Multi-Dimensioal Selves/ Virtual Reality Part 3

In this third and final part of Multidimensional selves we will look at what is the true nature of the Human species. I came across the following writings by a man called Andrew Cuthbertson from the UK and I asked him whether I could use his writing to flow along with mine in this article and he gave me his consent.

What is the true nature of the human race?

Humans are capable of doing unspeakable acts to each other and have a tendency to enslave other life-forms to do their bidding or work for them. We also will not hesitate to kill another life-form and devour it to sustain our own, even if we don't particularly need the food. This duality within the species of being both light and dark brings up interesting questions for me. What is the true nature of the human race? Is it To love and respect other life or to control and dominate other life?

Are we at heart a benevolent race or are we a potential threat to all other life-forms in the universe that have inferior technology or biological abilities to us?

Here is an "out there" theory I have. It is pure speculation on my part but I thought I would share it.

There are different humans in different states of consciousness. To get the entire race into the same frame of mind working together would take something truly monumental.

To an enlightened being coming into the world it would look at what some sections of the human race, (the least evolved consciously) are doing to other life on this planet and it would more than likely defend the animals and the plant life against the humans!

It would probably then try to teach the humans the concept of humility and respect for all life, especially the weak.

It is all well and good trying to achieve enlightenment, but what are you going to do when you get there? Why do we need to be enlightened?

Do people not think about the reason WHY we might be so much more advanced than any other species on the planet? Do you think it was really in nature's great plan to create a species of super predator that killed everything in its path and polluted the environment like a disease?

Perhaps we were supposed to be the top species (which is biologically far more advanced than any other life-form) that watched over and protected all other life-forms on the planet and helped to maintain balance?

Perhaps these life-forms that we consider so far beneath us are actually a lot more conscious than we are aware of and would be our friends if we bothered to take the time to get to know them.

Maybe our minds are so much more powerful because we need that power to be able to fulfil our true purpose in nature and interface with the planet's spirit to help cultivate it and improve it?

It has been so long since we were at one with the Earth's mind that perhaps the simple truth is we have completely forgotten why we were created in the first place! Or perhaps the knowledge of our true purpose here on Earth was hidden from us by unknown forces that sought to control us and created new belief systems for our minds.

I love our race but you have to admit spiritually it is a shambles. No ideals, not much love for each other, divisive agendas, dumping down population and control, slavery, total lack of respect for all life including our own species, exploitation of the weak, corruption and extremely limiting belief systems.

In our quest for the material dream and consumer society we have succumbed to all of the pleasure, power and entertainment our egos desired and completely neglected the other 50% of us which are our spirit. This could be a reason we are so dysfunctional as a species, we aren't operating fully as we should be.

I know in our hearts we are a benevolent race capable of being incredibly caring, compassionate and understanding. When I think of myself in these terms my heart tells me we are the happiest as a species and much more powerful when we are in this state of mind.

Instead of perceiving entities that are weaker than us as a good source of food to be rounded up and harvested, maybe we could think of something else to eat?

The ancient native shamanic people were far more advanced than us spiritually, even if their technology was very basic in comparison. For some reason I believe that they had knowledge of how to interact with the Earth and were far more conscious of the spirit than we are.

This would account for the seemingly impossible structures we have found from times where we arrogantly state that their technology wouldn't have been advanced enough to build such structures. They didn't need technology they used their knowledge of the Earth and their spiritual knowledge to build them which was far more effective and a lot less pollution.

I know this theory sounds very far fetched but I can't shake the feeling that the Earth is a living organism because it acts the same way as other living organisms just on a much larger scale. That means it must be conscious and this could be the source of our innate wisdom.

I guess what we need to really know is, are human beings part of nature? Or have we now separated away from nature and become our own system governed by different laws to the laws that govern the other animals on the planet.

