Multi-Dimensioal Selves/ Virtual Reality Part2

This is an analogy that has been given to me to share with you, but first you must clear your mind of all beliefs, all logical thought of how life is or how it is supposed to be and open your mind to the higher realms of how the universal mind creates in an ethereal or virtual reality before it manifests itself into a physicality of matter on earth.

One possibility is that, instead of being produced by matter, consciousness is a separate element, added to physical systems and forms. This can be modelled using the idea of a virtual reality, in which a human subject enters a computer-simulated world through a sensory interface. Virtual reality is used as a metaphor for our situation as conscious beings. The basic theme is that what we can imagine doing in a virtual reality system may actually be happening in nature on a vastly greater scale like a bigger picture of the whole. Nature may be like a computer simulation interfaced with a conscious observer/ participant.

This shows how conscious beings could interact with a physically realistic virtual world. It can highlight how both paranormal phenomena and religious experiences can be reconciled in a natural way within the laws of physics, and it can shed light on paradoxes of time, on life beyond the body, and on a cosmic and terrestrial evolution. In a sweeping synthesis, the ideas and data of modern science are used to illuminate the ancient theme of consciousness in a world of illusion.

Maya is known as an illusion and an invitation to a big game hunt in which the big game is no less than the universe itself and the hunt does no harm to any creature.  This can be an enhanced appreciation for the complexity, depth, and value of life. Is there something behind and prior to the great panorama of such amazing phenomena that the virtual reality is the ethereal blueprint of the roles and plays that manifest themselves into a physicality of what we see and know of life.

 The virtual reality concept is familiar to us from online worlds, but our world as a virtual reality is usually a subject for science fiction rather than science. Yet logically the world could be an information simulation running on a multi-dimensional space-time screen. Indeed, if the essence of the universe is information, matter, energy and movement could there be aspects of information and all laws of conservation is created in all the aspects of what we see life to be. If the universe were a virtual reality, its creation at the big bang would no longer be paradoxical, as every virtual system would be booted up. It is suggested that whether the world is an objective reality or a virtual reality is a matter for science and the spiritual mind to come together and show us how true creation is created.

Modern information of open science can suggest how core physical properties like space, time, light, matter and movement could derive from information processing. Such an approach could reconcile relativity and quantum theories, with the former being how information processing creates space-time, and the latter showing how it creates energy and matter and most of all how quantumised energy’s can transform itself into the physicality’s of our being.

So let us look at this quantified theory how this could work, we know that there are many possibilities created by the universal mind and until one of them has been observed by the universal mind then it does not manifest into the world. This observer effect is a mystery of quantum theory,put it in simple terms the world around us reacts to the act of us looking upon it. A stream of photons of light are fired through a slot onto a screen those that are not being observed produce multiple patterns onto the screen, instead of a single dot, it as though they had passed through several opening and not one.

This happens because the quantum duality of photons allows light to act as both a particle and a wave at the same time, but once the photons are observed they act as you would expect they form an orderly line and produce a single spot of light on the screen.

 Now imagine all these different waves and particles as many possibilities to various roles and plays that are being created in your life before they manifest on earth, but once one of these possibilities becomes a reality one of them has to be observed by the universal mind before it can be structured and manifested.

So does reality react only to people being here, no it reacts to any observation as the photons depend on the observer which is the universal mind or the intelligent force of creation? Now in science there is some thing called quantum entanglement, which means if particles are split into pairs and separated ,but when one is observed and its wave function collapses the same effect will occur in the other pairs of particles even if it is on the other side of the universe.

 Now think of it this way, your higher mind (your spirit) is made up of a higher form of energy, now imagine this higher energy is like the quantum particles of pairs I have just mentioned and the other quantum pair is part of the universal mind, so as the universal mind creates a thought and observes this thought it then gets transforms into your mind, as both energies no matter how far away in the universe will have the same effect in the transforming of energy’s creation.

Another way of looking at this is that the future for anyone person can only be fixed once, it has many choices but only one can be observed or chosen, until that moment in time/space it is just another wave carrying images of what could be. While it is not being observed it remains, vague, unmeasured, unclear and un-intangible constantly being shaped by events in the present. but once it has been chosen then it will manifest itself

Time slips. These can occur when we have moments of deja vu knowing we have been in a place although it is the first time you have visited. These are caused by mini black holes streaming through space through the planet and also through our bodies. Mini black holes produce tiny slips in time gravity, distorting the flow of time around an observer just enough to cause them to experience events that some people refer to as super natural events. The reason for this is because it happens moments before like you have experienced the event in another time slip before experiencing the present moment of time.

These mini black holes causes a tiny loop in time so small it can’t be detected with any of the five senses, but enough so that the human subconscious remembers it and thus a person has this feeling of already experiencing the event before it actually happens in the present moment.

In science they say that on the event horizon of the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way that time slows down and that if you were to be pulled into the black hole then all things outside would seem to speed up.

The Creating of Creation in a Virtual/Ethereal Dimension Reality

Virtual reality is a reality that has the effect of actual reality but not in its authentic form. It is a kind of simulation or substitute but with potency and validity. It gets close to the real thing and in its effect on some people it is like the real thing


The term virtual reality unfortunately can be a bit misleading, as it simply implies that virtual reality is an attempt to re-create the world as we want to consciously experience it above the structure of the real world we live in.  It is similar to the existence that we live through the five senses but in the virtual world we can create what we would like it to be, a bit like tapping into the higher senses and creating a role of what we would like our life to be. Virtual Reality also strives to create new environments that are linked to our imaginations; we can delve into a world of fantasy like children do and see through the eyes of the child where no logic and reason exist. It is seeing from the child within.


