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Question  As humans we all have the same functioning of the human vehicle, heart, lungs, kidney etc, so why is it that so many people's physical body does not always function correctly and cause so much physical pain and suffering. Can the indivisible subtle body's energies or the soul/spirit energies alter the cells and DNA of the physical body to help eradicate ailments and disease.

Answer, All human beings have the same physical organs and the functioning of those organs but every human being has a different pattern of consciousness to the frequency pattern of their soul/spirit. Every subtle body is designed to a frequency and tonal sound within the matrix of light that holds the soul and its subtle body,it is within this matrix that the pattern of the spirits consciousness controls the communication system of energy between cells, atoms, proteins and DNA and if this communication system is not clear then the cells do do not always correspond in their correct manner according to the soul's and subtle body's pattern of energies. It is like a transistor radio frequency if the soul's energy pattern is vibrating to its own oscillation and the colours within its prism of light then you get a clear transmission, but if the subtle body and the soul's matrix pattern is out of sync or distorted within its own energy frequency then the communication between cells and the DNA receives a distorted frequency. If the individual is not aware of its inner being or inner light and is not integrated in some way with it, then the energies will not oscillate or vibrate to the correct motion of the original source of its pattern. When this occurs the energies vibrate much slower due to the soul/spirit being kept in the self's shadow or darkness and not in its own light, the self or ego is not dark as in the meaning of dark, but due to the self's control over its desires in the material world which it exists in, it covers the soul's light with too many layers just like a lamp with to many shades upon it.

When this happens it slows the communication of energy between cells and the energy's genome pattern in the DNA and thus begins to lose its power within its own energy field of the subtle body. For all things to work correctly both in the soul's subtle body and the physical body it must mirror its correct pattern. Any  distortion in the pattern of the subtle body will always mirror itself in the physical body you cant have one without the other. Wherever there is an ailment or disease in the physical there must be an out of alignment with the energies in the subtle body, for all things to work and be in balance the mirror image of the subtle bodies original matrix of energies must project itself through to the physical. When all the cells, proteins and DNA communicate in their right frequency, the cells and all other main components of the DNA structure can work through the communication system of its unique energy consciousness. This controls the communication frequency throughout the physical body. The subtle energy pattern has a direct role in any disease or ailments as it holds within its pattern a map of the spiritual consciousness journey that comes with the soul/spirit at birth.

Question Does the subtle body in its role within the human vehicle have a map that brings with it a program which the soul/spirit needs to experience in a particular life incarnation and does this program carry within it an imprint of certain ailments or disease that must be experienced for the growth and enlightenment of the soul in its onward journey. If so how does one un-program it so the vehicle does not have to experience such ailments and disease that this programme carries.

Answer  The soul/spirits pattern brings with it many holographic pictures that it holds from the many incarnations it has experienced in human form, some of these holograms may have encountered some negative experiences in which past vehicles created from the self/ego desires, unfortunately this has nothing to do with its present incarnation or the individual's present state of life in which it creates, but due to the cause and effect of universal law these must be eradicated from the soul's pattern of which these holographic memories are carried. So if the cause was created in another vehicle in another life the effect still has to be experienced in order to eradicate it from the soul's memory bank.  Disease can be experienced as the effect from the actual cause and this unfortunately causes so much suffering and pain, there are many soul's who carry so many of these holographic imprints and it is within these imprints that are un- be known to the individual and it is this reason that they experiencing such difficulties in life. There is also a genome deficiency in some of these ailments or disease which can have been passed down from generation to generation, this is what is known as a collective consciousness of souls who have chosen to be with other particular souls to pay off some of the effects caused by the karma other group souls carry from other life times. It is known that our parents are chosen for us this comes from the collective source of each souls consciousness which have agreed on a much higher level to incarnate with each other not only in one life time but in some cases many life times and it is through the collective consciousness of these souls that the genetic genome code gets carried and passed down from generation to generation so that a particular cause and effect syndrome gets experienced together from one group of collective soul/spirits.

Question  Does looking after the body like fitness and diet help illness and disease

Answer  All physical bodies need excerise and they all need a staple diet in which proteins are needed to feed the physical body, but this varies to individual energy patterns. Some people have more tolerance of some foods than others this is due to the pattern of energy consciousness that has designed each pattern of the subtle body . It also has to do with the culture of where the individual exists, all  soul/spirits before their incarnation knows of the parents, culture and lifespan. The physical body is only the outer garment and whether you put on an old coat or a new one does not really matter,but by keeping a balance in all things food, drink and fitness does help, but the most important aspect is what is inside the coat and not the coat itself. Look inside the coat and find the cause and then chose the coat accordingly

