Milky Way Galaxy

Facts from the Universal Mind

I have been asked to pass this information to you about the true facts of why there is so much hype about this date as we are now almost upon it and when you receive this, the day will have already dawned. . For the last few years there have been so many books written about this date and so much hype some interesting and some wacky ones, but now as we are near to that date all has gone fairly quiet. There is very little information on the internet compared to a few years ago or even at the beginning of this year.
The Mayan’s began by predicting this date as it was the end of their cyclic calendar but this was in the Mayan times and affected only the Mayan people. What they did foresee was the position of the Sun at this time and they knew the great significance of it. But so much has been written that does not add up, one must remember that all their written books of their beliefs and their culture and their knowledge of cosmology was burnt by the Spanish Conquistadors so what has been written of late is a very flimsy account as there is no fact from that era or from the Mayans themselves who live today to back it up.
Also what needs to be taken into account is that Venus was very important to them and was to be the first star rising on this particular day. Now Venus rises at 4.46 am on the 21/12/2012 in the Yukatan where the Mayans used to live but across the globe Venus rises at different times according to the time zone. So how can a great event that is supposed to happen as this star rises, when there are so many hours different according to where one lives. As it rises in Australia there is another 12 hours or so before it rises in the UK for instance and the same applies to America but with less hours in between. So for a great happening it must coincide with the entire globe and not just one part of it.
The reason why this date is important is found in the middle of the Milky Way in the area of Sagittarius A. where the Sun will be on 21/12/2012., In the area of Sagittarius A there is a massive Black Hole and although the Sun will not be close enough for its light to be sucked in it will have the effects of the strong powerful radiation energies being emitted from it. These energies then hit the photosphere of the sun which then ignites the sunspots which emit solar flares.. The sun’s sunspots are in its eleven year cycle and are very high,it is from these sunspots on the surface of the sun that solar flares are created and it is these solar flares that are now hitting the earth. We have had three of the solar flares hit Earth this year the last being on November 21st .These energy flares that are hitting the Earth disrupt the electromagnetic field around the planet, which in turn disrupts the Earths tectonic plates in the core of the earths mantle. This causes disruption to the earth and creates Volcano activity, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and Floods. It is during this great cycle that the Earth will shift in her energy consciousness and frequency due to all the activity within the heavens especially within our own galaxy the Milky Way. So let us see some facts and why this Grand cycle of 25,920 years or as some says 26,000 years is so important not only to us and everything that lives on planet Earth but to Mother Earth herself.

  The Galaxy we live in is a mystery to many of us. Sure, everyone knows a few facts here and there, but I can guarantee you that there is quite a bit more to know..
Scientists have tried to date the Milky Way and have only been nominally successful. The closest estimate is somewhere between 10 and 13.6 billion years.
Just like many other galaxies the centre of the Milky Way there is a super massive black hole in the area of Sagittarius A. The Milky Way is 12 light years away from Earth and measures 22.5 million km across, the whole galaxy is 12,000 light years in diameter
Have you ever looked towards the heavens and wondered how many stars there are? What can be seen from Earth is only a miniscule fraction of the total number of stars in our galaxy. The best estimate that science can make is that there is somewhere between 200 and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way alone.
So this great event of 25,920 years is happening in the universe and it will change the energies of the universe as so much radiation ejects from the black hole and hits the sun which will send out solar flares and alter the earth’s magnetic field and the satellites that are in orbit around the planet. Some may find their TV network does not work on that day or days hereafter, mobile phones may not work in some areas around the globe

The most we may experience may be natural disasters but that has already begun

Sun Spot Activity December

Earth’s Changes

The Earth is changing in many ways some we can see and some we can’t see, but I do know that these changes will be for the best in the future. There is much hype about the earth ascending, but how can it ascend it is a piece of rock that orbits the sun and held by gravitation so it is not going anywhere. Then some are saying that the enlightened ones will ascend to a new earth, but how can we physically ascend when our physical bodies are grounded by gravity.

The only way we can alter our consciousness and frequency is to be in alignment with the new changes of the earth’s frequencies and to get rid of the old ways, ideas and habits. As the earth changes so will we if we allow ourselves to go with the flow of new energies coming in and surrender to the higher powers that be. Enlightenment means to have knowledge not knowledge learned by rote but by knowing trusting your instincts and acting on them even if it doesn’t seem logical. But most of all really trust in your spirit’s journey and find out why it has chosen such a particular journey that it chose you as its physical host.

