The Components of Human Consciousness

In the human consciousness there are two main components that make up the consciousness of a human being . First is the soul/spirit  consciousness which is connected to the vehicle of matter that is the human body by a very fine wave of universal energy consciousness, this is the connection to the higher mind that many humans do not always connect to. The second one is the outer consciousness the identification of the self and the personality it is like sticking on labels on to something so it can be identified as something separate or individual. These two consciousness the higher consciousness and the outer lower consciousness are the same consciousness but are different until united as one. It is like a coin with two faces on it and although they may look the same they are not. They are both part of the same whole only they separate at birth one becoming the identity and the other watching quietly the outer consciousness and it's actions at work waiting for the time when they can unite and play the play together as one. Then it will be like watching yourself on TV playing the role it came for. Remember the human consciousness is part of universal nature and has the same laws of cause and effect which brings about free will. So the outer consciousness acts on free will of the self/ego while the inner consciousness is the silent watcher.
 Underneath this body of matter there is something hidden a very fine gossamer effect of energy separating the higher from the lower and it is behind this fine veil that you will find the true nature of the being that you are and not the labels that are given to you throughout your physical life. Without this wave of fine invisible energy which holds the two components together you would not be able to exist either from the outer or the inner consciousness as it is the universal mind that is the designer of both consciousness and creates the roles in the many plays that are played in this world so that the spirit  may grow through it's spiritual cycle towards its ascent to the home of where it came from.

The soul's energy consciousness is derived from it's collective form of energy pattern where many soul/spirits are waiting to play various forms of incarnations. There are many patterns that make the collective form and it is from this collective pattern of energy that the soul/spirit breaks away from and descends into a physical form. Each soul/spirit that emerges from its collective pattern of energy where there are many all entwined in the various colours vibrations and oscillations of their unique tonal sound, this energy pattern has a map and it is within this map that shows a journey created for that unique soul/spirit. This journey within the map cannot be read until the individual awakens to knowing of true essence of the soul/spirit within them. Once this has been achieved the soul/spirit then begins to remember and awakens to it's own inner light and to the story which is entwined in the map the true purpose for its being. This can only be attained by the outer self realising it is not just a body with a mind, but a real spiritual being in a human form and not the other way round. Once this has been achieved the outer self begins to slowly peel away the labels and not desire so much of the material world and its labeling, it becomes more aware and more enlightened to the soul/spirits existence. Now there is a crossroads for the individual as it has come to a point in its life either to carry on with it's individuality of the self/ego and carry on in the reality of the material illusion, or to exist in the reality of the inner consciousness of the inner light of it's spirit. So to completely surrender to the role that the soul/spirit has come to play one must give up many of its desires and let go of the outer self and become more enmeshed in the inner one. If the person chooses the outer self then it does so through free will and free choice to remain in the outer world and seeing it as the real thing the outer status the five sense reality. The soul/spirits consciousness can only chose what it came to experience no matter what they are, as it knows it will experience what has been chosen for it to play, it does not think either positive or negative experiences why should it,  it is immortal it will always find another vehicle to star in another play.

