Genome Code Homology

How Changing Your Energy Consciousness Can Change Your genome Code

Homology is finding a longer sequence of letters encoded within the DNA; these letters must be in an identical pattern in each strand of DNA. The odds of this kind of sequence being in a certain gene are very rare. When this happens it normally creates a malformed function a genetic defect or in even more rare circumstances it creates a unique gift that cannot be learned by the usual physical way. Most sequences to the DNA coding are in shorter sequences which are encoded with each strand of DNA.

When an individual who has an evolved soul/spirit becomes awakened to the soul’s consciousness something within the ethereal consciousness of the soul’s mechanism activates certain genes within the DNA. These genes are called junk genes which scientists dismiss as being genes which are of no importance, but in fact are very important as they are part of the ethereal activation zones of enlightenment.

Within highly evolved soul consciousness the ethereal pattern of energies can transmit dormant coded messages between the cells and activate certain genes which have been lying dormant. On the physical level the amino acids which indicates that a gene within the DNA can and will clone other genes to a state of renewal and cell repair sometimes alters the genetic pattern to a higher vibration of energies within the cells.

The unusual coded pattern of a homology gene can also control through the subtle energies of the soul’s body consciousness a form of re-programming device in which certain genes can alter their coded patterns. Within the rainbow spiral of the double helix the magnetised dyes highlight the various colours of the nucleotide pairs. New energies transmitted from the subtle energies of the soul’s consciousness can change the colours of these pairs so that the energies can re arrange themselves to a new pattern and sequence of dyed nucleotide pairs. There is no scientific knowledge of this as scientists are not looking to the subtle body and its layers of consciousness on a higher level other than the physical body.

It is only through years of raising one’s individual consciousness through years of meditation that one can alter its subtle form of energies by connecting with the soul and allowing it to take over from the desires and fears of the self/ego. But where there is a homology within a gene a much longer sequence than normal gets created these extended codes are created from birth, and it can be much later on in one’s life that these genes are activated and this will only be when the individual is at a certain stage in its spiritual growth, or when the soul and self has emerged as one, neither one ruling but has become a whole. This is seen as a mirror reflect when the soul’s consciousness mirrors it energy pattern through the physical vehicle thus altering the cells within the DNA. 

Out of all the different strands known there are hundreds more that is not known and these arise from within the subtle or ethereal body. How the DNA functions and what it controls and how it works are seen through the consciousness of the soul/spirit, the intelligence thought form that is created through the light of all creation the Creator. It is through this map that all defects, disease and ailments manifest themselves through the physical vehicle. The DNA is the mirror that shows the physical vehicle the map that the soul carries within it; it is the blueprint of the soul’s existence within that particular lifetime or incarnation. It is manifested in a way that the physical body is programmed according to its counter body the subtle body of which the soul projects its entire energy pattern. Whatever is within will have to project itself to the outside there is no other way out. When you allow your inner soul’s subtle body to project itself through the vehicle and stop relying on the thought form of the physical mind within its gross matter, you can then help the soul re-align its own energy back to its original pattern so it can oscillate to its correct frequency and thus transmit this to the physical which then alters the cells within the DNA and re align any diseased pattern that is forming in the physical vehicle through the cells passing on the correct message.

 This will then transform the particles and amino acids that form the codex of its original source of energy pattern. This transformation of the soul’s pattern allows the coded matrix of the genome system to alter its pattern so it can become the mirror or exact alignment to the source of energy created within its collective form in higher consciousness. It is this unified force of energy that unites the soul with its vehicle that creates the whole. This is the purpose of all universal energies.

To those vehicles who have received an extra portion of coded matrix or a longer sequence of letters within a gene of the DNA has an extra gift of knowledge a knowledge that cannot be learnt in rote fashion, it is something the soul’s consciousness brings in within its pattern of energies. The birth of the baby is full of genetics that are inherited by the parents or the grandparents through genetic linage. But there are many other genes that lie dormant, until through the soul’s consciousness it begins to activate allowing these genes to form a new pattern within the matrix of its DNA genetic pattern.

Science tells us that somewhere in the evolution scale humans acquired an extra 223 genes, the human genome is made up of about three billion nucleotides, the letters AC GT which stand for the initials of the four nucleic acids that spell out all life on earth. Each gene consists of thousands of letters this is what makes the difference between one individual and another as it all amounts to one letter in a thousand in the DNA alphabet. Science tells us that their theory how we aquired such genes is through bacteria and that some 113 genes out of the 223 are widespread in most species of vertebrates, but it is not yet clear in science theory whether man gave the genes to bacteria, but where did man aquire the genes to begin with

Let us go back to the Adam and Eve story in the bible, there are Sumerian and Akkadian texts found on clay tablets inscribed with “Those who from heaven to earth came” This refers to some form of species that was not seen as man as it is quoted the gods came down from the heavens and begat the daughters of man. And it is through this that a genetic engineering process began by adding and mutating genes from one species to another. But because this can not be proven we must be aware of our own energy consciousness of the subtle body that can change its pattern back to its original source thus changing the communication pattern among cells and our DNA.

 How consciousness can alter the DNA frequency within the Subtle body transforming the Physical Body

Every atom cell and molecule has an energy consciousness that communicates throughout the physical body. This consciousness of energy has a pattern within the light of the energy that holds it. It is from the ethereal energies subtle body that projects this consciousness of light through to the physical body. It is this conscious form of energy pattern that controls the chemical compounds that operate all the various cells and molecules in the physical body. It is through the energy force of the subtle body that re news and regenerates the cells of the physical by the communication force of its consciousness. Now if the pattern of the subtle body is damaged or malformed in any way, meaning that it is not in its correct pattern of consciousness, that it is not in alignment with its higher collective source, then these malfunctions will then manifest themselves to the physical and will at sometime during the growth of the physical body have the same form of malfunctions that the subtle body has, as the inner body always mirrors the outerbody.

 Many diseases are created this way; science thinks that all problems that arise with the physical body have done through genetics, genes, DNA or the malfunctions of the cells. Cells are the building blocks of life and are controlled through the consciousness of the subtle body but I doubt that science would agree on this theory. If you looked at cells under a light Microsoft, you will see thousands of small cells; these may either be closely packed or separated from one another by a material known as the extra cellular matrix. an It is from the pattern or matrix of the subtle body’s consciousness that these cells are guided through energy communication to formulate in the physical body.


Cells have various shapes and forms and different functions in which they operate from, but all cells have a membrane surrounding them and enclosing them with a water rich substance called the cytoplasm. It is through this that all cells can carry out multi chemical reactions that enable them to grow and produce the necessary energy and eliminate waste. All cells contain hereditary information as well as other information carried through the energy force of the cells matrix its pattern of energy force which tells all cells that they are connected to a larger pattern or matrix as they are all related to each other. This can at certain periods of their growth can mutate making changes within the matrix or pattern and it is within these mutations that the pattern goes out of synchronisation causing ailments or disease within the physical body.


It is through consciousness of the subtle body the soul’s pattern of energy that certain genes within the DNA be altered. When someone attains enlightenment of the higher energies of the soul’s own collective source this energy force changes the pattern of the subtle body and transmits it to its original pattern seen at the beginning of the soul’s journey descending into the lower forms of matter. It is through this force of energy that can ignite the serpents force known as the Kundulini energy which travels from the base of the spine through to the top of the head. It is from this force of energy consciousness that begins to change the cells, molecules and DNA pattern of the physical body. Because the force of this awakened energy renews and replaces cells that are damaged or old.

There are multi-coloured codes within the double helix of the DNA which represents

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