How Our Thoughts & Perceptions Creates Our World

Life is not a chaotic mess; it is a reflection of either what we believe or what we know. For the believer and those who choose to speculate, judge, question, and offer opinions life is either fair or unfair according to their ego's perspective. What the ego call's justice is often another word for revenge? The knower or the aware person understands that everything is perfect in its time and place you do not experience anything that is not an opportunity for your spiritual growth in awareness. What you do experience is a choice in the moment between mind and emotion or awareness and feelings. The lessons of awareness are a choice between these two extremes one leads to a desperate attempt to control outcomes and the other is a door into the deepest aspects of your being and the classroom of the higher self. One defends your deepest fears and the other exposes them with compassion, and a caring guidance that reveals their true nature and how to transmute them into courage and more awareness of the light within you.

Are our thoughts ours? Or are they generated and constantly flowing around us? Is it like a data stream that our mind can sift through, that present us with potential thought constructs that fit with the sensory data we are processing (or imagining processing) at the time? 

Can we for instance pick up a thought in the universal data stream, work on it from the unique perspective of our own minds and maybe add to it and then release it again when we can no longer need to add to it in any unique way? Do we continually pass thoughts and ideas to each other to be processed until we have a highly polished thought that is widely accepted?  

Sometimes I have thoughts or ideas that I have no idea of where they come from, I will wake up in the morning and these ideas are in my head and I just have to follow them through and sometime it leads to other thoughts being created leading to more new ideas. I know that the universal consciousness puts them there for my brain/mind to act upon them this is how they work through us.

Sometimes I know what somebody has written even though I have no knowledge of what they are writing I just seem to know the meaning behind what they have written. I had no such theory before, so how is it that I am able to gain such an in-depth knowledge of their idea without having any previous exposure to it?

 When I talk about "science" and what it is revealing to me, I am not speaking about theories that scientists have I am talking/writing about what the "alternative" researchers are finding by their observation.. For instance the atom was once thought to be solid but it is now known that it is in fact 99% empty space also, what we formerly thought was empty space has now been found to be teeming with energy. This is now known as the Zero-Point Energy Field as well as the Akashic Energy Field where all memory of all events is stored. This field is accessible by the human mind it is also now recognized that the human body mind/field is the most powerful thing known in the Universe. Nikola Tesla's inventions were based upon this knowledge.

 It is through the past experiences of which our soul holds that maybe our  body/mind field holds these impressions so that we become, informed with outside thoughts from a universal perspective with a” synchronistic" manner that links many thoughts and ideas through the space/time continuum. Just imagine that all the thoughts that have been thought throughout the entire history are still in the etheric realm whether they are positive or negative and that we as a human species pick up some of these thoughts and use them to our own concepts of how they should be and turn them around so they have a different meaning. Perhaps our own ideas and thoughts have never belonged to us in the first place but have been up in the ether or have been placed in our deeper sub conscious mind for it to transmit to our working mind so we can act on them in the way we so choose

There is a saying that says “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts and our concepts and it is with these that we create our world

A conscious intent is not that I can’t or I might, or I will try but a firm intention to opening up the mind to allow the thoughts that are needed to enter your mind so that these thoughts can help you by guiding you to where the universal consciousness or your soul/spirit wants you to be.

Think of all the different people who have different skills and ask yourself where did these thoughts I want to be this or I want to be that came from, these can be thoughts from as early as childhood; this is the soul/spirit or universal consciousness showing you the role that has been designed for you. This is how so many gifted people have the talents that they have because it was created for them before their birth.  Even those who are not seen to have a gift has a gift of some kind whether it is just being a good parent or a good gardener a multitude of simple things are still a gift if you do it properly and enjoy doing it.
So listen to all your thoughts and ideas and if they keep repeating themselves in your mind then always act upon them as the universal consciousness or your soul/spirit is trying to tell you some thing.

All our thoughts and ideas help create the world, look back at all the ideas man has had over the years and how they have materialised from building to flying a plane to inventing the telephone and so much more, the ideas of these things must come before any action can manifest them. This could be the reason that we have so many different skills and abilities, not all people can comprehend all thoughts but all people can develop the skills required by any single thought construct. There are so many people in the world because there are infinite possibilities for all types of creation.

We are all only one individuated presence in what appears to be a united energy/information field and it would seem that we all have access to everything there is within the universal consciousness and it is perhaps our past experiences that shape our body/mind energy field in such a way that we are all unique.


