Spiritual Self Empowerment

I was told to write about Self Empowerment, how to get back the real you when all around you most people are trying to be what they want to be.

I had a quick look on the web and it seems most people who are advertising how to achieve self empowerment want payment or are selling books about how to achieve it. How can you charge or write books on how to achieve something that everybody has within them, it is just that some people do not remember much before the separation between self and spirit. Everybody has all the tools they need; they just need a nudge in the right direction how to use it for their own advantage.


Self empowerment is to get back the essence of your own spirituality and create deeply from the heart or core of that spirit. Remember energy (spirit) can create and manifest anything if you use it correctly and with a positive and understanding mind. Real empowerment comes from the source of all power, the source of the Creator, in the vast consciousness of infinite energy there is infinite power. 


When you are firmly established in the knowledge of your true being, the nature of your existence is also understood and the power within begins to grow. Most people give away their empowerment to others without knowing it; by looking up to others or thinking others are somehow better than them, but all of us have this energy that we can all use to empower us in various ways that suits the individual’s life. So remember we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator.


Energy is used as a transforming tool, it can never stay still you cannot destroy energy it comes and it goes, and it is always creating and manifesting things in life. So everything in everybody’s life is continually transforming, but it is transforming in a presence that is always there with you no matter what happens in your life, it will never desert you.  It is the very foundation of your being you were born with it and it will always be with you even after the demise of the body.


The real you is the spirit of light that created you and keeps the body alive within the universal intelligence, which is the true you, if you can connect with this inner light you will have all the means and the power to empower yourself to the goal which has been given to you in this life.


 So how do you get back your empowerment? First you must spend some time in total silence, find a place where no one can disturb you and sit quietly and just breathe deeply like in meditation but instead of going into a meditative state just sit quietly let your thoughts come and go and after a while other thoughts will come into your mind that has nothing to do with your ordinary thoughts of everyday life. Try to do this twice a week and you will see a difference to how your higher mind/thoughts will connect with your mind.


When you have experienced complete silence in your mind only then will you recognise that you are not your thoughts but the watcher (Spirit) who is having the thoughts. In time it will be like someone sitting on a bench in the park and watches the people and the scenery change as the seasons come and go, everything comes and goes but it is the seer that watches all that comes and goes and not you the mind, it only seems that it is your eyes and the mind that is the watcher, the true watcher is the light within. It is this switch from your identity to the watcher that begins the awakening in you and it is only this way can you get your true empowerment back.


From the beginning in the evolution of the human race everyman and woman has allowed their true empowerment to be given away, firstly through the Gods they worshiped whether they were sun gods, rain gods, tin gods or pieces of pottery that they made for the gods. It began from the beginning of the hunter gathers or cave men then it proceeded to Ancient Civilisations like the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greek gods and then Roman gods before Christianity began. Whenever there is a kind of worship or hero-ship from one to another then you are giving away your own spiritual empowerment.


This is what has separated the spirit from the physicality of the human being; the human mind gave away the one thing it was connected to the true purpose of its existence and from that time onwards the spiritual empowerment that holds it all was separated when the mind gave its power away. It is now time to take your attention off the world of the intellect and the ego and tune yourself into the light within, like tuning in a radio to find your own unique channel and frequency and holding it to listen to what that channel is saying to you. It may take some time to find that channel or that particular frequency but know for sure that it is there. Remember you don’t have to pay for this channel it is free it came with you and is with you at all times.


As you are nearing the exact spot of this frequency that is unique to you the first signs will be that you are not worrying about life so much, you are taking things more as they come along. This is due to your trust in the light that created not only you as an individual but also your life’s path one that was created before your birth. You will begin to understand that when a door closes will not remain closed after a while another door will open. When hardships come into your life and you at desperate measures of how you can turn your life around, listen quietly as what to do next, do not act in haste as it often makes things work, if you trust that something will change for the better it will, but you must have a little patience as where changes are made in the higher realms it takes time for them to manifest as there is no order of any timescale, only here on earth do we live by time.


The Greek God Chronos the god of changes and destruction was replaced by Zeus in the heavens so even the gods can synchronise events but one has to wait for these changes to arrive, but just by knowing things will change and for the better can help comfort you when things are not going so well in life, nothing can ever stay the same understand the flow and ebb of energy is what life is all about. It comes and it goes and if you can allow the watcher to project the scene that is being created you will have a much better understanding on how life is.


Lets us look at what people call coincidence, it means many incidents coming or happening together, it is universal conspiracy of improbable events. Although coincidence seems to some as an accident in their lives there is no such thing, what we call an accident or a random event, is the non local correlation of the universal mind. Every event is being orchestrated by infinite consciousness and every event is a conspiracy of infinity of events. This means to you your body and to the events happening in the world, the entire universal intelligence has to conspire. Even when all looks impossible and not many see any light on the horizon, know it is there but you can’t always see it because your mind and chaos of thoughts blind you so you can’t see it.



Although we may not always understand how life works, as we only experience the joy and the pain that life sometime brings. The essential truth of the universe is that it is synchronistic and coincidental; everything is connected with everything else even though you can’t see it or understand it, and it is there behind the veil of what we call reality. So the more we connect with our inner light the more we will experience simultaneous events in our lives and know why they are happening. When you surrender to these simultaneous events knowing they are meant to be, then you will stop worrying so much about what is happening in your life and begin believing that whatever comes into your life is for a purpose it is a connection to your soul/spirit or the role it came to play.


Now every individual has a local self which is what the individual thinks it is, but every individual has a non local self which is the unbounded spirit and you experience both no matter whether the individual believes it or not, because without the spirit you could not experience anything at all. So as you experience both some people are aware when a coincidence happens in that precise moment one has glimpsed your non local self the spirit of your soul. Then you begin to see there can be miracles in your life and you begin to see the connections between your inner world and your outer world and you thin begin to understand that every event in your life is being orchestrated by the entire universal intelligence, the mind behind the source.


When you realise these facts or have experienced some of these miracles or glimpsed into your non local self, the bewilderment of what you have experienced then becomes a form of gratitude to the universal source which shifts your consciousness to a higher level. So as you elevate your attention from more worldly activities and the humdrum of mundane existence, your awareness will shift its attention to a much more profound meaning to your life and life becomes what it is an adventure and that life itself is indeed a miracle. The more you see life in this aspect the more you can consciously become your own creator in your own life by being in connection with your non local self and this connection to the right frequency of your own personal radio channel will bring so much wonder and contentment into your life knowing you are being watched over by the watcher your soul/spirit and that it will guide and look after you all through your life. You just have to surrender and believe in who you really are.

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