Holons The Great Binder That Binds Us All




The storage of knowledge is related to consciousness.

Knowledge and consciousness are some of the most important 'phenomena' in understanding life.

So what's the mechanism behind them? A Holon is part of a whole, it suggests that science or nature is a part of a greater whole. Example, a proton or neutron suggests a particle and all the parts of a particle such as atoms, nucleus and molecules are known as a Holon which is a part of the whole. It describes a nodal point in the hierarchy of things that describes the relationship between entities that are self complete wholes and entities that are seen to be dependent parts of a whole. 

As one’s point of focus moves up and down and left to right across the hierarchy structure that these Holons are part of, then ones perception of what is a whole and what is part of a whole will change depending at what part of the hierarchy Holons are part of. These Holons represents that reality as a whole is not composed of things or processes, but of holons, this statement sets the Holon constructor at the very heart of our living lives in social phenomena. Holons are a short cut to understanding how all our concepts are created because it does away with the endless quest of trying to find the fundamental parts or wholes that constitute reality. It releases us from the basis mythologies inherent in materialistic, mentalistic, relativistic or idealistic conceptions of reality..

Quantum physics the most advanced science of present day now recognises the complete mythological nature of matter and of ideas that regard reality as simple permutations of solid substances as empty space and linear time. Seeing all is connected by space, time and matter Holons represent all that is connected to various parts of the whole. They are the membrane to different parts of the whole just as a membrane is part of the cell. In the lower and higher consciousness there are many parts of consciousness that make up the wholeness of a collective consciousness to its highest source. For example, nature's consciousness with its different species are combined by the various Holons of different species. Holons of every species connect to the wholeness of nature which includes flora and fauna .As mentioned they are like membranes they act like a sticky glue substance holding everything together, just as a membrane holds the cell together a Holon holds all the parts together. 

If you think of a ladder with all its rungs, the top rung is the highest in the ladders hierarchy and the bottom rung the lowest, the Holons are the space in between holding all the rungs to the ladder which is seen as the whole

Holons show us how we are all different because we have different concepts, if a load of people were to look at a huge picture on a wall they would all see something different as they would all have different concepts so would see the picture in a different context but the picture remains the same picture, it is only how we see that picture that changes it. So in part we see different parts of a whole picture which is what a Holon is, it keeps all those different parts together as one whole. Now comes the general design, we see here an overview of the phenomena of awareness, consciousness, sub-consciousness and collective sub-consciousness. In an holistic approach they are all the time interacting with each other. Each has a higher number of interconnections with certain Holon-levels of the body which is also connected with deeper Holons by the unbreakable membrane. 

The human body is connected with energies all interrelated with each other and the cosmic energies of all that surrounds us. There are particles hitting our bodies every minute of the day just as they bombard the planet every second of the day although we are not aware of it. We are interconnected by an unbreakable and super elastic energy membrane. You can visualise the structure as an entwining coloured ropes all integrating with each other forming a whole structure, but the human Holon receives its "structure" from his historical ancestors Holons. For example the yellow rope may represent the Genes Structure Holons and although those genes are inside the human body they also contain an energy pattern of previously structured space/time geometry which was created for the human consciousness. We are unique in our physical geometry as well as our cosmic geometry.

If you can imagine creating a structure in your own mind where there are numbers 1 to 6 each representing a colour, no 1 is red and represents the wholeness the empty space that the structure is created around, no 2 is yellow energy connected to the collective sub consciousness energy, then you have no 3 the green energy the theta waves representing the sub consciousness, no 4 blue is an off shoot also to the sub consciousness while no 5 are the sensors that are connected to the awareness stimulus response of alpha/beta energy waves and the final no 6 pink is connected to the consciousness level overview.  The red lines shows you the oscillating membrane of cosmic energy, the yellow line is the pathway to the collective sub consciousness, the green line is the theta waves going from the collective consciousness to the sub conscious level. The blue lines is where energy waves transforms from theta to alpha beta waves of energy and the pink line is the connection to the conscious level of our brain mind. But these all interconnected energy waves and vibrate at different oscillations throughout the physical body. The colours filling is indicative of the pattern of energy but the inside is the emptiness of space just as there are empty space in the universe between all matter. But it is the Holons that are the empty spaces holding together all that is around it.