Let these moments be moments of mystery and wonder so you can create a larger harmony within all the multidimensional selves you are part of. In this way you can explore beyond the veil of the void where all knowledge and possibilities are held. The void is a place of potential and by breaking through the outside barrier of your existence; you will be able to see many more choices that can become manifested. So explore the inner journey it is calling you for and unlock the great mystery of the higher mind and take a look at what it is you have created and know that the universal mind has the magic to show you how to create your own destiny even further. Look for that magic in your mind and follow it to where it wants to show you how universal creation is the most magical form of life there is.


These fantasy’s or imaginary illusions that can be created through virtual reality is very similar to the world of Disney, just think what a great and wonderful mind that person who created all the stories and roles in the films that have been made up the Disney world. These worlds are unique ways of understanding the different roles, the different plays, the different environments, the good guys, the bad guys but somehow all coming together to create a whole in a huge gigantic story of creation.


I love watching Disney films as they most have a happy ending no matter how the story enfolds with the bad guys coming in and doing their stuff.  I see the light shinning through and bringing a deep understanding how both positive and negative issues can be seen in equal parts summing up one whole. If we could see through the eyes of a child what a wonderful world we could create. If you wanted to be a princess then you would be a princess, if you wanted to be the Ogre then you could experience that role then if you did not like that role you can create another one. In a childs eyes you create what you want to create and change it accordingly.

True to Life in Virtual Reality


So let us go on a journey to more accurate simulations of real world situations. First you have to choose an Avatar a personality that you would like to represent yourself to be in the role you are playing. Then you can select the environment and the architecture within that environment, as this is how creation is created. The universal mind chooses the place for you to be born and your environment in the physical world also the architecture is important within your environment the place where you live in the physical world. Remember these two realities exist on parallel levels.


Now let us choose a time line of what time line you would like to experience, go back in history or even create one into the future. All these exercises are helping you to create a link from your higher mind to the universal mind as it is helping you to visualise your own form of creation.


So find a time line where you would like to experience your existence in a role that you are about to create within your mind. Now begin to create the surroundings of where you want to be for instance, if it was Victorian times you could create an old Victorian mansion with servants and a lovely horse drawn cart to travel in. Imagine the utensils they used at that time, open fires huge drawing rooms etc.


This form of creating another reality is very similar or an analogy of how the world was created, but instead of relying on atoms to create matter, you are creating first the blueprint in a virtual world outside your head or brain you are allowing the flow of energy to stimulate your higher mind and integrate it with that of the universal mind.


When playing in a virtual reality game on a computer, you have the ability to transform reality as we know it, you can construct imaginary environments fantasy realms where the usual laws of reality are stretched, altered or negated. In fact you can appear in any form you wish. You can walk through walls communicate telepathically as you are using the higher mind the imaginative mind and not the logical brain mind.


Close your eyes and let your mind wander see any imaginations that come to you, if none come or are jumbled, then create a scene then a role and see what flows to your mind from there. Use this form of imagination to help free the brain mind and allow the higher mind to have its freedom of pure imagination; this will help set your spirit free.


Allowing the Freedom of Spirit to Create


You cannot set your spirit free with the concepts of logic and reason that we all have to deal with in the physical reality of our daily world. To set your spirit free you have to quantamise your higher mind your spirit’s mind and allow all the fantasy of the imagination flow so you may have a glimpse of how the universal mind creates all the roles and the plays each of us exist in.


We are all unique and different and we all live in different places and have different views and concepts, but these mostly come from the mind/brain. It is how we see reality and the world around us, take the concepts, the ideas and the environment from the physicality of our being-ness and we are left with a spirits mind of total freedom to create all forms of creation. The mind of the spirit and that of the universal mind is to allow the freedom of thought and create outside the structure of the brain/mind logic


I remember once walking along the side of a canal and in my mind came a little voice and said imagine you can see a Camel in front of you and in a split second I saw a Camel just in front of me, I saw every aspect of it, its hump, its face but most important I saw its eyes watching me. It took only a few seconds but it was very real. I knew that the universal mind was projecting this image so I could see it with my own eyes and not using the logical mind because there is no way I would have been able to see it using the brain/mind.


So using visualisation is very important in helping to free the spirit’s mind, because our everyday mind that we use keeps us in focus with the world around us and entraps and keeps the spirit’s mind imprisoned. So try and use your imagination more and try to create all manner of things as it helps free the mind from its logic and reason structure and will help you connect your higher mind to that of the universal mind.


How do you think all these wonderful films like ET, Disney Films and all other magical ways of creating? The Harry Potter books took the world by storm from a person who had a wonderful imagination that put it into a fantasy world where the readers could lose themselves into that world. Virtual reality and ethereal reality are one of the same; it is energy a freedom of spirit that allows you to see small parts of its own creation

As you know as I have said many times before each of us has our own role to play. Now think of the great authors Like J K Rowling’s with her Harry Potter books, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit by Tolkien, The film of ET and all the wonderful stories created by Disney, this did not come from a reasonable logic mind, it was created through a higher form of consciousness to bring awareness of how creation can be created from a wonderful visual imagination.


These roles were given to these people to bring the various stories into our creation. Many adults see these kinds of books or films as just fantasy for children as they are not logical for the world they live in. But if only they would see the creation behind the stories they would understand more of how universal creation creates.


Let your spirit soar and set it free by breaking free of the human concept of what is and what is not real and you will find your own higher mind bringing to you the wonderful visual affects that we call imagination. Go on your own inner journey and see where it leads you


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