All thoughts leads to the obvious, all thoughts are infinite spectrum of energy that we all need or require and that it exists in each and every one of us. Each of us has access to this self sustaining universal consciousness of thoughts in order to create consciously or subconsciously, what we create in our everyday life through the thoughts in time/space. This has already been created and will be created again through the Akashic fields of energy. So when looking at it this way the body/mind is not the inventor but the vessel who invents for the true inventor of the universal mind


You must remember energy can be created but not destroyed, it can only be transformed. We are what we intend to think what our perceptions are and what we believe in. We shape the world with our thoughts and ideas and what we believe in, so it is always a good idea to make sure the ideas and thoughts are balanced in their energy formation so they can be released out there in the ether so they may be used again sometime in the future.  Many sacred texts have revealed for aeons that ancient wisdom says that our Desire/Intention is to create and attract the requisite thoughts that are the building blocks which are then translated into action in time/space

To put it another way, I see thoughts as the lead in our pencils; the ink in our pens, we decide how hard or soft the lead in our metaphoric pencils should be and are responsible for the choice of colour (or lack of it) of the ink in the metaphoric pens that we use to create our lives and our futures. Our thoughts are the keys, the scale and the beat of the music we choose to play on the metaphorical piano hence, and we are responsible for the type of music (projected vibrations) that we play at any time during our lives. Thoughts are the film that we run through our metaphorical projectors onto the screen of life, if we do not like the pictures that we are projecting; we have the power and choice to change the film. It was the conscious choice that the architects made that built so many beautiful or obscure buildings but remembers where these ideas come from the ideas in all architecture past and present come from the realms of consciousness in the universal mind

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, our conscious and subconscious choices, as to what to create, are greatly influenced by external stimuli and here, I include culture, beliefs and media, TV in this. This results in the creation of things that we want rather than things that we need. A young lady, who grew up in poverty, decides that she will marry a billionaire and so projects such thoughts into the ether when she eventually finds and marries her billionaire, she, quite often finds out that she is not as happy as she had thought and consequently manifests a new set of desires. I suppose this is what is meant by the saying, “Be careful of what you wish for it might come true.” 

.Like many chemical and nuclear reactions, our choice of thoughts is subject to natural laws: One cannot sow seeds of untruth and expect to reap truth. One cannot sow seeds of discord and produce harmony. In short, as co-creators, we are not victims. No-one, but us, is responsible for our situation. After all what goes round comes round? Action and reaction are equal and opposite. 

The good news though is this: Every opportunity is afforded us to get our co-creation process right and so our trial and error experimentation with thoughts continues until we minimise the error between what we have created on one hand and what we should be creating or should have created on the other hand. "Think of the limitless potential and possibilities all available to us". Our motto should be, “I will keep on trying until I get it right.” One does not fail because one falls down. One fails because one does not get up.

As the New Age dawns, old ideas are evolving to reflect and meet the needs of that Age. What we are saying today has been said, in one guise or another, thousands of years ago, and will be expressed again in one guise or another, in thousands of years to come and we shall be watching it all unfold and say to ourselves they still have not got it right.
What we are saying today has been said many times before in many sacred texts. What we now appear to be doing is develop a modern translation of what many religions have taught for thousands of years and we are still trying to learn from them but in a different way according to the times of our present day.

So if we think upon what our thoughts, ideas, perceptions and our actions create not only in this reality but also in the ether then we should take great care of what we think about and how we direct our perceptions into the world because if we help create the world then we want to make sure it becomes more balanced.

Thoughts of the illusionary Self

 The word I embodies the greatest error and the deepest truth depending its usage. It is one of the most frequent words used alongside, me, my, mine and myself which is one of the most leading words in anybody’s language. The I or self embodies the primordial error; a misperception of who you are it’s an illusory sense of identity. This is the ego; the illusory sense of self is an optical illusion of consciousness. This illusionary self then becomes the basis for further interpretations or rather misinterpretations of reality, as all thought processes interactions and relationships. Your reality becomes a reflection of the original illusion.

If you can recognise this illusion then it slowly dissolves, the recognition of illusion it’s also its ending as its survival depends on your mistaking it for reality in seeing of who you are not because the reality of who you are emerges on its own. What people usually refer to when they say I is not who you really are as the infinite depth of who you are is confused with a sound produced through the vocal cords and the thoughts of I as an identification within your mind and whatever that I has identified with in the mind. Thoughts are always centred around this I, me, my and mine as it is conscious relating to itself

The I relates to external stimuli such as culture, beliefs, likes and dislikes the roles in life like mother/father image but most of all the I is represented by the past where the memory of which thoughts relate to as it is this that defines the sense of my or mine or my story or my life, these are memories of which are thoughts kept alive by the I. There are ultimately no more than thoughts held together precariously by the fact that they are invested with a sense of self. This mental construct is what people normally refer to when people say I most of the time it is not you who speaks when you think I but some aspect of that mental construct the ego/self. Once you awaken you will still use the word I, but it will come from a much deeper place within yourself.



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