During our daily lives we are aware of our surroundings by our sensors. The brain acts with fast flowing brainwaves called (Beta and Alpha). Thus the focus and priority is on actions which get stimulated from our surroundings thus we react physically with our emotional and mental energies. There are our night energy waves which alter during the sleep state to delta and theta states at these moments the signals transmit into a lower frequency to the membrane vibrations of the deeper layers of consciousness. These deeper layers of consciousness gives knowledge and the information they give sometimes shows up in dreams, these are also holons within the sub-conscious whole. Let us look at how meditation helps with these Holons and membranes.


 Real meditation is when we exclude all thoughts by focusing on deep sensor information which the higher mind focuses on, it's the oscillations of the deeper layers of the Holons membrane. This makes us as a totality within the whole as in harmonic resonance with those deeper layers of musical vibrations and allows us to experience the universal cosmic vibrational orchestra which synchronises with the energy vibrations of our physical body. You can apply this design of unity in your own life by meditating to the frequencies of your own unique pattern of energy structure this can then help alter the energy that each Holon is part of which brings a great benefit to the well being of spirit, mind and body.

The essence of the basic interconnectivity of consciousness and life are caused by the interacting between the various space-time layers within us. The surface parts of these flexible layers have the possibility to enfold in smaller (local) multi layered spaces,which are sub-sets to the whole of the physicality of the body. These subsets store in their own specific structure specific energy so they vibrate in a unique way to each subset or each Holon. They are like unique bells, each have their own sounds, but when they are all rung together they make a lovely tune. This vibrational structure of musical tones is projected as information and is stored in the cosmic and physical systems, when the structure changes then its vibration and information changes also. Mind and consciousness are about interface process of stored in-formation coming from two different types of energy levels, the physical body Holon and the non physical spiritual Holon are all part of the whole.

In this topological Holon approach we  can see the human consciousness as unions of body and spirit, both are like multi layered matrixes where in each there are dynamic layers which are in constant movement and change so the matrix values are never fixed. However some parts of the surface are coupled or entangled in specific sub Holons meaning sub parts. The spirit Holon penetrates the body Holon which has in principle three basic layers, (endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm) these result in a new multi layered structure of union of spirit and body/mind. The Holon is the space in-between like a membrane covering a cell or a glove that covers the hand so when the hand moves so does the glove, so it is with the movement of spirit and physical because thought moves both.

Ken Wilber did some work on the subject of Holons in an article he wrote stating that we find interdependence or the connection that everything is related to one another in everything around us, it is in this intense relationship that leads us to rely on resources throughout the world. Wilber points out a philosophy in this relationship and the connections that are created and maintained as we grow throughout life. This philosophy is the basis of the independent relationship and shows why we must respect other life on earth and that our decisions on this matter will consequently affect everything.

Self Transcendence Going Beyond Bounds and Becoming a Greator Part of a New Whole

We are always working to becoming something better. Wilber’s philosophy is important to us because it shows interdependence among all life on earth and emphasises a connection between all that has come from the earth. Through this theory it is easier to see that when we destroy the earth, we destroy ourselves. We see that the different pieces of the ecosystem are lesser holons that make us whole. Just as a car cannot run without an engine, we cannot function without clean water, fresh air, so we must preserve the systems and life forms that support us

The Native American Indian leader Chief Seattle expands on the idea that we have the ability to choose our actions today and our life for tomorrow. Chief Seattle speaks of a loving connection with the earth that his people have nourished. They understand that they are at one with the land and that the earth is at one with them by respecting Her and taking care of Her, they are essentially doing it unto themselves and unto their families.

Remember each system from atom to galaxies are a whole

Open systems are able to maintain their balance, they self stabilise

Open systems not only maintain their balance amidst flux but also evolve in a complex environment

Every system is a Holon

We are all dependent on life around us, it is part of us and a system we rely on to be who we are. This is what Holon’s are about, being complete as an individual yet still relying on other systems to survive. Evolution is an unfolding or identification of relationships; it is a development leading to an end goal. We can become greater as our species evolve due to creating greater Holons. We can become much better when we learn to work together and embrace the building blocks that complete us. We are all parts of one whole.



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