If you ask a Lion whether or not it is benevolent or malevolent it won't understand. It is what it is. It doesn't think about what it does it operates from a base animal mindset which orders it to act in a certain way and the only rule is to survive. It may use any of the tools available to it in order to survive and the fact that its tools are superior to any other biological entity in its environment mean that it is the dominant species.

In this respect a lion does not have free will as it must always act out of a need for survival and so in any given situation it will choose the action which gives it the best chance of survival? The type of action it can take is also limited by its environment and its biological make-up. So in reality if a Lion needs to eat it has no choice but to kill another animal that is inferior to it because it only eats meat and that is the only way it knows how to feed itself.

So is the question actually about choice? A warrior in Papa New
Guinea is living in a different environment to the banker in America. They will handle the same situation in different ways because they are in different environments.

So the sense of morality, light and dark, good and evil only becomes a question as more options to react to situations become available to us? Does it then become about what we PREFER to do rather than what we NEED to do? Are we actually in a constant battle between our animal instincts and our human conscious mind? Are the animal instincts our "Dark side" and our human empathy our "Light side"?

Is it human nature to see both perspectives in all situations because in effect we have two different reasoning systems - Animal reasoning and Human reasoning?

I am relating our animal instincts as being our "dark side" because it is those same instincts which cause us to commit the actions which cause perceived harm to others. The animal instinct knows no right or wrong, all it knows is that it wants something. It doesn't think, it acts and takes what it wants without consideration for the consequences.

The human mind is the part of us that rationalises actions and considers the impact of those actions on the welfare of others. We have categorised certain acts as "evil" or "dark" because our empathy feels that such actions do harm and must be controlled for the benefit of those around us.

When the animal mind presents a solution to our human mind which our human mind rationalises as "evil" but we still choose to follow that solution, did we make a conscious choice to be evil, or a conscious choice not to be bound by the rules we have been given which tell us how we must act? Who is it that decides what is right and what is wrong and why must we obey their decision?

I wonder what would happen in a situation where the law no longer existed, where there was no enforcement of rules and people were free to make any choice they wished without fear of the consequences. Would we still be able to function as a society? Or would we have to break into much smaller groups of like minded humans who shared the same ideals?

Is the concept of a large society such as a country an impossible reality in that many of the people within that society will have different ideals and motivations? Is it impossible to categorise the human race as a single species because who we are is highly dependent on our environment, beliefs and the laws of our society?

I believe that the human race MUST understand its nature if it is to be accepting of itself and define itself in relation to its environment. The key to becoming self-aware is a complete understanding of who and what you are and being totally at ease and comfortable with it.

The perspective of good and evil, light and dark are different depending on the observer. The "Good" wishes to define itself through its control of it's animal instincts and the harm they inflict upon others and the "Evil" wishes to be free of the constraints of the laws of the "Good" so it can act upon whatever desires it wishes and take what it wants without remorse.

When an animal kills another animal we call it nature. When a human kills another human we call it murder. The laws of our society are what stop us from being animals acting out our carnal desires on each other and transforms us into something else which enables us to work together. It is the human minds way of keeping the destructive animal impulses in check so we free ourselves of having to be in a constant state of readiness and know that we are safe around others.

Those animal impulses never leave us and I believe when we lose clarity in our human mind through intense emotion then our animal mind becomes free and we lose all control of our actions and become like animals again. We hate ourselves for this because it shatters the illusion that we are more than animals and make us realise how frail our "humanity" is.

We put animals in cages, study them and keep them as pets to try and maintain the illusion that we are different to them because we are more intelligent than them. We put them in zoos so we can watch them and be entertained by them and yet without our laws of society we are no different to them.

If we truly want to be different then we must enter the mindset of a creator, where all life is cherished and understood and we live in a mindset of unconditional love. That is just my opinion though.

I exist very much in the business world - I am exposed to the views and mindsets of many business owners from the UK.