The two consciousness lower and higher have a goal in every life time they share in a vehicle of human physical matter, they both need to unite as one whole and not as duality, in either thoughts or separate goals the more they unite in the various roles they inhabit the quicker they will evolve and not need to keep on the cycle of re-incarnation. The higher mind has all the knowledge of universal creation and of the creation of the role that is needed to be played, this path has not so many obstacles, but the role that is played out through the lower consciousness of the mind/body will always have conflicts, obstacles and chaos due the chaotic thoughts that human beings create through it's desires and its fears. These thoughts always creates and experiences the duality of life so where there is joy there is also pain and where there is emotional love there is also it's opposite hate. The five sense person will always experience duality as that is what holds the lower outer self to the five sense reality it is the individuals own creation of how it sees life or wants life to be. Most people think that the body is governed by the brain and the heart, the brain is like a computer it controls all five senses and most people think all our thoughts no matter whether they are positive or negative come from the human mind brain. This is a false illusion because when you see through the eyes all that is around you, it is the brain that resisters the pictures and sends its signals through to the eye, the nerves of the brain also sends signals in which the eyes sees, the eye sight does not work on its own it needs the brain to pick up the signal and send the photo to the eye so you may see the picture. All five senses are commuted in some way via the brain, the brain holds the software that the computer needs to work with. The soul/spirit only needs a physical body whether it is human or not mainly for the creator or universal mind to experience all that it has created, there would be no point in creating all we see and know if the creator could not experiences them for itself, it would be like daydreaming, but thats all it would be is a dream as there would be no substance for it to manifest itself. The soul/spirit only uses the brain to injects thoughts to help guide people on their spiritual path in life, but more often than not most people do not listen to that little inner voice and travel a path of their own making. The soul's universal mind needs the brain like a transmitter to transmit the receptions coming from its collective universal thoughts, its like a two way transmission of a radio tuned into the station you want to send and receive. If the soul is not allowed to transmit and receive it falls asleep as it has not much work to do due the the individual not acknowledging it's existence. Sadly they have not yet woke up to the true part of who they are, and have no insight to their true being so cannot find their spiritual path. So when the soul/spirit cant act in its play due to being held back by the outer ego it learns nothing much and has to come back into another vehicle to try again. Every incarnation is filled with possibilities and probabilities for the soul/spirit whether the outer self or ego allows it's own separated individuality to awaken to its presence so both the outer and inner consciousness can unite thus bringing the remembrance of the play and the role it has come to play. It is this separation between the two consciousness that the soul gets it's pattern of energy distorted which adds karma to each cycle the soul incarnates, bringing karma into the next vehicle or individual who knows nothing of the inheritance that the soul's pattern has brought within it's light.

All soul/spirits no matter what karma they carry must play out all roles of duality, it would be like an actor alway playing a cowboy in a western or an actress alway playing comedies, the soul/spirit must encounter and experience all roles negative and positive so they may understand the roles of duality. Sometimes they do play what is called the role of grace whereby there's no real highs or lows it is pretty balanced like a couple who have been happily married for 60 years and still have the strong love that binds them, their graph would have little highs and little lows but not on a grand scale. This is known as the rest period for a soul/spirit due to perhaps having a lot of karma to carry and pay off, that it is a time of restful incarnation. Think of these roles like different films some as a war ethic to its story some have happy endings like lots of Disney films where there is the bad guy and the good guy who always wins and some films seem to have a lot of tragedy in them they all must experience all kinds of roles both for the outer consciousness of the ego and the inner consciousness of the spirit.. But one must remember all these experiences are for the soul to experience its self as without a body it cant experience anything it needs a host to occupy itself in whatever role is chosen for it. When a new soul from a new pattern of consciousness descends for the first time into a physical body it gets a map which outlines the experiences needed to be experienced during it's time in such a dense energy system as the physical body in a multi diversity of material life existence.. All roles for first timers are normally quite balanced with not a great deal of highs and lows of duality,it is only after several incarnations does the role of duality come into play on a larger scale. It gets more difficult when the individual it incarnates into begins to create the freedom of free will, this then begins to create karma which gets carried within the pattern of the soul. Let us have an analogy on this we decide to go on a journey which we have not experienced yet as it is our first outing we have not remembered to take the map that was given to us so it is inevitable we are going to get lost at some point of the journey, we may remember some of the signs that will help direct us, but for most part of the journey we will have to rely on our own choices of which road to take, this often results in getting lost as this is the first time we have taken this journey on our own, but if we had taken the time to listen quietly to the inner voice it would have shown us the correct road with it's guidance as it is only the soul/spirit that knows where it is going. The soul if it is it's first time in a physical body in a physical world it will encounter many strange experiences and not always the experiences it came for,but as it experiences more cycles that it inhabits in other vehicles it begins to get used to being more conditioned and not having its freedom of spirit. It is during all these cycles and all the experiences the soul witnesses that it gets used to enjoying some of the experiences that either the outer self creates or the inner self remembers. It's just like a kaleidoscope  you start turning all the pictures from the beginning to the end, the more it incarnates the more it wants to re-incarnate to experiences more of the physical roles that are created by the ego/self which the outer consciousness becomes part of, you could say some soul's get addicted to all the roles they play, just like an actor playing different roles in different plays they get more experiences. But the soul/spirit knows no matter what it experiences through the actions of free will there will always be other roles to play as it is immortal and infinite.

