Lessons in Life

Where is the Wisdom we have Lost in Knowledge

All lessons in life are for mankind to experience the full variety of duality that creation has created. Once all the varieties and meanings in both polarities balance then the two become one. These obstacles that people encounter in life this is not always due to mankind being negative or positive, but is due to the self built creation of the self/ego that pursues such things as desire in its material form as its goal in life. But what mankind does not understand is that all material assets no matter what they are do not last and it is because they do not last that they lose them. Even if certain people can afford to receive all they desire, it still brings to them a form of disappointment which cannot satisfy them by bringing peace and contentment within their own inner being,the only way mankind can find contentment is to understand the soul/spirit that is within and allow the soul/spirit its freedom to project itself through the individual.

Life without the soul/spirit is empty and although loved ones and friends may surround you with their love it does not compensate the inner peace and contentment the light of the spirit can give by being allowed to project the light through you as an individual. It is only this spirits light consciousness that can bring the fruits and riches of its own light which is directly linked and unified to the universal source its creator. To realise and understand the light within and its purpose one should pay great attention to who you are and not what you are because if you don't , all one has is the desires of materiality which does not last.

The principle of spiritual enlightenment is not the perfection of the human nature but to allow the transformation of the soul/spirit so it can project its light and guide the instrument that houses it on the path that was chosen before the birth. No one will ever find balance, peace of mind and contentment until the lower consciousness of man’s desires transforms itself into the higher state of consciousness that prevails all of what it can see. Go beyond the image of the mind and see clearly the transcending energy that will unite both minds into one balanced whole. This helps you see with clarity when obstacles get put in your way as you see it with new insight and can over come the obstacles seeing the true reason why they have been put there. Any purpose in life is not about intellect but more of the transcendence of the spirits mind that is important, it is the transformation of the inner mind that the self may recognise and think it is not intellectual progress but more of an inner knowledge combining with an outer knowledge bringing the two together, you don't then have two sets of picture but one gigantic whole

The road in most people’s lives is never very easy and can be painful and slow, it can also be hard and difficult for the individual to understand the logic and reason of the human mind. The light of the spirit does not come under any labels of reason or logic but more through instinct, intuition and that gut feeling of what seems right against all odds of reason and logic. It is a perception that is right for the individual without knowing the reason why and this is why so many people act on it not understanding their reason but having the instinct within them that it is right to do so.

Spirituality which means simply the act of spirit does not require recognition through the self, as this would enact egoism in a higher more moral way, which is defeating the concepts of its journey or its intent. It’s the true nature of the soul/spirit to use the physical form to project itself and in doing so releases the major role of itself through the identity of self. Those who put themselves at the front with their own preoccupation of their own existence does through the egoism of the self and not through the light of the spirits existence. It is not about ascending to higher realms that is important, but more about bringing the higher realms within the material reality of our lives and our self’s existence. Many believe that humankind is the controller of our world and that intellect is what will bring about the concepts of evolution. Enlightenment is seeing that universal knowledge which stems from the universal mind of creation creates all we experience in life, without this form of creation there would be nothing for human’s to desire, we can only experience what has been manifested through the thought form of the universal mind.     

How to use universal knowledge into your everyday life.

There are so many demands in life at present for most people and to find the courage to transform your life by seeing it in a new light is often very difficult for many people as they have a strict routine in their working lives. Not all people can cut loose most of their desires from material reality as they have undertaken responsibility to others that the soul/spirit chose to experience with these people’s souls/spirits in a physical existence. In cases such as these the individual must try very hard to balance and compromise the inner and outer forces of consciousness. The soul/spirits existence stands above the play of life but it also governs it, the other side of it is the outward consciousness that the self sees the world in a normality of existence.

When one meditates and the quietness of mind can be acquired and all things seems beautiful depending how deep the meditation is, but it can never be permanent or secure due to the chaos that the mental mind that brings into existence all the thoughts, worries and anxiety’s that an individual creates in its life. To those who have done years of meditation in training the mind to be still like many Tibetan Monks or those who live more in solitude these people can blank out the many illusions that the self creates and it is only in this state where a person can find true wisdom of knowledge, but this is not always easy or possible. But even those mentioned above cannot hold onto these special moments as all energies change moment by moment so nothing can be held onto but must move and flow with the energies that flow through you.