Question Can it be explained the difference between the soul/spirit and daemon

Answer. The spirit/soul and daemon are all one of the same but with different functions, the spirit is the intelligent form of light the consciousness behind the light and the soul is the unique pattern within the light and it is within this pattern that the map of the soul's journey is created. The daemon is the essence of the soul's role the projector that projects not only the light but the role itself. Its like looking at a screen the light projects the images onto the screen and the role of these images is the daemon which fluctuates according to what images are being projected.  It also carries a map of where it needs to go along the pathway of its destiny, the daemon is the persona of the soul its unique essence, just as the self/ego creates its own personality so does the daemon project its own essence of character for that particular life.
All forms of higher consciousness have a unique pattern of its own frequency it is the tone of this individual frequency that gives the daemon its part to play. The daemon is very versatile in the early stages of the individuals growth, it's like a chameleon always changing, this depends on the individual pattern of light that holds the colours in the pattern as each colour has its own tonal sound within the main frequency and when these notes of colour frequencies are put together they play a key sound within the universal source and it is through these key sounds that everything is linked throughout the universal consciousness so we all have our roles to play.

Question How does the soul/spirit carry its holographic images and how does the pattern gets distorted

Answer The soul/spirit carries its holographic images through its memory of all it has experienced through its many incarnations. All memories are stored into the imprint of the soul/spirits consciousness, like photographs that we take of various episodes in our life.that we keep as memories. The soul does this through its thought pattern of consciousness just as we carry our memories in our thoughts. The soul also carries a map of its current journey all that it needs to experience in its particular journey in its present incarnation. Each journey is for the spiritual growth to experience the duality of creation. When a soul experiences the imprints of negativity from the humans free will it carries this memory within its pattern of consciousness this is what is called karma. every negative action taken by the free will of human thought distorts the souls pattern, its like a kaleidoscope it changes pattern according to each of its journey's. So the next incarnation of the soul's journey will be a distorted pattern that enters into the physical vehicle causing obstacles or suffering to the individual, this is how karma works whatever causes the distortion must make its effect felt somewhere along the soul's journey. Whatever the soul carries in its pattern of consciousness it must experience the effect before it can lose the karma that is attached to it.

Question  Is it true that the soul's pattern vibrates at a certain frequency when it enters a vehicle of matter of the human physical body and can it only raise its own frequency to that of which it came in with.

Answer The soul/spirit vibrates within a constant motion this comes from its collective pattern of consciousness. On its first journey descending into the physical vehicle of an individual the pattern is the exact replica of its collective source, but after many incarnation this pattern begins to distort itself through the many experiences it has encountered through human free will, the goal is for the soul is to experience all the cycles of universal creation by which time it will have completed all it needed to experience and when this occurs the pattern has changed over  the many incarnations and has come full circle to its original source and does not need to reincarnate again. The vibration by this time has come to its highest oscillation the same pattern of vibration it started with so whatever the soul pattern of consciousness vibrates at for example 100 hertz it can only attain that frequency at its highest point. If two people have become enlightened and aware of their soul/spirits presence all depending on the frequency of their soul's oscillation the knowledge that they can receive is only within the vibrational frequency the soul came in with. For instance a healer would not have the same knowledge as a medium this is due to the role the soul has come to play and how high the frequency the soul can attain. Every soul/spirit consciousness has a unique vibration according to its collective pattern which gives out a unique tonal sound of notes that synchronise together and it is this synchronisation which holds the soul in its own spiritual light.

Question  How can someone know or understand about the pattern of their soul consciousness and how can they correct it if it is distorted in anyway

Answer This is the huge question mark? Unfortunately no one can through the five senses, but can access the answer sometimes through a very gifted healer who can see or sense where the misalignments are, one can also see the colours in their correct dimensions whether there is defect within the energies of the subtle body, the paler the colour means the beginning of an ailment or disease, the darker the colour shows the ailment or disease in a more prominent position. Another way is for the individual to use meditation to higher their energies and heal themselves through the vibration of the higher mind. To understand the soul/spirits subtle energies is to lose the earthly desires of materialism and know that what is needed for an individual to walk its path will always come to them, this way the energies and their colours will move slowly to their orignal state or at least take out the defects of which the soul/spirit carries within its holographic memory.

Question   If a soul carries within its memories negative experiences that a vehicle caused in another incarnation, does it means that the next incarnation is chosen with care to which the karma is carried out through cause and effect. Is it correct that a soul/spirit must keep re-incarnating until the duality of its role becomes enlightened and the individual awakens to the purpose and role of the soul and turns the karma around by the deeds of grace.

