I have always been given predictions for many years but one must keep in mind that they are possibilities leading to probabilities. Many have come true and some have not always materalised in the way they were written, this could be that the human brain does not always perceive the full picture that the universal source is trying to show. No matter what gift someone has in this field the brain and words are limited to what is received. These predictions were given to me from 1999 in various stages and to the best of my ability I have written down as I saw and heard then through the transaction that universal source transmitted through me. I must say from experience that the predictions given to me over time have sometimes taken a few years to materialise, some manifest quicker than others it all depends of the energy waves that carries them and the time period that these changes need to take place

These are some predictions given to me from 1999 to 2009 some have already manifested and some have yet to take form, maybe some will not manifest if the free will of what creates it has changed

1999 Predictions

America Watch for  a major disaster causing mayhem and chaos everywhere. There will be a disruption in New York causing Sky Scrappers to fall, there will be debris everywhere.

Japan. There will be four or five disasters in this country, the East side will dissapear into the ocean

Gdansk. The leaning tower of Pisa is a symbol to what will take place at Gdansk this will be something of importance as the summit that takes place there will affect all nations.

The East. Man will fight man in the East where turmoil and destruction will prevail

Israel. This country will go to war in the future and although this country is small watch it's might as it shows it's dangerous powers. There will be heavy clashes of gunfire with it's neighbor, many will be hurt and killed, America will intervene for peace, but there will be fear as so  much blood will have been shed.

Middle East. A fierce war will break out, a man from this region will rise up with tremendous power and will attack all churches and religions bar his own which is Islam, he will be bordering on insanity

China. An explosion causing much damage and killing many, there will also be a recall to some her troops from Neighboring countries.

England. A massive concert like the one Bob Geldof did will be organised again to help the people and the planet. Your country will be hit by fierce storms of heavy winds, this will be mostly in the South, see also great flooding something this country has not seen for many years. After this harsh weather of cold an snow will come in from the North and across the Atlantic.

The Late Princess Dianna. The world will hear something of great importance linked to the late Dianna. This will set people's thoughts into turmoil as they view the Royal family with new eyes. The major concern will be with the royalty of the future. This will occur after 2001. Some tragic accident will occur and the decision of the future of the Royal family will be taken either for it to stay or be demolished, this will be the biggest event in English history as Royalty may sweep itself out for ever.

Paul Mc Cartney His wife will have relapse in her illness and this time she will not pull through.

Holland. There will be a massive drug ring captured, this will involve vast sums of money, special police from three countries will be involved.

Australia. A huge massive fire will sweep across Australia causing havoc to the wildlife in surrounding areas, there will a loss of crops and much damage.

Egypt Look to this country for knowledge that has been hidden away, this will be known through the media as they find inscriptions on a wall, this will prove existence of other races and species being on the planet thousands of years ago. This country will be in the news as some people will find something of great importance within the Sphinx, this will astonish all scientists and archaeologists as to what has been left behind from thousands of years. Sadly this will be played down and the right information will not be given to the media, only those with enlightenment will recognise the importance to what has been found and many scientists will make it out to be something that it is not,as the correct meaning will be hidden away from the public sector.

Italy. The pope will be assassinated

Tibet. The Dali Lama will return to Tibet on a visit, there will be rejoicing everywhere, this will be due to China recalling many troops out of Tibet enabling the Dali Lama a quick visit. Spirituality will reign once again and many temples will be re-erected much to the joy of it's people, but to their dismay the present dali Lama will not take up residence there again.

Russia. Boris Yelskin will have a heart attack and a new president will take over, this man will bring prosperity back to his country. Russia and America will unite and be at peace with one another.

Ireland. All hell will break out in County Armagh and this time it will not be the IRA

Weather Patterns. As global warming increases see more active volcanoes erupt, floods, hurricanes and dramatic climate changes in many lands. Seasons will change and part of the seabed in the Atlantic will shift causing tidal waves then see what is found lying beneath sea which has been there for thousands of years.

Mayan News of some discovery concerning the Mayan calendar will appear and a casket will be found with important artifacts which will be found in an ancient site deep within the heart of the Amazon. A herb will be found in this region one that will help cure many Western diseases. These will not be found by people looking for them, but will be stumbled upon by those that are searching for other things. 