Many people are saying those that are finding enlightenment will ascend but if you are already enlightened what is there to ascend to. Everything you need is already within you, so no matter what happens in the universe your light/spirit is still within you and you are still connected to the universal light that gave you life. So as far as I am concerned this day is only important due to the alignment within the heavens that will bring about change to the planet but over years and not drastically on one day as most people seem to think.

We are already have enlightenment within us we just have to find it and allow it to use the host which is you, we don’t need to ascend anywhere as there is nowhere to go physically, just ascend with the spirit within and you can do this anywhere at any time just let go and go with the flow.

This change of energy especially the strong radiation force ejecting from the Black Hole and the Sun’s Solar Flares will bring in a new age of consciousness due to the change of consciousness that the universal source will activate at this grand slam cycle within the universe. But how these changes will affect people depends on the individual person. For those who are seeking to higher their own energy vibration and raise it to a higher frequency is up to the individual to change the structural pattern of the mind. So this is not a mass change of consciousness that will automatically bring awareness and enlightenment to people. How can a change in the planets change everybody’s mind, it is too ridiculous to think these thoughts. But I can see why so many people are wanting to believe it as it would save them the hard work that is needed to find your own inner light and your inner journey. 

I have been told through the universal source that through this new energy change that we are entering a quantum world, not just seen as scientists see it but through our minds. In the future the human mind will change its direction to quantum activity within the mind/brain this will bring acute awareness of not just enlightenment but to everything around us. We will become more at one with nature and not so much with the material or technological mind of the present.

The evolutionary jump to this quantum way of thinking will come to those with an open mind one that is open to all cultures but closed to the dogma that cultures can sometimes repress a free way of thinking. Our origins of what creates the matter that our physical bodies are composed of come from the universe, the cells and molecules that are part of our physicality as well as our DNA are the components of the universe, so when these energies shift why can’t our higher minds shift into another frequency and if the higher mind shifts then we can connect to it thus shifting the brain/mind to alter and perceive a quantum reality.

This shift of consciousness will only be available at this time for those who seek it and this will not be overnight but in stages during the next few years   

The Quantum Mind

The quantum mind is the universal mind participating via the neurons of the brain. In physics it says that quantum particles are in many places at once, that they can be either a particle or wave. These wave particles are what carries knowledge from the universal mind it is like when I get predications or guidance and some time they take years to manifest and sometime they only take  a year and a bit this is because the waves that carry them are either the red slower energy waves or the blue/violet quicker energy waves. The probabilities of these energy waves are quantum and it is not until the universal mind observes them that one actually manifests, until then there are all just quantum probabilities.
Consciousness defines our existence and reality, but the mechanism by which the brain generates thoughts and feelings remain unknown
Most explanations portray the brain as a computer, with nerve cells ("neurons") and their synaptic connections acting as simple switches. However computation alone cannot explain why we have feelings and awareness, an "inner life."

We also don't know if our conscious perceptions accurately portray the external world. At its base, the universe follows the seemingly bizarre and paradoxical laws of quantum mechanics, with particles being in multiple places simutaenously connected over a distance, and with time not existing, in the classical term of time as on Earth..

Conventional science and philosophy attempt to base consciousness strictly on classical physics rejecting the possibility of quantum non-locality in consciousness, including persistence outside the body as some times seen in OBE and near death experience, evidence in recent years links biological functions to quantum process raising the likelihood that consciousness depends on non-local quantum effects in the brain. Max Plank the scientist,had insight when he said “I regard consciousness as fundamental, we cannot get behind consciousness. Vedic and other spiritual traditions have similar assumptions.

The Quantum Brain Theory

One of the most convincing arguments of the Quantum Brain Theory is its explanation of how reality is conceived by the brain. Classically, reality should always be changing, even by the slightest notion, and the brain should be aware of these changes as they occur. According to quantum mechanics, this would be impossible; there is no time during which something is changing, therefore, the brain cannot be in a state of change it must be in one state or another, there is no in between. The Quantum Brain Theory states that our brain takes in reality one moment at a time, it is never in a state where it is observing something changing. It observes reality before the change and then after the change and then fuses these two images together in order to make sense of them.

