Duality of Consciousness

There is duality of consciousness within all life and in all forms of nature, this is due to the energies of positive and negative fusing together just as an electron and positron fuse to create sparks of light and since all life is made up of atoms there will always be duality in life. The most important part to this duality especially with the human consciousness is how the individual plays it's part in either keeping a balance or lean to the more positive side with their actions motives and thoughts. It is how mankind thinks, acts, and desires that the outcome of duality is played out. Look around the world and one can see that the scales at present is not balanced. To find this balance in one's life is like an old Indian saying which is ( A river of life flows easily between two banks, one is a bank of pleasure and one is a bank of pain. The water of the river often bumps into the bank as it travels down to the sea which gives it the experience of both sides of the bank, pain and pleasure. The problem arises in our lives when we cling on to either side of the bank, but by accepting the duality that life brings, we can learn to swim and flow comfortably between the banks of the pleasure and the banks of pain and not cling to either of them and it is in this way, we begin to experience the freedom of the soul/spirit.

Pleasure and pain are time bound, but the real inner you which is the light of the spirit dwells only in it's own silence where there is no duality as everything is seen as the whole from where it came from. When one realises this themselves and knows without a doubt that you are this consciousness of the spirit the self realisation of both the spirit and the self comes into a unity that see not only duality but the whole of consciousness where everything comes from. Then and only then you have found your true source.

All duality are just different facets of the universal source and it is the role of the soul/spirit to experience these various states of consciousness and to do this it needs a vehicle of matter. The sooner one has experience of the spirits self realisation of itself the quicker the individual realises it is the spirit and not some separated individual and the more freedom you give the spirit by cutting away from the material desires the more the spirit will rise through you and will dissipate your fears and desires bringing peace and contentment in your life as there will be a much more balanced harmony between spirit and self.

Those who cant or are un-willing to find their own inner self realisation live and create their own path in life and through their own free will and that of their material desires create many obstacles and fears in their life. The self or the individual does not know what is before them in life and is uncertain as to which path to take and many fears are built into the mind which causes the illusion and confusion of where they are going in life and what role they are playing, but to put trust in the spirit's role and allow it to project itself and it's knowledge through the vehicle one has a sense of destiny of knowing where one is going even though you cant always see it. Trusting in the role that the self united with the spirit has come here to play brings not only contentment but gives one's self a freedom of spirit.

Everybody experiences the acts of duality as one must experience both sides of the coin. If you think of it as a play there has to be many different roles in this play otherwise it would be a very boring play. There has always been the bad roles and good roles that have been played out since the beginning of time, just as there has always been leaders and followers. The whole of creation is a contrast in the duality of energies that hold the universes together. If all the energies was just harmony and beauty with no negativity at all the universes would just expand and disappear and if there was only negative energies with no positive ones then the universes would destroy themselves and burn themselves out and disappear into numerous black holes, it is the play between duality opposites that create all life. So knowing creation is made from duality one can begin to identify the shadow that is always behind the light, once this is fully realised and understood one can accept that every coin has two sides and that you can comfortably accept the duality of which your consciousness was created and keep it firmly in the mind that it needs to be kept in balance and harmony at all times. This not only brings true confidence but a true belief of who you really are and what you are really part of and you will not need any one's elses approval as you will have total acceptance to who you truly are part of the source that not only created you but designed the role for you. You will no longer need to create your life from the thoughts of your desires and fears, but can walk with confidence and assurance that the path that the soul/spirit was chosen a very long time ago so that it may experience part of the creator's play. Once this has been realised deep within you and you have tuned in to your inner spirit through the mind of universal source you will no longer be pulled in opposite directions, you will become the witness and the watcher of the play of duality. This will come into play through you as the outer self allowing the spirit of the universal source to play an active part in your life as you let go and surrender your vehicle or body/mind to that which created it the energies of universal source the soul/spirit. This will give you the grace of experiencing pure consciousness one that has not yet been divided into duality but is at one in wholeness which you are the essence of. In this way you will live through the true universal consciousness of your true being and exist within a world of illusion as the outer being knows one exists in an illusion while the other knows it's in it's true reality.

Words Written by the Seer and Philosopher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Most people do not object to pleasure only to the pain and sorrow, the bliss of reality does not exclude suffering. When people experience pleasure or pain it is not the thing in itself that is pleasant or painful but the situation of which it is part of. Pleasure lies in the relationship between the enjoyer and the enjoyed and the essence of it is acceptance whatever the situation may be, if it is acceptable then it is pleasant, but if it is not acceptable then it becomes painful. The acceptance of pain sometimes brings a deeper understanding of joy, the personal self by it's very nature is constantly pursuing pleasure in order to avoid pain, so the ending of this pattern is the ending of the self. The ending of the self with it's desires and it's fears enables one to return to it's true nature the source where only peace and contentment reign. It is the clash between desire and fear that causes anger which is the greatest destroyer of sanity in life.. When pain is accepted for what it is, it is a lesson and a warning to be deeply heeded, but when the barrier of pain and pleasure break down both become just another experience painful when resisted and joyful when accepted.

One could ask why pain is more affective than pleasure, it is due to pleasure being readily accepted, the powers of the self always reject pain as the acceptance of pain is the denial of the self. But that of suffering is different to that of pain, to understand suffering one must go deep to the roots of suffering to uncover the vast underground network where fear and desire are closely woven with the currents of life's energies which oppose, destruct and destroy each other. One must be alert and be the watcher with the intension to understand rather than to judge and be in full acceptance of whatever may emerge because it is just there. One must encourage the deep to come up to the surface and enrich your life and consciousness with it's captive energies as this is the work of awareness. By being aware it removes obstacles and releases energies by understanding the nature of life and the mind of universal intelligence.

Everything has a beginning and an end in the outside reality that we live in, so does pleasure and pain, so if you dont anticipate and do not regret there will be no pain as it is only a memory and it is the imagination that can cause suffering. Why does the human mind cause so much suffering and pain, it is only when the mind of the self takes over remembering and anticipating that distorts and over looks the picture, the past is projected into the future and the future betrays the expectations. The organs of sensation and of action are stimulated beyond their normal capacity and then break down, the objects of pleasure cannot yield what is expected of them and get destroyed by misuse, this results in pain where pleasure was looked for.

Selfishness in humane nature is always destructive, desire and fear bring about anger which becomes an a emotion of hatred and with hatred there is a passion for destruction, war is hatred in action it is organized and equipped with all the instruments of death. There will be no end until more and more people come to know their true nature, then their influence no matter how subtle will prevail and the world's emotional atmosphere will lighten up it's energies. People follow a leader and when the time comes that a leader that is great in heart and mind free from self seeking, the impact will be enough to make the crudities and crime of the present age impossible, remember the ebb begins when the tide is at it's highest. Perfection includes all imperfections, it is the perfection of the true inner being that makes everything possible, perceivable and interesting. It knows no suffering, neither has it's likes and dislikes, accepts and regrets. Creation and destruction are the two poles between which it weaves it's ever changing pattern, be free from predilections and the preferences and the mind with it's burdens and sorrows will be no more.

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