Scriptures. Will be found that will shock the Christian society and all Churches, this will make people sit up and think, the belief taught by this organisation of the Church for thousands of years will prove to be untrue this will relate to Jesus and the New Testament

Predictions given 2004

The housing market will fall into an abyss. See other economics fall after it, it will seem in your world of reality that one will topple after the other like the falling of a deck of cards.

Israel. See violence escalate between Israel and Palestine, this will not only bring war  between two nations, but a further divide between the Arab world and the West, this will begin a deep decline or the beginning of what Armeggedon means. It will be a prophecy being played out by those who believe in them. It will be a reaction of times gone by where people re-enacted the old prophets words in order to bring about there manifestations.

England An attack from an extremist group will happen in your country this will be seen as an isolated attack, but will consist of three bombs being activated simultaneously, these will happen in London, Manchester, Shiefield or Leeds. This will cause chaos, fracas and array to your nation and will bring upon itself, it's own demise of destruction during the wake or the aftermath of the attack.

Many things will fall and cause catastrophic events in your government see these events occur near the general election. The whole infrastructure of your government will collapse causing many people wanting to leave looking for a means to escape, but there will be nowhere to run to, but know that similar things will be happening elsewhere but on a much larger scale.

America. The Mississippi river and the St Laurence will be poisened affecting human and animals alike.

Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius will erupt, quakes will be felt strongly In Japan and Asia will see the worst floods for many a year taking thousands of souls

Tsuami Another Tsuami will take place on the East side of the Pacific.

Iran. Watch carefully Iran and Saudi arabia as these two nations will cause conflict but in separate ways, one will be a revolution between their own people as the clerics and the Mullahs rise up on the regime of their own people and in their own country. See the strict Arab beliefs rise of those who sustain them rise in power above the people of that land. Iran will cause a threat to those who try to impose sanctions upon them, watch carefully at this country as it imposes a threat to the Western world especially America and her allies. All this will seem like an entangled web of conflict all imposing on each other, creating disharmony, violence and destruction between humanity and mankind.

Natural Disasters. Many natural disasters will happen across your globe, some place will be hit more than others. Among this chaos will be great economic failures and a huge collapse within the world's economic system. see oil prices soar as more conflicts arise in the Middle East, this will put a strain on the economy in certain countries which will inflation rise. The whole structual form is now about to collapse and those who have high investments in captital gain will lose heavily as the Dow falls.

Balance in Nature. There will be many world disaters as time goes, also conflicts between men, violence and disharmony, but there will also be the beginning where more balance is seen and where more peace shall reign, abiet a peace not upon nations, but upon those who choose to walk away from the outside illusion of reality and walk into a reality that they can choose for themselves, the path of their inner journey.

Jerusalem This city will be brought down to the ground and this time it will not be rebuilt by either the Palestines or the Israelis, watch when an old leader unites a party and brings opposition to others in a big way, it will be through this political areana that will cause the downfall of Jerusalem.

Although many will think that darkness will sweep through the skies this will not cover the whole planet, there will be spots of light that will shine, the darkness seen as a tunnel that we must go through, it will have a beautiful light at the other side.

The state of your country UK will be dragged down further into the mire where it will appear stuck unable to get out of the mire. The person who is ruling the country will step down or should we say dragged down by those in office. A structure will be temporally be put into place until a new structure will be enforced by the people of that land.

Armageddon. The core of the heart where the meaning of Armagedon will take place is within the Sinia desert, those who protray this act will do so from the beliefs of a code they believe are set in their holy scriptures. In their misguidance they are making sure that all prophesies will become manifested, this is why  there is a surety of it happening as the thought form of these people is so strong that action and manifestation will surely follow. The word Armageddon means where light and dark meet or positive energies and negative ones meet in the middle, but once the clash of these two energies and the battle is over a new creation of light will appear as these dualities become one. This is why darkness must come so the light can follow then the both energies can becomed balanced with each other.

New York In the future another demise will hit the heart of this city, this will not be from exlosions or with fire, but with a deadly disease being distributed via a missile, this will bring shock and mayhem not only to America but to other countries of the world. The disease will spread rapidly as there will not be suffiencient vaccine to stop it, as it will be so unexpected.

Predictions Given in 2009

Watch closely at China's demise this will be due to much pressure being put upon this country. The West will show it's weakness and not it's strengths as a bigger tumble falls which is bigger than the last one. The human species are so vunerable with their materialistic greed, it is their Achilles heel, now see the bow pierce it and again many things will fall but much harder this time as not many have learnt any lessons from the last downfall, so let us hope they learn from it this time which will be so much harder.

