Memory Banks of Consciousness


All universal consciousness is seen as a living memory of the creator, a conscious living thought form of supreme intelligence. These living memory membranes, act as data banks which contain all forms of creation past present and future. There are some evolved souls that once awakened to its spiritual journey can connect with these higher realms of consciousness and recall past events and future possibilities not just in earthly terms but in many universal forms of consciousness. Memory banks are data banks not only to hold universal memories but also can create new ones they are the possibilities of the probable outcome of creation, created through the higher forms of intelligence of universal energies. They hold all inventions of universal evolution, the whole of universal consciousness is seen through the power of the creators consciousness. These energies are continually changing and moving within their own vibration and oscillation nothing is ever stagnant as energy must continually vibrate and oscillate within their own form of consciousness.

Many things are created for all varieties of life on many planets not just for planet earth but not all manifest themselves as many are only possibilities and until they are observed does not gets materialised into solidity of matter. Imagine someone who writes a play there is many possibilities to this play,the theme of this particular play is that someone gets murdered so there must be a murderer, this is the probability but there are many ways to create such a murder but the outcome will still be that someone gets murdered and that someone was the murderer. Universal creation is similar in that it has so many potentials to the theme or creation that is being created on an ethereal level. Once the script and the players have been chosen then the rehearsals get under way. Now the script and players can be altered until the play writer is happy with what he has written and the roles he has chosen, but once that play goes on stage then nothing can be altered so it then gets manifested into a reality. This is how universal energies work once it’s been played out in its full form of the play in its ethereal realms then it will manifest itself and cannot be changed.

There is a structure to everything in universal creation and there is a structure to all forms of sentient life no matter how chaotic it may seem in the manifestation of reality. No matter how dark that reality may seem in its illusion of earthly reality the outcome will always be seen through the light and form of its creator. To bring about change to any form of reality you have to re-structure a new form of consciousness, create a new scenario to a new play. But first the old play must close before a new one can begin this is how universal consciousness works. It creates all forms of plays with all different roles for people to play, but there comes a time when these plays need to close so that new ones can begin which brings in a new form of structure a new theme to a new play. This is what is now happening in the earthly reality, old themes will now close and new ones will begin this can bring about illusions of chaos but what is to be remembered is that we who live on earth have not seen the ending of the play and how the beginning of the new play begins. These new plays have many possibilities but some of those possibilities have already been played out in their manifested role in the ethereal realms of universal creation, we now must wait and see which ones have been chosen to manifest in our reality, but no matter which one it is or how it seems to us in our illusions of reality, you can be sure that the final outcome will be through the energies of light.

Earth's Consciousness

 The Earth's consciousness is moving towards its original source within its own vibrational consciousness, so it may align itself with the rest of the universe. Within the next few years it will cleanse itself so it can make a quantum leap to a higher oscillation of vibration within the prisms of its own light the pattern that holds the earths consciousness within its own energy source. When earth was first created from the sub atomic explosion of a star, it was filled with a pattern of light from which the star burst gave, the colours within this burst of energy is the basic structure to the life that earth will sustain. It is this light and the colours within it that holds the evolution key to all life past, present and future and with each change of evolutionary consciousness the earths vibration and oscillation moves up the universal consciousness ladder always bringing new cycles and new changes not only with the inhabitants but also with its geographical pattern. The prisms of light within the earth's consciousness is filled with colours of greens, blues, yellow/gold and reds which gives it the diversity to form molecules of various forms of organisms. these energies gave the planet the tools to re create over billions of earthly years to that in which we see at present. There have many changes in the evolution of the planet and its inhabitance over the cycles of years and now through another cycle it will change its pattern once again bringing it closer to its original pattern of oscillation and frequency. There have been many misalignments to the patterns of earths consciousness and it is still out of synchronisation to its original source, many changes have been made not from the consciousness of the earths energy but by mankinds destruction. There is many holes within the electromagnetic energy field of the earth's consciousness, but now it will begin another cleansing cycle and repair itself for the new cycle of energy consciousness that will uplift it to the universal evolution of mass collective consciousness that encompasses it all. All these cycles of energy waves build themselves up to a grand scenario some bigger than others all depending on the cycle but the one we now await is the grandfather of them all a cycle of 311,040 years. the smaller cycles are every 2,160 years then the second cycle is 25,920 years but the cycle of the grand slam is 311,040 which we are now approaching then all universal consciousness in the whole of the meta-verse will come together in its vibration of synchronisity, a new song shall be played throughout the universe a forever changing energy consciousness playing a new tune for a new song.

The earth had its biggest change of consciousness when the link of evolution took a quantum leap and brought forth the creation of homo sapient, it was from this period onwards that the earth's consciousness gradually became misaligned as it took on a slightly different form of nature. The collective consciousness of the homo sapient began draining the natural nature of the earth's energies, they became slower in their vibration and the tonal sound of her oscillation began to resonate in a different frequency and being a little out of tune to its orignal matrix. The colours within the earth's conscious that resonates within its pattern of light began to fade and became jaded over numerous years and as mankind mutiplied the colours and vibration of the earths frequency slowed down, but now with a grand new cycle upon us the vibration will speed itself up the colours within the light will be renewed and the oscillation of her tonal sound will resonate to a higher frequency to the new song that will be sung. During the last cycle many new diseases were born this was due to the earth's living consciousness being out of sinc to its natural form when this occurs nature intervenes which in the past we have known about floods, the ice age and many other natural phenomenas this is necessary to rid herself of the unatural baggage it has been carrying. In this grand cycle of change a new play has been created by the universal creator and new roles have been chosen there will be new acts to the play with new possibilities leading to new probabilities for us all. It is up to all human beings to find thier own role in this new enlightenment of creation and re create with their own universal consciousness into the big picture of change to bring about a balance of the dualities of nature. The more people that become aware of this great change of consciousness throughout the multi -verse and raise their own inner spiritual awareness the better for the planet and all those that exist upon her.

The change of this great cycle of consciousness is like an orchestra and all it needs to be in tune with each other for the music to be played correctly, but for those who are not in tune or are out of sync to the rest of universal consciousness it will be like dividing the wheat from the chaff. It will be difficult for those who hold on to old concepts, old belief systems and old habitual patterns as their energy vibration will not be in alignment to the new vibration of the planet. So let us all bring our own light and help strengthen the universal consciousness of light to be brighter so that it can dispell the darkness we are existing in. It is now time for balance and more harmony to live and exist with the natural energies of all nature and not just by the desires of the self. The memory banks of consciousness is just that, it holds all that has been, all that is now and the potential of what is to come, we as human beings have that potential to change and to ride with ease into the new cycle of energy consciousness that is soon to be upon us.

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