experience all the duality of the universal laws. Angels guide and protect all souls no matter at what level or stage they are at or whatever their situation is, negative and positive as all people are looked upon as equal in the angelic realm because it is the spirit they connect with more than the identity of the self.  Vibrations and frequencies are to angels what feelings and emotional thoughts are to human beings, so it is with these vibrational frequencies of dancing lights that angels can transcend their world into the thoughts and feelings via the human mind. Because angels are formless they do not have thoughts like we have they are only the messengers of the creators will, just as the human instrument is a living physical example of the creators creation, we are all consciousness of the higher universal mind and all consciousness is like a web woven in patterns and frequencies of vibrational waves of energies on a higher sphere to connect with each other.

Angels Speak about Sadness and Regret
Sadness in your world is within the scale of joy, regret has to do with only then and not in the now. Regret is something in which you are powerless to affect and by holding on to it you can't change or undo what has been done. You must except that which is done because you can't change it, you may not like this but you must have acceptance of it, if you don't you remain in the state of regret and will find it difficult to move on. To remain in regret disempowers you and debilitates,
to take positive actions thus depriving you of potential sources of esteem, look at this in another way when something is complete it is finished, but people dread completion because it is synonymous with death. Since most people cannot cope with the fear of death which is the inner knowledge of immortality they avoid it. So what is the point of holding on to the past only to remember sadness or pain, unless you only remember and think of the joy and happiness that you have experienced in your life, but have no regrets.

The Conditions of your Planet as Viewed from the Angelic Realm

Let it be said that the conditions of the human species who live on planet earth are in universal terms rather exceptional ones. On other planets that have humanoid life in a higher density of energies
angels are not hidden, nor are they unknown, the mortal and the immortal realms have a synchronisation in which there is a balance of energy consciousness. Excepting the angelic realm with the lower realms of humanoid worlds do not have the mystery or disbelief surrounding the angelic order of beings, your world is a world by far an exceptional force of creation to the natural rhythms of ordinary planetary existence. Another way to express it might be to say that if the planet earth had different energies of consciousness that were more in synchronisation to other planetary bodies the angelic realm would be more evident to administer help and guidance to a much wider area of humanity that they do at your present moment of time.

Your scientists frequently speak of the insignificantly minute chance that life could originate on another planet other than the one they live on, because they expect life to be similar to what is experienced on planet earth. This is a misunderstanding of awareness based on the premise that life originated by chance or mutation of species, if life on earth did really begin in this way it would not only be very unlikely, but it would be totally impossible for it to be found elsewhere in the universe. It is the isolation of your planets life forms of intelligence that separates them from other life forms on other planets. Isolation is the key to your consciousness as the human consciousness in general does not relate to the consciousness of nature who so diligently orders the natural world. The elements of the winds, storms, sun and rain you see none of their purposes, but all the
higher primates of your animal kingdom know and sense all these natural elements from the universe, but sadly there are those who give no credit for those who can understand them, as they can't understand them for themselves.

If only the human species could open up their own consciousness as it is inherent in all of you, there are some who already have but there are so many that haven't. all of you would quickly find that you are surrounded by universal intelligence encompassed by wonder and brilliance; you would discover that life is full and vital with so many various energies filling your planet with extraordinary beauty. But so many people keep on trying to destroy it. The necessity of this understanding and unsentimental appreciation of all nature that surrounds you all with intelligent life is a particular and paramount importance at this point of your development, as a species for reasons that must be growing more obvious as time goes by. Your planet has been cut off and isolated from these levels of understanding for longer than your species has been in your history books. No one can say this has been an easy planet to exist in, in fact it may help you to know among those whose function it is to access the relative merits of inhabited spheres, your planet is considered to be among the most difficult in your universe, but now the cyclic pattern has done a full circle and has returned and is about to begin a new cycle so all this must now change as new waves of energies and frequencies and new waves of consciousness replaces the old.

The isolation and darkness that has been with your planet for such a long time is now drawing to an end. Much of the fear and hatred will begin slowly to dissipate and recycle itself into a more loving compassionate form. We the guardian angels will help release all the negative emotions from those who are ready and willing to accept this change and we will be along side of you in a much clearer vision of who we are so you may go to the next stage of your evolution.

Most human beings are unaware of their angelic friends or guardians, but this is not true for those who believe and have faith in the angelic realms. A human or cetacean and its angel might be compared to an egg and its shell, the being is the egg while the angel is the shell whose works and whose existence are to protect. You must remember that in your world you must take upon yourself your own responsibility of free choice and free will, so when you look at the cruelty and suffereing of your world you must think that these people that have closed their antennas down and no longer have any form of communication with higher spheres of the universe, so in their separatedness they create their own pain and suffereing from lack of their spiritual connection via their own spirit. While the antennas is closed and down we cannot reach some of you although we are always there for you.

There is a simple universal law in the angelic realm that says we cannot enter your world unless you open the door to allow us in; even if you open just a small crack of desire to know us is enough for us to show ourselves to you

The more you become consciousness of our deep connection, the more you will benefit from your experiences. When this happens on a global level then see your world begin to change. The creator does not create things which are perfect as there would be no growth; the creator never creates things which are perfect as there would be no growing or learning period to expand the creative energies in which you are formed. The creator only wants the angelic presence to guide and protect all soul/spirits that are the real you. All humanity is changing and you are all about to experience a vast and joyful expansion in consciousness. You are standing at the doorway to the next stage of your spiritual evolution. In this new stage of higher consciousness a connection between humans and angels will become more synchronised and be part of your every day existence and not the exception as it is at present and for the first time in your planets history you will be your own teachers and not that of students, because you will have a direct connection to the creators source via the angelic realm. Humans will begin to work side by side with the angels sharing love, joy and knowledge bringing together the energies of peace and harmony where the laws of nature exist side by side.

Here is a simple universal law in the Angelic Realm that says, we cannot enter your world unless you open your door and allow us in, even if you open just a small crack of desire  to know us is enough for us to show ourselves to you


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