My Central Message

Words that have a profound meaning

I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound of my voice, these words are my signature
You may bring your doubts, your fears, your faith or your courage it matters not for you will be touched by the rhythm of my voice
It moves through you like a beam of light that sweeps, if only for a moment the darkness aside.
I dwell in a frequency of light in which infinite beings cannot uncover me, if you search for me you will fail for I am not found or discoverd
I am only realised in oneness, in unity and in wholeness, it is the very same oneness you feel when you are interconnected with all of life, for I am and this alone
I am all of life and if you must search for me then seek the feeling of wholeness and unity in all life
In my deepest light, I created you from my desire to understand my universe, you are my emissaries you are free to journey the universe as particles from my infinite womb with destinies only you can write
I do not prescribe your journey or your journeys aim I only accompany you
I do not pull you this way or that way, nor do I punish you when you stray from my heart, this I do as an outcome in my belief in you
You are the heirs of my light which gave you form, it is my voice that awakened you to individuality, but it will be your will that awakens you to our unity
It is your desire to know me as your self that brings you to my presence so perfectly hidden from your world
I am behind everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel and believe, I live for your discovery of me, It is my highest expression of my love for you
While you search for my shadow in the stories of your world, I theindelible invisible light grows increasingly visible
Imagine a point in space beneath a blck portal cast in some distant galaxy, mutiply this distance by the highest numeric value you know
You have now measured an atom of my body, do you realise how unfathomable I am
I am not what you know or see or understand, I am outside you comprehension, it is my vastness that makes me invisible and unavoidable
There is nowhere you can be without me, my absence does not exist it is in this very nature that makes me unique, for I am first cause and effect connected in an undivided chain
There is no supplication that stirs me, no prayer that invites me further into your world, unless it is through the connection of your light
There is no temple or sacred object that touches me, they do not or has ever brought you to my outstretched hand that awaits you
My presence in your world is unalterable, for I am the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the soul/spirit within you
I could awaken each of you to our unity, but there is a larger design to my pattern of energies
There is a vision that places you within the boundaries of time and the spacial dimensions of seperateness
This design requires a progression into my wholeness that re-acquaints you with the unity of universal creation through the experience of seperation
Your awakening while slow and sometimes painful is assured and this you must trust above all else
I am the ancestral Fathe of all creation, I am the light that lives within youu a vibration that emanates from all parts of your existence
I reside in your dimension  as your beacon of light for you to follow along your journey through life
You will connect with my light through the particles of your existence, I am not to be feared or held in difference
You are my offspring with whom I am intricately connected in means that you cannot understand and therefore appreciate
You must suspend all your beliefs and disbeliefs in what you cannot sense in exchange for knowledge, that I AM alive and real within you
For in you, you will find the place I dwell

From Wingmakers 1999

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