Answer  Any soul that carries the negative deeds caused by another individual in another life time, must keep returning until all the causes have received the effects of which the slate will be wiped clean. There is also another way to release the effects of a cause, is for the outer self of that individual to show un-reserved amounts of unselfish love and compassion during its present life time. This can be in the form of giving expecting nothing in return, most people carry karma and not know about it or what caused it and when many unselfish deeds are given without reference to themselves the karma is paid. There are many people who have experienced so much pain in their lives not knowing what has caused it or why it is happening to them, unfortunately they are paying off some of the karmic debt that the soul carries in which they had no part of, but by giving unselfishly and unconditionally the karma is removed. All vehicles as in a physical body are the instruments in which the soul/spirit can experience its own creation, but unfortunately it also has to experience the deeds of what the outer self creates in its desires and it is through these desires that karma is created. Nature does not create karma as it has no outer self awareness in which to create it, a lion knows it must kill for food when hungery but does not know its a lion or the name of what it kills there is no self awareness it does not know about its birth or about its death it only knows the moment of which it lives.

Question  Why is it that so many people suffer from no cause of action to themselves, there are so many good people who are suffering when they have not caused anything.

Answer  As this new wave of consciousness comes in from universal consciousness in its grand cycle there are many souls who must release the karma they carry created through other life times, this is one of the reasons why so many people are suffereing especially where health is concerned. The tears and rips in their subtle body or the misalignment in the pattern of the spirits light project through into the physical body creating illness and disease, many souls must release the karma the soul carries before the next wave of consciousness comes in. An analogy for this is the play now changes and all the mistakes in the old play must be put right before the play closes down and the new one begins.

Question  Why is there so much negativity in the world and why are there so many aggressive people who inflict harm to their fellow men and have no conscious behind their deeds. If there is light within us all why is it that some people take the life of another and have no recriminations.

Answer   The hybrid consciousness of the human race is not balanced in the duality of its consciousness, its like saying that some people use their left brain more than their right brain this causes not only self interests and self projection but also of ignorance due to seeing only the five sense world that surrounds them and thinking this is all there is to life so they focus all their attention to what they want and desire and if they cannot attain these things then some use aggressive means to attain them. Evolution is not just a continious growth of a species but an evolution of consciousness in both spiritual and in physical growth, where there is an evolution of consciousness there lies the duality of both positive and negative, it is through the duality that re-birth is a necessity and a spiritual fact of which the individual experiences both. A life is only a brief episode in a long continious history of spiritual evolution in which the soul follows the journey that has been created for it. It is a evolution out of the material consciousness where the identifcation of the self rises to a higher universal mind that of the soul/spirit. It is also a release from the ignorance of the outer self so it may ascend to the spiritual ladder of knowledge. Suffering is due firstly from ignorance and secondly from seperation of the soul/spirit's mind the little voice who guides the individual on their rightful path it is the un-unified duality of consciousness the inner and outer self that has not unified as one whole. Life in a physicallity  is an evolution for which the soul grows through experience, the suffering so many experience is through ignorance of their true nature and where there is this division of pain and joy there will always be some form of suffering as it is the opposite to joy therefore there is no balance.

Question  Why does a human being inflict so much pain cruelty and torture to another human being, is this within the duality of human consciousness.

Answer   The answer to this is similar to the question above, but the most important factor here is fear, all cruelty comes from some deep rooted fear, whether this is a fear of losing face or losing the respect that some people want, all leaders have this fear from losing their status and the power that it gives them. Power, greed and fear are the most toxic combinations to bring about the lowest negative traits of ignorance in human consciousness it has been from the beginning mankinds destruction. Each person follows in this world his/her own path of destiny whether it is through free will or spiritual guidance. All actions and the understanding of these actions attribute to the laws of cause and effect. The meaning and understanding of what occurs in a particular life cannot be really understood except in the light of understanding the many lives that the soul has experienced and the karma in which it is carrying. These things are not understood by the logical mind, but when one can stand back and go beyond the ordinary mind it shows a little more of the whole picture of duality knowing that errors, misfortune and mistakes are just steps in the long sojourn journey of the spiritual cycles the soul experiences. As individuals one forgets that the soul is infinite and that the body or the host is only in the physical for a short time playing the role in which it came to experience, but when these roles gets changed through free will then the soul must return to experience what it didn't learn last time and so the cycle goes on. So no matter what the individual created in its life time through negative deeds the soul will just carry on its journey but with more baggage than it began with and this baggage must be released at some point and this is where the karma gets paid.
A physical vehicle is a must for all soul/spirits as without the vehicle it would not be able to experience the creators creations, so it is with great care that a particular vehicle or individual is chosen for a specfic role to play in the journey of the evolution of both spirit and physical.. Karma is not taken lightly and although the individual may wonder why there has been so many difficulties in life be assured that their is a cause and effect to what is being experienced, there is always a reason for things that happen even though the human mind cannot see or understand it.

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