How Do You Define Yourself

There are two I’s one is the self/ego and one is the spirit inner self, but how do we see ourselves and how do you define yourself. How you see yourself and how others see you maybe two entirely different aspects of the I. How do you know your existence? do you see your self with your own eyes. What do you see when you look in a mirror do you see a refection of your outer self or do you see another picture in the mirror one that a lot of people can’t see not only in themselves but in you the person who they think they know.


Question yourself. How does this question arise? Do I remain to ask it or not? Can I find myself as I do in a mirror? Because your outlook has been turned outwards, it has lost sight of the Inner Self and your vision is external. The Self is not found in external objects. Turn your gaze around and plunge within, only then you will find your real self.


Peace is the inner nature of humankind. If you find it within yourself, you will then find it everywhere. The fact is that you are ignorant of your blissful state. Ignorance draws a veil over the pure bliss. Direct your attempts only towards removing the ignorance. This ignorance is just wrong knowledge. The wrong lies in the false identification of the Self with the body and mind. This false identity must go by inquiry into the Self.


If some one asked me how to define myself, I would say a kind and caring person, straight talking no frills around the words I speak, I would like to think I was honest and had integrity. I have empathy especially for animals that I connect with more than most people. But if you asked someone else who knows me, they would say something different. They may say some of the things I see myself as, but they would definitely see me as weird, strange due to how I perceive the world so different to those who know me, but they don’t know me at all not even those who have known me most of my life. They don’t know me because they do not want to know the real me only the facets of the illusion that the I projects, because this is so much easier so much more simple to accept. Once I step out of line and project the real me, most say I have not a clue what you are talking about and the other’s just change the subject to something of everyday mundane stuff. It is like putting a tape recorder and pressing play but once it is off and something new is being said the switch of the tape recorder gets switched back on.


I see so much of this illusion with people, they live in a structured dream world of their own existence, and they live by their habits day in day out. Whether this is because it is a small closed community I don’t know I expect it would be different in Towns and Cities as you would not integrate with so many local people.


So ask yourself how do you see yourself and then think how do others see me, dig down deeply and search for this answer it may bring more truths than you can imagine.


Most people in the world exist and project this I this self, what is the saying that first impression count, but I don’t believe in this as first impressions are not accurate as people try too hard to be liked or admired. Let us take a look at what people think is real, personalities are not really real as you can create a personality that has nothing to do with the person you are or were when you were younger, celebrities are doing it all the while creating themselves to be something they are not.


I knew a woman once who was very gentle in her speech, she was a healer and had a lovely bedside manner when introducing herself and while she was healing, compared to me we were opposites. But one day I went there I heard this screaming and shouting down the telephone, it was this woman having a screaming fit at someone, you would not have thought it was the same person. I had known her for a few years and had not seen this side of her. So most people have this multi layer in their personality and this is how people see them through their personality which is very often false.


So how do you project the real you to all the different people that come into your life and not give false impressions to them. First you must investigate all the personality traits that are within you. Anyone that has had an astrological chart done for them selves will have found many contradictions in their personality characteristics this is due to the alignments of energies associated with the various planets that they are in.


When we connect to the self, we connect to Independence (free speech), we become self determined, we make choice in our life, we have control over our life and we see a future of unknown possibilities. But underneath all of this there is a fine web of influences that come into your life that not only gives it quality but also can bring events into your life that can shape your future, sometimes people refer to this as fate or synchronicities.


So in this fine web that weaves within our lives unseen, they are shown to us as a dependence on spirit projection through a higher force of consciousness, a synchronicity of events which come into our lives through no action of our own minds or free choice it just happens. This fine web is entwined in an invisible force with our own view of what our reality of ourselves is and it is here that most of us get confused. In the animal kingdom, whatever species it is they have their own software that guides them to act in a certain way without any knowledge that it is behaving much like any other species they do not know the difference. But human beings crave the assurance of freedom, free choice and the results that come from it and it is through this free choice that others perceive us.


I want to give an analogy a woman who has got a reputation about not knowing how to speak the truth, as she exaggerates most things in her life and when told something she can exaggerate it beyond recognition changing

the version as it goes from person to person. She speaks before her brain gets in gear and what people refer to as lies; unfortunately she is not always popular, but when I look at her I see all these things, but I also see much deeper and see a light that is so often hidden from view and I see some kindness there which she does show on occasion. It is all a front a personality that is not her true self just one that she shows to the world. If everybody could see the light in people they would be able to see all that is within that light and see the compassion and kindness and many other things that the light holds.


The personality is like a storage space in the mind, it projects conflicting roles and certain traits to fit in with situations in your life. For instance a child has the ability to switch from one role to another very quickly, it can go from a sweet gentle manner to a raging tantrum then go back again into another role playing. How easy it is for children when playing a game, first they are witch, then they play the angel the cowboy or the Indian in a role switching which can last minutes.


The personality is not built up solely from the parents or from their upbringing as two children raised in the same household can be entirely different. Even twins can be different inside and outside the home. Growing children learn many roles simultaneously and the role played at home is only one of them and that is similar to adults but they can not switch roles so easily as their structure has become to solid as they have matured.


So if you can see this in yourself, then non local awareness (outside time & space) is only a step away. All you need to realise is that all your roles exist simultaneously just like an actor; you keep your personas in a play beyond time & space.  Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony are simultaneously found inside the actor’s memory. It can take hours to play them out on stage, but the real home is not a place where time passes because in awareness, the whole roles exist silently but are complete in every detail.


So everybody stores their role which overlaps each other in a place in a higher realm that is more at home with itself than on the stage or reality where you play out the drama. If you try to sort out these over lapping roles you will find that none of them is the real you. Everybody has come to play roles in their individual play, but not everybody remembers the script of the play so the roles become confused and the actor’s often ad lib while forgetting the roles true purpose, but if you can raise your energies to your higher consciousness, you will begin to start remembering the role you came to play and the script will come back to you, this way you will not make mistakes in life but will walk along the path that has been created for you. So forget all the various personas you have created for yourself and dig deep inside for the real you and see the difference between the two, the real you will find peace and contentment easily, while the ego you have created will only find short bursts of contentment through material objects or false illusions of your desires. Then there will be no need to define yourself as it will be shown the real you for all to me seen the mirror image of your soul/spirit.

This is an exert taken from Deepak Chopra book “The Book of Secrets”


You are the one who pushes the mental button to enable the role to spring to life and from your vast repertoire you select situations that play out in personal and karma levels, each ingredient seamlessly fitting into place to provide the illusion of being on individual self/ego.


The real you is detached from any role, any scenery or any drama. In spiritual terms detachment is not an end unto itself, it develops into a kind of masters and when you have this master, you will be able to shift into non local awareness anytime you want. You exercise detachment by stepping outside of your memorised persona, then any karma attached to any role no longer sticks.


One must remember the universe is conscious of itself; this is why we can’t see our own higher consciousness as we do not see our real selves, because if we did we would see the whole matrix and not just aspects of our individual selves.


We see ourselves to be real because we can feel the solidity of ourselves. We can interact with others at various levels of consciousness through the persona of our individuality, but all this seen from the creative realm where all is designed is just an illusion of a projection in a universal grand play. It is such a shame that we perceive this reality to be so real as not only does it emphasise  the duality of consciousness but it also emphasises the separation of this consciousness which is the real one.


"Quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj " Pure knowledge is not imparted by another, it comes unasked. It is the one that is listening; it is your own true nature


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