Metaphysics E Courses

In Understanding Your Purpose in Life.

My E Courses are designed to help people find their own spirit light within them and give them signposts to help them find their own role that was chosen for them, this they can intergrate into their lives which shall show the wholeness of life, you will be able to access both sides of the coin, the inner and outer you.

Each Course will be sent to you twice monthly, each course will have different aspects of the inner self's spirit of light. You will explore all the creations of higher consciousness of the Creators Mind and the various higher Sub Consciousness that make up the various universal patterns that are in all life. This will be the Matrix of Universal Consciousness which has so much diversity that one can be learning for infinity.  These courses will contain questions and answers that you can participate in as everyone's concept is important to the whole. The next course begins September 21st, but you can catch up with the last courses by going to Wisdom & Knowledge in the article page.

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