In the book Far Journey's by Robert Monroe, it tells of of how two souls are on a guided tour around the milky way galaxy, when they stop due to a tremendous noise called the M band, it was so bad they could not hear their own thoughts or what the guide was telling them. The tour guide stopped the group at this point of the tour to check all were present, the tour guide informed them there was one more point of interest before they departed. The tour guide cautioned the group of soul's for extreme discordant of noise from the M band radiation so told them to shield themselves accordingly. First they saw a blue green ball but when it came closer it blotted out all other perceptions and the noise became unbearable,( this was the chaotic noise of the humans minds). One soul who was known as BB said to his friend AA what  a mess it is down there to which his friend replied I think it is amazing and was fascinated by the incredible power of energy that he was feeling and the power that was pulling him to go down there. The tour guide announced this is one of the major matter artifacts created by the dominant species identification human beings, the guide went on to say that the human species are the ones that appear more vertical than horizontal and the various colours you perceive are emanating from an artificially produced covering used principally for decorative reasons, the larger mobiles are in fact artificial physical bodies which are often temporally inhabited by the dominant species and use chemical reaction of an explosive force to provide operating energy for them to function. By this time BB was getting bored and  feeling quite heavy due to receiving the noise of the M band so loudly around him. He asked his friend AA if he was ready to leave, but AA was excited and said dont you feel the many different bands of energy that are all mixed together coming from the M band down there on planet earth. He said there are millions of energy patterns thousands and thousands of them mixed up together some are soft in their vibration and some are much harder in their tonal sound, he was so excited as he did not know that all these different energies existed in one place. He thought it was an amazing mixture of resonance, beat frequencies, standing waves and incalculable patterns of energy, but BB was not impressed he said they call it plain old M band noise, all primitive life forms have it, now lets go and join the group they are leaving, but AA stood watching thinking it must be a great experience to be in the the M band and experience all the incredible vibrations that this M band creates.
From this point of the story AA breaks away from the tour group and finds an entry post or entry station where all soul's enter to descend into a physical vehicle down on planet earth. He asked the watcher on the entry station was this the place where you could pass through and be human, not permantly just enough time to get the experience and feel of it, he wanted to try how it was to be human, so he asked if the watcher could gain him entrance and told his friend BB to wait for him.

The watcher at the post of entry asked AA why would he wanted to experience being human and AA said they came from KT9 where there are no multi frequencies of energy like there is in the M band. So the watcher told him to go down the tunnel and turn right and not left as that was another place he did not want to go there. AA told his buddy to wait for him, but after quite a lengthy time AA had not returned, so he asked the watcher who realised there maybe a problem, so he told BB to follow him. First they saw the blue green planet and as they entered the portal the M band noise became horrendous but more so as you came closer to the planet. The watcher explained if there was no M band noise there was no life, but BB was to busy looking at all the forms on earth he was searching one band after the other for his buddy AA, but there were millions of living forms and he could identify anything that looked like AA. The watcher came alongside of him and said he is in there somewhere, as his light will be brighter than the repeaters, BB asked what are repeaters and was told that they are soul's who keep wanting to go back into living forms to try other experiences in human form. BB thought it was incredible that anyone would want to go through this route the first time as the first one looked difficult enough. The watcher the problem is they keep forgetting who they are and there are so many different experience to be had they lose themselves in the various forms they take.

All of a sudden BB saw his buddy's vibration, the pattern in his light and swooped down beside him, when AA realised who was with him he said what are you doing here to which BB replied I have come to take you home. AA said it was not as I was expecting it to be, they asked me at the portals entrance what I wanted male or female, and what country New York or Bombay and I chose female and New York, but coming into the world it hurt ( the birth of a baby) after that I grew up to toil the land and be used by a man who they said I was married to. The work was hard life was hard and I only lasted 40 years as I got sick I only got half the experience, so I decided to go back as a male where I became a soldier and went to fight for my country, but I got killed in the line of duty at 22 years so I only experienced a little of that life, this is why so many repeaters want to keep going back to try different experiences because you dont always get to fulfill what you came for. The watcher said they all get hooked in this human experience the more you get involved the more the energy pattern gets altered then you forget who you are and what you came for as the humanness takes over, the identity becomes the dominant role and you forget your roots. This is just an illustration and is not the exact words in the book but a small version to make the point that is why there are so many incarnations, and not only through karma but through wanting to experience the different varieties of human consciousness.