America will also feel the tremour of this economic downfall and it will sway heavily in one direction but will resume itself better than those of the UK. Watch Japan become unstable, the East will feel a giant wooble which will hit hard in their financial sector, but they have some resources to pull on for a short while so not so much damage will occur.

The date of 2012 that so many people are focused on as some form of transition, transformation or some form of demise will not occur as it is not the correct date, this date belongs to a culture known as the Mayans and is to do with their ending cycle before a new one begins, so many people are trying to put a round peg in a square hole see this date come and go with no profound manifestations occuring. The transformation that so many people are talking about that is connected to 21/12/2012 is not about people being transformed into a higher level of energy consciousness, but about the planet itself being transformed into it's new cycle that is more in alignment with the rest of universal consciousness, as mankind has separated Mother Natures own consciousness with the destruction man has caused to Her. It is in this way that nature will begin it's great cycle of restoration as it cleanses herself from within her own energies, this is part of the great cycle of 25,960 years when all universal consciousness unite into it's bigger whole within the meta-universes. Mother E will higher her own energies along side all of nature that is part of her. The transformation of the human structure of of energy consciousness will be a personal transition according to how the self/ego and the spirit's consciousness unite. It will be up to the individual to personally transform it's own energy consciousness so that it may be on par with that of Mother Earth's energy change, this will be the dividing the wheat from the chaff. During this energy change in Mother Earth's consciousness one will see many changes due to natural phnomenon like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves such as tusami's hurricane, floods and all the force that nature is capable of during this highly cleansing which she will go through.

Turbulance. There will be so much turbulance ahead for planet earth and this will be felt by all those who inhabit her, some places will behit harder than others regarding the geography of the planet. The number 21/12/2012 is just that a number it has no connotations with any sacred or universal importance except for the alignment in the heavens or milky way at occurs every 26,000 years, so nothing profound will happen on that particular day. Expect a rocky ride for a few years until stability regains some form of balance, there is a new cycle beginning but this is solely for planet earth and for the whole structure of the multi-universes. Plant earth will feel the effects more due to the density of energy that Mother Earth holds due to distruction that has been created over 26,00 thousand years created by man which is a large cycle to put right or find a balance where so much of nature has been annihilated, mankind must pay back a huge collective karmic debt which it has caused now they must feel the effect of the universal law.

Advanced Soul/Spirits.There are some soul/spirits who came for this special cycle to help put back stability and help heal all that has been destroyed by Mother nature's effects, but this will take time before new concepts and new perceptions grows among the people, but there will be many who will refuse to change their perceptions and concepts that have been held for thousands of years, beliefs, culture differences will play a big part to holding on to outdated perceptions and concepts of the past.

There is a new song to be played throughout all the multi-universes, a new universal play ready to be played with different roles to be played and only those willing to learn the new song and to learn their true roles in the new play will be able to move on with new structual energy consciousness that will descend on the planet and Mother Earth

Olympics 2012. Watch carefully the date around the 2012 Olympics as violence and anarchy will try to wreck this big event as the West will be the target.

Banks Watch again as many banks will fall onto the rocks which will make other structures that are built on similar rocks fall. there will be a huge cry once again from the banking industry as all the seams come apart.

America. There will be more chaos in the American as the opposing delegates try to take over those that are in power, there will be an inner war amongst themselves. The president is safe for now, but there is a long rocky road ahead of him, but he can survive as so many other disasters will take the focus off the problems others are creating.

America, China & Japan. Thes three counties will form a traingle which will fall in their own economy and this will cause massive upheavels for other countries that rely on import and export, these other countries will feel great impact as these three countries fall in their economic structure.

Snow & Ice. Snow and ice will fall thick and fast on the East side of America near New York, then see it cross the Atlantic to the Isles of the UK this will hit mostly the West and North of the country, this will not be for a few days but for weeks. People should be prepared and stock up in preperation of this time.

EU. The Eu although disfunctional will survive and in time will bring about a better way of working.

All energy cycles whether it is the beginning or the end has so many possibilities to be created in different ways, it is how it is used that is important and nothing is absolute until it has manifested into the solidity of our reality, but all cycles in the universe is raw energy ready to be moulded into a various new plays depending of course the free will of the players.

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