Multi Dimensional Selves/Virtual reality

This will be on the concepts of  3 Dimensional Beings versus Multi-Dimensional Beings.

Part 1 out of 3

After having been stuck in this particular frequency band for hundreds of thousands of years, this frequency of energy has become deeply rooted in our genes as we now think and depend on linear, time particularly since the Industrial Revolution when we became more and more fixated on time, and being on time, before that, people were more multidimensional and saw things and experienced things more like nature allowing the flow of energy events to happen naturally, but that would be considered out of the ordinary by most people today and to mention anything in this category some people would call them 'superstitious'.

Our minds are working on different levels in this present time to such an extent that it would be appropriate to consider a person's collective mind being compartmentalised into several different layers, where the logical, conscious mind would be the 3rd dimensional (3D) mind; the mind that is very analytical .It is on this level that everything has to be explained, categorised, catalogued, be logical, non-fluid, and linear, to make sense out of all the information the mind retains and all the information that flows through the mind daily.. It's the mind of the 5 senses; what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, smell with your nose, taste with your mouth, and touch with your body is what is real and what you get. To think that something could exist outside of that would really stretch the logical mind and it doesn't like it, because it likes to be in control.

There are other compartments of the mind however, that work on a much deeper and more flexible level, such as the subconscious mind, which registers on a non-conscious level that lies deep within a 4th dimensional 3 D level. It's the 'fight or flight' part of the mind, which also registers trauma, pain, fear and other emotions unwanted in daily life. This also works when a similar situation which would be considered a threat to survival to the subconscious mind occurs, it then comes to the surface and alerts the person of the danger so he/she can decide whether to avoid or confront the situation. This part of the sub-conscious mind has a connection to what scientists call 'the reptilian brain that resides within the hypothalamus. It can be decided how thoroughly a person wants to go into the different layers of the mind, but we will concentrate on the Unconscious Mind, which is that of the dream state, but also the part of the mind which is non-linear and sometimes non-logical from a 3D point of view. This part of the sub conscious mind is very fluid and expandable.

The Unconscious Mind is a pretty important mind to concentrate on in these times. Although the logical mind (the Ego with capital 'E') is important as we have to function our everyday lives in linear time, but it is extremely limited. Some say we only use 10% of our brain capacity (and this may be true), but brain capacity is not the only way to measure our awareness level. I would say we use much less than 10% of our true potentials when we are living in the typical 3D reality. But if we work with the figures we have, and we only use 10% of our capacity, the other 90% is hidden within the Unconscious Mind.

 The Dream State Mind

Dreaming is a way to process events in our lives that we haven't been able to process to our satisfaction from our limited 3-D perspective. Dreams go deeper but rarely give you any direct solutions (although it can happen), but it does give you hints and solutions that are either 'decoded' or 'encrypted' so that we still need to find the solution in our daily lives. However, we can use the tools in the dream state to speed up the processes. First we dream and then sometimes, relive it. This may sound unreal to many, but I truly believe this is how it works. Therefore, it is a very good practice to work on realising that you're dreaming while you're dreaming or on awakening write as much down as you can remember.

The sub consciousness mind has much more stored in it that one can ever know but when dreaming only small parts of it emerge through our dream state and these small parts do not always correspond to each other and so does not make sense to the dream we are dreaming. This is due to so many programs within the sub conscious mind that it does not locate to a logical pattern but mostly at random as all sequences are parallel to each other. So dreams do not always make sense to the dreamer, this is because the output of the dream is distorted from the logical mind/brain that is fast asleep and does not work on the deep sleep level.Think of various pieces of jigsaw but all taken from individual jigsaws and throw them together at random, in each of these pieces there is a part of a pattern that belongs to other larger patterns, so when you are dreaming you mostly see only small parts of a pattern that is multi-dimensional in that they are all different patterns within different jigsawa but still remain and belong to one whole.

It is from the sub conscious mind that nightmares arise as these are due to hidden fears or emotional traumas that have been hidden in the depths of the sub consciousness mind and break free while the brain/mind is sleeping. We use the brain/mind to hide behind many things we would like to forget, hence the saying putting things to the back of the mind. So dreaming is a state where most people would not go voluntarily as it holds uncertainty, the unknown and secrets that have been hidden away. There also lies within the deep recessions of the sub consciousness past lives, but to reach them you need to either be experienced at it or have a professional to help you, as these lie more deeply into the deep recessions not of the brain/mind but are hidden away in the higher mind of the soul/spirit which can be accessed via the sub- conscious mind

Multi-Dimensional Selves

Multi- Dimensional Selves is like the segments of an orange, each segment has its own individuality of whatever self it projects. The anagram of this is to look at the orange as the whole that holds all the various selves on a multi dimensional scale which exists in a multi-dimensional existence. 

Think of the multi- dimensional selves as various projections through various physical forms, but these are not in any form of sequence as in a past life but existing in parallel forms in the ether or A field within universal consciousness. These multi dimensional selves are a consisting energy formation which the universal mind projects into the ether, they may have manifested in reality in this world or they may reside in a reality of the universal source. None of the segments of the orange can project itself into the same dimension such as manifesting at the same time on earth.

Multi dimensional selves are not always seen as past lives but can also be a projection of what it could be in the future, but know one thing they are connected to each other within the whole.( The orange is a part of the whole, so the segments are part of that whole) but on a bigger scale think of a sack of oranges all interconnecting with each other, but remaining a part of the whole in a grander and much larger scheme of things.