One question about the Quantum Brain Theory comes when reality itself is considered; "why can't reality be a quantum system?" Well, there are a few explanations. One is that quantum systems are usually very small. Quantum mechanics cannot be used to explain the universe as a whole however; it can explain the movements of an electron, or the actions of a black hole. Another reason why reality cannot be explained by quantum mechanics is that quantum mechanics call for a holistic interpretation of the system.

.Memory is another area where the Quantum Brain Theory is helpful. Humans have an extraordinarily large number of neurons, in the order of trillions. Most of these neurons, though, are not contained in the memory centres of the nervous system. Even if all of these were donated to memory, there still would not be enough to explain the memory capacity of the human mind. The Quantum Brain Theory however, shows a different story. Using quantum states, there are infinite possibilities for the arrangements of the neurons a pattern if you like even if there are a finite number of them. For instance, if every neuron is used up in one state, instead of having to erase all of the memories, the neurons just start to "remember" in a different state of which we call consciousness. This is the scientific view of the quantum mind now lets look at the other side of the quantum mind and that is through the Universal Mind

The Universal Spiritual Aspect to the Brain/Mind

As it has been explained through a scientific view lets explore the universal spiritual aspect of the quantum mind.   The human mind is what needs to evolve to its true existence, nature takes of itself, and it knows the universal laws of evolution. When the human mind can live and exist within the laws of nature and understand its true existence, only then can the mind transform itself to its true identity.

Think back through history when every single moment of every single day from thousands of years ago everything was an experience for the universal mind to experience it own creation from all those people who represent the physical vessel in which the universal mind uses to experience itself.

So it does not matter now or over thousands of years whether the individual was a beggar or poor, rich, bandit thief, Saint, Emperor or those whose lives were in the middle, all created their own duality within all the creations of the universal mind.

The human mind is there to be used as a transmitter for the universal mind or higher mind to transmit its energies, its thoughts and its ideas so that the human mind can activate them and manifest them from the higher to the lower mind of the human vessel it is in this way that the spirit can be transformed into its own manifestation.

The physicality of the body was and is just a vessel for that spark of light to experience the multitude of probabilities that was first created through the universal mind. Even free will sometimes is directed to take a particular path so that the experience can be experienced both by the individual and the higher mind, this is usually done to rid both of karma that the soul holds within the light that holds it. Nothing occurs by chance even if you create something from your own free will, because what you create you must experience.

Think of it this way, you have been offered different lines of work not one job but a few these are all probabilities until you look at them and then chose one you think is best for you, this is what the universal mind does there are many probabilities and until the universal mind observes one that it thinks is right for the role you are playing only then will the one that has been observed be manifested into your reality. This is what is known as the Quantum mind and it is only when you become the seeker of your true identity or your true existence does the quantum mind jump and goes onto the next level of its own spirituality.

The quantum mind exists with so many probabilities all existing at the same time but not in the same space and until one of these probabilities are observed or looked at they will all remain in different fractures of space/time. Look at it like this how many thoughts do we have in a day and how many are realised or have become manifested (not many) All thoughts are like quantum particles all existing but not materialising until one thought becomes prominently dominated in the mind and then acted upon, this is because the mind has observed one thought in particular.

So the future will be a mind that can foresee the probabilities knowing which one to choose for your role or path in life without making many mistakes. It is the confusion within our minds that creates us to making the wrong choices in life. This in the future for those that have developed the usage of the quantum mind will eradicate all obstacles from their path and have the insight to see clearly where you are going in life. This will be very helpful in all aspects of life whether it is with business, relationships or bringing up children as you will be able to see and choose the right choice knowing it is the correct one for you. This will make life so much easier. So try with quietening the mind and ridding yourself of the confusion the mind creates. Then  you will be one step closer to creating the jump from the brain/mind to the quantum mind . The mind of the future

Words of Meaning from the Universal Source

Never give somebody the idea he/she is important, no one is better or less than yourself

When you see an insect or bird or anything smaller or larger than you, do not think you are better than it because the universal mind creates all life in its own image.

When you see darkness & shadows know it is only the absence of light nothing more or less. Every tiny atom is the building block of life these are a part of the universal mind and in them the beauty of life is seen.

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