Are they open to it? A categorical and resounding NO! I have found through my gentle probing and discussions that as a collective consciousness the business community is not interested in hearing about anything spiritual, not from anywhere near to where I live and work

Written by Andrew Cuthbertson

A Return to the Multi Dimensional Selves

Let us look at the segments in an orange all that Andrew has spoken about is like each segment having a different aspect to its whole. One segment that gives us animal behaviour symptoms, (but at times some humans behave worst then those of any animal, because animals in the wild are not aware of their actions being good or bad as they do not have the awareness of the duality of consciousness) but humans are aware of the duality of consciousness and a free choice how to use them and that makes a big difference to the human consciousness as seen in its entire wholeness of creation.


Another segment of the orange can signify tremendous Courage within the human spirit; especially those who are terminally ill or who have suffered badly from war injuries or those born with severe defects, the courage that comes from the spirit of these people is tremendous and shows how much strength the inner spirit gives to the mind of that individual in times of great need.

Another segments of the orange, is Compassion (not pity) but compassion for all living things no matter how big or small it may be. The prophets have said that one day the Lion will be able to lie down along side of the Lamb, but that is a long way off as in this moment of time, because in certain areas of the globe man can’t lie down next to another if it is not for the same cause.

Another segment of the orange is Truth, so see the truth of creation in all things and not just listening to what you want to hear. Truth is not a word that goes down well with a lot of people as truth shows people their inner most demons, things that sometimes need to be faced before one can move on. People would rather hear the nice version which the truth does not always tell.

Truth is a no word regarding politician’s, governments, banking anything and anyone that has great amounts of money as their world is designed around an illusion of power, greed and wealth.

Truth is the knowing what is real in the terms of the universal intelligence of how it creates its creation so that it can experience it. People like fancy words around truth so they may take away the true sometimes harsh reality that it projects. But truth in its complete form of reality will always win through.

A large section of segments in the orange is about why there is light and dark in this world, look closely to where we originated from The Universe, the contents of the universe is within all that is upon Mother Earth, every single atoms that are the building blocks of life are here on earth but it all began within the vast dimensions of the universe where the light that is within all life originated from.

Now there is a tremendous duality within the universe, such as solar storms raging across the planets not just in our galaxy but in all galaxies. The ice of frozen planets, the tremendous heat in the giant planets like Jupiter there is so much turmoil happening at every moment in the universe which gives the duality of opposites as it takes an electron and a positron to create light.

There are millions of Meteorites that keep banging into objects and swirl through space at a tremendous speed even breaking through our atmosphere and killing many species, people and devastating land. There is much violence in space like when a star is born and when it dies, so much energy power are in those forms of creation and that creation is were we originate from. So where there is light it always must have a shadow, this is both above and below so duality will always remain with the planets consciousness and the human mind consciousness.

So you see all of the segments in the orange has this force of energy in them, it is just more forceful in the true reality of creation than what we see on planet Earth. If the universe is so forceful in creating life not always as we think of as life, then we all who exist on this planet must have some original blueprint of this force within our energy structure.

We will continue to have duality until the human mind reaches the stage where it no longer serves the individual in a material form of its own physicality, but that it transcends the higher mind of our creation to what we were created for our true purpose of being, a spiritual being in a physical form.

 Many of the segments of the orange remain dormant in many people they do not have access to their multi-dimensional selves or their multi-dimensional talents, there are always many arrows to someone’s bow We only use parts of the segments within the orange, the parts we want to use and ignore the rest, so we are not realising our true potential of being multi dimensional in both physical and spiritual, unfortunately we have too much of a definition to what we want to be and how we would like to be ,to know our true multi sense of our true being.

So let us all allow our true being not just be created in the realms of virtual reality where the creator creates, or the virtual reality some people use in games on their computer, but to allow our higher mind to transmit our real reality to us where we can play our inner role our true role within our existence on Mother Earth. That is to balance our energies and treat with respect everything and everyone that exists on and within Mother Eart

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