If one can live within the spirits consciousness and exist in a normality of life’s reality that individual is allowing the spirit to exist within the persona of the individual and can bring tremendous knowledge, wisdom and perception from the higher realms of consciousness to the lower levels of earthly existence. To all people whether they have a demanding life or those who have a less demanding life it is imperative that the individual can live with both consciousness the inner and the outer of their spirits existence. The clue is to keep reminding yourself that the guidance or instinct that you feel is spirit working through you and its purpose is for you to listen to where it needs to go rather than where you want to go.

Whenever we are in difficult times we call on our inner strength or to the heavens to help us and guide us through this difficult patch that we have to go through, but if you remember there is a light within you that tries to keep flashing to show you the way to help buffer you from the shocks and traumas that obstacles create. Out of all dark times no matter what they are there is light and there is always some good that comes from it, these are our lessons in life not the pleasure we experience or our desires manifesting those are just some of the rewards that spirit gives us. What one gains by opening the self to its spiritual consciousness depends on what the individual seeks from it, if it is inner peace and contentment in life it will be inner peace that you will find. If it is knowledge and wisdom that the seeker seeks then it will be knowledge that you will receive. The universal source has always said knock on the door and asks because if you don’t ask how you can receive. This does not say that whatever you ask for that you will receive it, you only receive what you need not always what you desire. By understanding this part of life and having belief in your own true self it will bring you to a depth in life that will be so gratifying that it cannot be compared to what most people think is happiness in life.

The knowledge of your own spirits light can only be experienced through you the physical vehicle which is the host in this life, this knowledge or wisdom can’t be learned from books because other people have written them so it is their concepts although one can find the information useful to help them on their journey. So whatever you seek through your own higher consciousness it will always give you the necessary lessons in life for you to grow both in the spiritual sense and in the material sense of your existence on earth. Each one of us has an invisible map that was created for us before our birth and it is  those who seek to find this map that will lead a fulfilling life both spiritually and physically it just takes time and patience to sit queitly and not dwell on upon things buut trust that if you sit quiet and listen to that inner voice or whisper the signs will come to you no matter how abstract they may be, nothing from the higher consciousness fits into our logical mind so it will never manifest how we think or imagine it will, so trust fully that your spirit has your true welfare at heart and will never let you down.

The soul/spirits aim whilst in a human body is to awaken to the realisation of its own divinity of consciousness, to connect and be unified again with that of the universal source. Most people think the soul/spirit needs to ascend to achieve enlightenment but what everyone must remember the soul/spirit is already created from the universal source of creation and it is only when it descends into a vehicle of matter that it loses its own divinity of light as it fragments into the lower form of consciousness into such a dense energy of physicality. So the soul/spirit goal is to unite its fragmentation and become whole again within its light as it was before its descent. Only then will it remember its journey and what it came to experience whilst in a physical form of matter. It is only then that it can bring about its true powers of its own existence and expand itself outward so its light will shine through all the dense layers that was keeping it prisoner. When you look at someone who has found their own inner light you can see it in their face and in their eyes the light shinning through.  

This would give so much more meaning to our material world as we would evolve alongside the true nature of universal evolution which for the soul/spirit is to embrace the density of matter and for matter to find its own light of spirit in which it was created and integrated in the material realm of its own existence. This is the way of bringing heaven to earth descending instead of ascending.

A Passage from “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa”

Self deception is a constant problem as we progress along a spiritual path. Ego or self is always trying to achieve spirituality; it is rather like wanting to witness your own funeral.
Civilisation relies upon a set of unconscious agreements as to what constitutes meaning and what can be allowed into discourse. When faced with information that falls outside these parameters, cultures and individuals alike, forget or neglect or actively suppress the ill fitting data. Yet the repressed elements return to haunt us eventually, psychologists tell us as dissociated project of our psyche, we are ultimately the only model of reality that can sustain us is the one that accounts for even the most intractable and seemingly anomalous our experiences in life and that knowing and accepting out true persona the light of the spirit which we all are.

Carl Jung wrote, we are living in what the Greeks called kairos the right moment for a metamorphosis of the Gods of the fundamental principles and symbols, this pecularity of our time which is certainly not of out consciousness choosing is the expression of the unconsciousness man within us who is changing.

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