Let us go back to the map there are so many roads to this map to get to certain destinations, see these destinations as check points that the soul and individual has to go through. The free will of the individual can chose its route whatever roads they take but at certain points of their life un-known to them they must pass through some of these check points. So even though the individual might get lost and not experience some of the places or roles that the soul has in its map it will however pass through  some of these check points. It like an rally it can take any route it wants as long as it passes through the check in points along the way if these are missed they have to go back to the last check in point and try again. It is the same with the soul  if it does not experience what it came for in this life time it will carry on into the next life time unknown to the individual. If the individual gets totally lost but does not know it, but thinks through it's free will it is the right choice for them then the laws of cause and effect begins its operation which is karma, and it is through karma the person experiences things that it has no knowledge of creating and wonders why there are so many obstacles in life that they are experiencing. So the more in tune the person is within its inner self as well as its outer self, they will not experience so much pain and sorrow as they will be able to see both sides of the coin and not just one side this gives the individual a better understanding of why so many things happen in life.

The vehicle that the soul/spirit choses is taken with great care it's parentage, the family connected to them, the place it was born, the culture it will be part of and the environment,all these things are included within the map. There is also a group souls incarnation which have agreed to play a part of the soul's collectiveness within its family, friends, work mates and marriage all these things are taken into account before the soul incarnates. There are different roles in different plays each with their own experiences, the soul knows when it incarnates into such a dense body of matter like the physical body as it can play havoc to it's learning experiences as the two very different forms of consciousness does not always correlate to each other as the outer self/ego relates to the outer world of the five senses and the soul's consciousness relates to the universal mind. When the soul/spirit incarnates into the physical body it fragments and it's first impression is losing some of the light that holds it and going into the darkness of material matter, it is something similar as putting a wild bird in a cage no matter how big the cage is the soul knows it has lost it's freedom of choice.

When a soul awakens from its slumber it can only do so through the self/ego recognising that there may be more to reality of  life than the five sense reality it claims to be. This is when the outer self of the individual recognises that there is something beyond the desires and fears of its own bondage or by the mental and emotional mind that holds them. But once the individual's mind becomes inquiring about it's inner mind the soul begins to awake from its slumber and remembers the role it came for and to what experiences it came to achieve. The more the person seeks the truth of its journey and the reason for it's role the more the soul awakens and remembers it's map and the journey on that map. It is only during the meeting of these two roles,one of the individual ego and the other one of the soul that they can begin to meet and unite and to become one whole and not two separate identities of consciousness the outer and inner. This is not an easy process and can take many life times to process it due to the human mind of duality and living in the material physical world not knowing or understanding there is another world out there the universal source of reality the true creation of life.

The reason why the soul/spirit needs to incarnate so many hundreds or thousands of times is to experience all duality of the human consciousness before unity can begin, The human vehicle creates so many habitual patterns like many animals do and it is these patterns that are imprinted within the soul's holographic memory which it carries from incarnation to incarnation time and time again and it is not until these habits are broken and new perceptions begin to take over that awareness and enlightenment can creep in. Many soul's become addicted to earthly life as it knows it because it can experience so many different roles and still be immortal and return at some point back to it's collective source of energy where it began. It also knows and understands that an individual's destiny is no hit and miss and is created with many possibilities and probabilities so if it does not make it in one incarnation it will in another. Once the soul/spirit has learn t all it needs to in it's great universal cycles it then knows it can return to the universal mind;s collective consciousness and take with it all the holographic memories that it holds from all the incarnations it has experienced whether it achieved it's aim or not it still carries all memories the individual creates for itself. Within the universal ether or the A field all lives are recorded within the holographic frame of the universal mind so no matter whatever life was experienced by soul and self it stays in the ether for all time as an individual consciousness can only take the memory of its lifetime on earth and nothing else. All life in it's different period of evolutional consciousness stays in the ether or A field because whatever gets played out below so it gets played out above and vice versa.

There will come a time in the future where many people will operate their thoughts in balance with the inner and outer mind so very few mistakes will be made within their lives, this will be the time when the spiritual being will be in human form and not the other way round and where logic and mysticism will be in equal equations. All parts of the human brain will be discovered and used to it's highest capacity and all junk DNA will be where it should be so that the human being can access it's highest level discovering new aspects of the human body and dispelling with many diseases and ailments. It will be then that the soul/spirit will be able to play out their roles with no interference from the human mind as both will be as one whole. People will then be the true keepers who will look after the planet and become the mini creators of their own true being  the micro creator of universal intelligence. The creator will then send out all it's parts of light to experience all roles of it's intelligence to a  much higher evolution so it can partake in the next step of the earth's evolution and all that inhabits her.

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