Disease within the Foundations of Matter

Disease and ailments is not always created by the habits of individuals, but can lie within the creation of the physical body through the consciousness of energies that create the subtle or ethereal body. Unfortunately some diseases are created within the higher consciousness that creates the map and journey of the soul, this can be for a number of reasons that the human mind can’t understand. It can be karma but also it can be for certain experiences that need to be experienced to experience the creation of life. When the matter of any physical vehicle disintegrates life of the soul/spirit still goes on and ascends to a dimension of energy, it’s basically a transformation from matter to anti matter a form with no solid appearance.

Every physical vehicle from a bird to a human the body is just a casing for the soul/spirit to experience its own universal creation the only difference in the human species and that of other species is that humans are aware of their own birth and their coming death. It is the awareness of the soul/spirit that knows why it has come to experience what has been created and the purpose of its role and where it belongs its true identity, until this awareness can project itself through the dense wall of matter that separates the soul/spirit from the individual self/ego then all will live in the illusion that the self creates for itself and believes in. It is the ignorance of this context of individual’s perception to life that creates karma which has its cause and effect to pay. It is the duality of the human consciousness lower and higher energies that create so much of their ailments and disease, if only every person could find that balance between the higher consciousness of their soul/spirit and the lower consciousness of their self fears and desires.

Communication between DNA and Cells.

Dialogue from Deepak Chopra, in biology there is a term called apoptosis which means programmed cellular death. In the absence of apoptosis cells forget to die and this condition is called cancer. Cancer cells have lost the memory, they don’t know how to die and in their quest to live, they kill the host body upon which they are dependant on for their life.

The thought form of the soul/spirit consciousness is part of the universal mind which creates all roles for all people. This energy creates a pattern within the subtle body which projects itself through to the physical body, within this energy there is a communication programme which links all cells and molecules to the proteins of the DNA which in turn sends out other forms of energy communication to the organs of the body via the workings of the brain. It is the mental thought pattern of energy consciousness that activates the neurons in the brain. Within this programming of energy the universal mind of this consciousness creates a map of inner workings of the brain. The brain on its own is the same in everyone; it is only when something goes wrong with it that it alters so why not everybody as clever as each other is, this is due the programming of consciousness the blueprint of the soul/spirit so each individual can be the unique energy consciousness which every soul/spirit is. We all have a spark of light within us but it is the unique pattern that is in the light that makes all the difference to our genetic structure and our thought structure via the brain. Look at all leading men and women that have made a difference in the world, from Einstein, Galileo, Marie Currie, and Florence Nightingale just to name a few these already had that knowledge within the soul/spirits pattern, we all such knowledge in different ways, this is the map of the soul. 

A Cure for Cancer

Any cure of many diseases come through the knowledge of the soul/spirit to the individual in which houses it. How does anything become curable but by knowledge and who in the first place founded this knowledge and where did it come from, not from a book as anyone could access it. Just as Einstein found how gravity worked someone in the future will understand how cancer works and a cure for most of it will be made. These forms of knowledge must come through thoughts and ideas from those who are researching it, but a cure will not come about until consciousness of universal source decides to bring that knowledge into the concepts of an individual. Knowledge is within all individuals as all soul/spirit have some knowledge within their universal thought structure, some more evolved soul’s have more than those who are still quite early on in their evolutionary cycle.

At present in the outside world there is much karma to be balanced and due to individuals creating this karma there is always a plague or disease in order to bring about cause and effect into balance. When this occurs then see several methods being available that will help wipe out such disease just as it did when penicillin was found and gave a cure for many. Madame Currie had the knowledge due to her insight which came from her inner consciousness which just projected it through her. All pioneers and inventors knowledge does not come through the brain but from the knowledge of the universal source that is connected to the spirit within, this is called insight, revelation or instinctively knowing.

All through the evolution of the human consciousness diseases like the black plague or any of the fevers that caused death and other mass diseases will always affect the human race because of the karmic effects which they caused. Many people when faced with such diseases ask why me, unfortunately this is already programmed within the map of the soul/spirit, again it can and often does relate to karmic influences even though the individual did not create them.

All gifted people are given this gift at birth as it comes in them through the soul/spirit, this may lie dormant for many years but it is always there. These individuals have a destiny more solid than others as the destination is greater. It’s like having a major role in a play rather than a smaller one or a walk on part. So illness in part is no accident unless you have an addiction of some kind all types of diseases even cancer is not caught but created by the divisions of cells, now ask who or what divides these cells definitely not the person who carries them. An analogy of this is the programmed consciousness is like a time capsule only being released at a given time in one’s life, this is due to a glitch appearing or a breakdown in the communication system of cells and when this occurs the cells have no communication system telling them where to go or die and renew themselves so they begin to divide and programme their own conscious which takes them on another path which branches away from the main stream of their communication system and this is what cancer is cells that do not die and break away from their original communication system. So now you have two sets of communication systems where there should only be one. The new set of cells are known as rogue cells which are cancerous ones, this is natures way of activating certain modes of the role of which consciousness plays in the physical body.

Other physical diseases or ailments that occur like heart conditions, kidney or liver failure are sometimes due to blockages in energy communication this is due to the individual’s subtle body energies not flowing properly a bit like a ball of wool being entangled and it is this entanglement of energies that cause ailments in the physical body. If the energies of the subtle body are not flowing correctly then the physical body will not function correctly either as one mirrors the other. Although exercise helps the physical body to keep itself in motion it does not alleviate it into good health, that must come from the inner body and do bring about the inner body to a balance of energies one must first be aware of the subtle body and then try to meditate to bring about awareness and enlightenment to the self/ego.

When there is no communication between the inner and outer bodies there is always disharmony in the energies between them, but by ridding the mind of all its clutter one can get in touch with the stillness of the inner mind and begin to restore some harmony and balance between the two. All forms of meditation bring contentment to the mind and shows the mind where it is going astray then it is up to the individual to change the way of thought and to cut habits of which the self creates and trusts more in the inner mind than that of the outer mind which only creates thoughts of fear and desire.