Round Peg in a Square Hole

Why are We a Round Peg in Square Hole


Human beings are like round pegs in square holes trying to fit in a square diameter of the elements air, fire, earth and water forgetting the fifth element of ether and the subtle energies that create all roles and all manifestation that we all call life

The Ancient Symbol of the Ouroborus is the snake that eats its own tail. This has been said to have many meanings of infinity or wholeness. In the old age image of the Ouroboros lies the thought of devouring oneself and turning itself into a circulatory process, for it was clear to the more astute alchemists that the prima material of the art was man himself. The Ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposites, light/shadow. It is also a sign of immortality since it is said of the Ouroborus that it slays itself and brings itself back to life. It symbolises the circle of life and death going round and round in infinity.We in our natural form soul/spirit is like the Ouroborus a cycle of incarnation into the physical then the demise of the body and then the transformation of a new birth of another body and  so it  goes on into infinity. But during this process we have shaped ourselves into squares of the four elements and we are trying to put our round spiritual essence into square lives. If you draw a square box and draw a circle inside of it you will see that part of the circle touches the side of the box in places but in other places there is a gap or a space. This is the gap that separates the consciousness of the spirit from the consciousness of the physical mind.

A saying by Homer is that the soul is the impression that the body leaves in its demise a bit like smoke lingering in the air when a fire has burned out. A circle with a point at its centre is seen as eternity and infinity and that is what we are, but while the spirit/soul has taken a form of matter our body we are trying to fit our round eternal spirit into a square hole of a materialistic world. Think of a box with walls all around that surrounds us and boxes us in this world. We can’t see these hidden walls or know they are there, in fact we can’t see beyond them because we can’t see that they are there in the first place. So we assume there is nothing there to see, and in the end we just stare out in space not seeing anything anymore, we forget these walls are there. These walls of the box that boxes us in this world are not solid walls if you look carefully there are hidden doors you can get through if you want to see what is on the other side.It is through these hidden gaps that you will find an illuminated light, your own light of being, this is the only way to escape the world in which we see as real and see beyond the walls to freedom. In life we trust our senses but we are pathetically ill equipped to apprehend reality. Our ears hear only a fraction of the sounds of the universe which our world makes, our eyes have the resolution of a 1 megapixel camera and it is from these feeble stimuli that we deduce the existence of an entire unique complex universe that surrounds us, what is this information we call reality, it is nothing more than electrical impulses and chemicals flickering dimly in our minds

.Multiple universes have more to their existences other than science fiction, this is science and not fiction, experiments have shown that there an infinite number of particles in this universe which we can never perceive, which exerts no perceptible influence on the world we know except in the smallest fringes of experiments. All the telescopes, microscopes, spectrometers, colliders and many other tools can only find one billionth of the matter in our galaxy. Physicists tell us that the world is governed by mathematical numbers, but this is a very old concept given by Pythagoras and it is wrong. The mathematical Gödel has shown that no mathematical model however complex can comprehend all possibilities of numbers or zeros, this is because they are part of a living universe/ multi universes. which cannot be deduced by mathematical  figures and live in a reductive materialist world. We think everything is explained by things we can touch with all the five senses, yet even those we cannot properly understand. Since ancient times we have always been lowering our sights from Gods to Men to Animals, then to cells, nucleotides, atoms and particles, we sink into the mud of our own making and wonder how we get stuck and can’t get out.The universe plays us a symphony and all we listen to is the squeak of a few strings of a violin, we think that is everything there is to understand how the universe or multi verses plays its signature tune. There is so little we understand and the walls that keep us imprisoned bars us from learning anymore of the wonders of where we came from what we are part of and the energy that is the light of all creation. .

Plato defined man as a soul in a body but because we cannot measure the soul/spirit, we dismiss it, all we have left without the belief of who we really are is a body of matter and bodies are frail things unstable they create a fragile unstable world. To make something stronger we must build it upon the infinite external soul/spirit, because life is like a dream and it is now time for many people to wake up from their dream. Everything we are is just a memory, without it we would live and die like an ant. The Greek word for truth is Alethia, A is the negative prefix and Lethia is forgetting. Truth is simply not forgetting.

From the Gods of Greece the beginning of the universe was chaos and the creator wanted to bring order out of disorder. So he took the elements of the universe and pored them into a deep hole the vast nothingness and mixed them all together. Then he formed the soul from the elements and brought forth the light that created it. The physical universe is in the soul which brought the two together,the soul is eternal with particles of reason and harmony, this is why all things were created so the soul could eternally experience all that was created The creator divided the mixture which he poured into the vast hole and divided into many stars of light and from these stars sparks of light began to descend upon each world below and implanted themselves into physical matter, bodies of substances so that they could feel sensation of love given to them by their creator. It is from this love that the creator knew at times there would be pain and sorrow along with fear and anger because the creator knew that they had to experience the duality of life’s energy just as all life was created from all the energies of the cosmic or universal mind.

Light is energy but within all mass consciousness comes a single consciousness and within that spark of consciousness there are so many emotions entwined, but if these emotions are conquered and kept in harmony then we can all live in balance and in harmony and walk the path chosen for us before the end of our lives. It is then and only then that the soul returns to the circle of life and returns into another physical body and feels the sensations of a new role and a new life So what is it that is inside the body that makes it alive, it is the pattern within the light, a soul within the light of its spirit that spark of energy that gives life and takes it away when it leaves the body. It is said that death is the opposite of light Socrates said in numbers you have even and odd so can there be any aspect of life that admits death. Both are mutually exclusive  so the soul being life cannot contain any portion of death, which makes the soul immortal it cannot die..

If the soul is immortal it has already learned and understood everything there is in the world and in the universes. So the things we think we are learning in our lifetime we are just recalling them. What is knowledge but the memory of something we once understood to be true, the soul being immortal comes into this world already knowing everything it needs for the role it has come to play in the body it has chosen in this life time. Virtue and truth are the beauty of creation these things that the soul understands must exist in some form which is infinite and unchanging. Everything that anybody needs is within them, they just have to find it, find that hidden door within the walls that imprison them.  To find the light which they are and the reality in which they came from. Once you have that your life in this world will make some sense to you and you will be able to see clearly ahead, it will allow you not to make so many mistakes by wrong choices or dreams for objects that you think will give pleasure but lasts only minuets.

Energy is within everything, it what makes things move, in the universes it creates sound which creates music we just need the inner ears to hear it to tune in to the vibrations that resonate the sound of that energy field. The millions of energy fields within the universe is what creates the universal orchestra and each wave of energy makes a single note and each note resonates  with another note until they play the perfect tune all in harmony with each other. Once tuned into this universal symphony you will understand time as there is no time only the linear time man created. Beauty it does not fade as it does in reality, it remains pure and bright, this kind of beauty is the same no matter how you look at it, whatever the angle is close or faraway whatever you measure it against it is ever lasting. Everything on earth draws its beauty from the common pool of elements from the creators energies. You can’t increase it or diminishes it because like the soul it is infinite. You can pour and keep pouring in energy but in never over flows you just use it everyday and draws some out but the level never goes down it is always half full..

Our souls are life and life is not death and never can be. Everything we need to know in this life is within us we are born with it. When we live in the world of the senses we become creatures of the senses, creatures of habits. We become fallible partial, and ephemeral, it is only if we set our minds to the beauty and the truth and the goodness of that truth that we rediscover the certain eternal knowledge of which our souls carry. It is the only path to Wisdom and Knowledge.

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