Creating The Roles of the Universal Play

Universal Creation creates within cycles and rounds of cycles in order to be in balance with the creation of evolution in all dimensions of space throughout all realms and all worlds in the multi-universes. The universal source is a mathematical cosmological knowledge of the meta-universes which is projected through the various states of universal consciousness.
The celestial zodiac of the heavens in it's early stages of life must turn within their cycle 12 times before creation is manifested and it is within these 12 cycles that each half cycle of six cycles portray duality, it is the wholeness of the twelve. It is within these six cycles and their 12 rounds that planetary systems are born and life is given. These cycles are ongoing and began with the creation of all universes and all life. It is within this rhythm of cycles that the eternal motion of energies creates all life, it is seen as the universal breath which inhales the thoughts of life and creation and exhales it into manifestation and solidity.
It is the rhythm of all universal consciousness that produces motion and passive energies that become the action state of the meta-universes or multi-universes that produces duality of the potentiality of the dark and the manifestation of the light, it is this reason that we have day and night.

This is the Creators blueprint the universal consciousnesses blueprint or the DNA of universal consciousness which is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, it is in everything we see and in all we cant see and it is the duality of the universal source that the law of cause and effect was created and nothing is free from the universal law as it is what brings about balance to the creation of duality. It is within the universal laws that the word karma has meaning because it is the experience of cause and effect, so what is caused no matter by what means, it must have an effect. It is through this universal law that gives re-incarnation of the soul/spirit a method of expression through vehicles of matter the physical body's existence and it is through these vehicles of matter that cycles are woven in rounds within the periods of space/time which the evolution of the species are experienced. It is through the will or power of universal intelligence, the intellect and knowledge created through the energies of light and dark that all stories, roles and plays are created in the images of creation.

These stories bring forth the duality of all energies and their consciousness to bring the reality into the illusions which make up the scenes of life as we know it. It is through the duality of the conditional and un-conditional that reality and illusion become one. Space is not a limited void but a container that holds all the potential of creation, the plays and roles of everything that has past and in the present and those that are in the future, these are created in the seas of the ether in universal space the A field or zero energy before descending into manifestation of solidity. It is within this dark deep void of space that great numbers of possibilities and probabilities are stored. Matter dissipates itself until it changes into a sea of anti- matter and from this stage it proceeds into the next stage of its own energy field, it's own vibration and oscillation a pattern of energy frequencies which transforms itself into new forms of creation and into a cycle of cosmic life where it begins to descend into a reality we know as the five senses and elements of fire, water, air and earth.

Universal matter is used as possibilities and not something that can be shaped or formed in any constructive way, it is a form of energy that only universal thought can transcend it into something more tangible, it is the zero energy of space and motion that the unconditional energy of universal light which is the prime motive that creates life. It is through this structure of the universal source that creates the ALL That Is, a multi universal pattern of energy consciousness. All soul/spirits are created from the collective source of the All That Is, it is from the light of this consciousness that creates other patterns of consciousness within all universal intelligence and it is from a tiny part of these patterns that descend through the various cycles of every habitual planets evolution. This descent is for the soul to experience the duality of life the opposites that create all the plays and roles of creation and it is within these dualities of consciousness that unites and balances the consciousness of creation.

Without this cosmic substance and cosmic ideation nothing could manifest as what is known as individual self awareness as it is this consciousness that gives the physical body it's awareness of it's own identity. It is through the manifestation of matter that the cosmic spirit of the multi-universes and the intelligence behind it can actually experience itself and experience all that creation has created. It is the force or will of such cosmic energy power that create the link between spirit and matter.
In Tibetan knowledge it is know as the Fohat which means invisible bridge of energy through which ideas are created and then projected and impressed upon the cosmic substance of matter within the laws of universal nature. It is this force or will which gives form to matter and the action it needs to motivate itself into a form of substance that in time will solidify itself into the creation of the elements and the five sense reality. The infinite state of the A field or zero energy is known as the playground of numerous universes where numerous plays and roles get played out on the invisible great big universal stage which are constantly manifesting and de-manifesting within the various cycles of transformation and it is within these cycles  that the many possibilities take effect with creating and de-creating themselves into further action of probabilities, this is the behind the scenes of which universal intelligence create so many worlds and dimensions that exists within the multi-dimensional space. The A field or zero energy fluctuates through the essence of the various consciousness that these energies create, the world in which we live in is the illusion of these forms of consciousness which we know in our five sense reality as real and solid, but it is behind the illusion of our reality that the real reality of all existence is created and which the laws of the universes are beheld in the universal law of cause and effect.

It is the microcosm and the macrocosm which are the collective forms of consciousness and it is from these various patterns of energy consciousness that soul/spirits are created from the atoms within each pattern of light. From this micro part of the collective source of energy consciousness a small part breaks away and descends down a spiral passage of energy wave into a physical vehicle this is constant within all life and not just in humans. This micro vibration of light holds a micro image of it's greater collective pattern which again is a part of an even bigger collective pattern of energy consciousness a link right to the top of which we call the Creator/God and it is through these links that the image, the role and the play has been orchestrated for the soul to carry within it's pattern of light to the individual that it entered at birth. The soul/spirit consciousness is a mini copy of it's larger whole, a tiny role in a big picture and it is only when the individual becomes aware at some time of it's life that it can recognise it's true being and unite the self with the soul/spirit, it then allows the soul/spirit to remember the role in which it came to play and why it is within a certain vehicle this then transcends to the individual why it is here the purpose of it's life and the journey it is on. It is the outwardness of the self's consciousness that makes us function in the five sense world this is known as independant consciousness whose existence brings us into contact with every elementary particle that makes up the phenomenal world and this in turn creates a descent in matter in it's most lowest and inert form. But at some point in the soul/spirit journey if not in one reincarnation but in another there must be a unitedness with the outer self and the inner self to make the whole that it was before it's descent.

This is the beginning of the cosmic play with it's never ending script, from the rise out of darkness full of possibilities and into the light of probabilities. It is about the activation of consciousness, one that had not stirred into form or structure of any form of life then being activated into a new growth of which an entity a form and structure begins slowly to take place within the creation of the creator. The beginning of the play is like a sea of chaotic energies with multi possibilities of creation, but once the light begins to form it's structured force the consciousness becomes alive not only with possibilities but with probabilities of a role, a play and a new script for the role to play and it through all the multi variants of roles and multi versions of plays that all existence is created from an ant to a human as it all comes from the same source that of universal creation and the Creator who creates it, thus all the plays and roles are played. Whether they get played exactly as it was created is up to free will in the human consciousness as it is our awareness of our own life as being born and dying that we create our own destiny and not always the one that was chosen for us. This is the duality that the human consciousness is all about bringing the lower consciousness to unite with the higher consciousness when this transcends itself into one whole then the human consciousness becomes a spiritual one.

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